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  1. Unpopular Opinion. Let it Be Naked was better than the original Let it Be album.
  2. Well, we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out And show ourselves when everyone has gone Some are satin, some are steel Some are silk and some are leather They're the faces of a stranger But we'd love to try them on
  3. Prepare yourself you know it's a mustGotta have a friend in JesusSo you know that when you dieHe's gonna recommend youTo the spirit in the sky Gonna recommend youTo the spirit in the skyThat's where you're gonna go when you dieWhen you die and they lay you to restYou're gonna go to the place that's the best
  4. I'm gonna take a freight train, down at the station I don't care where it goes Gonna climb me a mountain, the highest mountain Jump off, nobody gonna know Can't you see oh can't you see What that woman, she been doin' to me Can't you see, can't you see What that woman lord been doin' to me
  5. How much do you trust that our current regime is on the right path to long term success?
  6. Does Kiko Alonso count? I know he's still in the league. But after his rookie season here, he's been average at best, but mostly not that great.
  7. Man buys ring woman throws it away Same old thing happens everyday I'm down (I'm really down) I'm down (Down on the ground) I'm down (I'm really down) How can you laugh when you know I'm down (How can you laugh) When you know I'm down
  8. They just announced Elton John is coming to Houston on his farewell tour. I paid $400 for a pair of nosebleeds in December, because I thought it was my last chance to see him.
  9. Golden rings (golden ring) with one tiny little stone Waiting there (waiting there) for someone to take you home By itself (by itself) it's just a cold metallic thing Only love can make a golden wedding ring
  10. Like a lazy flowing river Surrounding castles in the sky And the crowd is growing bigger Listening for the happy sounds And I got to let them fly Woah, oh listen to the music Woah, oh listen to the music Woah, oh listen to the music All the time
  11. I met this girl for the first time on Saturday night Standing in the queue at the Odeon alright Oh I took her by surprise When I gave her one of my lines She started smiling at me real fine (ha) That's when I said Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you?
  12. Well, I've heard my name A few times in your phone book (hello, hello) And I've seen it on signs where I've played But the only time I know I'll hear "David Allan Coe" Is when Jesus has his final judgment day
  13. I had too many bad experiences at Darien Lake, so I never bought lawn seats anywhere. But my wife wanted to go to a concert, and the difference between lawn seats and the cheapest covered seats was the difference of about $60 a ticket. From $11 to $70. So I bit the bullet and figured we could always upgrade if it got that bad. But I was pleasantly surprised at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion in Houston.Very clean. And they rent chairs for $7 that are specifically designed to be on the slope. I was actually more comfortable there than crammed into a plastic stadium seat and crammed in next to someone.
  14. As I was motivatin' over the hill I saw Maybellene in a coup de ville. A Cadillac a-rollin' on the open road, Nothin' will outrun my V8 Ford. The Cadillac doin' 'bout ninety-five, She's bumper to bumper rollin' side by side. Maybellene, why can't you be true? Oh Maybellene, why can't you be true? You've started back doing the things you used to do. (Yes two Chuck Berry songs in a row. Fight me.)
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