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  1. I love Josh Allen. That said, can someone please do some digging and let us know what his completion percentage is on long balls this year? Attempts over 30 air yards? Has he even completed one? Feels like he is 0-27 if we say he averages three attempts per game.
  2. Actually this thread is meant to pump the breaks a bit while still having reason for optimism. A PSA for people to expect a loss in the coming weeks but not lose their heads over it. I think a lot of people are looking at the records of our upcoming opponents and are just assuming we should go 4-0 over the next four. I think that is completely unrealistic. And whomever we do lose to we will still be in great shape at 8-3. 2-2 is absolutely a possibility, heck probably more so than 3-1 given this teams history. But do we want to go down that road?
  3. We need to see how the young guy plays first. Maybe he is another Minshew or Kyle Allen? Flacco was playing like he had no pulse out there and Broncos have been in pretty much every game this year. Could easily have two more wins on their resume. The fact that we play them at home whereas the Browns are on the road I would the Browns slightly as the team we will lose to over the next four. My head would explode.
  4. 2-2 would be same old Bills so wouldn't be shocked with that outcome. Let's hope the team has turned the page on those Bills.
  5. I won't allow myself to think the Bills will go 2-2 over the next four and 4-4 over their last 8 games in total. I also have to be realistic and figure they lose one of these four upcoming games. This is the Bills after all. Last week was such a huge let down partly because we failed to get over that 5-1 hurdle that we tripped up on in 2008. But the 2019 Bills still have a chance to achieve a record through 8 games that we have not reached since our last Super Bowl season of 1993, by beating the Redskins this week and reaching 6-2. It hasn't been a murderers row of opponents to say the least but hey, you can only play the teams on your schedule and I'll gladly take a start to the season we haven't seen since 1993. So my question is who do we lose to over the next four? Just give me one team. I'll say Cleveland on the road.
  6. What the heck is "cumulative QB Rating"? You mean just QB rating right? Allen has taken a big jump in QB rating from year 1 to year 2 so far so that is a good sign. But if anyone likes QBR over QB Rating he has taken a big jump down from year 1 to year 2 in QBR. I tend to prefer QBR over the traditional QB Rating. Especially when you have a QB with above average mobility. But with Allen being a young QB still figuring things out I think in his case it is a good sing to see an improvement in traditional QB rating so far at the expense of QBR for now.
  7. Uh, yeah, okay. So if a team has a bad defense say 25th or worse ranked YPG and 25th or worse in TOP but their MLB is top 5 in tackles I guess he is having a great year because he has so many tackles? Sacks can also be skewed. Team A could play majority veteran QB's who get rid of the ball. Team B could play majority 1st and 2nd year starters who take a lot of sacks in general.
  8. In just the last hour I've seen the line at Bovada move from Eagles +2 to pick em. I'm one of those fans that sometimes likes to hedge a possible devastating Bills loss with a pay day by taking the other side. Would not mind at all having to pay for a Bills victory today.
  9. 1. Patriots have almost a 20 year track record of success. 2. Patriots have curbed stopped the bad teams. Bills have squeaked by some of them.
  10. Wonder who that is by the way? Anyone of the Eli led Giants teams has to be in the running. Of course Super Bowl winner and worst are sort of oxymoron's.
  11. They don't remember the 2008 team i guess? We already know this one is not going 0-6 in the division.
  12. Not sure about that with the forecast calling for 26mph winds at kick off.
  13. Yep. That was probably the easiest stretch ever. I think we played either all four or 3/4 NFC West teams during the stretch and that was a terrible division that year. Plus the Bengals and possibly Browns.
  14. Some posters will continue to freak with every turnover unfortunately. I would love to see connect on at least one deep ball though. He's been dreadful with those this year. Every time he lets one rip deep I've been accustomed to instantly think to myself "crap!".
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