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  1. 99 baby... players like Oliver gotta rock 99
  2. When you live in a world where our GM doesn't value any of the WR's in this draft class... then this is how low we have to stoop. Until he proves it... I just can't get my Hope's up
  3. I said the same thing... RB will most likely be a need next offseason. But we'll see about the wear & tear on Singletary. If he ends up being great, it won't matter... the great one's don't breakdown when used alot...
  4. I think so too... but he has had a history of being dinged up... so we'll see come camp
  5. Not Peterman...it took for the fanbase to cry out for them to do it...
  6. I find that an issue...they were high on Nathan Peterman & Kelvin Benjamin too bud
  7. Not nitpicking...but these are the same people that was high on Kelvin Benjamin, Brought in Anquan Boldin, chose to start Andre Holmes & Trade Sammy Watkins, Drafted Ray Ray McCloud & Austin Prohel like they would make an impact. Maybe WR isn't they're strong suit... #ImJusSayin So yea, I wouldn't say "if the Bills thought he was a #1 WR they would have picked him already."
  8. Depends on the player & the team taking a chance on them... Steve Smith, AB, Heck Stevie Johnson all develop into #1 WR's I was just being open minded about it.
  9. Oh I wasn't harping on him cause of his local status... I'm looking to add someone that can turn into a potential #1 threat! Right now at this point...its slim pickings... Anthony Johnson is the only one left that with good coaching can turn into that player for us. Our WR's just isn't enough... like someone else posted "The WR position is like Nate Peterson... we can see the train wreck about to happen" See my other post ⬆️
  10. I'm starting to wonder if the front is even going to draft a WR to Challenge for a starting spot?
  11. I guess he doesn't know Oliver is a pass rusher???
  12. I agree! Like I said in my original post, I know in my heart this is a good draft... I'm a little disappointed they didn't address WR. But that doesn't take away from the value & picks they brought in... my favorite pick right now is the one everyone doesn't like Singletary. I think come next year whe. we don't have Shady or Gore... this kid is a bell cow... & everyone is going to forget they didn't want him this year. He gives us youth at the position. Something we were lacking for sure! It might be, Gore & Shady might not be here come next year bother have 1 yr left & I doubt they're going to extend any offers.
  13. I think we're going to love this kidd! Man look at his interview... I love interviews its speaks volumes about the player sometimes Watch "RB Devin Singletary joins NFL Total Access Today" on YouTube https://youtu.be/5UNXenQKz74
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