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  1. I haven’t read through the whole thread but is it really defending Rosen like the second coming by pointing out how awful he has been handled? I would think the same thing if it was Rosen, Allen, Mayfield, Jackson, Darnold, etc. Arizona and Miami put on a clinic on how not to develop a qb.
  2. Couldn’t disagree more. This was a dude who was taught it was disgraceful to be gay. Think about the quote his father said. He was supposed to be an alpha man playing an alpha sport where being gay isn’t considered a positive thing. To pretend to be something you’re not your whole life has to hard. And it sounds like it made him overcompensate as a tough guy. doesnt excuse his behavior in the slightest but to pretend like it might not be a factor is kinda Naive.
  3. I pray the Bills don’t think like this. 1) you realize Daboll was hired from Bama right? There are plenty of places to find OCs than just the nfl or current nfl OCs. 2) minus the star and Trent signings, I have zero questions of McBean’s defensive decisions. He is one of the best defensive minds in the game. but you seriously want to trust his judgement on offense? He forced Tyrod in a West Coast system. He traded his best receiver a week before the season and replaced him with scrubs like Matthews and far Kelvin, who was fat in Carolina when they were there. He was in love with Peterman. They traded up to draft Zay Jones instead of staying put for JuJu or Kupp. our offenses have ranked 29, 30, and 24. Yeah, I can’t believe fans would second guess that. you can still be a fan and have some doubts. I have zero doubts defensively. But yeah, I struggle to blindly trust them defensively. If they pick another receiver besides Zay, maybe we win the playoff game and can draft a pass rusher to make our defense, which is borderline SB caliber as is, really elite.
  4. Yeah, that is probably where he ends up.
  5. But Hap, how many more years do you need to say maybe the guy isn’t just getting the results? Why do bad teams only hire him to be the OC? Why was Jalen Hurts “holding him back” at Bama yet becomes a Heisman finalist without him? Dak was hardly a slam dunk pick. He was a 3rd rounder. Shouldn’t we expect more out of a 7th overall pick than a 3rd rounder? And who’s fault is that if he doesn’t get there? I hate the buddy, nepotism in the nfl. I’m not other field do people who suck at their jobs keep getting chance after chance. Daboll’s highest offense ranked 22 in yards and 20 in points. Sorry but that sucks and isn’t good enough, I don’t question his football knowledge. I don’t question that Allen and other plays left plays on the field? But when is it ok to just day maybe he just isn’t good enough? also, are some folks really not thinking Daboll doesn’t have a huge say in bringing in offensive players? He is part of the reason the offense talent isnt good enough.
  6. While that could be true, there are other factors. If Rosen and Allen got switched, maybe both of their careers are different. They had very similar passing numbers their rookie years. Allen didn’t have his OC fired 4 games into the season. it’s also ok to doubt certain things with Allen. He has shown some good things but he is far from completely established. But as of right, clearly he is having the better career. But I don’t think any reasonable person can argue that he hasn’t been in a much, much better situation to succeed than Rosen.
  7. Couldn’t think of a better mentor to Edmunds.
  8. What do you think is his trade value? I can’t imagine a S nearing 30 who wants a new deal would be that in demand. The Titans scrapped Kenny Vaccaro a former 1st rounder off the garbage heap.
  9. No, total serious question. I’m genuinely curious. A lot of shows are about people who do terrible things but you get a backstory of why. Like Sopranos. Personally, I think they don’t excuse how terrible a person is but I do find them interesting. Like if Hernandez dad never dies, does any of this happen? If he did struggle with his sexuality, does he work so hard to become pretend to be some tough guy? It’s part of my career so I find it fascinating but to each their own.
  10. Great doc though they all must be taken with a grain of salt. My general thought is your past doesn’t excuse your present and future but it’s so interesting how a couple things can totally change your entire life. His fiancée seems like the type of girl you should marry. His HS qb taking about his dimples. 😯. And I liked the semi pro guy who was friends with ODin. And how did Brady not get in on some of that action??? just a sad story all around. But hey, the Patriot Way!!! Just our of curiosity, what type of shoes do you normally like?
  11. It’s funny how people think the OC has no say in the offensive personnel, especially with Foster. Maybe the guy who has been a bottom top 10 Nfl OC his whole career just isn’t a good OC.
  12. Haha. I love the buddy system in the nfl. Even though there is overwhelming evidence my friend sucks at his job, I gotta hire him. Garrett is a way better OC. I would trade Daboll and 1,009 beef on wecks for Garrett.
  13. I think they should and have a clause where Rachel Bush is only allowed be seen and not heard. 😶 that said, I do get if they don’t want to pay him. I had some major questions about their ability to evaluate offensive talent but they are great at evaluating defensive personnel, especially in the secondary. If they think he is replaceable for cheaper, I would trust their judgment.
  14. I mean I guess there was a heated debate about which Josh to take but it’s kinda pathetic how happy some people are about the Rosen situation. The league is better with more good qbs. More qbs are ruined than made. There is not a 1st or 2nd year qb who would have succeed in his situations. Those were pathetic situations to put a guy in. By comparison, Allen looks like he raised a perfect family while Rosen raised by the Manson family. He may end up just sucking but if you are saying that because of those situations, you just want to be right because you don’t like that some Bills fans wanted him or you don’t like his politics. he’s our rival now but I hope he goes to a good franchise because it’s embarrassing the situations he’s been in. I would have the said the same thing for any rookie who went through what he has. Well said, I think the qb and receiver situation that Allen had as a rookie was pretty dumb but he has had the luxury of a top 3 defense both years. The team also committed to building the o line around him and got him some weapons. It’s so weird to say but we finally gave a young qb a non dysfunctional situation to grow in. That’s the exact opposite of what Rosen has had. It’s like out of a textbook of how to ruin a young quarterback.
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