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  1. That's what I thought. Also there are pretty specific tests sports med and orthopedic docs can due to diagnose a probably ACL tear before an MRI. Since all the information last night was they were worried about the ACL indicates those were probably positive or inconclusive. Anyway its all speculation until he gets his MRI.
  2. I’ve had elbow tendinitis (lateral epicondyle or tennis elbow from exercising arms) and it sucks. I got over it by not using it outside of activities of daily living for MONTHS. Tendons are poorly vascularized so if they are giving him platelet-rich plasma injections it’s probably a more moderate or severe case of tendinitis.
  3. Bills - Chinese knockoff blue Allen before he was a captain. Giants - Chinese knockoff blue Simms, Barkley, and Bavaro.
  4. Seriously, a laparoscopic appendectomy takes about 10-15 minutes with a qualified general surgeon. It takes long to be put under anesthesia and be properly positioned than the actual surgery. Most likely sent to pathology to be examined and then destroyed by the hospital.
  5. Did she switch coaches a few years back. Its rare (in tennis) to see someone up their level of play as much as she has in their late 20s but good for her. Hope she wins it all.
  6. I'd bet that the majority of the Sabres and non-linemen Bills have resting heart rates in the 40s.
  7. Also I’m expecting new clinics to open in blue states that border red states right on the state line.
  8. Actually it is a D&S which is a D&C with suction. Its the same procedure as an elective abortion.
  9. I do wonder if it was grave if Jessie would have pulled out of Wimbledon.
  10. . IMO we are going to have to wait for a family statement. No one in the media is going to speculate and risk being blackballed from both the Sabres and the Bills.
  11. Bills moved up to ensure they get their CB.
  12. So glad that trade for Samuel didn't happen.
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