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  1. If they cancel the season a lot of older guys that were planning their last Hurrah this year wont get it. Sitting for a year would probably end a lot of careers
  2. Two security guards have been shot to death trying to enforce the mask rule ( Not in WNY) and several business that opened had to close down because employees were being threatened, cursed at, etc. There was a state that had a mandatory mask rule and I saw that Governors press conference when he rescinded it. Apparently some teenage girl at an ice cream stand or something was assaulted and one of the security guards that was shot was in his state as well. He said people should wear the mask but he wasn't going to put people in harms way over it. I am not defending it just saying that is why.
  3. Retail isn't the only thing hurting. I live off my military pension and my dividends from investing. I keep a very close eye on the market. Plenty of industries are hurting now. Tens of thousands of oil workers are on the street right now and with capacity at nearly 100 percent those people wont be working any time soon. That is from the guy working the rig to the people on the ships to the people that maintain the pipelines and the guys that drive the trucks. Its basically the 1970's steel crises all over again in that industry. Any cruise line not named Carnival could be filling tomorrow, and truth be told Carnival is only surviving due to scale. Auto industry sales are down 38%. Plants are closed or operating at diminished capacity. People without jobs dont go on cruises and they dont buy new cars. Tourism, Sports, Entertainment, Retail, Marketplaces, Restaurants and Fintech are Most Affected by COVID-19 Lockdown https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/5-industries-most-affected-by-covid-19-lockdown-2020-04-21 People are not taking this seriously and its easy to see why. All of whats going on in these industries should be in the news everyday but pimping fear is easier. Joe average doesn't even know its going on. Anxiety is a very real problem and we will be dealing with the after effects of this for years to come. I do not know of anyone that that has died from covid-19. My son had it and a friend had it. My 30 yr old son didn't even know he had it and my friend was sick for about three days. On the other hand I have a friend whose 20 yr old son has turned into a recluse basically refusing to leave the house except for food. I Know of another guy that was a drug addict, clean and sober for over 12 years that is using again because he has been sitting in house for the last 4 months doing nothing but collect that extra $600 a week. That is not to mention all the people with preexisting health conditions that haven't been able to see a doctor, many of whom have probably been self medicating, or the tens of thousands that will find out they have an incurable cancer or other disease that could have been cured if they could have got that test done back in March or April that they were scheduled for. Heart disease Kills about 650,000 every year and Cancer kills around 600,000 BTW. This is on top of the work from home push that will probably shutter some office buildings and tech complexes across the country. A lot of people are about to have no job to go back to. You can revisit this comment in a couple weeks after that money runs out. I predict sky rocketing crime, double digit unemployment, and higher taxes. and its already starting to happen IMO. Even CNN admits that https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/06/26/violent-crime-rising-gingras-nr-vpx.cnn . I hope you get to tell me I was wrong but I dont think so. This is just like the steel plant closings of the 70's only on a national scale.
  4. I dont know why so many people just assume that there will be a cure or a vaccine that will actually work. We have been trying to cure cancer for over 100 years. The first aids/hiv case was reported in June of 1981 and we have no cure. Diabetes, Crohn's disease, Graves disease, Huntington's and a zillion other things that we have been working on have no cure. Even if they do come out with a vaccine how long will it take to make and distribute it to a population over 320 million? Restaurants, stores etc cant keep operating at 1/2 capacity. That is a reality. The airlines are already saying that middle seat stuff is out the window. They just cant operate like that. Everyday it seems like a major employer is going out of business or filing for bankruptcy. Neiman Marcus, J. Crew, Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom etc etc etc. Yesterday it was Chuck E Cheese. You cant turn the economy on and off at will and the fed cant keep printing up fake money or we are going to start to see some good old 1970's style inflation and even more business gone. Our governor has just decreed malls cant open until they have some type of super HEPA filters to clean out the air. Think about that. Can you even imagine what that would cost for just the Walden Galleria? The same malls that haven't been collecting rent for the last 4 months are now supposed to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) on air filtration systems? This "new normal" we are getting from the state of NY is unsustainable. A lot of people dont have a job to go back to and once that extra $600 from the feds runs out in 4 weeks its going to get hanky real fast around here. I know I go against the grain here but to me at least the bottom line is if I cant hug my kids and grand-kids I am not "living " anyway. I have no intention of spending the last years of my life waving at family and loved ones from the curb. Hiding in my home with curtains drawn and only scurrying out to get supplies is not my idea of life.
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