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  1. Detroit “seems” like it’s on the right path. Not sure Campbell is a great cos h but they play hard for him and have some good talent. Also, thanks to the Stafford trade, they might have 2 top 5 picks this year to hopefully get a franchise guy. I always had a soft spot for the Lions and hope they turn it around. Houston is a dumpster fire however.
  2. I think the giants are frauds. But those teams are all very even. All flawed, mainly at qb, but have some talent. Imo, the Jets have the most talent, then Washington, giants, and Pats. but the afc East got really good. Let’s be thankful for Zach Wilson and Mac Jines because it could be really close if they were good.
  3. 9 in the box, shut down the run, and force mac and those pedestrian receivers to beat you. NE is going to try and SB25 use with ball control. Dare them to throw. their defense is pretty good. Hopefully, the offense is going to clean up some things. Bet the under. He has 6 tds and 7 ints. He is the poster child for dink and dunk qbs. He’s a game manager at best.
  4. I bet money would your someone who cries about everything being racial, yet you are the first person to make something racial. I think a lot of fans on social media are morons and think they can say whatever they want without consequence. That said, Lamar was wrong. Just like anyone would have been.
  5. This is when I pray heaven and hell really existed. Keep him in gen pop for a few years and then fry him with a federal hate crime charge. Worthless “human.”
  6. Agree 100%. But you can’t whine or complain because you know Houston sucks.
  7. I would love it to be Saturday. Just started a new job where I can’t take off every Monday like I used to. Monday’s after game days are hell.
  8. Hurts is averaging 232.7 passing yards, 54.3 rushing (so nearly 300 total yards/game), has 25 tds, & 3 ints. He’s been really, really good and does a great job in that system. He definitely deserves to be in the mvp conversation.
  9. Honestly man, good for him. I wrote him off (like many Bills fans) but he made himself into a solid player. Respect. side note. He’s shown some improvement but has there been a qb more overhyped than Lawrence? I really don’t see anything super special about him. Like how much better is he than Taylor Heineike? Minus qb, Whaley got the bills a lot of talent. He wasn’t as bad as people make him out to be.
  10. I’m happy for Hurts. Dude has been doubted since college, doesn’t whine, and seems to keep getting better. There are a lot of similarities between him and Allen. Hurts seems like a great leader as well. The total opposite of Murray. they need to fix that run D though. That is by far their Achilles heel.
  11. I love dudes like him and Cook sign contracts with Houston and are shocked they suck. I’m in the minority and it was a great trade but I’m over Hughes. I wish him well but we have enough guys who almost get sacks.
  12. He can be a good qb but he seems like the biggest douche on the planet and an awful leader. He has major napoleon vibes. But if he was in a system like Miami, he would be really dangerous. Just seems like an awful dude to be around though.
  13. It blows my mind why people sweat this guy. Drama follows him constantly. And it’s never his fault! He’s just misunderstood. I get if for a few months but I would never give him multi years. Also, who even knows what type of player he is at this point either. Wish we could have found a way to get Elijah Moore. That would have been a great pick up. OBJ is like a supermodel in their late 30s. Still hot but not quite the same dating her.
  14. With respect to him because he reps Buffalo. But he is one of the dumbest human beings on earth. But congrats to getting paid to play football still.
  15. For real. Of course a dime a dozen o line coach is going to have a shorter leash than a top 5 qb. If Davis Webb did what Watson and Big Ben did, of course he’s out of the league.
  16. It’s also our society some dork on Twitter can tell a 6’5” ex nfl player to stfu without fear.
  17. Love Hyde, one of my favorite Bills. But I don’t want to see him this year.
  18. Yup. The hall of fame is so watered down. Absolutely love Fletcher and his career story but he should no one where close to the HOF. Receivers and qbs are going to be so watered down going forward wirh all the new rules. It’s going to be such a cluster. I never thought someone like Stafford should be a HOFer (pretty good, never close to great) but he is probably a no doubt. Slant boy Mike Thomas would have been if he didn’t get hurt. It should only be the best of the best.
  19. He had 154 yards and averaged 6.2 ypa and that was arguably his best start this year. He is throwing to a bunch of 1st and 2nd rounders and has a top 10ish defense.
  20. He’s an entitled little brat. He always gave me Jimmy Clausen vibes. Dude is worse than EJ and JP with a pretty good team around him. If the Jets found a real qb, they would be really tough. I hate trashing young qbs but he has no leadership qualities. What I love about Josh is how he owns if after losses and his worst game this year is better than Zach’s best. is Flacco hurt? Because white ain’t the answer either.
  21. Crazy to think about tough the Browns would be if they had DeShaun Cosby all year.
  22. Eh, completion % sucks as a stat. You can’t be below like 62% or something but you can rack up % points on a lot of safe throws. But Tua has been balling.
  23. Told you Tua would put up numbers in Miami in this offense. You have to be an absolute college hater to not give him credit. now the question is can he do in the playoffs and in the cold. I doubt it but he’s been very good.
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