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  1. Yes but not in years. The bar has changed names a few times. Back in the late 90s the bar had half Bills fans on one side and Bears fans on the other. It was a lot of fun. If we are talking about the same place, I recommend going to Konos for breakfast. Nothing fancy but good food at a reasonable price. The place is right next to the bar. Almost on the pier.
  2. Happy for you and your son. I live in San Diego which is only a few hour from SoFi. I would love to take my 17 yr old boy to the game. However, the prices are unaffordable for me. Parking, uber, food, gas, and tickets are CRAZY high. I figure it would cost well over a 1k probably closer to 2-3k to enjoy ourselves. Sad state of affairs when the NFL has priced out average people from going to the games. Yet, owners and players get richer and richer. Just a little bitter about the whole situation. Sorry for the rant. Enjoy yourselves.
  3. Obviously, not a popular post. Missing the playoffs would be horrible. If Allen is healthy then coach McDs seat will be hot. Personally, I think Coach McD did some of his worst coaching last year. He was unprepared in the opener vs the Steelers and made little to no halftime adjustments. Additionally, look at the Indy and games as well. The playoff loss is all on him!!! Now don't get me wrong, I do believe he's a very good coach. I don't think he has lost the locker room. This season will tell us a lot about if his time is nearing. Sometimes it's time to move on, get new blood in, etc...The major issue I see is no one out there whose available seems like a better option than Coach McD. Perhaps a Sean Payton or Brian Flores? In concluding, Coach MCD is solid and still has the respect of the players. He has built a culture of winning and the players still play hard for him. As for the xs and os, I think he was slightly weaker last year. I'm not going to give you hate for talking about moving on from coach McD. I think it's a legit question in next couple of years.
  4. Couldn't agree more. CMC is the ultimate game breaker. Can you imagine him in the Bills offense? I think he would virtually make the Bills offense unstoppable. What would you be saying if he got traded to the Bucs, KC, SD, Vegas, and other legit teams that can win a super bowl. I doubt you would be happy he went there. For me, it's not so much the injuries as it was the money. All I know is CMC in the Bills offense would have been awesome!
  5. Why Basham? It could have been 10 to 15 other players named. Don't reporters usually use and name sources to add credibility to their statements? It is odd to me that he tweets out the name Barham and no one else. Especially, when he's really not on anyone's radar nor have we heard this news anywhere. Almost seema like a " PR" move. Maybe I'm wrong...
  6. Who knows? Seems like a weird tweet and he backs it up with nothing. Add on this board here with so many knowledgeable fans haven't heard of such recent optimism elsewhere.
  7. I agree. You think Bills fans would be knowledgeable about his so called optimism. Seems like an odd tweet to me. Basically, you can literal plug any name in there and I suppose it could apply. Also, why didn't he site any sources? I question the credibility of the tweet.
  8. I'm not really high on Boogie. He can be a decent player but he's not elite or special in my mind. Hopefully, he can develop and help the defense. I never really liked this 2nd round pick.
  9. Jerry doesn't have a lot left in the tank. Great Bill but time to move on.
  10. That seems awful cheap. If that's the case, I think he would be a great signing for the Bills. Don't get me wrong, I like the Elam signing and I was banging the table for a 1st round CB selection. However, do we really know how effective he's going to be? Will he be more of an arrest or a liability in his first year? How will Tre look when he comes back? Will Dane play well with more playing time? Injuries always a concern as well. What I'm trying to say is Bradberry will solidify the Bills secondary. I'd be shocked if he signs for such a cheap price. I think he gets at least 10 mil a year which seems too much for the Bills to pay. I think the Miller addition indicates they are clearly pushing for a super bowl run. Add in aging Saffold for further evidence too.
  11. I think the Miller addition indicates they are clearly pushing for a super bowl run. If not, they would have just been content with the young guys to develop. The term "all in" is pretty relative.
  12. I think the hype for CEH in KC seems pretty similar to the hype Cook is getting from Bills fans now. CEH was supposed to be their dynamic RB catching the ball. Giving KC another offensive weapon for defenses to worry about. Sound familiar? The two in of itself don't really equate for various reasons. Point being, I'd just like to tone down the rhetoric that Cook is going to make this offense so dangerous. Folks it's Allen's offense with a sold Oline that will make the difference. Cook as a rookie will likely have a tiny effect on the overall offense.
  13. I do like the pick. He seems to be a nice addition to the offense. However, let's see the kid play in the NFL. Let's see how is going to be used, how much playing time he gets, and how effective or ineffective he will be. Remember the hype in KC when they picked CEH. So far, he hasn't lived up to expectations. After all, he was a RB by committee in GA and not even remotely close to a 1st round prospect. Let's wait and see...
  14. Hoping for a dream. He gets released and there's little league interest for him at that salary. Then he takes a "Bills discount" to get his ring. I'm a dreamer...
  15. I'll take one first. Is Sean Payton lurking...
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