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  1. This. Plus Beane's stated objective that he builds through the draft. He wanted to change just about the entire roster, and it's impossible to replace it through the draft in even three years. So he needed guys to fill in. Last year he had no mone to being any real talent, so he did the best he could. Admittedly, he did pretty poprly on the receiver room last year, at least until Foster carme around. What I'm expecting is that the Bills will have two rookies starting in September and one or two more starting by November. That's 3-4 young guys. Add in maybe four free agents playing a lot - Morse, another lineman, Brown and Beasley. Then they will do it again in 2020 and then they will have their roster set.
  2. As Buffalo said, I think extending Wood was about having veteran leadership. He was the only dependable veteran on the line, Richie being a perpetual questionmark. I think you are right about the "oh really" thing, except for this. I've been saying for more than a year that McD is a closet Belichick disciple, and Belichick has made a living on the "oh really" free agents. He wanted Beasley. He took Hogan. He took that one-year-wonder backup running back from the Bills. He took the Bills' tight end. He takes guys like that all the time. Once in a while he will pay really big for a Gilmore or a Welker, but most his free agent signings are "oh really" "guys. The reality of those signings is that some are good for a year or two and some bust in the first year. You keep taking them, keeping some and cutting some. You called it admitting mistakes. But the reality is that using that philosophy, you know you will have mistakes. What you're counting on is a decent yield. Of 50-60% of them work out, you're doing okay. Frankly, it's the same thing with draft picks. You want 100% yield in the first three rounds, but after that it's about yield.
  3. Your post was about good performance for the investment. My post was about the pointlessness of that comparison. There is no stat that meaningfully captures the performance of players other than qbs. Nothing measures Beasley's route running or blocking, nothing measures Gore's pass protection or locker room presence. Even YP reception and YP carry aren't very useful measures of value. Putting dollar values on performance makes even less sense. Right. If Brown contributes meaningfully to Allen's success, then Brown was worth it regardless of his stats.
  4. I think the question itself is meaningless. It's a team game, and who accumulates yards and points simply doesn't matter. Offensive total yards and total points and defensive total yards and total points are what matters. By far, the only individual stats that matter are the QBS stats. The relationship between a player's compensation and his stats is really, really pointless. If Shady gains 114 yards on the season and catches 12 passes, and if the Bills go 12-4, why Wil I care how much he was paid? It's a team game.
  5. Thanks for this, and thanks to NyNole, too. PFF is far, far from being the definitive word on anything. People need to remember Kyle Williams being incredulous when he realized evaluations like PFF exist. He asked how anyone except a coach who knew what the player's assignment was could possibly evaluate how he did on a play. And there's a much more important point, and that is that offensive line play is very much a team thing. When a play succeeds, it's because the line succeeded as a UNIT. Whether the Bills line has improved will depend on how the coaches are able to get the line to succeed as a UNIT. Having said that, going from no one who was good at center to someone who is among the best is a huge upgrade. A guy who can read the defense and call assignments, as well as make all the blocks, will be a huge improvement alone. Morse will make the guards better just by being there.
  6. Shaw66

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    That's the way I heard it. He didn't say anything like "we will continue to be in touch with his agent."
  7. This is just your negative spin on that class. Davis they hoped would recover from injuries. Star has been, I think, exactly what they wanted. Bodine was signed to compete to start. Morse was signed this year to start. Big difference between those expectations. McCarron was supposed to be a veteran presence and compete to start. If the Bills had expected their free agent qb to start they wouldn't have stayed out of the free agent and just signed the last guy left. Ivory couldn't run behind the oline any better than Shady could. I think you may have had unrealistic expectations out of that class. I didn't. Many of them didn't disappoint me because I didn't expect much from them. Beane also didn't expect much from them. He has always said that you build through the draft and fill in with free agents.
  8. I'm not down on him at all. I revere him. He brought pro football to Buffalo, kept it there when it was in his personal interest to move, assured it would stay when he died, and gave hundreds of millions of dollars to the City to boot. But he often was tight fisted and he generally didn't make good football decisions. Running a winning pro football franchise just wasn't something he was good at.
  9. Yea, Thurman. Combat that nonsense. Every GM misses sometime. Wait until the draft. Then watch training camp. The Bills are going to be putting more talent on the field for the third consecutive season, and they will do it again next year too.
  10. There is no doubt the franchise has changed dramatically. Yes, they haven't won yet, but the FRANCHISE has changed dramatically. To wit: 1. Ralph Wilson is gone. Great man, but not a successful owner. Was willing to spend only inconsistently. He insisted a positive bottom line, and that insistence got in the way of team building. Pegulas are completely different in that regard. 2. Russ Brandon is gone. 3. Brandon Beane has a clear focus, and he is extremely disciplined. He approach is thoughtful. For examole, McD wants Allen to focus on the short passing game, so Beane's gets one of the best short-game receivers in the league. Great focus. 4. McD is organized and has a system. His players love it and want to play for him. 5. The Bills are all in on a great young QB. Yes, he still must improve, but the Bills haven't had this kind of talent in the building since Bledsoe or maybe Kelly. That's dramatically different.
  11. Shaw66

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    In his interview with John Murphy, Beane sounded to me like he is done with Ziggy. Didn't say It exactly, but his tone and how he said things sounded like the Bills have decided they aren't interested. Ziggy's price will have to come down.
  12. Guy knows what he is doing. Im pp ressive.
  13. Shaw66

    Thanks to all posters this week with updates....

    Yes, thanks to all. If its.about the Bill's, its here. Thanks to all.
  14. Shaw66

    A trade down is now off the table.

    It's actually a great option if there is a team that wants to move up.