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  1. C.Biscuit97

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    It’s starting to look that way. 15 sacks in 3 seasons, coming off a major injury and PED suspension. Complete overpay. And I love Stanford players too.
  2. C.Biscuit97

    If Gillislee is cut by the pats?

    Can someone please bump that 100 page thread about the devastation him leaving cause??? No one loves backup rbs like the Bills and their fans. We are stuck in the 60s in terms of offense.
  3. C.Biscuit97

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    But they are both probably top 5. I get people don’t like what he said and he is kinda annoying. But let’s stop making up things like he’s racist and not that good. It’s disingenuous.
  4. C.Biscuit97

    Preseason Game 2: vs. Browns 8/17

    McCarron starts, Allen 2nd reps, starts 3rd quarter, and Peterman finishes the game. it is the first meeting with Tyrod since he left the Bills. I’ve gone from thinking Mayfield was super annoying to thinking he is the next Brees. He has some really nice weapons to work with too. Allen and him are two very different qbs. It will be interesting to see how their careers develop. They will Probably try to get the ball to Coleman with the 2nd team and take a shot deep. Honestly, Callaway is a moron but he is a legit talent on the field. Given the price tag, the Coleman pickup is great for us. But it does seem like he probably won’t live up to his draft selection.
  5. C.Biscuit97

    Patriots Pre-Season Broadcast

    So if the Bills had the stupid Pats run of success, what do you think our broadcast would be like? Dear lord, and I love it, but Buffalo fans are insanely prideful about garbage teams. If we had championship teams, we would unbearable haha.
  6. C.Biscuit97

    Sam Darnold Dazzles In Debut

    Disagree. I’d start cutting the dead weight and draft another guy next year.
  7. C.Biscuit97

    Double Standard Kelvin Benjamin/Jalen Ramsey?

    But honestly based on Allen’s college career, it seems like his ceiling might be a Joe Flacco type. Obviously things can change but guys like Newton and Ryan are probsbly in the top 5% of qbs. I would love to see Allen reach this level but based on evidence so far, it seems really unlikely.
  8. I definitely get this point. I just worry about what the fans and media does to young qbs if they struggle. We can argue if JP or EJ would have ever been good enough. But I know what didn’t help them. Pulling the plug on them after 4 games. I wasn’t thrilled with the Allen pick. But once they start him, they better be prepared to leave him in for the long haul even if he has one of his Oregon games. It’s embarrassing how quickly people want to say a young qb sucks. It’s the hardest position to learn in sports and people want guys to master it their first year.
  9. I’m a bigger and more real Bills fan than you!!! How did we get to this point in society? It’s ok to not see things exactly the same and still want the same thing in life. Personally, I think Allen should start on the bench. The preseason is fool’s gold. If Allen starts right away, imo, he is going to be set up to fail. He is facing vanilla coverages against guys who won’t be playing or even be in the league. You would set the bar too high and expectations would be rational. See how the other guys do and then start him when those guys show they aren’t good enough.
  10. C.Biscuit97

    Double Standard Kelvin Benjamin/Jalen Ramsey?

    I think you are completely underestimating how good Newton is. Won a heisman and national championship in the best college conference. Went 15-1 and to the SB, while winning MVP (with KB). If Allen comes close to that, I’d stain my 👖 and be very, very happy.
  11. C.Biscuit97

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Yeah, he’s definitely not as smart as all the posters on this board!!! Bunch of Einsteins who look like Brad Pitt here!!! FSU is ranked like 100 spots higher than University of Wyoming academically. I’m just saying.
  12. C.Biscuit97

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Yup, though it doesn’t need to be said. Like I said, if Allen wasn’t a Bill, we’d find this really funny and not stupidly accusing him of being a racist.
  13. C.Biscuit97

    Double Standard Kelvin Benjamin/Jalen Ramsey?

    Ints is the worst way to judge a cornerback.
  14. C.Biscuit97

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    You should double check this post before calling someone a moron. I mean I’d want my wife to stand up for me too but what did he say wrong about Stafford? Possibly Trump University? That might explain his grammar. 😉
  15. C.Biscuit97

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    9 pages on Robert Foster??? How many did Martin Nance and Da’Rick Rogers get??? The nfl is 👑. Football fans are so thirsty!