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  1. He’s a clown because he is trying to make as much money as he can playing a position that teams don’t value anymore? I get he has done dumb things but this is exactly what he should be doing. He has leverage and teams have no loyalty to players, especially rbs. The Cowboys are in a tough spot but they will play him because Jerry loves scumbags.
  2. Yup. Personally, I wanted a guy with a better nfl resume than Daboll to guide Allen but I guess we’ll see. But with all the qbs he took a job in their second year, they had guys with much more nfl success than Daboll guiding them. I worry that SM could have the Chan issue where the other side of the ball cost him. And SM seems like a nice guy and probably a good guy to play for. But top 10 right now is laughable. They have had a negative point differential in both years, his OC and QB managing have been questionable at best, and he has been terrible at coaching challenging. The good news is most coaches are a dime a dozen so if Allen is a franchise guy, he will be fine because he is a good defensive coach. But anything less than .500 this year (minus Allen getting hurt) should be considered a failure. And if Russel Wilson didn’t become Russell Wilson, he would have been fired too. So it all comes back to if your qb is good enough. If Allen is good, SM will be fine. If not, he won’t be long for the job. I don’t know. I like Tomlin and thinks he gets too much blame (but that’s the job I guess). Those 2 players (Bell and Brown and it sounds like Big Ben is a part of the problem too) are some of the most selfish players in NFl history. And they still went in 9-7. I think the Steelers have a playoff season this year and Tomlin gets Coach if the year consideration.
  3. I respect that someone thinks Barkley and his career 68 qb rating are undervalued in Madden!
  4. Another huge factor is Brady takes less money that doesn’t handicap the Pats.
  5. The 49ers did. Also, it shows how overrated the GM of the Colts and Packers were. The Bills would win 7 games with Trent Edwards and JP Losman. and Tim Tebow made the playoffs. Flukes happen. Belichick has never won a playoff game without Brady. It’s complete speculation to say he could do this without Brady too. He has never won a playoff game without Brady. And Carroll had a better first 6 years than Belichick. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/CarrPe0.htm
  6. Disagree Gunner. He was carried by a great defense and his offense (his specialty) sucked. It’s been the same way in Jacksonville. He has shown no ability to develop qbs and his offensive attack is from a different decade. He will get fired this year.
  7. He had one winning season in his first 6 years. In today’s nfl, he won’t have made it that long. He was basically Dick Jauron until he got Brady.
  8. His behavior in Buffalo is the outliner of his entire life. He has had issues since high school.
  9. Joe Gibbs is the most underrated coach in nfl history. Most great coaches have a great qb. What Gibbs did with his qbs is amazing.
  10. But Belichick didn’t before Brady. He was on his way to getting fired by a second team until Mo Lewis changed history.
  11. How can anyone make this claim? When has Brady been without Belichick? Belichick struggled as a head coach with Brady. Brady has never played without Belichick. And the Cassel point is such garbage. They won 5 less games than the previous year and scored 179 less points. Also in 2016, they averaged 20.25 points/ game without Brady and 30.9 points/ game with him. Brady might be the greatest qb ever. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Great qb > great coach
  12. Congrats on your first time being right then! 😉
  13. So what about all the crazy stuff he did before his dad died? And there will still be Bills fans who still would welcome him back to play.
  14. I mean it’s a business and I get that. But man, this is a bad look for a league that pretends like they care about the players. It’s why unless for a rare exception, you should never side with an owner over a player. These guys are just pieces of meat to them that they get rid of the second they can’t produce.
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