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  1. Heart shocked huh? Sure what’s a little A-Fib with RVR refractory to adenosine when there is football to be played. Maybe he means an ablation but still.
  2. Can't wait for the Dolphins to be investigated and absolutely nothing to come from it.
  3. And a quick internet search shows that it is Cincinatti's level one. Level one is the highest level of a trauma center. Surgeons of various specialities are in house 24/7. Most do surgeries around the clock have specific teams for emergencies. Smaller hospitals that aren't trauma centers usually stop surgeries at a certain time at night and have a call team incase an non-trauma emergency comes in.
  4. It’d sure be shame if there were malfunctions with the heaters when they play in December.
  5. The stars had to align for Miami to win this. They wont get this lucky all year.
  6. The longer the fins have false hope the funnier their fall will be.
  7. Hopefully we have a health team (sans Hyde) in December and we can smash them/
  8. Yeah and the hit on Knox wasn't a penalty. The NFL cares about head trauma.
  9. After the non-call on the Knox hit I hope Tua gets absolutely rocked again.
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