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  1. C.Biscuit97

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    They didn’t draft him. They obviously have to cut him. im not the biggest Lawson fan but who is the better player they are going to replace him with? He’s pretty cheap. Let’s not make another stupid Ragland trade just because you need to burn down everything you inherited.
  2. C.Biscuit97

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    The Whaley hate is so stupid. He wasn’t good at press conferences. He never got to pick his head coach. Compare this year’s roster with the 2014 one. A franchise qb in 2014 might have been a SB contender. Dude got a lot of talent and for how bad of a drafter he supposedly was, a lot of his draft picks are making a bunch of money in the nfl still.
  3. C.Biscuit97

    For Harrison Phillips, the NFL Was Always His Why

    Dareus is also much more talented. I love the Phillips pick but I can’t ever see him making an all pro team like Dareus did.
  4. C.Biscuit97

    Tremaine Edmunds vs Gronk

    Gronk is on the downside but I still don’t want a rookie LB matched up on him one on one too often.
  5. We didn’t use him right. Sammy was amazing in college at screens and slants. We Rarely threw those to him. Stupid Miami feeds Landry, a guy a lot less physically talented than Sammy, the ball.
  6. When Sammy left, he had similar numbers to Julio at the same stages of their career. And I don’t think we had exactly had Matt Ryan throwing him the ball. i think people forget how receiver is the most dependent position in football. ODell Beckham isn’t the same player if the Bills draft him and he’s plays in our high school offenses. our offense looks like it is going to be really bad. It was bad last year. We have zero speed.
  7. Great take. I blame Sammy. Not EJ, not Orton, not Tyrod, not Goff (who was worse than EJ as rookie). I trust bitter Bills fans’ opinions over McVay and Andy Reid. Our offense easily replaced Sammy and was a lot of fun to watch last year. I expect it to be even more exciting this year.
  8. C.Biscuit97

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    Haha. The only person TO cares about is TO. He would set a terrible example for young players and his body would eventually break down.
  9. Goff missed him all the time deep. Dude got open a lot. Goff is good with the short stuff and WAtkins opens that up. It’s wjy they immediately acquired Cook after Sammy left. There was no way they were going into the season with Woods and Kupp as their top wrs. It’s just funny that fans who are 40+ year old and constantly talk crap to players expect a 23 year old to be more mature. I have zero problem with players calling out reckless fans. Some fans are total losers.
  10. Well, you would get fired quickly. This is what’s so funny about fans (and I like you). Sammy rushes back from a foot injury which is kinda of important for a receiver. He isn’t completely healthy and messes it up more. Now fans question his toughness. So dumb,
  11. C.Biscuit97

    For Harrison Phillips, the NFL Was Always His Why

    I’m trying to call you out, but what does this mean? Is it the old stereotype that Buffalo is some rust belt, blue collar town? McCoy was the opposite of this and he has done just fine. Guess what fits well in Buffalo: good players.
  12. Sammy only has about 200 yards and 7 more tds than Woods in one less season. There’s a reason Watkins is getting almost double what Woods got. Woods is is a solid number 2 but teams aren’t game planning for him. And guess what? Talented receivers are divas. Sammy should have gotten the ball more here. Maybe this is the year Andre Holmes and Streater become stars!!! Sammy just turned 25!!! God, that would be a great target for Allen. Goff played well last year but has an average arm. Allen could have threw some lovely bombs to Sammy.
  13. I would bet a ton of money on Landry never having a 1,500 season. That would mean he would have like 300 catches.
  14. That was one of the worst playoff teams in recent memory. It was a fluke more than anything. They bought themselves time but I still think there is a lot to prove. Striking out on a qb and seeing guys like Watson, Rosen, or Mahomes become franchise guys would look terrible.
  15. C.Biscuit97

    For Harrison Phillips, the NFL Was Always His Why

    Dude has a Stanford degree. He is going to be fine either way. but I love this pick. Stanford is one of the few legit clprovrams that has real student athletes (besides Ivy League Alabama ). I will take their players on my team any day of the week. Also, I’m on the David Shaw train if we need a new head coach ever. I could only imagine what that football would look like in someone else’s tiny hands.