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  1. What a great win heading into the Bye Week!!!! 😎😌🔥🔥🔥
  2. My goodness…Nate Peterman…wow…the world we use to live in people. Count your blessings 😌🙏🏾👏🏾😄😄😎
  3. I can definitely get behind this. 😎👏🏾👍🏾
  4. Not just that The cowboys were the team that screwed us last year…they took Diggs right from under us…Beane wasn’t letting that happen to us again. He showed the world that Elam was high in his board tonight
  5. Once again Brandon Beane proving he finds money, when he needs to find money! 😎👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😆😆😆 love this man 😅
  6. Seriously? Did you not see the Von Miller signing??? 😄
  7. I agree…I just think he would let Poyer deal play out…no need in shuffling the cap around if you don’t have to. The bottom line, Poyer is under contract this year…I think he’ll get him locked up before he hits free agency next year… we’re pretty much saying the same thing…only difference your saying Beane can move things around to get it done this year. Whereas I think Beane will wait until next year where he doesn’t have to move things around.
  8. What I meant was Beane said we have no more money….so yes if we had it…then signing him will cheapin his contract but I think it’s better to wait the year because guy’s like Shaq Lawson, Crowder, OJ Howard, Ect…will free up some cash once they’re contracts run it’s course in a year. Also, we have enough for our draft picks and to fill the rest of the roster out for camp. But I don’t think there’s enough money to get some sort of long term deal done…at least that what I got from Beane interview Exactly! Poyer play hasn’t dropped off & I think he has another 4 more years in him to play at a high level.
  9. I see another extension coming for him, Poyer & Hyde are McDermott’s people! Like those 2 helped build that entire defensive vision for him, no way he let’s that go right now! He rode Kyle Williams until Kyle was ready to go, I think Poyer & Hyde as well will get that same respect type of treatment. I just think right now, they can’t give him an extension, gotta let some of these 1 year deals falls off after this year & get some of that money rolling back into the cap.
  10. It’s so interesting…because this thread is almost 50/50 …there’s some like yourself that would love the signing of it happen for the right price. Other’s like myself, feel even at the right price he’s not worth bringing back. I just feel like if he came back, he’s a little salty the way he left & nobody wouldn’t really embrace him again. He will kill the mindset we have in that locker room… now if we can somehow trade for Bradberry from the Giants. I would love that even more!
  11. I would LOVE to have Bradberry here!!! 😎👍🏾
  12. I don’t think his demand is that high…price probably went down because nobody was interested. Now his price has lowered which is why we’re hearing teams may have some interest in him. He’s going to get a 1 yr $8M dollar deal ….something like that…just don’t see him getting a huge pay day honestly
  13. Thurm! My guy 😎 … I can see why they would be interested in him but as most people have said in this thread…Gilmore is a me guy for sure! I just don’t think he’s the type of player that goes with our culture. I don’t think he’ll truly buy in
  14. Understandable….just wanted some thoughts if it were to happen? How would you feel about him returning after the way he left?
  15. No this website wouldn’t let me post my screenshot… sorry you misunderstood 😎
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