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  1. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    As we all know, Coach McDermott is a Christian. Unlike Belicheat*, certainly unlike Rex Ryan. He just hasn't been part of an organization that didn't want him to fail.
  2. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    Because he sucks. But we at least gave him a chance.
  3. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    Put his religious views aside for a minute, and just look at it from a football perspective.
  4. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    2 Jimmy D Griffin Plaza*
  5. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Reasons to sign Tebow

    Mobile, which is an asset when the OL can't give a pocket. Stays in shape playing baseball. Better than Peterman Would be a good mentor for Josh Allen Has won more playoff games than the Bills have for the past 22 years.
  6. The Real Buffalo Joe

    As McCoy goes, so go the Bills

    You realize a head coach, in any sport, no matter how he really feels, isn't gonna go out and not have his players backs in the public eye, right?
  7. The Real Buffalo Joe

    What Do You Want To See This Year?

    First off, I know it's only week one, and I hope we can still recover. But if things keeping going in the direction they seem to be, and we lose any realistic shot at a playoff run relatively early, what could do you want to see happen, that would give you hope for next season? Aside from an undying love for the team/game, what will keep you interested every week, assuming (and again, hopefully this assumption is wrong), this season is going nowhere for us standings wise?
  8. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Redskins' 50-year sellout streak will end this Sunday

    I'm 27. Didn't sit down to watch the full Bills game, every game (assuming I wasn't at a party or something) till I was about 16. Give him some time. I was meeting my friend at the Astros game a few years ago. He was running late, so I was sitting by myself texting him, to see where he was. Orbit, the team mascot, sits next to me, grabs my phone from my hand, and gestures to me to watch the game. Greatest. Mascot. Ever.
  9. The Real Buffalo Joe

    NFL Broadcast Maps Week 2

    That small corner in Tennessee not getting the Titans game. Those three fans will be pissed.
  10. The Real Buffalo Joe

    QBs can develop while getting smashed

  11. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Either McD can't evaluate QB talent or....

    My thoughts exactly.
  12. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Bills Waive DT Adolphus Washington - Signed to Cowboys' Practice Squad

    Nail on the head.
  13. The Real Buffalo Joe

    TSW Has Turned Into Comedy Gold

  14. The Real Buffalo Joe

    Your phone rings, it's Terry Pegula....