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  1. Could someone post or provide a link to cost per section, which seats are heated, what club seats look like etc? I went to the Bills site but couldn't find specific info. Never bought season tickets before but I am considering it.
  2. Belichick is in a unusual dynamic with the patriots. Not many coaches get total control over the organization like he does so it stands to reason most from his coaching tree would not do as well in the real coaching world. I doubt even McDermott has the kind of "last word" power that Belicheck has had in New England. It has to be shocking when they branch out to other teams and are not getting final say in every little thing that happens. I am sure on some level they know that is how its going to be but after being in a system where the head coach has total control its got to be ha
  3. That's 3 doinks off the uprights in the last two games. I dont think I have every seen 3 doinks off the uprights in any one entire season much less 3 doinks in two games. Has anyone every seen 3 fld goals hit the uprights and bounce off in two back to back games?
  4. could you imagine Thurman Thomas in this offense? Holy cow that would be as close to perfect as I have ever seen.
  5. I had my sound off and walked into the room when what looked some altercation or something was going on between two of our coaches. What was that all about?
  6. How did the replacement LT play today for the colts?
  7. As a Buffalo Bill he was 1 Target FOR 1 Catch FOR 1 TD. That is 100 % TD to catch ratio Put him on the wall and retire his number. 😁
  8. Is there a record for TD's called back? I think we are on 4 or 5 on the night 😆
  9. I am by no means a picky eater but I couldn't imagine someone else picking what I eat three or four times a week.
  10. Sure thing, and Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were both picked before Josh Allen by those same NFL teams your talking about. You know who else was super popular and a "defensive genius" ? Rex Ryan. You know who else has the same winning percentage as BB has without Tom Brady (.480) ? Rex Ryan. It isn't about hype, it isn't about popularity, it isn't even about reputation, sports is about wins and losses and (yet again) BB has more losses than wins without Brady. He is a sub .500 coach without Brady. He no longer has Brady. He will continue to be a sub .500
  11. ......until he doesn't have Brady. Andy Reid has coached 22 years and has a winning record (over .500) without Mahomes. Again (and again and again again) BB does not have a winning record without Brady. You can keep arguing with me but that stat is not going to change, as a matter of fact I bet good money that it will get worse as the season goes on. Your logic (and that of the other guy with the man crush on BB ) is pretty illogical. All that matters in sports is Wins and losses and BB has more losses then wins without Tom Brady. ..........BTW,
  12. BB is 21- 25 in New England without Brady. You can keep posting whatever you want but that number wont get any better this season as a matter of fact I bet it gets worse. He has a losing record without Brady in New England and in Cleveland. We have had a ton of coaches that had sub .500 records without Jim Kelly, a lot of them had a couple of great games. That doesn't make them a genius.
  13. If by someone you mean me I just did. BB is 51-65 as a head coach without Tom Brady which includes a 21-25 New England record without Brady. So far he is a sub .500 coach without Brady with a record comparable to Norv Turner, Jack Del Rio, or Lou Saban.
  14. Bill Parcells was already the coach of the team when Kraft bought it and as is oft noted but frequently ignored, Bellicheck has a losing record as a coach when he doesn't have Brady. Pete Carrol lasted three years in New England. Finishing (afc east) 1st once and 4th twice. Bill Parcells coached 4 years in New England finishing (afc east) 1st once, 2nd once, and 4th twice. Kraft fired them both. Bellicheck is not a coaching evil genius. He is just a good coach that got lucky with one of the top 5 qb's in history. Kraft is not some great coa
  15. Bill Belichick has always had losing record without Brady ( 51-65) and that includes with the patriots (20-23). Belicheck can be very successfully in the system he likes but that requires the players that are best suited to play in that system and he currently does not have the QB, WR or TE's to make that system work. The pats are done. They are not going to get any better this year.The offense looked like a high-school team and on defense San Fran was moving the ball at will against them with basic play calling. Without the Patriots mystique that has been built up over the years
  16. Josh is holding on to the ball to long. I think he took a confidence hit over the last two games.
  17. after the infamous Heidi bowl game I believe they must show the game in its entirety
  18. I think at this point all the games will be without fan attendance anyway so they should just play all games this season in two or three states that have two or more stadiums Like California, New York(NJ), Florida and Texas or play all games in one state using college stadiums. Bubble the guys like the NBA is doing and play on Saturday and Sunday instead of just Sunday if you cant make the numbers work. Contact with the locals can be minimized by testing anyone coming in or out. All travel by team plane only and facilities off limits to everyone except NFL tested people.
  19. Bidet manufacturer TUSHY is the first company expressing interest in the naming rights and a whole lot more. With the release bordering on “toilet humor”, Buffalo Rumblings reached out to TUSHY and confirmed that the information below is indeed “toilet seriousness”. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/7/16/21326295/bidet-manufacturer-tushy-first-company-to-take-aim-at-naming-rights-for-bills-stadium
  20. If they cancel the season a lot of older guys that were planning their last Hurrah this year wont get it. Sitting for a year would probably end a lot of careers
  21. Two security guards have been shot to death trying to enforce the mask rule ( Not in WNY) and several business that opened had to close down because employees were being threatened, cursed at, etc. There was a state that had a mandatory mask rule and I saw that Governors press conference when he rescinded it. Apparently some teenage girl at an ice cream stand or something was assaulted and one of the security guards that was shot was in his state as well. He said people should wear the mask but he wasn't going to put people in harms way over it. I am not defending it ju
  22. Retail isn't the only thing hurting. I live off my military pension and my dividends from investing. I keep a very close eye on the market. Plenty of industries are hurting now. Tens of thousands of oil workers are on the street right now and with capacity at nearly 100 percent those people wont be working any time soon. That is from the guy working the rig to the people on the ships to the people that maintain the pipelines and the guys that drive the trucks. Its basically the 1970's steel crises all over again in that industry. Any cruise line not named Carnival could be filling
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