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  1. C.Biscuit97

    Burfict to Raiders

    Most perfect match ever.
  2. C.Biscuit97

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Fitz has had a career better than 90% of nfl qbs.
  3. What I don’t get is when you have a qb who isn’t the most accurate (I know cult, it’s all the receivers’ fault) and is tall, why don’t you get some tall receivers? If Allen misses, it’s probably going to be high. I really hope this guy and Butler are draft day targets. A good receiving core is like a basketball team where you have a bunch of different skilled players. We need a big guy now. Kelvin Benjamin showed up looking like an olinemen in Carolina. He also had terrible knees. Since our regime was with him, That makes the trade that much worse. If KB cared, didn’t have bad knees, and wasn’t a fattie, he could have still be a good player. Harry does not have any of these concerns.
  4. C.Biscuit97

    Texans sign QB McCarron to back up Watson

    If was a career backup in the nfl, I would be the best guy ever.
  5. Definitely not at the top of the list of handsome qbs. It’s great for him that he is making millions playing football.
  6. C.Biscuit97

    Bills: NFL's Biggest Under-the-Radar F-A Winner 2019

    Morse - expensive but good beasley - love it brown - not a bad player, hate it for the price Kroft - meh Johnson - decent gamble o line guys - I don’t watch o line enough to form an opinion solid offseason. Nothing amazing but hopefully fills some holes. We badly need some size at receiver, d line, and oline help. This is a huge draft.
  7. Believe everything pre draft!
  8. poor josh never stood a chance.
  9. Yet, DM never really dominated in college. Also besides his speed and domestic violence skills, Hill is extremely shifty. I think a guy like DM struggles with that.
  10. So we like the national media now???
  11. C.Biscuit97

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    Is he? Honest question? I know you can never have enough pass rushers but he really isn’t that good at that. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MurpTr00.htm also, not staying healthy is a real thing.
  12. C.Biscuit97

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    He has a high motor. Real gym rat and student of the game.
  13. There definitely some very sensitive Bills fans who feel personally attacked if you say something bad about the Bills (the cult of Josh Allen for instance). Then they lash out and make it personal with the reporter. Rodak looks like a weasel but some fans take it too far. Face it. We’ve been a bad franchise. Why sugar coat it? and I can’t stand TG. Dude kills people (see that BS he did with EJ after his rookie year) and then cries when someone criticizes him. Most sports media is a joke. Dudes with no talent, criticizing people with real talent.
  14. C.Biscuit97

    Bortles signs with the Rams

    Skip Bayless would be proud of this take. Way too early to lump Rosen in. He won’t. He’s not good. He’s EJ with better PR.