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  1. Haven't seen his name yet so I'll give him and honorable. I'm thinking mention. Roscoe Parrish would be even more dynamic and effective in today's game and with Allen, Diggs and Beasley.
  2. Moulds made the playoffs twice early in his career with the Bills and was a major reason why the Bills did so. His time on the Bills during the drought only lasted from 2000 to 2005. Everyone has their own definition but mine would be one of a player who never made the playoffs while on the Bills. Ruben Brown would be a similar player. 9 year career with the Bills five of those years being pre-drought.
  3. Jackson was the better all-around back IMO. Higher yards per carry, higher receptions per game and higher receiving yards per game. Jackson's versatility as an all around back was really evident in 2011 before he broke his leg. Lynch would be the choice for a back you want to give the ball to 25+ times.
  4. Allen just completely dominates Miami. And unfortunately for Miami I think there is some real truth to Allen playing his best in warmer climates and domes.
  5. It's discouraging that we've spent a decent amount of draft capital on RB's and the D-line over the last 2-3 drafts, talking day 1 and day 2 picks, and yet going into this years draft those seem to be our highest positions of need. That said, if RB is one of your highest positions of need you are probably doing something right overall. I look at it this way: Offenses get you to the playoffs with ease. But defenses time and time again have put the clamps down on elite offenses in the Super Bowl. My theory on that is when you get that deep into the playoffs
  6. Allen: 2018 Games 1-6 61.8 rating 2018 Games 7-12 72.6 rating 2019 Games 13-20 82.9 rating 2019 Games 21-27 88.8 rating 2020 Games 29-36 102.4 rating 2020 Games 40-46 111.6 rating 2021 ??? Some fans are in just complete denial. Allen's year three jump was unprecedented sure. A much larger jump than one would have predicted but it's easy to look back and not be surprised that he improved. Diggs alone was probably worth +2 or 3 points to Allen's overall passer ratings last year. And Diggs isn't going anywhere.
  7. And it's 5.5 games. He'd also be undefeated against them if it weren't for that damn Charles Clay end zone drop.
  8. That seems like the kiss of death for Watson. We're supposed to believe Watson never "pushed the boundaries" of consensual now?
  9. It kind of looks that way. It's been a death by 1,000 cuts approach. I wouldn't be shocked if he had all these women ready to file and come out day one but saw a better opportunity to slow roll everything and just make it seemingly worst with every passing day and week.
  10. I guess that is right. I just don't believe any of this Mack Jones at 3 nonsense. So it is a manufactured story from somewhere. I guess the media?
  11. Don't believe it. Mac Jones is a smoke screen. They're taking either Fields or Lance. My money would be on Fields.
  12. Given their ages, I'd be shocked if both Beasley and Sanders are still on the 2022 roster. And not totally surprised if neither were on the roster still. I'd be all for taking a WR early this year and letting him ease into the NFL with plans to really utilize him in 2022 and beyond.
  13. They have to spend to a certain percentage of the cap. Ultimate goal of a GM is to build a winning team. That means fielding the best 53 man roster which requires spending as much money as possible every year.
  14. Not a surprise. Outside of the Jets basically every team that picks after #18 and has a possible need for RB. But the Jets roster is too bad to be drafting RB's in the first round. Even if it's the second first round pick you have.
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