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  1. I wouldn't call it petty at all. JW said those who think this issue isn't important don't listen and instead say "lalalalala." Not wanting to argue the point, but wanting to be clear that I was one of those who doesn't think the issue is important, I simply repeated JW's words. It was just a way to say which side I was on. Remember, JW's original complaint about what I said wasn't about the importance of COVID, it was about some things I said about how journalism. Until I posted by lala, I hadn't entered the fray on the question of how important reporting on COVID is.
  2. Thanks. What's unlike me? That I have a point of view? Do you find that difficult to accept? I ALWAYS have a point of view. My point of view is that the NFL will have rules about COVID, the teams and the players will follow them or not, and they'll all live with the consequences. I don't need to hear any discussion whatsoever in July about those rules. When I show up at the stadium on opening day, the Bills and the Steelers will play a football game. 65,000 people will make a lot of noise. One team will win, the other will lose. The game will be all about
  3. Am I'm with you on Mayfield. Mayfield was my choice, and I can see why the Browns went that way. And I give the Browns a pass because apparently it was a close call for them, Mayfield or Allen. And frankly, I can understand liking Darnold, too. What I really can't understand is New York and Denver, both with obvious QB needs on the near horizon, leaving Allen on the table. (Denver took Bradley Chubb, not the Browns.)
  4. There's a theory I hadn't heard before. That would have been one of the all-time great draft moves! There's always uncertainty, but I don't think the Bills had any greater uncertainty with Allen than teams have with any top-10 pick. The leap of faith is what it looked like from our perspective, because all we had to go on was some highlights, some lowlights, a mediocre record, etc. My point is that the Bills knew a lot more about him than we did, and what they knew meant they weren't taking the leap of faith that we saw. We had a big information gap; Beane closed th
  5. And you did your usual excellent job. Taught me some things.
  6. They've said as much. They talk about the first time they met him, and they were a little puzzled about him. It was 15 minutes or something, and it didn't go particularly well. I don't recall, but I think it was because Josh didn't know how to handle the encounter. Then they had dinner with him that night, and that's when they realized how great his intangibles were. Josh relaxed, and the more they heard, the more they knew that his intangibles matched his outstanding physical abilities. From there, they kept doing all the usual digging to be sure that what they thought they saw at dinn
  7. JW - Thanks for responding. I appreciate it. I do apologize for my tone. It was unfair to you.
  8. Solid. I agree. Not dominant, which we'd all like, but solid. I don't know, but I'd guess that McDermott is designing a defense that stops the pass effectively and stops the run well enough to get by. I think McDermott believes that if he acquires and commits the kind of resources necessary to be a top-three run-stopping defense, then he's not going to be able to stop the pass the way he wants. The Bills gave up 120 yards a game rushing last season. Top 20. They had three bad games. McD probably would be happy if he could shave 10 yards off that by bringing th
  9. I dont know if they will be good enough to stop the run. What I said is that McBeane tgunk this is the way to go to build an effective line. You may disagree, but you aren't getting your wish. Bulls will be undersized this year, and we will see how that works.
  10. I expect less girth than you do. Except when Wilfork was there, New England often played without big guys in the middle. They played with tough, solid, smart guys who executed. Looking at the personnel the Bills have assembled, I think they're trying to do something similar.
  11. Bojo wasn't good enough. Every player on the team has specific role designed to contribute to the team's success. Moreso than almost any player on the team, the punter has only way to contribute to the team, and that is to kick the ball where the special teams coach wants the ball to be kicked. Sometimes long, sometimes shorter, sometimes to one sideline or the other, sometimes low with roll, sometimes with a reverse bounce. Punters have gotten very good at those skills, and that was not Bojo's strength. Bojo had the ability to kick the ball high and long fairly consistent
  12. I know what you're saying, and I'm no saying he's a bust. Yes, he still could emerge as special, but I think the chances of that are shrinking. Why? Because a guy who's special usually at least shows some signs of greatness in his first couple of years, and u haven't seen any of those signs in Oliver. Oliver was a top 10 pick and he's played more like a guy taken at the back end of the first. He could play ten seasons in Buffalo and be a solid player throughout, he could be a Jerry Hughes. All I mean is that I think that people expecting him to break through and be
  13. Not so sure the draftees will have that kind if impact, but that is the idea,
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