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  1. At this point I certainly don't think Allen is having to pay Palmer anything. If anything, Palmer will do whatever he has to do to keep Allen showing up in the off-season as i am sure there is no better spent advertising money then having Allen at one of his training events.
  2. https://stathead.com/football/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=single&order_by_asc=0&order_by=pass_rating&year_min=1950&game_type=R&ccomp[1]=gt&cval[1]=105&cstat[1]=pass_rating&ccomp[2]=gt&cval[2]=60&cstat[2]=pass_att&positions[]=qb&age_min=0&age_max=99&game_num_min=0&game_num_max=99&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&game_month=12&season_start=1&season_end=-1 Here is the December split. Of note, Lamar showing very well in both 2019 and 2020. Of QB's to appear in at least 4 games Allen's 2021 December ran
  3. I usually agree but the title of the thread and topic is "Mr. Monday Night". A re-scheduled original Thursday Night Fox broadcast to Monday at 5:00 pm ET time doesn't really seem out of bounds. How many exceptions are there really going to be like that. At any rate hopefully Allen can continue to dominate on Monday Nights.
  4. Nothing picks me up better during a long work week than thinking about how good our QB is and how football season is just around the corner. LOL The next split I want to find is passer ratings in the month of December. Wondering if Allen might be top 10 all time for the month of December. Rodgers was 125 while Allen was 116. I was surprised Rodgers was so much higher than Allen given that Allen actually had the better TD to INT ratio by one TD.
  5. https://stathead.com/football/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=combined&order_by_asc=0&order_by=pass_rating&year_min=1950&game_type=R&ccomp[1]=gt&cval[1]=100&cstat[1]=pass_rating&positions[]=qb&age_min=0&age_max=99&game_num_min=0&game_num_max=99&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&game_day_of_week=2&season_start=1&season_end=-1 Finally figured out the search option in the link above. Looks like Billy Volek (remember him? neither did I) and and Marcus Mariotta of all QB's are the only ones ahead of Allen. But again, co
  6. To the best of my knowledge no QB that has ever played in multiple Monday night games has a higher career passing rating than Josh Allen. I was trying to do a split search of all QB's to have played on Monday but couldn't find the option on Stathead. So I looked up the usual suspects, Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes, Lamar etc. Watson and Dak are the only ones who are close at 122.3, 1-1 record and 118.9 and 3-1 record respectively vs. Allen at 122.5 and a 2-1* record. But that rating for Allen is misleading as it includes the debacle rescheduled "Monday night'" game against the Chiefs last year. Ver
  7. You can even go back to Allen's rookie year in 2018. Robert Forster career year. Zay Jones career year. Charles Clay, Kelvin Benjamin, Andre Holmes did any of them even play another snap in the NFL?
  8. Davis really has a great opportunity in front of him. To grow into the role of a dominant WR in this league right along with Allen. He is an important piece to the Bills long term plans. Well before all the Beasley/vaccine stuff I felt Beasley would take a big step back in production this year. His production being replaced from a combination of Sanders and Davis receiving more targets.
  9. I thought he was solid all year in the special teams role up to the Colts playoff game. That was really his one bad game. Average starting field position inside the 6 or 7 yard line for the first half. Roberts made at least a couple mistakes in that first half but it wasn't all on him either. And ultimately the Bills got the W.
  10. I was a Baker guy as well. And to make matters worse I was an Anyone But Allen guy. I viewed Allen probably similarly as Elway did. Intriguing, but the risk of being another Paxton Lynch that would never realize his potential outweighed even the massive potential. Obviously I didn't do a deep dive into Allen. I'm guessing Elway and his staff did but in the end they were too chicken sh*t to take him after busting on big QB's like Oz and Lynch. Allen's most underrated attribute is what he has going on between his ears. Both in his ability to learn and read defenses and his ability t
  11. I'm thinking he would be a good franchise tag candidate eventually if he is eligible. If the Bills are looking for that extra year of confirmation.
  12. @ KC @ Tennesse Dear God please just get a split at least. I don't want to relive the night mares from last year.
  13. I mean he is the GOAT. I had never in my life been so happy to see Brady put a beatdown on another team like against the Chiefs and Mahomes in the super bowl.
  14. I think Beasley's role is greatly diminished this year. But it would be foolish to outright cut him. As WR centric we were last year we need all the depth we can get. God for bid Diggs has to miss a handful of games or more. I expect a big season out of Sanders, but he is old as dirt so we need to take that into consideration. Davis had a nice rookie year but we have seen rookies in the past have career years and then never get better.
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