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  1. Interesting that a bunch of posters rooted for a Rosen injury and yet here we are.
  2. C.Biscuit97

    Jerry Hughes revenge game?

    I don’t think he has. It’s tough because he plays with an edge. But sometimes in the past, he would do the dumbest things, like head butt a o linemen after the play. Knock on wood, it seems like he has found a balance.
  3. C.Biscuit97

    Draft another QB

    Strongly disagree. With better talent, Allen > Brady.
  4. C.Biscuit97

    Jerry Hughes revenge game?

    He played them last year. But he has been playing really well this year. Hopefully, he doesn’t get to fired up and do something stupid, which he has been much smarter with this year. Whaley sucks!
  5. Not bad for a 14 teamer. You would be ok if just start the Chargers rbs. I expected more out of Mike Williams. I can’t do a league bigger than 14.
  6. I wish I was playing you this week. You picked up players because of Joe B?
  7. C.Biscuit97

    Draft another QB

    SM loves Nate. He probably thinks he just needs more time.
  8. C.Biscuit97

    Draft another QB

    Why is everyone so sensitive about bringing in another qb? It doesn’t have to be a 1st but why keep neglecting the most important position in sports? Allen wasn’t that great in the MWC. Obviously it’s way too soon to cut bait but you should do whatever you can to solve this. Best case scenario is both guys develop and you have a great trade chip. I was a big defender of EJ and JP. I thought it was stupid how quickly some fans wanted to give up on them. Well, we passed on Rodgers because we had JP and Derek Carr because we had Manuel. And EJ had a better start to his career than Allen. Think about that. no other position matters as much as qb. Instead of trading up to take Zay, they could have takenJuJu (who I loved) or Cooper Kupp. Instead of taking Ray Ray, they could have taken ESB who is making plays in Green Bay. And guess what helps all receivers? A good qb. Good post. To add: 1) Manning was one of the best college players of the last 30 years. 2). Brady was a 60% passer in college. I think it shoild worry people mire that Allen was far from dominance in a sub power 5 conference.
  9. C.Biscuit97

    I mean...I’d still pay for Teddy

    I never saw it boss. I hate the whole big arm crap like it snows every game in Buffalo but TB would struggle in OP IMo.
  10. I will say getting a 3rd for TT is the best offensive move this regime has made. But as limited as TT is as a passer, we might be a playoff team with him this year. Did you watch the Bills play the Texans?
  11. C.Biscuit97

    I mean...I’d still pay for Teddy

    Probably a little bit of hyperbole but his arm he is really weak. He threws pop flys on his deep passes. His best season was 14 td to 9 ints.
  12. Would the Bills qbs start in Canada? But lets dump on the qb who helped us end the drought. Things are so much better now that he is gone.
  13. C.Biscuit97

    I mean...I’d still pay for Teddy

    I struggle to see why people think TB is a good QBs. His arm Might be weaker than Peterman. Obviously, he would be the best qb on our team but he’s not really getting you anywhere.
  14. EJ > Josh Allen at this point. Whaley’s teams > McBeane keep dreamin’ lil’ Rico They are beyond dreadful with offenses. Mike McCoy was their first choice for OC and he is about to get fired for like the 3rd time in 3 years. If the Bills keep up this pace, Daboll should get fired. 3 OCs in 3 years! Good times.
  15. C.Biscuit97

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    We are in a world where we would rather have Derek Anderson play. Good times. Haha. Much respect for the Bills PR for trying to get anyone excited for Derek Anderson. Bring back the Nate Peterman hype video.