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  1. Disagree. For the most part Allen was very good. He was under pressure way too much. He was the clear leader of the team. He made big plays and only had one int. I'll take this version of Allen every week. This loss was mostly on the D and O line.
  2. I would have preferred a run pass roll out option. Have a tight end in the end zone. Leave it in Josh's hands to either run or pass it. Of course if that didn't work Every one would becsayingvwe should have run a QB sneak.
  3. I think its too early to raise the alarm bells. Getting to the dance is half the battle. It's way to early to project how this team will be playing going into playoffs. Look at Pitt for example last year.
  4. The whole play just looked weird. Watching it live I was like WTF. I was stunned. It looked like Allen just fell or stumbled into the line. Its always easy to play arm chair QB after the fact.
  5. I think the expectations going into this game were a little too high. The Bills just came off a huge emotional victory, the media attention was crowning the Bills AFC super Bowl representatives, Monday Night football game on the road, Titans are physical team which Bills tens to struggle with, and the Bills schedule to date has been pretty soft to say the least.
  6. Disagree with this take. The AFC is pretty wide open and the Bills are right there to represent the AFC. Every team has strengths and weakness. Also, injuries always play a key role. It's really too early in the season to start crowning or uncrowning a champion. Right now, the Bills are 4-2 and in command of the AFC east. That doesn't suck.
  7. Really? I'm not sure the Bills coaches were bad tonight.
  8. I agree. Like.others said this loss can serve as a postive later down the road.
  9. I like the call to go for it. You play to win on the road. The play call was very questionable. I would have prefer a Allen roll out with acrun pass option.
  10. This also can be a healthy loss if there is such a thing. Right now it feels Crappy though.
  11. I didn't think he played poorly. Thats coming from a harsh critic too. I think it was more of a complete team loss.
  12. Initial impression is Titans are beating the Bills on both sides of the line. Oline not protecting Josh and D line has no pass rush. Henry gadhibg them too.
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