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  1. Well, no one could see this coming!!! Some fans got more outraged about Colin Kaepernick than Mixon getting drafted in the first place. Wanna bet on that? Hes on film knocking a woman out and for drafted in the first place. He’s considered one of the best rbs and he’s young. He will be forgiven and given another shot because teams and most fans don’t care about this stuff if youre good enough.
  2. It does. Sadly. He also hasn’t been found guilty yet either. But he ain’t going to be on the roster for the SB. Wonder what happened if it was Kelce or another one of their good players? Actually we know.
  3. He’s kinda of a dbag but it would feel strange not seeing him. Great competitor and he is the greatest winner in sports. Salute to that plastic faced cry baby on a helluva career I know this is hard to believe. But just because she’s hot (though I think she is a little overreact) doesn’t mean you can’t get sick of her. I thought he would play one more year too but he looked miserable this year. Football is awful to go through when you’re miserable.
  4. I would bet you $45 million on Jones not getting $45 million.
  5. Love him as a position coach and he has a great rep around the league. But that would be a very disappointing hire if I was a Ravens fan. They need a veteran guy who runs a spread
  6. And if they had Zach Wilson as their qb, they would be really bad. Great qbs makes every draft better. They passed on Tee Higgins for CHE. side note, as much as I like Burrow, maybe we shouldn’t anoint him as the goat when he couldn’t rip apart a rookie secondary
  7. Totally fine with replacing him for a more aggressive guy. What names do you like? Eh, I just think edmunds is a square peg being forced into a round hole. His best ability is his athleticism and size, which aren’t really as important for an ILB. I’d love to see him on the outside and rushing more. He would be all pro there imo
  8. Yeah right. People have to stop beli every media report that gets put out there. As someone else said, agents feed these “reports” to their sources to hype of their clients. Jones is dollar general Allen. He has some of the tools but he is so meh. This year in his “breakout” year he had a whopping 15 td passes. He ceiling is maybe Ryan Tannehill. I think the worst thing to happen to the Giants is he won a playoff game against a fraud Minnesota team with a terrible defense. Jones ain’t the long term answer but they probably have to at least tag him now. He is the definition of qb purgatory.
  9. Look, I completely get being upset with Frazier. But why aren’t the player being held accountable? Also, does he deserve credit for constantly being the DC for a top 5 defense every year he’s been here? Or he only gets credit for the bad stuff? this defense had a ton of injuries. If they can upgrade over Frazier, I’m fine with it. But it seems the hate he gets is over the top.
  10. Honestly, I’d still take him as our backup if he wanted to play. Perfect guy to work/ hang with Josh, he loves Buffalo, and that guy deserves to experience the playoffs. that said, it guarantees Allen would get hurt so maybe not haha.
  11. If they scored like 19 points or something in all their game this year, I believe they would have had 12 wins or something like that. There’s a lot of talent on that team and a small ipgrade from a god awful offense will make them very, very tough. Ditka might be the most overrated coaches in nfl history. He lived off Buddy Ryan building a dominant defense. offensive coaches with a system csn definitely have success else where.
  12. May not work and Russell might be cooked (I think they should draft a guy to develop anyway). But one thing I respect about Denver is they constantly are going for it. also, Elway is an awful decision maker.
  13. Yes. The qbs contracts are stupid. So many garbage qbs get paid because you can’t risk losing a decent one and it kills your cap. It’s also kinda insulting to the rest of your team.
  14. You would be over the moon if we got him, be honest haha. He might fail and I think McDermott is a really good coach. But an off season of Payton working with Josh would have been amazing. I agree to a point. But was he the only one frustrated with losing? Why can the other players act like pros while he stomps off like a little kid? ultimately, it’s fine. But wrs are so annoying at times.
  15. Never came close to saying one word about his ability diminishing. There’s a thing called the salary cap. Allen is going to take up a lot of next year. Hard decisions are going to need to be made. Again, a lot of people talked about Allen being as good as Mahomes. Well, KC traded Hill because he wanted too much. Diggs is going to want a new deal. You can get good value and receiver is one of the deepest positions in college football. the good teams forward thing and get rid of players a year before they start declining. If we draft z couple of guys this year and let them learn under Diggs and be able to trade Diggs for a high pick after the season, there’s a perfect scenario. Is your name Brittany? Dude you’re a sensitive groupie. Allen is awesome. And when a qb is awesome & making a lot of money, he is going to have carry the team without as much high price talent around him. so whereas Diggs was the right player over Jefferson at the time, it might time to get a 1st pick and think about cutting some cost at some places.
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