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  1. C.Biscuit97

    Cowboys fire OC Scott Linehan

    Upgrade over Daboll
  2. C.Biscuit97

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    I find the offensive line so boring and freely admit I know nothing about evaluating it. I do believe it’s a position group where a coach can make a huge difference. So please draft mean, smart players and keep them together for a few year. And stop switching the blocking schemes.
  3. C.Biscuit97

    Should Bills go after FA TE Demetrius Harris

    Honestly asking: how many quality TEs actually available in free agency? Why don’t we just draft a stud for once? NE, the best team of our generation, constantly is drafting tight ends. But why would you copy a successful team?
  4. C.Biscuit97

    The NFL's Obesity Scourge

    I know it sucks to hear but it’s why players should only look out for themselves. These guys are pieces of meat to fans and the teams. They get rid of them the second they are not valuable. I will say a know a bunch of former o and d linemen who lost a ton of weight after they were doing playing and skill players who went the opposite way. But I don’t care how much they make. Nfl (and SeC) players are under paid.
  5. We had the number 2 defense. Allen “led” a comeback against the Titans because of the defense. It goes both ways. again, I’d bet on Allen being the better qb long term. But Allen is closer to Jackson as a passer than Baker. And you’re a giant homer. And that’s awesome. Seriously. But I do know when I was in the place, I wasn’t objective. It’s also funny that some fans act like there is some bias towards the Bills in an article that mentions Foster, who most nfl fans know nothing about.
  6. Honestly with ESB, it’s all about upside. He’s 6’5” fast and played with a terrible throwing qb in college. I barely remember Ray Ray, who played at Clemson and wasn’t even their best slot receiver (that was 38 year old Hunter). I think it would have been for Allen to grow with a freak type receiver his rookie year. thats what drives me crazy about all the blame the other players are getting. The staff that picked Allen put together this offense. It didn’t have to be terrible. Allen didn’t have to be forced into playing if they managed the QB position. i swear this is nothing person. I didn’t like Allen before the draft because those guys fail at super high rates. I know people who know Allen and hear he’s a great dude. I want to be wrong. But I hope he isn’t going into the offseason thinking he doesn’t need to become a better passer because his wrs sucked. 60% passer with a 2:1 td:int ratio isn’t too much to hope for. And I sincerely hope he gets it because we might actually have a franchise guy.
  7. C.Biscuit97

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    Of all the draft “experts,” I trust him the least. That said, salute to him for creating a business.
  8. C.Biscuit97

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    The only concern I’d have with the Clemson guys is how much does playing with great players in the d line enhance their play. It’s really hard to double anyone on that line so I would guess they have a little easier job than a guy like Ed Oliver.
  9. C.Biscuit97

    Startling Star statistic

    Because they don’t have a lot of good players. But you also need to be forward thinking. most likely, when young guys are going to be up for big contracts, Star won’t be around. But it’s not an excuse to get sloppy with money now. And I think there are certain positions you should over pay for like o line, pass rusher, etc. imo, run stuffing DT is not one of those.
  10. C.Biscuit97

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    Dareus was arguably one of the best DTs in football and was at a similar sack rate as Sapp through their first few year. All things equal, I think a dominant DT is more important than a receiver, since they are a dependent position. That said, I don’t see a dominant DT and the need isn’t big enough for us right now. Kiper just saw Kyle retire and just gave us a fill in.
  11. C.Biscuit97

    The tough times of Nickell Robey-Coleman

    I think MD had so many deaths that he basically lost anyone to help keep him in line. But NRC seems like a really good dude and he’s a tough player. For some reason, we are great at finding corners.
  12. C.Biscuit97

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    Kiper is the worst. The guy has a worse resume than most posters on this board. But respect to him for creating this business.
  13. C.Biscuit97

    The tough times of Nickell Robey-Coleman

    I know everyone hates him now but Dareus has had some awful deaths in his life.
  14. Saratoga is awesome. It’s like a classy Bills tailgate. And just bet on the name of the horse you like. Works much more than you think.
  15. We scored 41 points/ game in Barkley starts. 😎