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  1. Allen got talked about a ton, both good and bad, especially after the playoff game. And Gilmore had 2 defensive tds while Tre didn’t have one. Again, who’s more famous: Ramsey in LA or Rodgers in GB which is the size of AMHERST? and without looking it up, who was the Giants RG during the SB years and name their endorsements? You can’t because most people don’t care about RGs. Just like a lot of people don’t care about corners. Football players in general will never be as famous as basketball players because they wear helmets and there’s a lot more of them. the funny thing about Ramsey is he probably got more attention in Jacksonville. He’s a nobody in LA. Same thing with Tre. It’s why Kelly and Thurman moved back to Buffalo. They are just regular dudes in their 50s anywhere else. They are Gods in WNY. And this doesn’t even happen or else Miami would be a powerhouse and get every FA. My favorite commercial as a kid. And 26 Shirts has a great shirt from it.
  2. I don’t think Sammy is a fan of Beane.
  3. He’s a guy that would rather be famous than be great. It’s the TO school, attended by Antonio Brown. The funny thing is he’s just not that interesting.
  4. I mean he’s not close to as bad but couldn’t you say this about Diggs if you’re being fair?
  5. Josh Allen is ever bit as famous as Danny Jones, if not more. Again, how famous can a cornerback get? Should a right guard move to LA to increase their brand?
  6. Now he has a chance to win, and he's making huge money on his new five-year contract, but beyond that, now he knows people will see him on TV. No matter what he does, good or bad, it will matter in the grand scheme of the NFL. That matters to players a lot more than we think. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/25/buffalo-bills-worst-city-nfl-pro-bowl/ A winning season, top-end head coach, and rabid fanbase can only do so much to change the opinions of how people see visit the Buffalo Bills. In an anonymous survey of Pro Bowl players by The Athletic, Buffalo was the “winner” of the “Worst NFL City to Travel to.” Buffalo still can’t dodge the view that the city is the Siberia of the NFL. The Athletic highlighted that players had no trouble determining the worst city to travel, as one-third of the players surveyed selected Buffalo. 1) NE is the marquee franchise. No doubt about that. 2) NE offered him a ton of money. both things could be true. At a lie detector test, what do you think the number reason Gilmore choose New England? Was it for fame (a dude who never talks) or Monet? Of course, it’s money and he got lucky it was offered by the Pats (who Bills Fans laughed at For the contract). He would have signed with the Bengals If they offered him that amount.
  7. 1) why do people are so much about PFF? It’s one website. Every football person knows that Tre is one is the best cbs in the nfl. 2) NE may have helped but you could also argue the 2 defensive tds Gilmore has as helped just as much.
  8. Yup. One thing I’m not worried about at all is defensive backs. McDermott might be the best in the nfl at developing dbs.
  9. Gilmore left because he got paid a ton of money by the New England Patriots.
  10. Honestly, how much more? I think you can only get so famous as a nfl cb. Like if Allen become an elite level qb, he will get plenty famous in Buffalo. It’s just the nature of the position he plays. Deion Sanders is the only real famous corner I know. And Tre is a good dude and funny but it’s not like he’s Kevin Hart (overrated but still).
  11. I mean he’s pretty good but he’s an idiot who thinks he is like Tom Brady or something. Well yeah. It’s the NFL. He’s pretty much stuck in Buffalo haha.
  12. Ramsey is a stupid person. Yeah, GB really held back Rodgers. Man, no one knew who LeBron was in Cleveland. Also, Ramsey is delusional. They play cornerback. Besides Deion, what cornerback is ever going to be “famous?” I hope Golden Tate punches him in his stupid mouth.
  13. You’re not making sense and it’s boring me. Have a good day.
  14. Exactly. He moved down, got a pick that turned into Kiko, who had a rookie of the year type season, got hurt, and traded him for McCoy. But that was Nix move apparently.
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