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  1. Great name. Hopefully without the domestic abuse
  2. Strongly disagree. My emails to the team threatening not to buy tickets has a major impact. 😏
  3. Be honest. You were the last guy to play on the team but celebrated like you were the star when you won. 😉 Would take Watson with number 1 defense like Wilson had early in his career? I think Wilson and Watson are top 5 qbs with Dak top 10. But there are so many factors that go into winning in the nfl. I can’t believe some fans don’t understand this.
  4. Well deserved. I think his signing was one of the few times everyone was in agreement about the move. Great pickup. also, smart for his wife locking hmm down. Every female bills fan I know loves him. 😬
  5. I think Wilson is better but you did realize Wilson won biggest when Seattle had the best defense in the NFL right? Again, it’s almost like football is a team game or something? So when the Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51, Pat Mahomes is a loser correct? Like he should have scored more right? Is Allen a “loser” because the Cardinals completed a Hail Mary pass? people actually think like this? 🤔
  6. People really think like this? Like if the Bills went 2-3 and Allen was passing for 371 yards per game, you think he was the problem? That’s insane. Dak is far from a perfect qb but he is right around 10 and hardly the reason Dallas loses (and again his record is 42-27).
  7. I don’t know if it’s race based but there are definitely double standards with how Brady is treated vs Cam Newton. Brady routinely screams at his players and coaches and just get talked about as a “competitor.” Newton gets trashed for celebrating and looking sad on the sidelines. Some people are calling out Watson while giving passes to Stafford, Wentz for doing the same thing. There are many factors and not every situation is the same. But there are plenty of double standards that go around. Allen is a great competitor and we are lucky to have him. I just don’t know how anyone could
  8. Do you have more links to his evaluations besides the Allen draft? Because his Tayson Hill one screams clickbait. It’s so hard to tell though with these guys in absolutely loaded offenses. He had Jefferson and Chase with CHE in the backfield. I like Burrow but who won’t look in college in that situation?
  9. But that’s the whole point. Allen improved more than any other athlete I can remember. Of course if you weren’t a Bills fan, you won’t think the guy who averaged less than 200 yards passing a game and completed 58% of his passes would jump into the top 5 conversation. it is unbelievably impressive what Allen did this year. But no one but the biggest homer say this year coming. No one will be hating on him this year.
  10. For real. We have the best fans but they get so salty over the littlest things sometimes.
  11. Makes sense. Gets another year to see if maybe his arm has anything left. Still a ton of talent on that team. Definitely should draft a guy high to learn under Big Rape though.
  12. 1 - Simms is a genius who truly knows good qbs and should be employed by a nfl front office or 2 - he takes the unpopular opinion on purpose so if he is right, he looks way smarter than everyone else. I guess it depends on what they think about 2022 QB crop. I didn’t love Darnold but his situation on the Jets has been a joke. If they like next years qbs, they should trade down, load up on picks, and continue building their roster. They evaluate Darnold for another year snd he fails, draft a new guy who will step into a much better situation. It’s not a coincide
  13. Little Rico with another hot take. Clearly the guy who beat Alabama in a Natick ship championship; was up 24-7 against last year’s SB champions before his defense collapsed (and was the main reason they beat us); and is off to one of the best start in nfl history clearly isn’t good enough. Definitely the guy who peaked as a freshman in college is clearly going to be better. Clearly. and I don’t know how Lawrence will be as a pro. I just think your take on Watson is Awful. Enjoy your Friday! Don’t forget your booster seat if you go out!
  14. Using win lost records for a QBs is dumb. But since people like dumb things, Dan’s “record” is 42-27, which includes 2-3 this year (one game where he got hurt and didn’t finish the game) where he was on pace to set a nfl record for passing yards. Qb win- loss records are stupid without context.
  15. Andy Dalton was considered the best backup/ borderline starter when Dallas brought him in. The Cowboys fell off a climb offensively when Dak got hurt. If anything, Dak getting hurt should he is al it better than people give him credit for.
  16. Agreed. The fact the Pats traded Bledsoe to us said what they felt about Drew, who is sadly one of the best qbs we have ever had.
  17. Honestly, he should be in prison for life. But something about this story is completely crazy. Dude had everything and beautiful family and just starts raping old ladies? The lawyer had to use CTE as a defense right?
  18. That’s my nightmare. 😢 my mom is that same way about the Bills and I’m can’t imagine losing her. My heart breaks for you and your family. All the best and thanks for sharing because I don’t know if I could.
  19. So you don’t think the Cowboys with Dak and haven’t the number 2 defense like the Bills did a few years ago won’t be SB contenders? I think Dak has his flaws but he is around a top 10 qb and he definitely deserves a contract like that. Dude has had ridiculous numbers playing on a 4th round contract.
  20. Are really still doing win totals for qbs? Because it’s pretty dumb.
  21. I understand you point but they hired a church chaplain to run that team and just lied about letting him be involved in the process. should he just waste his prime hoping that team becomes less stupid? If this was the Bills and this same stuff happened to Allen, I would support him doing the same thing as Watson. Your careers are so short and these teams don’t have loyalty.
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