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  1. I think we have to be careful not misread what Yeldon said. What he said is that there's going to be heated competition at running back. He said that's what the coach told him. Well, that's what the coach tells everyone. That's the work ethic McD wants the Bills to live by - fight for every inch, pressure the guy who's playing ahead of you and be pressured by the guy who's behind you. That's a matter of course for these Bills, not a commentary on what the coaches might think about who's going to start. I don't think signing Yeldon had anything to with Beane expecting Yeldon to take Shady's job, any more than signing Tyree Jackson suggests the Bills expect him to challenge Josh Allen for the starting job. Yeldon is going to compete because (1) he's a competitor and (2) the Bills want competition. Logic's comments are, as always, interesting. I liked the Yeldon signing, but for 2020, when there's a good chance Shady is gone or Gore has hung 'em up or both. But for 2019, if Singletary shows much of anything, he's making the team. And if Logic is correct about special teams, and it sounds correct, Yeldon has a lot of pressure on him to make the team. And Logic's comments about WR are also interesting. He names four locks, but I don't think there are four locks. I think that only three of the four are locks - three "starters," if you will. The fourth guy (Foster, Jones or Brown, I'd guess) will be threatened by the other guys (McKenzie, McCloud, Williams, Sills, Easley, and Phillips). Williams is an unknown, but he has the pedigree to take the fourth spot, even the third. Sills is an enigma, but if he shows anything special, the Bills won't want to risk sending him to the practice squad. The point is that at those two positions, and definitely at the offensive line, the coaches are looking at more guys with the potential to be contributors on the 53 than they have room for. The message to those guys is "bring it every day, because only the best are making it." Even to Shady and Gore -"bring it or you'll be looking for a job elsewhere." Yeldon already has gotten the message. Shady and Gore have played their entire careers with that mentality.
  2. If you live in any there are lot of ways to get your Bills fix. Not so if you live someplace else. That's why there are so many out of towners here.
  3. I don't think Allen is anything like Newton, and I doubt Beane ever though so, either. Granted, they both are big and they both can run, but Allen's game is throwing the ball. Cam isn't all that good a thrower.
  4. I was there, too. What I remember best was leaving the stadium, with Bills fans cheering and chanting and high fiving. It was SO cool.
  5. Yeah, their all over the highway on the way back to New England after the game. I see them in the rest stops. I hope they have really long faces this year.
  6. I hope we don't get more INTs. I think Josh won't be taking so many chances. This year he'll be throwing shorter, higher-percentage balls. His decision making will be better. I really didn't think he looked all that much like a gunslinger last season. Wasn't forcing too many balls. I have high hopes.
  7. Proving the point. Your response on politics is the same kind of knee-jerk response that you make about the Bills. It's just the way it is.
  8. Yes, unless they've changed the policy. The theory is that the distant season-ticket holders aren't fans, they're investors. They're buying tickets to scalp on StubHub, etc. Bills don't want fans of visiting teams to have access to a lot of tickets. They figure that if someone local is buying the tickets, he's buying them to attend games. Plus, they want the tickets to sell to real fans when they get good. If a bunch of NYC guys own season tickets and the Bills and Jets are the two powers in the AFC East in five years, there will be tons of Jets fans at New Era for the Jets game. McBeane don't want that.
  9. I'm in Connecticut. Definitely not Bills' territory. Did you know that the Bills won't sell season tickets to purchasers outside "Bills' territory"? I think they won't sell to anyone who's address is more than 200 miles from Orchard Park, or something like that. If you call and ask for season tickets, they start by asking your zip code. Current season ticket holders are grandfathered.
  10. Different folks, different strokes. We're all Bills fans. Really no different from how some Americans view politics. When Pelosi speaks, some people always look for something to criticize. When Trump tweets, some others do likewise. In both cases, however, I can't understand constantly looking for reasons your team or country will fail.
  11. I agree. People call it hero ball, and there was little question he felt like he had to carry the team. Plus, he didn't know what he was doing. I expect this year to be much different. He is going to be much tuned into executing the game plan. He is going to take the short throw because he knows he is supposed to. Plus, this year he will have Beasley and a pass catching tight end in those short routes. He's still learning, and he will plenty of hiccups. 2020 is when he will really blossom. Maybe this year, but more likely 2020.
  12. He threw out the chicken. Your point is what? That he kept the chicken too long? Did keeping the chicken ruin last season's meal? Not at all.
  13. Obviously, precision isn't my strong suit. But what I said was 60 yards, plus another 10 to 20 because Allen isn't likely to pile up another 600 yards rushing. Last season the Bills were 1000 yards short of an average total offense. That's 60+ yards a game. Subtract 15 a game from Allen's rushing means you need 75+ new yards per game out of someone. 75, 100, something in that range. As I said, however, it's doable, because of the effect first downs have.
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