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  1. I think there are multiple groups that are keeping track. The numbers you got totally could have been what one of those groups was reporting, I was just offering the rose colored numbers. Just my opinion but Davis has still got it. He needs to get routes worked in that aren't all contested catches 20 yards down the field to help his catch percentages.
  2. Hill is gone so taking that into account like I said calling Allen and Mahommes a wash, Kelce and Diggs a wash, I just don't see Gray and his 28 catches as equal to Knox. You might get more catches from Smith and Scantling but Davis and McKenzie got 6 more TD's catching the ball. I don't see the KC backs being any better than ours from a talent standpoint. The line I'll give you. Still doesn't equal their offensive talent having that wide of a gap on us. Some solid guard play and a little more in game creativity from Dorsey/Allen I'm not at all a worried about scoring points with the Chiefs. I still don't think the Bengals were entirely responsible for stopping us. We just didn't answer what they were doing very well and I still don't think that was talent as much as coaching or decision making.
  3. Depending on who you reference Gabe came in 8th. If you look at the entirety of the league there are many receivers dropping as many passes. I remember Amari Cooper having trouble with drops one year with the Raiders. He's still a great receiver. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2022/receiving_advanced.htm
  4. I honestly don't see it. Just my opinion. Diggs and Kelce are a wash and the rest of their pass catchers vs ours are a wash. Rb's are a wash. The KC line is probably a little better but again we're talking about getting the ball out quicker and not holding it and making it harder on your line when teams are bringing exotic pressure. I don't think KC's talent is SO much better than ours.
  5. At the price that article thinks you could sign Peters for I'd take a swing on signing him to go across from White. Hell at 4 mil for one year I'd bring Houston along with him. Couple of great guard options as people have already mentioned.
  6. Can I suggest we take his teammate with a later pick instead. Roschon Johnson comes in at 6'2" 220 and averaged 5.9 ypc behind Robinson. Perfect change up to all our smaller shiftier guys.
  7. And to your point I'm not advocating check downs as much as quick passes. There are swing passes that give you a rb in space with room to make something happen that (if done right) can be very effective. The video did a good job of showing how a quick release to the flat instead of a chip would have (theoretically) produced some better results not only for a pass to the RB but in moving coverage to hit some WR's at an 8 to 15 yard level. Some in game tweaks that might have worked. I don't want whole sale changes as much as diversification.
  8. KC and the Bengals had roughly 90 to 100 catches by rbs. We had 60 between Singletary and Cook. I've already harped on running the ball more. I've never thought we had an OL problem or RB problem as far as running. We just don't hand the ball off and therefore no rushing production. The more I look the more I feel the same way about the short passing game. I'm not saying abandon a vertical passing attack but (for the sake of not being predictable) mix it up.
  9. I like that Josh and Dorsey like to try to block it up and take shots downfield. We have the receivers and game plan to do that. What I think this video shows is that a couple in game tweaks and a quicker decision to attack underneath would land some big plays from a shorter passing game. Picture Mike Tyson working on his jab.
  10. Josh is fine. He's still a man among men. Even Warner complimented Josh several times on making something happen. Hindsight is always 20/20 so after a game is over and you are looking at tape it's always easier to say what you could have/should have done. Dorsey and Josh are good but I'm sure they'll learn from this.
  11. One of the things I liked is that while he did point out throws that were there Warner also talked about play design. Getting the guy out to the flat so that you can get the ball out hot and catch the defense instead of chipping and giving them time to get coverage there. It just seemed like our answer was always block and then strike instead of a quick strike that never allowed them to get there. You're right. The defense didn't have it but this thread was never about the defense or who lost the game. Just watching a film break down. I'm sure there are 100 threads about the defense. Choose one and let it out.
  12. Lots of interesting stuff here. I don't always agree with everything that comes from Warner but this looks pretty straight forward. The ball needed to come out quicker and the short passing game needs much better execution. Looked like a lot of plays were there. I don't think the Bengal's defense was too much we just didn't execute well. That's just my take.
  13. Bring back Motor at 5.5m and I'm fine. He's truly a team guy, a good rb, and a great blocker. When the give him the ball he produces. That said I voted other because in particular I like the way D'Ernest Johnson runs and as long as he can pick up a blitz we could probably run him with Cook and save a couple million in cap space.
  14. I was clamoring for Steve Johnson to get more playing time long before he blew up. I also thought Zay Jones was going to be our next great reciever ............. can't win them all. Jones may still end up being a decent receiver but he couldn't catch a cold while he was here.
  15. Pretty sure the 4th string guy in Cleveland is a FA. Guy has had some monster games but is buried in the depth chart. D'Ernest Johnson would be a great addition on the cheap. I still love Motor and would love to see him come back. I like Cook a lot but he seems to have the speed but I'm not sure about the wiggle. At the very least I hope they have a complimentary back who can either make a guy miss in a phone booth or run them over (220 plus lbs).
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