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  1. Now I get to replay in my head Watson bouncing off of Milano and Neal. Yay
  2. Work 3am-3pm after 3-4 hours of sleep and then hang out with the kids on the couch watching the game. The menu will consist of whatever is the easiest to make that keeps them happy. I'm looking at you frozen chicken nuggets.
  3. ESPN has come out with a new ranking list: How miserable is each NFL fan base? They break it down according to five factors and the kicker of a "misery bonus". Of course we're #1
  4. Bulldog did call him the worst, but it was in his passive "don't poke the bear" way. Schopp needs to hang it up. He doesn't have to be a fan, but he has to respect that his listeners live and breathe our teams
  5. Schopp used most of the first segment to explain why he cares more if his fantasy team wins this week over the Bills winning. He would be ecstatic if Lamar Jackson has a huge fantasy day in a Ravens win. What a joke. I keep listening because it's what I have on the ride home from work, but this is asinine
  6. So sorry for your loss. We lost my Dad in 2002 at age 48. He did security for the Bills and was there for the heyday of the 90s. I owe my passion for Buffalo sports to him. We never got to experience a good run like they're on now together. I know he's looking down and smiling
  7. I believe LFGs were covered in the current CBA, but they are a big point of contention in any upcoming negotiations. If they are considered to be actual ghosts, can they accrue years towards retirement? It's a conundrum wrapped in an enigma that could shape the future of the league.
  8. I suggest Pegula paying Lamar Jackson $20 million dollars to simulate Lamar Jackson
  9. Do Schopp and the Bulldog always replay a previously aired interview during the last segment? I usually listen between 3 and 4 on my way home from work. I was a little intrigued when I was out the other night to see how they wrapped up the show. They played a Sal interview that I heard earlier in the show. It seemed lazy and I was hoping to get a recap of the entire show.
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