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  1. Troy Franklin and Brendan Rice this year are two. So when you say you doubt Justin Shorter would have been drafted this year, I'm sorry I don't put a lot of stock into that opinion.
  2. With all due respect you have made a lot of predictions on WR's in the draft that were far off to say the least. Not saying you are any different than all of us in that regard but that nobody knows much of anything in terms of how a draft will play out. The history of the Bills shows that they have gotten production from WR's in that early day 2 range. Shorter is behind both thus far having not gotten any action as rookie but we will see. I agree he might not make the 53 and find himself on the practice squad. But who knows.
  3. Perhaps Justin Shorter is your answer to the day three WR's you wanted the team to draft?
  4. I really want to see like 5 players all over 90 targets in this offense. That would be awesome. Kincaid, Shakir, Samuel and Coleman I think can all get 90+ targets. Cook and Ray Ray Davis combine for 90 targets. That puts the Bills offense at 450+ targets, likely around 500 targets as a few of those players mentioned will be in the 100 - 110 target range . Allen has averaged 609 targets the last three seasons. So then we have about another 100 targets left over the remaining players on the roster.
  5. You want to trade our best performing postseason CB?? Seriously, I'd keep Elam. This is a physical game and Elam is on a cheap contract. I could easily seeing the Bills needing him to step up again late in the season. Honestly, I think our WR room is full. We are going to future Kincaid, Knox, Cook and Ray Davis pretty heavily in the passing game IMO. Throw in Shakir, Coleman and Samuel and I don't see a lot of need for bringing in another body at WR.
  6. This guy is the physical WR we have wanted. He seems totally comfortable being bodied up with DB's. Probably from his basketball background where separation really isn't a thing. I do wonder if he will need to adjust some of his push offs at the point of the catch. But officials aren't going to throw a flag on every one. Heck, they let Higgins get away with a massive push off in the Super Bowl a few years back.
  7. Disagree with the #2. The goal now is to win a Super Bowl. That's because Diggs helped Allen become the QB he is today. You can't even really put a price tag on value like that. Diggs helped the Bills become relevant year after year after two decades on being non-relevant. I find some value in that as well. Agree with your point of Diggs being a dud in the playoffs for the Bills. But that alone does not make the Diggs trade one that did not workout. I think folks also don't put enough stock into the drafting of Kincaid. The most recent Super Bowl dynasties futured TE's as their #1 skill player. Coincidence? In today's game an elite TE can put you over the top. Perhaps because they are hard so rare? Elite WR's grow on trees it seems and can even be traded for. Every team can have an elite WR so having one doesn't do enough to separate a team from the rest of the pack of good teams.
  8. I would say QB, WR, and secondary have been better over the average of the last four seasons. Those are some pretty important position groups both today and back in 2015. Many of the other groups are much closer than you give credit, IMO. Milano for example is no slouch as an all pro LB.
  9. I don’t disagree with the larger point that the defense has greatly underachieved, particularly once it reaches the divisional round. what exactly are you supposed to do as a GM here? Blow it all up because of poor results in a small sample size of postseason games compared to great results over a much larger sample size in the regular season? The disastrous defense in the postseason has been a huge problem, no doubt. But the solution isn’t so simple. but you’re also only talking about one side of the ball here. Did the offense underachieve in the 13 second game? Even in this most recent loss to KC they scored what 24 points against what was a very good Chiefs defense? Believe the 24 points was the most the Chiefs gave up all postseason last year. i’d say the punch out to cause the touchback and save a touchdown was as big a play as any in the game. Just as big as Jones rush against Dawkins.
  10. F- it. Just don't kick FG's. Punt or go for it every time. The heck do we have to lose at this point? Maybe the Bills will stumble upon a new strategy that becomes the in thing. I don't think I've ever trusted our kickers and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  11. I skipped through large parts of that but watched the last minute. Man, it's only been a few months but I have forgotten already how back and forth that game against KC was. Bills took the lead so many times only to immediately relinquish it. So depressing. Or worse, fake sliding his way along the sideline as he runs like he is trying to find the porta potty.
  12. If I am to believe what is being sold in this thread than I would have to also know that Allen is criminally underrated. Underrated not just by the national media but by even Bills fans on TBD. Allen should be recognized as the alpha QB in today's game, even over Mahomes and perhaps by a wide margin. Let's follow the logic laid out here. 1. Allen keeps the Bills contending year after year pretty much by himself because he hasn't been given the proper roster support by Beane and McDermott. 2. Mahomes, who everyone recognizes as the clear alpha QB in today's game, is surrounded by great talent and coaching over that same four year time period. Tyreek, GOAT tight end in Kelce, GOAT offensive coach in Reid, GOAT defensive coach in Spags and top 3 defensive player in the game today in Chris Jones. Just an absolute embarrassment of riches the KC ownership and GM have provided to Mahomes. Bravo. 3. Despite the clear imbalance of riches between the two teams, Josh Allen, nearly by himself has managed to lead the Bills to the second most wins over that four year time period, trailing only the Chiefs. Josh Allen has gone a perfect 3-0 against the Chiefs and Mahomes in the last three regular season games and has played two nearly perfect playoff games against the Chiefs only to end up losing late due to circumstances largely out of his control. Literally one squib kick or one lucky bounce away from being 5-0 against the Chiefs and Mahomes in the last five contests between the two. If all of the above is true, it's pretty clear who the alpha QB in today's game is. Or, more likely, the Bills roster these last four years has not been nearly as bad as some want to believe.
  13. okay. Maybe I am dull. What the heck is that supposed to tell us other than the Panthers had one abnormally great year? Which we already knew. The Bills worst years under Beane and McDermott were good years for the Cam Newton Panthers. The Bills should have bottomed out this last year when they were 6-6 and had one of those losing seasons like the Panthers did but instead they went on a six game winning streak and it wasn’t because Josh Allen went nuclear.
  14. We are not nearly as good as a team that had losing a seasons in two out of four seasons while playing in one of the worst divisions in football? How do they keep winning year after year?
  15. none of that has to do with the question asked though right? Both teams have consolation banners. Can Newton doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring. If the question is which team is built better I would go with the one that is built for sustain success over the one year wonder. now, if you want to argue that Josh Allen might be the sole reason why the bills are built for sustained success rather than being a one year wonder, then I probably agree. but regardless of the reason, the bills are obviously the better built team.
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