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  1. I was a huge fan of Bruce Smith so I'd have to start with Reggie White. Reggie White just destroyed offensive lineman. Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis were pretty amazing also. Urlacher was everywhere run or pass and if he got hands on you, you were going down. Lewis would hit guys and you could visibly see them quit. It was like they didn't want to play another down where they might get hit again.
  2. I think it's a very close race but Mahommes is a more mature decision maker. I think the talent is the same or possibly a hair on Allen's side but be it luck or maturity Mahommes is safer with the football. Allen out fumbles Mahommes 2 to 1 and Mahommes usually has a few more TD's and a few less picks.
  3. I can see why people are taking the under. I think we are going to be running more and I think until we bring in a 230lb back Josh is going to be the guy when we need a TD. Teams spread out in the red zone to cover Kincaid and Shakir and Josh is going to dive in the end zone. I wish Harris didn't get hurt last year I thought he might be the guy to get those tough yards but until I see someone moving piles and running over guys who isn't named Josh Allen I'm going to think our short yardage back is still our QB.
  4. Somehow production always gets attributed to yardage. 300 yard passing games, 100 yard receiving games ect ect. If we run the ball more all season, pass for a few less yards, still score the same amount of TD's I could care less if we don't have a 1,200 or 1,300 yard receiver. I'd also like to see a back (or our offense in general) gain the ability to run for short yardage and score on the goal line. You want Josh to run less? Get us someone who can gain those 1st downs and TD's so Josh isn't QB and FB. I don't think we need huge passing yardage numbers to still have a productive offense. Can we score points and get 1st downs? That what I care about. For the sake of addressing the original topic. All complete guessing. Name Catches Yards TDs Kincaid 85 950 8 Shakir 64 990 6 Samuel 53 630 4 Knox 35 380 6 Cook 45 450 2 Coleman 45 560 4 I think MVS, Hollin, and possibly Claypool all muddle up the numbers. One of them will get a few catches. I think MVS is the veteran, Hollins is the special teamer, and Claypool is the flyer on the chance he shows something. I don't know if any of them see the field much. I have to turn off the part of my brain that hopes Claypool makes something of himself because while it would be nice you don't build around that.
  5. I can see Kincaid catching 70 to 80 and Knox catching 30 to 40 which puts them right at the mark. I'm hoping Kincaid comes out and looks like he could catch 100.
  6. I live and work in NE so not exactly Bill's country. I manage all the vendor deliveries for a large store so it's all truck drivers and delivery drivers all day long. Every now and then someone will pop in with a Bill's hat or some gear and we'll talk some football for a minute or two. Little known fact, or so I've been told, but the Giants were the original NE team before the Patriots existed. Many of the older folks up here are Giants fans.
  7. I am optimistic on our outside rushers so I'll guess over. I think AJE goes over ten this year. Hopefully he sees more snaps. Groot is a solid pass rusher and if he's healthy he should be good for another 7 or 8 sacks. I'd really love to see Miller be the rotational guy and spell both of those guys, stay healthy, and hopefully still provide 6 to 10 sacks and hopefully consistent pressure. Part of all of this I don't see mentioned a lot is also on the DT's. I really think for our ends to do as well as I hope we need our interior line rushers to stay healthy. If Jones and Oliver are both healthy they are far more likely to get the QB off his spot and the DE's can get more clean up sacks.
  8. but has he lost his helmet ...................
  9. I'll put on my flame suit and say two words Devin Singletary .............. the guy never got 200 carries in a season. We gave Cook 237 last year. I'm not saying Singletary is better than Cook but more that people never gave Singletary much credit for being a decent back. Still don't.
  10. Again we used a first on Kincaid and Coleman was literally one pick after Worthy. Used a first on Diggs and in general have more production from the picks we have used then KC regardless of the round they were picked in. Fixed it.
  11. 4 vs 4 and which group do you think puts up better numbers this season?
  12. That's not true. We draft as many WR's as the Chiefs. Last SB the Eagles won thier best pass catcher was (you guessed it) a TE. They didn't have a WR with over 800 yards. If we're not counting the 1st for Diggs or TE's as pass catchers like Kincaid or the obvious which is Coleman this year.
  13. Right because they have to be high draft picks like Kelce, or Kupp, or Nacua?
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