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  1. We did give TO the key to the city for signing with us. I can’t relate to this but we are definitely the guy who hasn’t been with someone in a long time and say I love You after the first date.
  2. Haha, what point does it serve to cut him now? I wasn’t a big fan of the pick (wild the guy didn’t have 1 td in college) but I still give him one more offseason to prove himself. But given the lack of glaring needs, I’d love to finally have a real stud TE.
  3. Jackson won the MVP last year. So no, it wasn’t right. Now In the year 2020, Josh Allen is the better overall qb.
  4. I still think the prospect with Allen’s profile in college will fail far majority of the time. The Bills’ front office, to their extreme credit, found a 🦄 that is somehow a better quarterback in the NFL than he was at Wyoming. I have never been happier to have my doubts proven wrong.
  5. Oh for sure. It sound delusional last year but clearly this year, Allen is a better player. Yeah man, I have no real disagreement with any of this. Allen made me a believer this year. It doesn’t matter but he answer every doubt I had about him minus the playoffs. And i can’t say it enough but his attitude is what really stands out. He literally probably doesn’t care about this at all.
  6. I’m not going to stop. I don’t want to be grouped with racist idiots. That’s the whole problem in this country. Calling out racist losers. I’d do it if it was around me. I want to be the best fanbase in the county. Not the one with “oh well, we have some racists what can you do.”
  7. Yeah, I agree. But in this board, we had people trashing Jackson after winning the MVP here while praising Allen. Now, and I try to stay in the moment, Allen is a better overall qb than Jackson. But that wasn’t the case last year. but as a “critic” (just didn’t think he was a good enough passer his first 2 years and he wasn’t), I really have no idea how you can criticize him as a player. He has become a legit stud.
  8. Cowherd doesn’t believe a word he says. He is like a less annoying skip Bayless. but again, when fans would say the media hates Buffalo, it was never true. When you win, the media will like you.
  9. I did say that Allen was different because he was heavily criticized. I do generally agree with you. But one of the best thing about some fans is they will defend their team to the death. But some take it way to personal. Through 2 years, Allen wasn’t that great. Now, he is an outright stud and if someone is criticizing at this point, they are an idiot. And the whole American flag is obnoxious. Sadly, it has been a political symbol which is such a joke. There are some people that to proven how much of a “patriot” they are. I am willing to bet that an overwhelming majority of peo
  10. I mean it’s a year without fans and one of the best fanbases who supported a ton of garbage. It was going to be a tough ticket anyways.
  11. With all due respect, this is super corny. Maybe if he goes down as an all time great for us, sure.
  12. Clay Travis is a grifter. He’s a mediocre at best sports guy with terrible takes (see his Covid and sports bets) who hated on ESPN for being too political. Now he does the same thing but on th other side of the aisle. At first I thought the guy was a clown but I always respect a guy who finds an easy to manipulate base and he just feeds them meat to get them all fired up. He starts twitter fights with people who are way more popular than him and hope they respond so he can get his name out there. I would bet he doesn’t believe half of what he says. It’s kinda funny.
  13. Read some of the angriest responses and look at the twitter feeds. The angriest group definitely tends to have some similarities.
  14. This whole thing is embarrassing. Reading some of the tweets, some idiot Bills fans just proved him right on the racist stuff. I wish more fans would call out Those idiots. I think the original point is that for a while a guy who plays like Allen, If black, would be questioned about his long term ability to play quarterback. That the white guy with questionable production against not great college competition while the Heisman trophy winning qb falls and gets talked about moving positions. And through 2 years there was some truth in that. A counter I would say in regards to Allen
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