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  1. The Chiefs offense was at another level vs the Bucs. They just shredded an excellent defense. They were able to gash them on the run which is really hard to do against the Bucs. Mahomes was fantastic moving, improvising, and spread the ball around. Reid with his goal line plays were unique and successful. I thought the Cheifs were going to take a step back without Hill. It's only one game, but last night I was in awe of their offense. Hopefully, the Bill's can beat the Chiefs.
  2. Davis is playing hurt. A healthy Davis is a very formidable 1-2 punch.
  3. Come on now. Both are very good coaches. Their track records validate this. This game won't come down to coaching. The Bills are the superior team. A slight coaches edge to Tolim if he has any won't produce a win for the Steelers.
  4. I don't think anyone had interception based into the equation. The old rule of math says at home you kick the FG and hope your defense makes a stop.
  5. I could clearly see the Ravens letting Singletary score. However, I was upset he went down at the 3 or so because that didn't give the Bills a first down. If they stopped the Bills in the proceeding play(s)they still would have had some time on the clock to get a FG. When Allen got the 1st down then the Bills could and did run out the clock. Am I right in my assessment?
  6. Milano and Edmunds were instrumental in stopping the Ravens. I thought Shaq was an impact player. Von had a sack but he was a little off in his rushing. Saw him very wide a few times. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, on the fourth play I believe it was Shaw and Rosseua pressuring Lamar. My brother said Von wasn't even on the field for that play. Anyone have a guess why not? Maybe because of the run threat?
  7. For sure the refs made some poor non calls. I felt there were several holds on the Ravens they missed. However, I'd prefer to move on as I beat a dead horse to a pulp. Not a good look. On to the Steelers who the Bills should smash. Oh how I would love to see a blowout, Cook development, Shakir catches, and several sacks, etc...
  8. To be honest I an not familiar with a lot of the posters on here. I often scroll through the posts pretty quickly unless one grabs my attention. I'm really not aware of Einstein's behavior whether good bad or indifferent. I have a hard enough time taking care of myself and my posts. I'm really not here to defend or offend anyone. I just like good knowledgeable football talk.
  9. To be honest I don't know because I don't follow posters.
  10. I know I get that. I get over passionate about football and the Bills. I'm trying to improve my behavior. Also, sometimes I try to force my opinion on others. Another flaw of mine. I took the advice of posters who rightfully pointed out my inapporiate insistent responses. It too me far too long to shut up. I thank people for doing so. I don't take things personally here.
  11. I hear you. I mean people have differing views. Not sure why anyone has an agenda here. That seems bizarre to me.
  12. No it's not. I know many who feel otherwise. Your insight here is off here. It allows you and others to go on the attack. Who makes the distinction you are saying? Where is the line drawn? How can you prove what you are claiming? Hi back and look at my posts and see the attacks I received. Many were way out there saying I'm a fan of another time, attacking me personally, etc...Totally false! I do accept the professional criticism frim many on here. I clearly went way overboard and beat a dead horse. I keep my mouth shut and took their advice.
  13. He is 100% correct. Most constructive criticism of the Bills aren't welcome here. Be prepared for a backlash. Labeled as a hater, a fan of another team, a troll, and getting banned for the smallest of technicalities. I think most here aren't looking for sympathy or playing the victim. Rather some feel they can't or shouldn't express negativity due to the consequences.
  14. I think it's a close call on whether to kick the FG or go for it. Both sides have merit. As you said, the Ravens didn't do much offensively in the 2nd half. However, the drive in question started at the Ravens 5 yard line. They were methodically marching down the field. Additionally, their defense wasn't playing great and the Bills offense with Allen looked confident. For me, I could feel the "Allen swagger" sort of speak. One thing that was concerning was the pressure and duress Allen was under. I had mixed feelings when they were going for it. I was leaning towards wanting the Ravens to kick the FG. I felt as though the Bills had a great chance to tie the game and a 50 50 chance to score a TD. However, if they missed on 4th down, I felt like the Bills chances to win would sky rocket even starting inside their own 5 yard line. I think Allen would have been unstoppable. Poyer got the pick and the Bills started at the 20. I was elated and the rest is history. What a great finish!
  15. Pacheco sure looks fast and dynamic in that offense. The Chiefs offense looked scary good against the vaunted Bucs defense. They were very balanced, great play calling, and Mahomes was well Mahomes. The Bills defense will be tested. The Chiefs defense looked very beatable.
  16. Agree. I know the point is moot but I wonder how damn good would this defense be completely healthy. With Hyde, Tre, Oliver, Phillips, etc...all on the field together. Gives me chills just thinking about it.
  17. I see the Bills as more balanced than last year. The defense is much better up front. O think the secondary gets better as the season progresses and gets healthier. Dang just with Hyde was back there. On offense, we see the lack of run game and oline protection rearing its ugly head again. Seems a lot like last year. So much is on Allen's shoulders again. Also, I feel like the Bills pass receivers aren't as dynamic as last year. Davis hurt and hobbled has been a non factor. The Bills need him to get healthy. Ditto for Knox too. I don't see a WR on the team that can stretch the defense aka the home run threat. The only serviceable running back is Singletary. The Bills always have a great chance to win with Allen under center. Long season to get things figured out and get healthy. The Bills are 3-1 and I think most Bills fans are happy with that. The Bills are clearly one of the teams to beat.
  18. I was wondering with the Bills offense didn't take many shots down field. Seemed like most of the passes were short to intetmediate ones.
  19. I appreciate this well thought out and detailed post. I am no longer commenting on the subject matter. I've been taking to the woodshed and back. So in everyone's best interest I'm shutting up. Just wanted to thank you for you post. It was really well thought out and professional.
  20. Exactly. Bills fans are cheering for Brady. Yuck sounds weird.
  21. It's about the only thing he's done wrong tonight. He looks very good tonight. I wasn't expecting The KC offense to dominate the Bucs D. They even gashed them on the run. KC looks dangerous on offense. Defense doesn't look nearly as good. Long season but I don't wanna play a playoff game in KC again.
  22. I had the Ravens and 3.5 points. The hook was the key for me. Got lucky but it was the best of both worlds. Bills win and I win. Fast forward to the Steelers. 14 points is a boatload of points in an NFL game. Back door cover is in play. My initial thought is to stay away from the game. However, I can easily see the Bills blasting the Steelers too.
  23. Coach McD has a proven track record with cornerbacks and safeties. So it's no surprise if Elam and Benford excell. Not convinced when it comes to the running back position.
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