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  1. When he was a kid, he and his friends would pitch bottle caps and hit them with broomsticks. Good for the batting eye.
  2. 30 home runs for 25 seasons. Think about that! Year after year after year he hit them. Coming to major league baseball, as he did, only a few seasons after Jackie Robinson, he was subjected to a lot of racial abuse. It got worse as he approached the Babe's record. We forget how much strength and courage it takes to make change. It continues today.
  3. At this level, needing the defense to play well is a given. There are few Super Bowl winners that just simply outscore the opponents. Teams that get to this level almost always are playing good defense. Clearly, against KC the Bills need another good game out of the defense.
  4. Good stuff. I too didn't realize there was so much motion. It wasn't really motion so much as intentionally resetting the formation to learn something about coverage or to force a defender to reposition himself. Interesting little technical adjustments to gain a momentary advantage.
  5. I've never seen a detailed description of the protocol, but I do know that although there are some tests you can pass by just giving the right answer, there are other things you can't fake. I don't know anything about brain scans. One of the things you can't fake is short term memory. I think that on the field or on the sideline, as they're talking to the guy, they mention some random piece of information to him, like "4 is my favorite number." A couple minutes later they ask "what's my favorite number?" Guys with concussions can't answer that question. There's no way to f
  6. I think ESPN gives these guys self-importance injections, or something. Patrick and now Van Pelt make my skin crawl.
  7. I want Josh Allen outside on the sidewalk, looking through the plate glass window at Jake from State Farm sitting at his desk with Rodgers and Mahomes on the other side of the desk, and Josh is saying "how about the Allen Allowance?"
  8. I don't like it. I'm thrilled that the organization has had all the success it has had, and Del Reid and the others deserve enormous credit for what they've done. It's great. I don't like the name because of it's criminal connotation. And I don't like how the national press lumps us all in as members. It's not the Bills Mafia making all that noise at games, it's Bills fans. Having said that, I'll take the recognition, even if I don't like the name. Calling us, calling me, the Bills mafia is better than not talking about us. Words have meanings. No one
  9. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks to others who have posted similar sentiments. As I said, I was kind of at a loss to say meaningful things about the actual game. It was a weird game for me in that respect. At the end of the game, there were probably only a half dozen plays I could have told you about.
  10. Williams actually looked to me like the best pure running back the Bills have in the one game where he played. No idea whatsoever whether he's a + or a - as a receiver or as a pass blocker. I've not paid any attention to who the guy is at all, so I just looked him up. Never a starter at Ohio State, not really a full-time starter at North Carolina. Rookie free agent this year, waive FOUR times by the Bills! Is that any chance at all that the Bills would trust him for significant snaps against the Chiefs?
  11. When Edmunds "missed his gap" more often than he does now, I think he was committing to where he thought he should go, and the running back had options. That is, if the backer fills gap 1, the running back had opportunities at gap 2. I'm not sure the Bills are creating gap 1, let alone gap 2. One problem with McDermott's we're-going-to-play-every-style philosophy is that the team doesn't concentrate on one style and has trouble getting really good at. I know the Bills run zone blocking schemes some of the time - they want to be able to threaten that style, as well as others, b
  12. I understood very little about the nuances of the running game, but the problems the Bills have running certainly seem to be in the line and not with the backs. Singletary and Moss are good enough to get yardage the way most decent backs do - with good change of direction to take advantage of creases, seams, holes, whatever. It just doesn't seem that the opportunities are there. The offensive line seems talented enough, even though they tend to the finesse side of things rather than the power side. They rarely get really good push off the line. That suggests to me that the Bi
  13. It was interesting ro see that Hughes credited McKenzie for playing QB on the scout team as the Bill's practiced last week. McKenzie is the only guy the Bill's have with speed and quickness like Lamar. Smart coaching.
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