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  1. I just don't think Fraizer or Dorsey are going to have a much different scheme. Edmunds isn't a game changer. He very rarely makes big plays. Never gets a turnover. He's solid and the Bills defense suffers when he's out. However, I think the Bills can find a solid replacement for way less. He doesn't deserve top dollar money.
  2. Im sure Frank Reich would have been interested. Buffalo ties and well respected in the football community. I don't really follow the available coaches. I'm confident in saying that there would be great interest in coaching Bflo. Pretty sure they could land a high quality coaching staff. Hard to say if it would be an upgrade...
  3. I agree. To run it back after how the Bills exited the season seems disappointing to me. Fraizer absolutely should be released. Dorsey I can see letting him grow. Personally, I'd like to see an aggressive established OC rather than Dorsey. Hopefully, he learns and can be that guy. Last year the Bills offense was just to predictable. Despite that the numbers were good. I give most of that credit to Allen not Dorsey. Coach McD is very good but has he run its course? I myself have mixed emotions about him. His character and stand up guy clouds my judgement of him as a coach. I think the last couple of years he's declined in the xs and os.
  4. What is going to bring to the table that's different? How can you trust his defense in the playoffs? I mean if now isn't the time for change then no time is. His defense isn't built to stop or contain good offenses. It's a nice regular season defense vs lesser offenses. I'm not Ok with that because it most likely leads to more playoff losses. Very nice post!
  5. I don't like this mindset. The Bills shouldn't be thinking defense. Fraizer and McD have shown that their defensive scheme doesn't work in the playoffs. Neglect the defense and go all in on the offense! Load up on the OL and WRs. Give Allen the best chance to outscore teams. That's the only viable way the Bills win.
  6. The Bills averaged 5.3 yards per rush attempt. Stats don't tell the whole picture but still that's very good. Likely it's inflated due to teams concentrating on stopping the pass. Barkley would be a dynamic dual threat. A game changer for the Bills offense. Think CMC for SF. However, the Bills can't afford him, injury prone, and I highly doubt Dorsey will utilize him appropriately. So the point is pretty mute.
  7. Guy had one good year in 5 years. That year happened to be a contract year. Real question is will he continue to play well and get even better or will he revert back to his previous 4 years of play because he got paid? Tough call.
  8. Oh I agree but I can see him taking it to another level if the team is losing amd he isn't getting the ball. Hopefully, that won't happen.
  9. I heard he turned it down to go to Buffalo.
  10. Thanks for confirming my thought process is somewhat realistic.
  11. At some point the head coach has to be held accountable too.
  12. Awesome post Alpha! One of the best I've ever read on here.
  13. It's time to go all in on the offense. Build that oline and get some dynamic WRs. Let the defense fall where it falls. Spend little to no money on it. Fraizer's system is a proven loser in the playoffs. Hope the current players stay healthy and step up. Let coach McD work his defensive brain. In essence, give Allen weapons and protection. Let the offense roll. Win games in shootouts. No more relying on the defense to win games.
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