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  1. He's lost the ball (an actual turnover) 3 times in 4 years. Over 650 touches (rushing and receiving) and he's only lost the ball 3 times. This is almost as good as your shortened vid of the Ingram strip sack where you fail to show DE blowing by the tackle and blame Singletary for the sack.
  2. So weird considering how well he's done everywhere else he's been ..............
  3. In 2021 only Allen, Davis, Diggs, McKenzie and (you guessed it) Singletary made NextGen stats faastest ballcarrier of the week. After McKenzie, Singletary had the fastest carry by a Buffalo player in 2021. Just saying. I would also add that at least two different episodes of "Angry Runs" last year would argue that Motor shouldn't be underestimated as far as running over and through people. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/top-plays/fastest-ball-carriers/2021/REG/2
  4. Shakir looked pretty shaky the first couple times he got in a game but this week much better. Cook will come around.
  5. We are currently starting Diggs and Davis (even if Davis is dinged he's playing) with Crowder, McKenzie, and Shakir all behind them. I don't think WR is a concern yet.
  6. Zappe is like Peterman from what i saw in the preseason. He'll throw it on time whether there is a defender or not. Probably see a couple pics from him I'm guessing.
  7. I'm with you. The ball was out and he clearly showed he could have stopped and instead he wrapped him up and tried throwing him into the ground.
  8. He might of got it from the thread exactly like this one that's been going for days but decided he'd make a new one for game day.
  9. He's no Thurman but Singletary is doing his best impression lately. Some pretty good receiving numbers from him lately.
  10. Singletary is a team guy. He went down so the clock could run.
  11. It's a Tua joke. Probably getting his head checked out not his back.
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