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  1. Should be a bannable offense to have bumped this thread at this time.
  2. Hopefully Allen is trending in the right direction. He cut the fumbles down a lot this year. Credited with 9 but remember one of those is really on Moss. He was a fumbling machine his first two years. Much less so this year. I'll take 8-10 fumbles a year with everything Allen gives us. Maybe that number will go even lower next year. Give him a mulligan on the Jets game where he had two fumbles right out the gate and it wasn't a bad year at all.
  3. It's crazy how bad those guys were. Andre Holmes...totally forgot about that dude. And he may have been our most consistent receiver that year!
  4. Tomlin always one of the more aggressive coaches decides to go all conservative at one of the worst times. Go figure.
  5. If memory serves me right snow was never really a problem for Brady all the years he's played in New England and the AFC East. Wind is another story.
  6. Here is the article: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/24/17271686/josh-allen-nfl-draft-2018-stats-analysis-comparisons I agree with the bolded. And that's why hopefully many GM's will swing and miss when trying to find the next Josh.
  7. I'll forward you the article once I can find it. Or if someone else has it they can post it. Why are you so concerned about Josh being an anomaly? I actually think it is bad ass he is this huge anomaly.
  8. There is an article out there from the 2018 draft. Something like "For Josh to succeed Math will have to be wrong". It was posted again on this board earlier this week. With regards to Aikman and Bradshaw etc. you still have to compare what they were doing their first season or two vs. their peers. Josh is an anomaly. And I'm totally cool with that. The Josh haters like Geoff Schwartz and the like can go kick sand.
  9. He is an outlier. Based on his college production anyway. I agree his first two seasons in the NFL were far better than he is given credit for. The interesting thing about Allen in college vs the NFL is that most players, QB's especially, do not dominate games with their legs and mobility more at the NFL level than they do at the collegiate level. Allen is one of the rare players that has become more dominant with his legs at the next level. Usually it is a wash or players are athleticism is not has effective at the NFL level. The game was completely different in Brads
  10. I think the point is teams are going to be drafting those guys with size, mobility and a rocket arm regardless of the school they played at and their success. Josh was as big a boom or bust player that has ever entered the league. Get ready for a lot of busts if other GM's pick players with Allen's college resume.
  11. I thought Rivers was fine. He airmailed those last two passes on the sideline I guess because he didn't like the coverage and didn't want to make a risky throw. Probably like him to make the risky throws their to try to get a completion. But by that point of the game the Colts were in a pretty rough spot without the ability to complete anything in bounds. So take away those two plays Rivers was great including in the 4th quarter to bring his team back. He had a 91 QBR. Much better than his 94 passer rating. His receivers had some big time drops. Was really the only way our defense could stop t
  12. I think he's talking about a different Brown throw. The one along the sideline. The drop by Brown was over the middle. The sideline throw was thrown too high. Tough throw but Josh has been making a ton of them. Two yesterday to Davis even. On a side note, Brown 4 targets and 0 catches. Disappointing after he looked pretty good last week in his first game back. But Luckily Davis is stepping up like he has most of the season so far.
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