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  1. Eh, this whole thing needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The only thing I take out of this is Garrett Wilson, who was facing number 1 cbs, is going to be a problem.
  2. Everyone loved the signing at the time. So much hindsight. Also, dumping on people who aren’t on the team anymore is super corny. Like the dudes who look at pictures of their ex and just make mean comments. Move forward with the next hot guard.
  3. I don’t think it’s that bad. He should be called and he should want to be. He is playing for major money. He should welcome any advice that can help him reach his goal. personally, I think he is just too undersized and his physical tools that got him to nfl just aren’t elite enough to make him special. He is a gap stopping, rotational DT. Plenty of value but not worth that much to use and certainly doesn’t live up to his draft selection. Not a bust but a disappointment for sure. Love when posters on a message board question the intelligence of a person they have never met. Very smart.
  4. I just follow Rachel Bush on Twitter. Lots of deep thoughts there.
  5. Nah. Dude is super competitive but his physical skills are so average to below average. Now, he lost his confidence. He’s basically not wasted Johnny Manziel. I’d take him as a backup though.
  6. I mean this is just common knowledge. I love the podcast Pardon My Take because they used to destroy Watt for being a try hard and doing things for the camera, which he did. I think he has acknowledged that and become a little more “cooler.”
  7. I think the trolling in team during practice is super corny. Like making mistakes is what practice if for (see the Mahomes training camp tread). That said, I think both of those guys aren’t good. Williams is that good and while it’s really hard to tank in the nfl, this year a bunch of teams are trying their best.
  8. I think I’m becoming a grumpy old man (I’m actually really happy). But I despise the social media teenage girl posts and begging to come to our team. I think it’s kinda pathetic and sad. that said, if it works, keep it up bills fans.
  9. I think you are completely wrong and dude took a lot of necessary crap here. Wasn’t a natural MLB but was a very good player for us. I hope you are right and he isn’t a big loss. But right now, it’s hilarious that you can have a top 3 defense for the last 3 years wish a terrible DC and MLB.
  10. I know this person is trying to funny but that is super corny. I love my brother but I’m not responsible for what a grown man does.
  11. This defense would have been destroyed if they were more aggressive last year. They were on their 5th string S. White was out and wasn’t the same player. Elam struggled. We have one pass rusher and he got hurt. this defense will be more aggressive if we are healthy. Frazier was a giant scapegoat. Injuries and lack of production from high draft picks were the main reasons for the “failings” of our lowly 2nd ranked defense.
  12. CMC’s girl has a nice lid but this is her body ✏️. and all women are beautiful in their own way. Dated = 🧴 😂
  13. The Patrick mahomes training camp interception thread is a million times worse. They should pin it on this board. You sound like a dude who can’t get an actress. Never said she was ugly but I truly believe my girl is prettier. I would post but I’m pretty sure it is illegal without consent. And Josh’s friend has a much higher bank account (and he has me beat slightly 😞).
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