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  1. That's fair. I do think the offensive game plan was solid. I'm not in agreement with the criticism I've heard with regards to Brady. Overall, the game plan was solid. The oline was great in the first half pushing around their Dline. Adjustments were made by Spags. He added another guy on the box and did some run blitzing. It definitely hurt the Bills run game. The Bills offense didn't punish the Chiefs enough for committing to stop the run. The Bills receivers couldn't separate enough on their talented secondary. Brady took some deep shots and the Bills WRs missed very catchable balls. Probably, the difference in the game. Didn't finish out the final drive. I hated the first down run. I thought they should have rolled out Allen and used him as a duel threat. Either run it or pass it. I think Josh would have been unstoppable. Wondering if the Bills thought they were in 4 down territory? Because the playing calling didn't seem to bare that out. I would have tried to at least get to a 4th and 2 or 3. Didn't seem like they were in 4 down mode. Maybe I'm wrong. Ideally, another first down was needed. Take the clock down to less than 13 seconds (just kidding). Burn it as much as possible and get that TD. A first down would have done that I believe. I know easier said then done. The offensive game plan was fine. The combo of the Bills lack of WRs talent and the elite secondary of the Chiefs proved detrimental. On defense, I'm not sure what McD was doing? They had a difficult time stopping the Chiefs. They didn't punt for an awful long time. To their credit they made a huge stop to get the Bills the ball. All in all, the Bills coaching wasn't bad at all. However, it just felt like the Bills players and coaching were a dollar short sort of speak. Like it was unlikely the Bills could pull it out. Perhaps, it's me and my mindset. Just feels like this regime always falls short. Really sucks. I think about the Kelly days in the 90s. I know different team, different era, and different players. But I remember when Kelly had that ball for the final drive it was money. Same with Brady, Burrow, and Mahomes. With Allen, I'm less confident. More hopeful than I should be. I ask myself why? It's not because of the lack of talent from Allen. It's because of the lack of talent around him with includes coaching. The belief isn't there for me. I think that's where McD falls woefully short. I'm not so sure he believes. His presser sure gives indications of doubt. He has fallen far too short too many times come playoff time. Absolutely, why I'm advocating change. Others, like yourself haven't seen enough I suppose.
  2. Oh it will put you on lots of Bills fans poop list. I've been advocating cutting ties with McD long before many have. It's just recently people are seeing what I already saw. Not that I'm smarter than anyone. Sometimes the blind squirrel finds the nut. OMG that is very witty. Thanks for the laugh.
  3. How can you say that after 13 seconds? The Cinci thrashing where the team wasn't prepared, terrible game plan, and out coached? There are probably at least 10 significant reasons why would could reasonable conclude McD isn't the guy. I'm talking about post season and an eventually SB. Besides optimism I don't know what McD supporters could point to for evidence to support their thinking? I'm having trouble understanding your perspective. Does it take more than 4 to rush the passer? Mahomes didn't even get a scratch on him.
  4. That's a fair point of view. I disagree with it but it's fair. There is ample evidence to think McD can't get us there. Of course, no one can predict what will happen. But one just can't ignore the facts. Also, I'm not afraid of a coaching change. I think it's flawed to think another coach wouldn't be as successful.
  5. Augie, I think you can lead this Bills team to a playoff birth. Just ride Josh Allen and you will do just as well or better than McD. See the point? A little bit of coaching competence is all it takes. Wlima Flintstone or a pet rock might even get the job done.
  6. It's a party of two. DaBillsfan literally offers nothing to the forum. Foolish emojis perhaps.
  7. Staying away because they have a losing argument. You finally conceded. Wise choice
  8. Give it up Augie. You are flopping around like a fish out of water.
  9. Definitely a time for celebration. Kind of like the Lakers winning the in season tournament championship. Why aren't the fans happy?
  10. I don't like when my team loses three straight divisional playoff games which the best QB in the planet. What's going to change that trend?
  11. Instant gratification? We Bills fans have been more than patient under McD. ESPN right now is talking about how they can't believe Poyer and Hyde don't have rings. The Bills team has lost 3 straight divisional playoff round games. McD is 5-6 in the playoffs and dismal past the wild card round. All this with Josh Allen. Come on man All the regular season wins and AFC East titles are secondary to playoff success. Sure it's a nice consolation prize if you will. Sure it makes regular season football fun to watch. Definitely a plus! If that's your goal then under McD Bills football is more enjoyable and successful. If your goal is to see a super bowl and win one then that's a whole different story. I don't think it's unreasonable to question whether McD can led his team to this path. The evidence is getting stronger and stronger that he can't. Just look at his playoff history. The Bengals and Burrow own the Bills The Chiefs and Mahomes own the Bills. McD and Beane have had no answers to beat either team come playoff time. News flash! Those teams aren't going anywhere.
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