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  1. I would put him second as well. He was such a beast in that 1998 playoff game.
  2. Name the 3 tight ends to catch a pass for the Bills in 2008
  3. Aaron Schobel led the team with 14 sacks in 2006. Who was second with 6 sacks?
  4. That sounds right to me
  5. Ganther and Caulcrick are correct. Nicely done all. Who's next?
  6. I am very bored so please humor this thread if you don't mind. The premise is to come up with the most random Bills trivia question. I will start this off: In 2010, the Bills (1-8) scored 35 straight points in the second half to beat the Bengals (2-7) 49-31. This was the Stevie Johnson "Why so serious?" game. Which Bills running back had one carry for 11 yards? Hint: This was his only season on the Bills and had a total of 9 carries for 18 yards for the entire season. Bonus question: Which running back had his only career carry in this game?
  7. Methinks they let Goff design the logo in exchange for restructuring his horrible contract. That news should follow shortly.
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