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  1. I know you spent time on this thread, but I'm in too much of a funk to care about what Jets fans think.
  2. On that note, I cost the Bills the game soon as I told my friends "Tre Day is making Nuke have a bad day at the office" at halftime. 😫😫
  3. Don't know if anyone has heard, Lorenzo announced his retirement in the locker room after the game
  4. I agree...the standards should be raised! Has anyone heard about Lorenzo retiring?
  5. "He can cry if he wants too, it's a free country" - Rad Tad from the Little Giants
  6. I can't even blame Daboll too much, Josh is not a finish product & he's not calling plays that will put him in a bad spot. So his play calling is very limited.
  7. Because as much as that was a debacle, the offense not scoring in the 2nd half other than a FG is a bigger issue. This offense is a problem, it was a problem all year...but we were winning games. The fact that they played against an awful defense & couldn't put up no more than 19pts is a serious issue.
  8. Man the countless deep balls to Dimarco Ughhh...smh
  9. I think they forgot about him & game plan for Duke today...which I don't get why? Beasley was open alot
  10. I'm doing my Honey maple wings, with some chicken quesadillas, spicy cheese dip...some Heineken, Guinness, & Whiskey to wash it all down 😎🥃🍺 Go Bills! We need to score 24pts today
  11. After seeing Duck Hodges last night, I'd say his development is looking good & Josh is not even a finish product. I think he's almost good right now & might be good come next season 😃
  12. I totally agree! I was another one blaming Allen for alot of things but when you see things slowed down & all the nuances that's happening... I'm more comfortable then ever with Josh as our QB. He's really doing more than I've ever expected after getting drafted. Just him knowing he had to move Earl Thomas off his spot... is enough to make every Bills fan feel good about our QB. He needs help, I know we got him help, but he needs more help/reliability
  13. 😄 ... Yea the mods just helped me with that thread title Right! I came away impressed how Earl Thomas read that play from the start... but at the same time definitely explained why Allen nailed out of the pocket... When we're watching it as fans in full speed, we don't see those nuances. But seeing it there...great play by Allen to draw Earl Thomas out a little...then talented enough to get it to Knox...who ended up dropping it Ughhhh.
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