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  1. So he'll fetch less in a trade. Make it so Beane.
  2. At the 18 second mark, the one guy says, "DJ, DJ, you still gotta tag on your jersey. Don't go over there." I'm guessing a Jets fan would keep a tag on his jersey just in case they suck so bad that he has to return it?
  3. Looking at the rest of the schedule, we have seven games left against teams that are currently 0-2. Dolphins (Twice) Jets Broncos Steelers Redskins Bengals I would hope we can win at least 5 of these games. The only road games are the Dolphins and Steelers, which still should be tricky even without Big Ben. Go 6-1 in those games and then you only need to go 2-5 against the rest to get to 10 wins. Seems fairly plausible.
  4. Thurman never had 1000 yards receiving in a season https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/ThomTh00.htm
  5. What pray tell does this mean? Has Isaiah been using hand muffs during practice? Has he been caught "muff-handed" whilst having extracurricular activities with the fairer sex? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. Somehow it's Peterman. I don't know how, but I'm going to with my gut on this one.
  7. I'm assuming all of the other receiving options on the team will make up the final 1400 (Kroft, Foster, Jones, McKenzie, Croom, Gore, etc.)
  8. ESPN posted its 2019 stat projections for the upcoming season. How far off do you think they are on the following players? 1) Josh Allen 274/476 57% 3281 yards 17 TD/14 INT 100 carries 569 yards 7 TD 2) Lesean McCoy 139 carries 556 yards 3 TD 28 receptions 225 yards 1 TD 3) Devin Singletary 72 carries 319 yards 2 TD 14 receptions 119 yards 0 TD 4) John Brown 41 receptions 688 yards 16.6 avg 4 TD 5) Cole Beasley 62 receptions 676 yards 10.9 avg 3 TD 6) Dawson Knox 21 receptions 265 yards 12.8 avg 1 TD
  9. Born and raised in West Seneca. A few years ago I moved out to Boston. That would be the Boston in WNY, not Bradyville.
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