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  1. Hold on there sparky, I am "older". When I was a kid they played at the rock pile. I have no special attachment to the Orchard Park stadium. Downtown and covered (Roof, dome I dont care). For everyone that says they would go to less indoor games because that isn't real football I can point to 5 other people who dont go now because of the weather. I used to love being at the games in the 20 degree temperatures...... After passing the big five zero not so much.
  2. Shady wasn't a known team cancer, and he wasn't 31 when we made the trade. Down the road for this guy is 34 or 35 yrs old.
  3. Charlie Sheen said he he wasn't paying for the sex, he was paying for them to go away after the sex. 😁 Makes sense if you think about it.,
  4. I remember the year of the " Ickey shuffle" I was going to say Karlos williams but I think Ickey tops him, that guy was a beast for one year.
  5. I go to a couple of games a year but never had season tickets myself. How much are the heated seats?
  6. I am pretty sure he is talking about the culture. I have coached down south and up here and he is right. The turn out for highshool and LL football down south is phenomenal. Locally I think we have some show on Saturday that covers high-school ball. Down there they are talking about it all week during prime time. Its just a different animal
  7. The Saints game was terrible but the refs screwed over the chiefs against the Pats as well. The ridiculous roughing the passer penalty that gave the Pats a 1st down they scored on was the worst. ...and really wtf is up with Brady hugging the referee before the Chargers game? I have been watching football since my old man used to make me hold up the bunny ears on the TV in 1969. Every year it gets harder and harder to watch. An exciting play happens and you have to wait before you can celebrate because your looking at the TV waiting for the little flag thing to show up. You need a lawyer and 10 different camera angles before you can call a play a play. I used to watch football, any football no matter who was playing. I doubt I will even watch the Superbowl this year and if I do it will just be for the commercials. I honestly don't think I can even call myself a football fan anymore. Just a Bills fan. All this over refereeing and replay has just killed the game for me.
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