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  1. And I am seeing it at 21 now. It's unreal how bad they are. They might be a two TD dog against even the other bad teams in the league. Jets without Darnold and Mosley they might be like an 8 point dog.
  2. Considering who we would have just beaten to get to 4-0 I would say the playoff chances would be about 98-99% if we start 4-0.
  3. We should just bring back Murphy assuming he is available.
  4. I took that as one of my six regular picks. Was looking possible until Flacco just threw a pick at the goaline. I'll be 5 out of 6 on my individual wagers if I miss on this one. It was a good week to say the least. Just wish i was placing more than $5 wagers on everything listed below. I'll probably up everything to $20 wagers next week with the larger bank roll. Hits: Colts +3 Lions +1.5 Cowboys -5 49ers -1 Jags +8 Six team parlay $5 to win $230 Cowboys -5 49ers -1 Buffalo -2.5 Chiefs -7 (calling this one early chiefs up 28-10 in 4th quarter right now) Lions +1.5 Colts +4 (bought a point on the parlay) Misses: Broncos +2 (currently down a TD in 4th quarter) Six team teaser Saints +8.5
  5. True. But hopefully Josh can be to Mahomes what Brady was to Peyton early in their careers. He finally had a good day on the ground I see. Allen put up those numbers 3 or 4 times last year.
  6. With each passing week and the kids trajectory it feels like pretty soon we will be asking with a straight face is there a better QB in the league?
  7. Jalen Ramsey, one of the few players in the game I have less respect for than I do Marrone.
  8. Is this a "we are going to fire you before you quit on us" situation? I mean if anyone should be pulling the plug it should be Fitz pulling it on Miami. He doesn't need the crap they are offering. Miami is an absolute mess right now. I would love to see the first group of players ever just boycott an entire game. Send a message to their owner about tanking.
  9. And even more importantly of note in today's NFL, a perfectly clean hit. Hyde showing how you do it.
  10. I prefer to sprinkle in some parlays for chances at bigger payouts.
  11. I think we will see Jones at some point this year as I expect the Giants to be about 3-8 or 2-7 at some point this season. But they could always choose to take the Kansas City approach and have him sit most the year and throw him in for a game 17 start. Eli is a HOFer. Just one with a not so great regular season resume. To me that means there is no way he should be a first ballot HOFer. But he will get in sooner rather than later once he is eligible. I'd probably put him on the same level as Phillip Rivers.
  12. For all of us who cut the cord and don't have ESPN anymore and haven't gone with Sling TV or Hulu Live. Love that NFL Primetime is back. Will I pay for it? Not sure.
  13. Yes, but I wouldn't say tempted is the word. It's a no-brainer to start him this week. He probably has a chance to be the highest scoring receiver in fantasy while Hill is out.
  14. Great call on the coach's wanting to showcase his improved passing. We opened with what 17 straight pass plays?
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