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  1. LOL ............ you win. You clearly need the win. Made a lot of assumptions here about my comparison. I'll start and end by saying I think Boykins might turn out to be a great receiver and let you figure out the rest (because I'm lazy).
  2. If he was going on day one I would feel your argument a lot stronger but if he doesn't go until the later rounds he's got plenty of talent.
  3. Claypool made me think of the guy that the Ravens drafted from Notre Dame. I was surprised Boykins didn't have a bigger impact but, it was his rookie year
  4. Remember how nice a change of pace Karlos Williams was his rookie year? Dillon would be a nice addition on day two. It also wouldn't hurt (no offense to Singletary) to have a back who can pass block when you need a blitz pick up.
  5. He had a better record than Mayfield and lets face it that tie was on the kicker/OL. Mayfield throws for more yardage and god knows everybody just LOVES 300 yard games. Mahomes might be the only QB that doesn't need a defense. The rest of the league needs a QB that plays decent turnover free football and a defense that doesn''t suck. For years we gave Taylor a defense that sucked and asked him to take lemons and make lemonade. Not saying he's any teams next "franchise" QB and the guy for the next 5 years but he's a decent QB that could start on a lot of teams.
  6. Baltimore's pass catchers (outside of Brown's circus catch) have been dropping a bunch.
  7. As good as some of those catches were it's entirely possible to fault the recievers and all their drops and tips leading to interceptions for helping the Titans have the ball as much as they have.
  8. That's how you put down a third and long. No running to the sticks there.
  9. Jordan Howard or Brieda might be guys with something to prove that don't need a huge contract but could carry the ball enough to keep Singletary healthy. If Ty Montgomery ends up looking for a job he's an interesting prospect also.
  10. The number 1 receiver argument is almost as good as the "franchise" QB argument. Speaking of which when are we going to dust that off again? Make more plays than the other team and win games. Just because Brown doesn't out muscle guys like Hopkins doesn't mean he isn't a play maker. Give him that ball 10 times and he'll catch it and get his feet in 9 times out of ten. Give this defense a 3rd and 18 and they'll stop them 9 times out of ten. Put Milano and a DB in the backfield and we should have the sack 9 times out of 10. There were too many plays that were made most of the year that weren't made Saturday. Brown will be back making plays next year and probably put up even bigger numbers next year ......... whatever you want to call him.
  11. 8 or those top 10 were not even in the playoffs. I guess the Saints with Brees and Thomas scored one more point than us and that's something.
  12. We don't NEED better receivers per se any more than we need a better QB. What we need are a few less mistakes per game and we got that most of the season and then in the playoff game we had more mistakes than usual (offense and defense) and it bit us in the a#@. We need Allen and the WR's to be a little more surgical and hopefully that is just a matter of time. We need the OL and RB's to get better at blocking things up and Allen at recognizing pressure pre snap. There is no reason to think that the exact same unit we fielded this year couldn't put up more points next year just by Allen having another years experience.
  13. Buffalo emerged as a defensive team in the seasons before that. We started winning as a defensive team. Then Thurman emerged (88 or 89) and then Lofton and Beebe came along. We started winning as a defensive team and were still a very good defensive team. The offense was the icing on the cake and certainly a large part of going from playoff contender to SB team but that said argue all you want, we started as a defensive team.
  14. Probably most of those are losses also. First time in the playoffs I'm not down on Allen or his play in general but we could have won. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/01/09/nfl-qbs-making-their-first-playoff-starts-have-mostly-stumbled-will-patrick-mahomes/?arc404=true
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