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  1. The #2 seed gets to play a #7 seed though. I think over time we will find that the #7 seed more often not is a pretty bad team and not a good match for a #2 seed. I don't agree with Nick Wright on much of anything but when he used the term "better than a bye" last year in reference to the #2 seeded Chiefs playing the #7 Steelers, I mostly agreed. We have seen teams be a little rusty coming out of first round bye's. It's not the end of the world to play a home game in the wild card round against the #7 seed. The biggest advantage of the 1 seed over the 2 seed is the home field advantage in the conference championship game.
  2. I'd be fine with Ariza trying out again with the Bills this off-season. No reason to bring him back before the season is over though.
  3. They are the Dynasty of... one. This really is a pretty wild stat that they are 1-5 against the top two teams in the AFC. Needing a miracle to get that one win. Too their credit at least all of the games except for the regular season loss last year to the Bills were close games coming down to the final minute. I'd like to see the Bills avoid having to play both KC or Cincinnati till the conference title game. Bills need that to fall into their laps with the seeding.
  4. You're right Diggs is right there with Jefferson. I was kind of taking the QB into account maybe too much. I thought the three first team all pro wr's this year were set but in Diggs, Hill and Jefferson but now Adams is making a strong push. 12TD's, 79 receptions and nearly 1200 yards. There is going to be a very deserving WR left off of first team all pro.
  5. The most important number is always #1, as in #1 seed. Every year multiple QB's will have eye popping numbers. Only one in each conference will have the #1 seed. And when you get a year when one QB is 16-1 or 15-2 and the other QB's are all sitting on 3 or 4 losses that often ends up being a determining factor. Allen needs to start piling on the TD's then over total yards. As it should in my opinion. I think Mahomes only way back is retaining the #1 seed by the end of the season.
  6. I need Dallas -11 to hit a 7 team Parlay. Only put a $1 on it but it pays around $100. Tua already screwed me out of my largest wager today which was a six team teaser. I just knew the worst would happen when they were down six with under two minutes left. Needed the Dolphins to cover+10.
  7. 380 yards passing and 4 total TD's today for Hurts. Hurts has to be strongly in the discussion now for MVP. Maybe the leader after this weeks games. #1 seed continues to be the number one determing factor in an MVP and he has that on lock down in the NFC. His stats are really good too. I think he probably only trails Mahomes and Allen in total TD's. And he's one of the league leaders in passer rating. Allen still has a good shot as well. The KC loss opens things up quite a bit.
  8. We need a KC loss a bit more. Looking ahead to the MNF @ the Bengals, that game might be the first all season that the Bills aren't favored. Could see it being a pick em. If the #1 seed is the goal Bills are going to need all the help they can get if they still have one more loss somewhere on the schedule. Miami could still lose again to really anyone left on their schedule so I could still see two more losses for them after this week.
  9. Gabe has not met expectations. But those expectations were also sky high. Gabe has been a proven big time player for this team in the postseason. Both his rookie year and last year. We likely don't win the Colts WC game without the two clutch catches he makes before halftime on that TD drive. I'm confident Gabe can step up again as he always has. Unfortunately he might not be that #1 WR in waiting that we thought he could be. On the plus side, I think many of us thought Diggs was entering the downside of his career after coming off a 127 reception 1,500 yard season he dropped all the way down to 102 receptions 1,200 yards in a season with one extra game than the previous year. But now he is on pace to shatter his per game averages from that 1,500 yard 16 game season.
  10. Are you saying Peyton’s arm got destroyed when he took off running? What bad luck. The one rush he had he gets his arm ripped to shreds. I’ll continue to worry about the hits Allen takes in the pocket with his arm in awkward angles over ones he can brace himself for on the run. Allen might tear his ankle, leg or knee up one of these days on a run. He plays long enough it will happen, not a question of if. But a lower body injury to Allen won’t be career ending. Worst case scenario he’ll perform like prime Big Ben. A hobbled Allen in terms of his running ability would still be Big Ben’s best running ability.
  11. Luck never made the secondary reaction plays that Allen and Mahomes make regularly. And while an athlete he is still a good tier below the top athletes at the position like Allen. But he is a pretty good comp. Big physical pocket QB with a good arm. I'd argue Luck was beat up in the pocket and that is why he gave up on football not because he ran too much and his arm talent decreased. He still had an arm when he retired young. His heart just wasn't in the game. Allen seems to be cut from a different mold mentally. I stand by the statement that Allen won't have a career altering injury to his arm from running the football. I don't by the Allen and Newton injury comps. If Allen has a career altering injury to his arm it will be from hits behind the line of scrimmage when he is a passer. He's already had three arm injuries in such situations. In today's game I would also be more worried about concussions.
  12. Allen already is a pocket passer. Their is no adaptation needed. The running ability is just a bonus. Also, there is no comp for Allen. Newton, Big Ben, Favre , Elway, Young, Mahomes he has a bit of all of their abilities making him truly unique.
  13. He's been better than top 10 these last three seasons. He's been top 3 in two of them. If he can be top 3 three in one more season beyond this one, I think he's a lock. That would be three career first team all-pros.
  14. So odds are very good that Diggs will get his second first team all pro selection this year if they name three WR's like they have been. And whether it takes him 3 more seasons or 6 more seasons odds are very good he will surpass 1,000 career receptions. The list of players with 2+ first team all pros and 1,000+ career receptions are: Jerry Rice 10- 1st TM 1,549 receptions Terrell Ownes 5- 1st TM 1,078 receptions Marvin Harrison 3- 1st TM 1,102 receptions Chris Carter 2- 1st TM 1,101 receptions Andre Johnson 2- 1st TM 1,062 receptions Steve Smith Sr. 2- 1st TM 1,031 receptions Only Johnson and Smith Sr. are not in the HOF. But both are selection candidates. Time will tell if either gets in. What is hard for me to sort out is the AP hasn't always picked three WR's for first team all pro but it seems to be a trend that has started in the last 10 years or so. That may move the target to 3 first team all pro selections rather than just 2. And obviously with the increased passing game over the last 20 years and extra game we may see the new target of receptions move to 1,100 or so as the minimum. Both are still very achievable for Diggs, 3 first team all-pros and 1,100 receptions. Not shocking at all. Steve Smith's first year of eligibility was last year. No way was he going to be a first ballot guy. He might get in this year. Probably not. Most receivers have to wait 5+ years or so.
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