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  1. I heard that the total was up to 22 women making accusations. To make sure all of their allegations are heard, you need to look at the All-22
  2. Schopp is at it again. He said that Stefon Diggs would be jealous of Kelce's production over the second half of the season. He made some fantasy point and I threw up in mouth a little. Please show yourself out the door Michael.
  3. She can jump on my bandwagon? Is that any good? I'll hang up and listen
  4. It would be difficult calling plays when all of his blood flow is focused elsewhere being that close to Lamar
  5. No one in Buffalo should ever care that much about Lamar. Schopp needs to leave WGR and become a fantasy sports correspondent.
  6. I'm not listening to the radio. What did ol' Schoppy say?
  7. Mike Schopp is in love with Lamar Jackson. Currently listening to WGR and Schopp says Lamar has a better chance for long term success than Josh. Schopp has loved Lamar since he had him on many of his 75 fantasy teams
  8. It's happening!!! My enthusiasm was unwarranted. I apologize. Who gets the call up now that this is official?
  9. I remember Joe Buck on the broadcast saying, "Jake Bailey is outplaying Johnny Hekker tonight." So they got that going for them...which is nice.
  10. "Jake Bailey is having a better night than Johnny Hekker." Good observation Joe!
  11. Where is heck if I may ask? Is it the top floor of hell? The coffee is always lukewarm and the donuts are a day old. It's not insufferable, but mildly annoying.
  12. Thank you for the breakdown, but my head hurts
  13. What is that intoxicating fragrance you're wearing?
  14. I think their way is much more sophisticated. A medical procedure gone wrong is plausible. Unless they were giving Tyrod a pain shot in his ribs and somehow his leg was amputated. That would raise some questions
  15. I'll be the one to spread a rumor that the team doctor was paid extra to "accidentally" puncture Tyrod's lung. They saw in practices that Herbert passed Tyrod and they wanted to let Tyrod be a sympathetic figure. This way, other teams see Tyrod as a potential starter, thus increasing his trade value. Or we have a "s*** happens" scenario on our hands.
  16. I was listening to the D.A. show on CBS Sports Radio and they said the NFL rented out Raymond James Stadium every Sunday in February for any contingencies
  17. The article is a good read and I'm glad Josh is getting the deserved praise. I do have to nitpick part of the story. Barnwell says Josh has thrown touchdowns to eight different receivers. It's actually only seven. My brain/OCD couldn't handle failing to think of the eight he put out there. I finally checked and it's only seven. I realize I have problems. Thank you for understanding 😊
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