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  1. Good defenses make stops to give their offense a chance at the end of games. That is a sign of a good and effective defense. Your expectations are way too low here. I want a defense who can make the big stop. Apparently, that's just a bonus to you... That's exactly why Von was brought to Buffalo. It's to close out games and prevent offenses from closing you out. Did you happen to see Von on the critical play?
  2. The Eagles are going to annihilate the Bills.
  3. I think he's starting to lose the locker room.
  4. Chargers look pretty good. Interesting to see if a 14 point deficit is too much to overcome for the Jets crappy offense.
  5. You expect your D to make at stop at the end of the game to give your offense a chance to win it. They failed to get the stop. Furst play of that critical drive the Bills D was gashed on a basic 30 yard screen pass. Von whiffed on a critical third down play. They had an opportunity to stop the Bengals. I expected the Bills defense wouldn't stop the Bengals when they had to. Like I said the offense sucked and most of the blame can go in that direction. So we are in agreement there. However, the defense has to make a stop to get the ball back to the offense to try to win the game.
  6. Partly true but not totally. Conveniently, you only talked about the second half. Can we talk about the first half? How do you think they did? They gave up 21 points and the Bengals matched up and down the field in the beginning of the game. The significance of this wasn't small. Their offense set the tone for the game. So yes the offense sucked and sucked badly with the exception of the first drive. However, let's not try to portray that the Bills defense is good. They are not and when it counted they looked like Swiss cheese at the end of the game. Let's paint accurate pictures here.
  7. I'm mean how many times are you going to bash Davis? Like a broken record dude. We get your point. You don't have to say it over and over and over. Give it a break Scott.
  8. I'm not going to hold on to a false belief that this team is playoff worthy. They aren't. They are bad on both sides of the ball. Not sure how any fan can't see this. To think this team will go on a run is borderline crazy. There is no the lights are going to turn on here. The bulb is burned out. Believe what you see. This coaching staff is bad.
  9. To be honest, the Bills have problems on both sides of the ball. The defense at least has a legitimate excuse with injuries to their star players. Anyone who thinks this defense is solid or good is out of touch with reality. The offense on the other hand has zero excuses. Pretty much everyone is healthy except Knox. Their performance after the Miami game has been terrible. Another poster broke down the inefficiency. The offensive woes have to largely fall on coaching, play calling, schemes, and lack of talent. That's the short end of the story. In short, the team has gotten worse on both sides of the ball. The coaching is not good. It all equals mediocrity. Thus, 5-4 is an accurate picture of the team.
  10. Who is the defensive coordinator on the team? After the game, the media asked McD about why the offense quickly abandoned the quick pace offense. He responded "I don't know." Let that sink in.
  11. The answer isn't trading Allen. The answer is getting the coaches and players who can and will maximize his talents. The Bills don't have that in place. Wasted away in Buffalo not Margaritaville.
  12. Sadly, I agree that McD isn't going anywhere soon. I suspect we will be having a similar conversation next year when McD and the Bills fall woefully short again.
  13. It cuts both way here. Do you remember when the national media was overwhelmingly picking the Bills to win the Superbowl? I guess that was OK in your eyes. The slamming of the media here is humorous. I guess it's easy for some Bills fans to get into the victim role. The Bills simple don't deserve accolades or pity especially from the national media. They have earned the harsh criticisms.
  14. I agree but I don't think that solves everything. I think the next logical step is firing McD. He has almost lost the team in my opinion. Since 13 seconds he hasn't been the same. What he's selling is falling short. The "complimentary football" theme is falling on deaf ears. His ability to have his team ready, game preparation, and motivation has fallen short. That was his strength but it's no longer the case. As long as McD is in charge the team will likely fall short just like their leader. 13 seconds seems more like a normal than an anomaly. Tear it down, bring in new innovative offensive minded coaches. Get aggressive and assertive. Utilize Allen appropriately and get in some better weapons. You just can't make minor tweaks here. They just aren't working and will likely continue to fail. The Bills are getting worse not better. At this point, there is little to lose here making the appropriate changes.
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