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  1. No the problem with the deep ball is that ... there's no Robert Foster on the field. He was your deep ball threat last year... he's not on the field this year...it's not hard to figure this out people. Now why isn't he on the field is the real question? Is it because he's not playing the "good guy role in the locker room" Maybe he's not volunteering his free time to hang out & have breakfast with Lee Smith & the guy's? Maybe he's not all about culture... I swear these are things McDermott value more than talent.
  2. Over reaction! Yes not getting Singletary more carries was a mistake. But not enough to fire Dabol... he's not Hackett 😂 C'mon now
  3. No... not a collapse. Mistakes were definitely made in this one but they'll bounce back. This lost doesn't make me feel differently about our team
  4. He needs more throws to Foster & Brown... trying to hit Zay jones deep is too hard especially when Zay can't separate on deep balls as well...nor can track the ball deep. He needs to be in the slot...doing slant & drag routes all day
  5. Gilmore....you crazy 😅😅😅
  6. Get the kinks out??? Get the kinks out??? So while we're getting the kinks out... the Pats will be in rare form... I understand this game is 3 weeks away... but you play chess 3 moves away... the Pats should be our main focus...Giants & the Bengals stink... the Jets was the hardest of the 3 first weeks.
  7. I was so hyped after our comeback win today...like when can you honestly remember the last time the Bills were down in a meaningful game in the 4th Qtr...& you didn't feel like we were out of it?!?! Well that high just dropped after watching The Sith Lords of New England just destroyed the Steelers! It's not even Vader himself aka Brady... nor Darth Sidious aka Belicheat. But that defense...that young defense from 2 years ago...has gelled pretty well...man. Gilmore just shut down JuJu like he was one of the top WR's last year Everytime I feel like we took a step...here comes frickin avocado ice cream eating Brady looking better then ever...like he's not 42!! Smh when will it end?? I'm not feeling good about our chances in week 4...even if we're 3-0 heading into that game, with the momentum. 😕😕😥 Thoughts?
  8. Hey So the NFL SUNDAY TICKET WILL NOT BE EFFECTED WITH THE CBS DISPUTE! For people out of ANY AFC local city...we'll be able to watch all AFC games broadcast on CBS through the ticket. Just no locals...meaning ... if you like in Philly or Minnesota for example & CBS decides that the Bills VS Bengals is their local game...it will be blacked out on the ticket & you won't be able to view it on your CBS local channel using Direct TV. But I literally only have 1 direct tv box for the ticket & Fios as my main cable tv company...😄😄 https://journalstar.com/business/national-and-international/here-s-how-the-cbs-at-t-dispute-will-affect/article_27ff69f2-049d-5c29-a7e2-fbc3455fd2ba.html
  9. Yes...Singletary, Beasley, Bills D cause we get 3 pts for Sacks & INT's in our league. Josh Allen & Shady maybe.
  10. Cut Jackson that fade route throw to Still was the worst smh 😄😄😄
  11. PS number?? Please clarify I have no clue what this abbreviation mean
  12. Andre Roberts is going to help get us some great field position! But I'm more hype about Christian Wade...I think i wanna keep Christian Wade...give him Tyree Jackson's Spot! 😅😅😅
  13. I think i wanna keep Christian Wade...give him Tyree Jackson's Spot! 😅😅😅
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