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  1. It was ludicrous then too. 18- Darnold- High Variance Youngster 30- Allen - Athlete Playing QB
  2. Looks like it's the best one till next Sunday when Allen totals 400 yards and 5 TD's.
  3. We saw other receivers make plays like we are seeing now for years. I think for the Bills in the past it's been a combination of a QB not willing to make the throw and receivers not good enough to consistently attack the ball.
  4. Thanks. I was going to ask if it's ever been done before.
  5. Can't imagine Lawerence would want to land in the same division as Allen. Heck, go to the NFC. He'll only after battle with Murray and an old Russ. AFC is going to be stacked with Mahomes, Jackson and Allen.
  6. I was wrong about Diggs. I thought he was good just not that good. Little over rated. He's totally taken our passing game to another level. And just look at how terrible Cousins and the Vikings are now without him.
  7. It seems the majority of incompletions we see now are miss communications rather than poorly placed ball by Allen. That is a good sign I think.
  8. Super early. But at this point Allen is as much a leader in the early MVP race as Rodgers, Wilson, Lamar and anyone else off to a hot start.
  9. Maybe you are out of the loop. Montoya's post is referring to most of the media's perception of Allen as an inaccurate QB that is holding back a team with a great defense. Nobody is expecting 4 tds and 400 yards against the Rams but we'll still settle for 2 TDs and 300 yards.
  10. Oh boy. Don't let this be one of those meaningless 400 yard 4 td games.
  11. Well I guess we will find out tomorrow Morning! Can't wait to eat up all the talking heads tomorrow on the radio.
  12. I think he still has a 5 td game in him this year. Heck, maybe 6. But this might be the most yardage. Then again...
  13. That was a big boy catch. Used to only see other teams receivers make plays like that.
  14. Okay Daboll. Last week you ran Allen too much. This week not enough.
  15. I think this was/has been true of Brees for most of his career as well. But I do think Wilson has a shot to cement himself this year as the leagues best QB.
  16. I agree. I MIGHT throw in Russell Wilson. I think he still has a solid 6 years left in him at minimum. He seems driven to play a long time and he takes care of his body. He's proven to be far less of an injury risk then Allen. He seems to continue to become a better passer every year too. And Kyler Murray looks very special IMO. But just too soon to see how he will hold up. Jackson has proven to be pecial but I'm totally fine with riding and dying with Josh.
  17. The completion percentage and/or inaccuracy, issues what ever we want to call it were fair game for Allen to be criticized on. The list of QB's throughout NFL history that were sub 58% completion in college and turned out to be franchise QB's in the NFL is very short. I think just 2 or 3 names right? And then of course Allen comes out and completes only 52.8% of his passes as a rookie. Basically confirming everyone's doubt. Year two comes and we as Bills fans recognize the huge leap in improvement from year 1 to year 2. More TD's, less INT's, 6 point jump in completion percentage. But from an outsider's perspective Allen was still dead last in the league in completion percentage despite his large improvement in that area from year 1 to year 2. Completion percentage has nothing to do with accuracy. Yes and no. I don't agree with some analysts now criticizing Allen for shorter air yard throws. As if that is somehow uncommon for even elite QB's to do. We all saw Brady become the GOAT living off of dink and dunk high completion percentage passes. The problem I have with these twits mocking Allen, and really what do I care, but all they do is give more fuel to the fire for those who have had a negative opinion of Allen from day one and use one two horribly missed passes as confirmation that Allen is still a bad QB. But those people are only fooling themselves at this point so why should we really care. I feel like Allen is only one or two games away from being mentioned in the same breath by many in the national media as Watson and Kyler Murray. Could come as soon as this coming Monday if Allen puts up another 3+ TD 0ints 350+ total yard game where the Bills put 27+ up on the scoreboard again.
  18. All good. We get to see what an offensive carried team looks like this year. Training wheels are coming off. I guess match up wise the stats would suggest we should go run heavy this game. But I'd like to see the Bills dictate the game plan rather than have the game plan dictated to them. Another 40+ attempt game for Allen.
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