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  1. Apologies if this was already posted. Very good all 22 on Guard Wyatt Teller playing along the line in the bears game. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2018/11/7/18070460/all-22-analysis-guard-wyatt-teller-buffalo-bills-rookie-seeing-playing-field
  2. steven50

    What Do You Want To See the Rest of the Year?

    The defense has looked good so I will focus my comments on the offense: I want to see Josh Allen, Jason Croom , Zay Jones, and Marcus Murphy continue to play and improve. I want them to get the bulk of the reps at their positions. lets see if they are the future. I want to see if Terrell Pryor has a future with the Bills beyond this disaster of a season. I want our young backups and rookies, particularly on the Offensive line to start and improve. I want to see the FO and the coaching staff treat the rest of the season like it is preseason. Get the young guys out there and see what they got. If they can do that then at least something good will come of this season. Unlike a lot of posters I am not enraged about what is going on. I expected suckage (albeit not this much suckage) but I will not tolerate another season of "we are young blah blah" get the kids on the field now so we don't have to suffer through it next year. This season is shot anyway. Free agency can plug the O-line and should land us good/decent receiver. Coupled with a decent draft there should be no more of the "growing" rebuilding" etc excuses
  3. steven50

    patriots demise is greatly Exaggerated

    I only watched the 2nd half but Brady looked slow and his deep ball seems to be gone. I don't know how much Edelman will have an impact. The guy is 32 and returning from an ACL injury.
  4. I am lucky to have you keep me focused on grammar on a sports message board.
  5. I never thought we should have gotten rid of of Fitz or Hogan, and I still dont. I think we would have ended the drought sooner if we would have kept Fitz but I wasn't crazy enough to think we would have won a Superbowl with him. Hogan while not spectacular was reliable. I admit to being guilty on Woods and Goodwin though. It seemed like one or the other was out every game the last year they where here.
  6. Newspaper "columnist" are a thing of the past. 10 years from now your going to be able to count on one hand how many people get paid big coin for an opinion in ANY local newspaper. Pittsburgh doesn't even have a daily news anymore. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/403746-pittsburgh-becomes-largest-us-city-without-a-daily-print-newspaper More cities to follow. It was inevitable that these guys where going to loose their jobs it was just a matter of when. Any reasonable intelligent articulate writer on this board can start a blog, drop 5 bucks a day on a google or facebook add and by the end of the year they will have amassed at least a thousand regular readers. The old guard that got big contracts and big pay are mostly going to get squeezed out by the end of the decade. The internet has made "columnist" a dime a dozen and with so many people doing it through blogs, e zines, and websites, your opinion would have to be really super special to make it worth while for anyone to pay you big bucks for it. The BN decided to get rid of the people they where paying the big bucks. I would bet good money the people they have now that replaced the old guard aren't making half as much and at the end of the day it doesn't matter to the average reader.
  7. steven50

    This one is on the coaches.

    The lack of discipline was appalling. Having Petermen come out slinging the ball in the driving rain was a head scratching decision. The best player on our team touched the ball only 7 times all game. You don't have running back by committee when you have LeSean McCoy on your team! The Players didn't seem focused at all and some of that I attribute to the constant switching around of personnel. They need time to work together, pick a line up and stick with it for more then 2 days. Deciding who is going to start on game day and splitting reps all week leads to confusion and half trained starters. The front office cooked up this disaster by getting people like Chris Ivory and ignoring the wide receiver corps except for picking up someone they could get with a pack of bubble gum. Does anyone have the number of drops today? I haven't seen that many drops in little league games. Like many fans I think this game spent just a ton of the good will I had for this administration. I trusted the process and believed the coaches and front office knew things I didn't but holy cow that was epic. 2nd biggest loss in franchise history and it could have gotten worse if Baltimore would have kept the starters in. I honestly didn't expect them to win but I also didn't expect them to look like Buff State playing the defending Super Bowl Champions.
  8. Count me in the not so much an NFL fan anymore. I never miss a Bills game but the days of me running to the TV to watch any NFL team play are over. The game barely resembles the one I watched growing up, the pregame show is full of politics and the players seem to swap teams year to year, ESPN and even our local radio are all either 30% about politics, players acting out in their personal life or people trying to outshout each other. I am still a diehard Bills fan but unless the other teams playing have some kind of implication on our playoff spot or something I am not going out of my way to watch.
  9. steven50

    Kelly or Brady

    100% agree. Comparing quarterbacks now to quarterbacks in the past is impossible. The rule changes have been very slanted towards the offense and blowing on a QB hard now will get you a flag.