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  1. The RT position is a little dicey. Feels kind of like I'm on the edge of my seat and hoping for the best. Imho, one of the biggest obstacles to the SB has been the Oline weaknesses.
  2. I agree with several of Colin's points. The glaring omission was the Bills make plenty of off season moves on the Oline. He's right about how the Bills Oline has been a weakness for years. Still, he should have addressed the fact that the Bills have tried to solidify the Oline. As a result, I find Colin being disingenuous. He knows or should know about the apparent upgrades on the Oline. Also, I'm not so sure he didn't cherry pick his stats with regards to offensive vs defensive minded coaches.
  3. Thanks Doc. I can feel your love. Xoxoxo Very fair post. I don't disagree with a lot of what you said.
  4. Pretty blunt take from Colin. Wondering how others feel about what he says.
  5. Pessimism is a needed element on this forum. One can with validity make the opposite claim. A balance of the two would be optimal in my eyes. Imho, there are plenty of reasons to feel optimistic or pessimistic.
  6. Marty Schottomheimer says hi. I think you are correct. For me it's a "NO!" Agree to disagree.
  7. That's more than fair. It's not all on Beane. The coaches and the players certainly have to better as well. I think it's safe to say the Bills coaching staff has been out coached in many playoff games. Fraizer's defense couldn't get it done! Really nothing more to say there. Dorsey was learning on the job. McD and 13 seconds. No need to elaborate. No need to call out players. Just saying they need to improve and execute at a higher level. In concluding, the Bills are a very good team. A team that is more than capable of representing the AFC. A team that can hoist a Lombardi. Fact remains they haven't and that's what frustrates me as a fan. It's one thing getting beat by a better team. I can totally tip my hand to the opponent. It's another getting beat because your coaches were out coached, out schemed, players didn't execute, etc. I have a difficult time believing KC was a better team 2 years ago. I have a hard time thinking Cinci was better than us last year. Maybe I'm wrong...
  8. I just asked a question. I think Beane is a very good GM. He deserves lots of credit. Hands down. Has he been flawless? No Has he made mistakes? Yes Have those mistake cost the Bills a chance to go further in the playoffs? Maybe Can Beane make the right moves to get over the hump? Maybe Are you ok with getting to the playoffs only to fizzle out? I'm not! Do you think it's time for the Bills to take the next logical step? AFC championship game, SB appearence, SB win? Yes yes and yes. Two consecutive years of wasted opportunity. At what point do you look to make organizational and coaching changes if the Bills falter? How many years? For now, Beane deserves more time. Clearly, the goal is a SB. They haven't reached their goal. Part of that has to fall on Beane. He had 5 years of Allen and his rookie contract to get it done. Wasn't that the optimal time? He even mentioned this with the Bengals. In short, Beane is very good but he's fallen short thus far. Could he get it done soon. Yes and yes. His moves this off season indicate he's moving forward to win and win big. I like his aggressive moves. However, he put himself in a difficult position for the upcoming years. At some point, I want more than what Beane had produced. Don't you?
  9. Effort is commendable. It's a results orientated league. Has Beane done enough? Are you happy with the results?
  10. Very insightful. I happen to agree. With that said, are you implying that Beane has missed opportunities to make the team SB ready? Is the window closing?
  11. I can't be upset at a GM who is trying to win a Super Bowl.
  12. Was Floyd considered to be the past from the available group?
  13. The ecstasy of winning the SB trumps everything. I will take years of poor seasons for that one SB win. It's not even close. My complaining about the poor seasons ahead means nothing. Of course we will complain and that includes you. This franchise has never won a SB. The fan base has been salivating for that Lombardi. People have waited a lifetime and decades to experience it. That includes me. Don't sell short what a SB win would do for Buffalo and it's fans.
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