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  1. Our beloved Bills... man we need this! Nobody sticks by their team better! 😎
  2. I don't get it?? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. Props to you for calling this! Cause they did... even if they made their FG's our D held them to 9pts! Yo we over here losing it! My voice i gone! 25yrs ... the Bills are going back to the AFC Championship! 😢🤧😄😄
  4. I agree... i'd rather roll with Wade or Williams
  5. Crazy thing Diggs thought this would be Buffalo...like 12-15... Diggs face when he saw over 3,000 people was priceless!!! 👏🏽😅😅
  6. See the thing about facing an offense like this...is that we have to score the very next possession....cause their eating clock like its a buffet
  7. Why isn't this video PINNED?? I'm not knocking the other TOPICS! BUT NO OTHER TOPIC MATTERS MORE THEN THIS VIDEO!!! EVERY POSTER ON THIS SITE NEEDS TO TAKE 25MINS & WATCH THIS! This thing got me so frickin emotional right now! Especially at 22:10 Let's Go! Only 1000 views of this thread... WTHeck
  8. Crazy! I was just about to create a thread asking who's part of the 6700 for tomorrow's game 😅😅😅 Make us proud if your going 😎😅
  9. That's if Beasley plays... I'm more confident in Diggs ... 7-8 catches 110 yards 1 TD
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