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  1. The one good thing about this stupid game is we can hate Miami again. I never care about them since I was a little kid. This was their Super Bowl. It’s embarrassing and hilarious at the same time. Can’t wait to destroy them in Buffalo. (language) #freeCook
  2. He’s a rookie who just went against the fastest two receivers in the nfl. Next to quarterback, cornerback is the hardest position in the nfl to play. Grab 2 friends, play cb, have them run a pass route, and you can’t touch them after 5 yards. Now imagine if one of them runs a 4.3.
  3. The people who care about this never played a competitive sport in their life. It happens every game. You’re projecting.
  4. It absolutely amazes me that dudes like this dork and skip actually have people that take them serious. They are wrong like 75% of the time and get people all worked up. At least, CC has a hot daughter.
  5. I think Viking fans hated him but whatever. We need cbs.
  6. Eh. I went to a 90 degree game in Buffalo before. I’m sure the snow and cold is a huge advantage to us late in the season. That’s football. I mean you could make every team have a dome for the fairest competition but where’s the fun in that?
  7. I won’t say a lot but we definitely are better. If Dobbins is healthy, that makes them much tougher to defend. Allen and our receivers will eat. Can’t believe the Ravens have this bad of a defense. Doesn’t seem right.
  8. Yeah, that was super shady. But again, the nfl doesn’t really care about the players. They care about their perception and lawsuits.
  9. If you’re a bachelor, you can’t be a ho.
  10. This will switch every week. Right now, it’s Lamar. If Allen plays well and Bills win, it will be Josh. side note, I’m really happy for Hurts. Seems very similar to the Allen story of people writing him off right away and constantly improving. He’s playing great right now.
  11. Do you honestly think the nfl cares about players? At first I wanted to laugh at this thread but heat stroke is real. If the nfl really cared, they won’t give early season home games to Miami. But they don’t care.
  12. No moral victories and they definitely blew a game they should have won. But I don’t really feel that bad. Half of the team was injured or died in the heat and they still should have won. They will beat the fins by 10+ in Buffalo. Cute little story for Miami though.
  13. The Ravens’ D has been very bad. Also, this line is begging gamblers to jump on Baltimore.
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