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  1. Baltimore and Indy out there proving you need to take WR's early and often. Passing powerhouses.
  2. You win the toss you score a TD or go for it. Kicking a FG just isn't a game winning plan in OT. Especially against Mahommes.
  3. Watching a rerun of an old (1990) Bills vs Eagles game. Lofton at 34 years old was eating the Eagles lunch. Diggs should still be dominating and not just 6 or 8 games a year.
  4. Hopefully a little more toward Belfast than Waterville but I can't talk I live in L/A and not the fancy one in California. Coastal Maine is wicked good. Spent most of my childhood in upstate NY. Still have a lot of family there.
  5. Yessah bubs. Saw him gassin up the skiddah after the pig roast.
  6. No doubt. He's the pass catcher we hope we have in Kincaid but he trucks people like Knox. That said he still looks nuttier than squirrel turds.
  7. Kittle looks like he'd be in the basement killing rats with Charlie from Sunny in Philadelphia.
  8. Hope Bosa is eating his Wheaties. Would love to see Mahommes jersey with lots of dirt on it.
  9. Flowers doesn't fumble away that TD it's entirely possible the game goes a lot different. Chiefs defense is good and you have to come away with points when you get your chances. Ask me how I know.
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