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  1. It's not really that deep at WR It's three deep for the legit talents, and then there's a falloff after that. for that reason, i advocate a trade down, see if you can pick up a second or two thirds and take your chance there.
  2. which is why months ago, I was advocating for cutting von miller, too and eating that whole ***** sandwich this year alllllll the dead cap all at once, anyone who's trying to convince themselves that this year is our year is fooling themselves.
  3. Again I say Kincaid could become a guy that gives DCs fits, but he's gotta become more than an intermediate receiver and show some big play ability.
  4. Homerism on cook and shakir, honestly. I think shakir can be good, but yes no #1. Kincaid MAY become that guy but it's not a certainty.
  5. None of those guys are keeping DCs awake at night, that's just homerism. Kincaid MIGHT after this season, but not now.
  6. Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State - AZ Rome Odunze, Washington - NYG Ladd McConkey, Georgia - CIN Brian Thomas Jr., LSU - KC Xavier Worthy Texas- MIA Bonus Bills pick - Kool aid
  7. McDermott listens to a guy that's pretty universally hated by Gators fans? Yikes
  8. Name one player on offense or defense not named Josh Allen that any OC or DC on opposing teams is concerned about. This roster is completely devoid of top tier talent. People need to wrap their head around the idea of 9 wins being close to this team's ceiling.
  9. The sabres haven't won in what, 15 years? I think criticism of ownership is warranted in that circumstance.
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