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  1. The Bills will be able to pass in the rain so long as the rain isn't a total down pour. I'm more concerned with wind then rain. If it stays at like 10 to 15 MPH the Bills win be fine. A slight hit to the pass game but nothing substantial.
  2. Not bad at all for the Bills offense. Thanks.
  3. Yep! Since the inception of concussion protocols show me a similar occurrence to the Tua situation. I can't think of one. Player clearly hit his head and suffers undeniable gross motor skills. Less than 30 minutes later he's playing with a "back injury." WTF!
  4. Any updates on the weather. Last I heard was rain and winds up to 20 MPH. Might effect the passing game?
  5. Disagree. I don't think that there was no evidence of a concussion existed. I think a jury would see the game film followed by expert prosecution testimony. The defense would be left with bull#### testimony from the defense witness. The jury would sniff out in a jiffy the weak defense testimony. The judge would give jury instructions and discuss beyond a reasonable doubt standard. Within hours the jury would vote in favor of the prosecution.
  6. Let me ask you this. From the inception of the concussion protocols when have you ever seen a player return to play within 30 minutes of suffering a head injury and resulting loss motor skills? I can't think of any for any sport. This has to be a first. Also, we are being told it was a back injury. Did Tua reach for his back? Was he xrayed? People deserve to get sued and fired for sure for incompetence and or corruption.
  7. That's fair. I'm no doctor but what I saw on TV sure looks to be a clear concussion. Not sure how anyone can advocate Tua wasn't concussed. Here is the definition of a concussion: "temporary unconsciousness or confusion caused by a blow on the head." Our eyes are not lying here! Believe what you saw! In A court of law this would be considered "beyond a reasonable doubt." I'll ask this. Since the inception of concussion protocols in the NFL (all sports) when have you ever seen a player return to play 30 minutes after receiving a head blow and stumbling/ shaking their head? NEVER!!! What's a lie is that Tua suffered a back injury and that caused his loss of motor skills. I don't know how anyone in these right mind can believe this. Investigations can only show 3 things. (1) incompetentence (2) Nefarious behavior (3) a cover up.
  8. Agree 100%. 👍 I get that. However, in this Tua situation there can only be two realistic decisions. Either the medical staff was corrupt or incompetent. It's really that simple in my mind. Maybe I'm off in my thinking?
  9. I can't see how Tua could have been cleared to play. Like you stated concussion protocols and changes have been made. It's no longer a "wink wink" thing. With that said, I've never seen a player who suffered that kind of head trauma and with clear motor skills loss afterwards take the field in a matter of 30 minutes. Not in this modern day. The changes have prevented such occurrences until this incident. Add in we were told it's a back injury. Lol. What an insult to our intelligence. This whole thing stinks to the high heaven. Whether it's corrupt and or negligence some heads should roll. This just can't happen.
  10. I appreciate your knowledge and info. According to what you are saying it seems reasonable to conclude the neurologist errored in judgement. Tua should have never been allowed to play. Or am I assuming things incorrectly?
  11. I get what you are saying. It does appear that Tua is part of the problem here. He is a danger to himself and he clearly wants to play. However, it may not be in his best interest. That's where family and close friends have to intervene. Convince him that his health is the number one priority. To seek medical advice. It's not a sign of weakness. Further neurologist's evaluations would be very wise. It is quite possible.
  12. If I were Tua, I'd be looking for several neurologists opinions and evaluations. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th independent evaluations. Decide if he should continue to play football. His health should come first. His family and friends have to encourage him to reevaluate his football career. Secondly, I would be consulting a lawyer to see if I have a legitimate law suit against the league, the Dolphins, and various doctors.
  13. He was throwing to Ruggs, Waddle, and Juedy. Now it's Hill and Waddle. Need I say more.
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