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  1. I bet the Ravens make adjustments and slow them down. KC still doesn’t have great offensive talent. It happened last game when they faded in the second half.
  2. You love trying not to give Mahomes credit haha. Kinda of impressive hating.
  3. You know Lamar and the ravens did this all year and against playoff teams too, right?
  4. I mean all these numbers would point to him being closer to a top 5 coach. And he’s dealt with a lot of changes in coaches and personnel.
  5. Some nfl are the biggest idiots on earth. She goes to her boyfriends games and they choose to show her because she is super famous and brings more people to their games. Can’t imagine getting worked up over Taylor Swift!
  6. Am I the only one who absolutely can stand the sight of Gronk? Hes not funny and super annoying. The only reason I don’t totally hate him is because he’s from Buffalo.
  7. That was a MVp play, yes! I love the hot takes here. It’s truly something!
  8. That was the first td Hamilton allowed all season. He’s an all pro. Just great throw and catch. It happens. but I would not respect KC’s WRs in the slightest.
  9. I mean it was 2 catches. He came out a lot last week. His burst isn’t the same either. He definitely is on the downside of his career but he is still a monster.
  10. I don’t do the gameday threads much but it is essentially Skip Bayless takes during the whole game??? 😂
  11. I guess if they knew how good the IP was going to be in the 7th round they won’t have draft CEH in the first 2 years earlier! also, they probably won’t have draft CEH over Tee Higgins (think about him on KC!). Hindsight is the best!
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