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  1. He’d have the biggest plantation in Arkansas.
  2. Sad part is I kinda liked him in college. If Pittsburgh had Big Ben, they would be SB contenders.
  3. And that is the sad part. I have an idea why this started to happen but it’s so pathetic. What I loved about football is it takes so many guys from different backgrounds to play. What is great about a lockeroom is guys like CK and Bosa, who have much different views on things, would become brothers. Personally, signing guys like Vick or Joe Mixon might break me as a Bills fan. But to get this worked over a guy who literally silently took a knee (you should go to a football game and see what fans do during the national anthem) is insane. But that’s fine too. But if he’s good enough, he deserves a chance to play imo.
  4. But but but but... I don’t think Allen is horrible at all but it’s insane all the excuses made for the highest drafted qb not being about to dominate a game when rookies who weren’t drafted can.
  5. Smith is a terrible TE but I heard the reasoning for him is he essentially another o linemen and could play in a pinch. Personally, I’m fine with moving in from him but he’s here at least the rest of the season.
  6. Haha, I love when terrible coaches try to call out other coaches. Suspending Rudolph would be good for the Steelers.
  7. I think the craziest part is wasn’t the knock on Garrett coming out That he was soft, didn’t love football, and was kinda like an art guy? The suspension is well earned. It was completely awful. Rudolph did play a part but certainly Didn’t deserved that. 63 for the Browns deserved more games for that because that was a total coward move. And Pouncey didn’t deserve a single game. He defended his teammate (makes how pathetic the Bills response to Gronk look even worse). but the Browns are our of control. There is zero chance Kitchens makes it to a second season. What a waste of a really good roster.
  8. Could very will be. He also could be extremely fresh without years of punishment in a league where mobile qbs like Watson, Jackson, Wilson, Murray, etc are becoming the dominant players. I guess we’ll see.
  9. I agree. I just get annoyed by some of the dishonesty. To say Kaepernick wasn’t good enough after his last year on nfl to be in the league, you’re a liar. If you don’t think CK wasn’t miles better as a qb than Barkley when he last played, you’re a liar. If you don’t have the same angry towards the women beaters who were given a second chance over a guy who has never been in trouble and who’s worst “crime” was kneeling (after speaking with a former marine), your morals are messed up. CK has certainly made his share of mistakes (not signing with the Ravens, the Castro shirt, etc.) but he literally done nothing wrong off the field. I want the best team of non scumbags on the Bills. If CK has a good workout, I would love to sign him to a future contract because his upside is so much higher than Barkley. Also given the success of mobile qbs right now, it could be a nice backup plan for Allen (we should still draft a guy). But I guess I’m not as patriotic as some of the true heroes out there.
  10. I know most of this board hates rap music (I called it crap music!) but he’s a pretty decent rapper for a 5’8” slot receiver. He’s going to have to pick up the pace for that MVP award though. 😉
  11. It’s weird how want equal rights for people is a bad thing. I guess it’s much better to be an ignorant, judgmentAl, afraid of change boomer is much better. Yeah, what is that person talking about? The nfl is the most outdated league in sports. Jerry Jones definitely would have owned slaves back in the day. These players are pieces of meat who they won’t even guarantee their contracts.
  12. Dodge shadows are the cars of Greek Gods. and never was fan of the Kroft signing. He had one decent year. Hopefully, we move after the year since Knox has shown himself to be a player. We should still be looking to upgrade and run more 2 TE sets. its weird how behind the times the Bills are. Most good qbs have a good TE. They are matchup nightmares. But nah, we’re good with Derek Fine.
  13. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KaepCo00.htm can we stop making things up? If he was terrible, what does that make Allen since he has far worse stats? And those 49ers teams were awful. he might not be good enough anymore. But stopping making up that he wasn’t. When he was playing was 3 times the player of Barkley and was better than Allen. Allen is obviously the starter but this team should always be looking to upgrade the roster. And no one would care and the nfl would continue to make billions. It’s funny you’re cool with Incognito who threatens to beat his 90 year old grandma though.
  14. They do now! Imagine Brady’s dad staying in a Buffalo hotel is similar to what children growing up in a 3rd world countries go through. What a hero! and when’s he’s 45, PTR will have a post telling us this is the year the Pats won’t win the division.
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