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  1. I think GB will settle for a 1st this year and two more picks. Some combination of maybe two 3rds. One this year and one next year that becomes a second rounder if Rodgers plays in 2024. Jets really have no choice but to pay whatever GB asks for. I just thinking the asking price from GB comes down eventually. GB is definitely getting a 1st and 3rd at minimum, I think. No rush on GB's part though so might as well as continue to ask for two firsts at least up to the draft. Agreed! Would rather get Sauce Gardner and a 3rd rounder over two 1st rounders bacck from the Jets.
  2. Jack Campbell feels like a lock for the Steelers organization. Would love to make him a Bill though.
  3. Just an epic failure to go RB in back-to-back years in second round and first round. They couldn't pull the trigger on him even if they did love him. They would at minimum have to work out a trade for Cook somehow. I see this first round pick being a WR, LB, or o-lineman with an outside shot of a TE.
  4. More likely that they do not value the position in the first round. I hope that is the case. They just used a second-round pick on James Cook last year. Would be moronic to use a first-round pick on a RB the very next year.
  5. This is an exciting signing? It's a good and fairly expected signing, a back of his size and skill, but I'd be hard pressed to say it's exciting or really moves the needle.
  6. His highlights are incredible. He looks a little small for MLB. As long as he can pass a PED test I think I wouldn't mind taking him at #27.
  7. People that say McKenzie, are you talking as of last Thursday when the OP posted this or the start of last season? I think you have to be using 20/20 hindsight if you think McKenzie should not have been on the 2022 roster. Going into the 2022 season, McKenzie had the following going for him: 1. In very limited reps had stepped up big time in the starting slot receiver role in back-to-back seasons against Miami in 2020 and the Patriots in 2021. Basically, every time he was called on to contribute meaningful snaps, he had passed the test. 2. He was still young and cheap. 3. All reports out of the 2022 training camp were that he was having a great camp. McKenzie, Davis and Knox were all three major breakout candidates going into the 2022 season. None of them broke out unfortunately. To me the big miss last year was keeping Kumerow over Hodges. To make matters worse, I believe Hodges was still on our practice squad when Kumerow went down on IR and we still somehow let Hodges get picked off our practice squad. And this was when we already knew we had lost Crowder for the season and neither Shakir or McKenzie were setting the world on fire. I'm curious who we were protecting over Hodges at that point of the season when both Kumerow and Crowder were out? I'm guessing we were stacking an extra safety or corner over Hodges due to the injuries to Hyde and White?
  8. I agree on your assessment that the Bills are a top team still. The troubling thing is that the number of top teams in increasing exponentially. At the start of the 2021 season, you could say the top teams were the Bills and the Chiefs. That's only two teams. The Bengals improved enough that year that by the end of the 2021 season they had won the conference and also staked claim as one of now three top teams in the AFC. So, to start the 2022 season, we had three top teams. Fast forward to this upcoming season and I think we will end up with 4 or 5 top teams in the conference. Jags, Jets and Dolphins all look like teams fully capable of taking the next step up in 2023. You also have the Chargers who are still talented but still may Charger it up. But if just two of these four teams do take the full step up then we have 5 top teams in the conference. This is why it feels like the Bills have blown their window to make it to the Super Bowl. They still can but the road is getting much more difficult with each passing year. The biggest reason I am down on the Bills is that for two straight seasons they were at one point the conference favorites to make it to the super bowl, held the 1 seed around Halloween and had beaten the Chiefs in KC each of those two seasons. Yet, they managed to not finish the season as the one seed and managed to go backwards in playoff success each of those two seasons. As Bills fans, how are we supposed to take early season success next year if we once again beat KC at KC and have the one seed six or 8 games into the season? On the one hand it would be nice because I am sure there will be more than a few predicting the Bills to not even win the division. But on the other hand, wake me up when the playoffs start and let's see how the team does. Feels like McDermott and Beane's long-term future in Buffalo hinges on what happens in the postseason next year. I also agree that the Bengals are just a bad match up. Bills would have fared better against the Chiefs and I still expect that to be a continued trend. It matters depending on where you are trying to place the blame. Offense, defense or special teams. The WC game against Miami was a lot like the first game against Miami this last season. The defense was put in terrible spots by the offense, but the defense did a good job overall. The offense moved the ball with ease most of the game but made too many critical errors. In all three games last year against the Dolphins you could say the offense moved the ball with ease in all three of them but made too many critical errors in 2 out of the three games. While the defense played well in two out of the three games.
  9. I don't know why but I don't even remember seeing him on the field at all. But I don't doubt that he wasn't ready. The guy I do remember is Jaquan Johnson. Boy did he look bad. Especially in the first Jets game.
  10. I think the OP is more right then wrong. Being a 3rd round pick going into his second year, Bernard simply must get on the field in some capacity. You don't use day two picks on special team only players. As for a decent veteran, I agree but we probably disagree on who fits that description. I'm not seeing a Bobby Wagner or Lavonte David. It's going to be a veteran LB that I have likely never heard of.
  11. While i agree with OP. I think many of us, myself included would be fine with Singletary coming back if the price is right. The problem is the RB position has been devalued so much it just doesn't make sense to pay more than the minimum you can get away with at the position. Singletary deserves to try and get as much as he can while he can on the open market. Even if it is "only" a couple million more than the Bills would offer on a two- or three-year contract, that's still $2 million more at a position that really doesn't make 10's of millions anymore. Got to get what you can when you can.
  12. Lol we appear to be in cap Hell now. for some reason, everyone’s okay with our OC and quarterback, just playing hero ball all the time. let’s run a real offense and utilize all the skill position players. It’s worked pretty well for K.C.
  13. If we end up getting a receiver that can't finish the season and is broken down at the age of 32 while giving up day one or two draft picks.
  14. Or get the RB's and TE's involved in the passing game like a competent OC/QB combo would do. No need for a 1B WR. Knock on wood one of those guys doesn't go down. If we build a passing attack to spread the ball around more, we can manage better through any potential injuries that could come up.
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