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  1. Probably already been asked in this thread but anyone know if this is starters only? The quality of player loss definitely matters.
  2. JA currently leads the league in YPA rushing (6.9) for the second consecutive season (6.3 last year). Will be interesting to see where he finishes the year. Many of us thought entering this season Allen would maybe have a career low in rushing yards. But looks like he is going to have a career high in rushing yards by quite a bit. He's only 202 yards behind his career high last year of 763 yards and has 6 games left. He's likely to go over 800 yards rushing.
  3. Got to factor in the rushing with Hurts too. He had a 147 yard rushing game last night which in terms of rarity is probably the equivalent of like a 500 yard passing game. And the most important ingredient for the MVP is team record and more importantly conference seeding.
  4. I agree. Beyond this week it is either home vs Seahawks or @ the Raiders that can knock off the Chiefs. Seattle has been playing over their heads but they will at least still be fighting for a wild card in that week 16 game. Raiders should be out of it. But I've been saying since their week 5 loss at KC that they were one of the best 1-4 team we have ever seen. And that still holds true now as they are probably one of the best 4-7 teams we have ever seen. But what are the odds they can win five in a row before the final game against KC? A bit too early yet to tell if an 8-8 team can make the final wild card spot which could give the Raiders one more game to drop before the KC game. Still, division game, at home, season over or not I give them a chance in that one. I can't see the Bills losing twice to the Jets regardless of who is QBing for them. Miami is a different story though. Could easily lose twice to them. Yep. Good point. Most likely next losses on the schedule for both the Bills and Chiefs.
  5. Cards and Broncos should seriously consider trading QB's. Problem is, Russ has been so bad I am sure the Broncos would do the trade in a heartbeat but the they would probably still have to send the Cardinals a first round pick in return. Which they have none left for the foreseeable future. The other huge negative with Murray is that he seems at this point to be an injury prone QB.
  6. We are finally getting to the good stretch of the season where MVP will be decided. As always, the favorites are the two QB's currently leading the #1 seeds in each conference. That's essentially been the MVP race for the last two decades. Bills can regain the #1 seed this week with a win and losses by the Chiefs and Dolphins.
  7. At the end of the half against the lions the primary issue was that the Bills ran out of downs not time. Maybe that is on Allen for not taking the open looks over the middle of the field or tucking and running since the Bills had timeouts left to take advantage of. Either way, the Bills have not been a great red zone offense this year I don’t think but they did manage to easily get a Fg at the end of each half against the lions. Bill seem to be very good at doing that which is still a lot better than no points at all. Drought era Bills it always seemed like a miracle just to get three points on those situations. With this team three points is the minimum expectation. I remember in the loss to the Jets being shocked that we couldn’t get a drive going. I think there was a big penalty that hurt too? Against Miami they got a few plays but everyone was too gassed. I think a big penalty also may have come into play as well.
  8. what’s been worse? The elbow or the decision making? He’s in a slump. Let’s not use the elbow as an excuse. He went into a slump last year too. Nothing new. He’ll get threw it.
  9. I disagree on the first half. Bills ran out of downs not time. At most they maybe could have burned one time out early in the drive. But I like keeping at least two timeouts with the clock under 20 seconds and inside the 20 yard line. I believe the Bills fully intended to use two of the three timeouts after the last 1st and 2nd down plays. But they were both incompletions so that is why optically it looks bad as if we wasted unused timeouts. No problem at all with the last drive of the first half.
  10. You don’t recall the exact same thing happening 12 months ago? Daboll’s offense being figured out after a sluggish game against the Dolphins, and losses to the Jags and Colts?
  11. OC is a problem yet the Bills have #2 scoring team and #1 or #2 yardage offense in the league? our offense would be even better too if Allen wasn’t going though this mid season lull. I can’t put Allen’s interceptions on the OC. The lack of scoring in the second half in general is concerning though and probably more on Dorsey. But also on Allen. The two INTs in the Green Bay game for example were 100% on Allen and not Dorsey and cost the Bills second half points.
  12. I was speaking specifically to the 2021 Ravens, Scott. The post I quoted brought up the 2021 ravens. And Allen’s arm was fine when he threw 4 interceptions including two red zone INTs just prior to his elbow injury. And his arm has looked lively as ever post injury so I have a hard time putting his recent struggles all on the elbow injury. Even with Allen and the offensive woes we currently have we should thank our lucky stars he is still taking the field every Sunday. If he wears not our season would quickly go down the drain like the Ravens 2021 season without Lamar.
  13. Baltimore lost their QB on top of losing a ton of other players before and after. That’s not similar. That’s far worse. Bills would very likely be circling the drain in as well if they lost Allen.
  14. We went through the same troubles in 2021 and 2020. That’s not to say what is happening now is okay though or that it is not an issue. Bills have a very good chance of not obtaining the #1 seed yet again due to these October-November struggles. I think the key is the Bills need to at least get the #2 seed. It will probably come down to winning the division or not. I would worry about this team coming out of a first round bye so maybe not having the #1 seed is a blessing. But at least get the #2 so we have the best chance possible at three straight home games if the #1 seed is upset.
  15. I made the thread comparing the 2021 bills to the 2022 Bills and how similar they were. But actually they are both also similar to the 2020 Bills as well. We have a three year trend of the offense starting off hot, cooling down in October-November and then getting on track again late in the season and the the postseason.
  16. This. Three of his four interceptions immediately before the injury were complete head scratchers.
  17. Pretty awesome that Mac Jones played Wilson to a 3-3 draw too. The backup quarterbacks appear to be better than the starters on both those teams.
  18. McDermott is aggressive enough. Don't give him any ideas. I'd be afraid of any momentum swings with a play like that. And if the defense is good, you can continue to play the field position game if you get a 3 and out when they start at the 25. If the other offense starts at their 40 you could find yourself backed up inside your own 10 yard line.
  19. KC is a good team no doubt. Good chance they can get the #1 seed. I'm not that concerned though. Buffalo has played them well enough to win in KC in three straight matches. And in-fact did beat them in 2 out of 3. Bills make the playoffs, and they will still be the team nobody wants to face regardless of what seed they earn.
  20. I am curious if there’s any chance he could make it back for the postseason. But no way should he be coming back for the regular season. And ultimately it would be up to him.
  21. Negative. Would have made a world of difference in my Super Contest standings. I was actually cheering the returning at first until I realized he was going all the way. A game winning FG would have been perfect. TD screwed me.
  22. Dodson looked like Jaquan Johnson out there today. A noticeable downgrade from the starter.
  23. Not sure what the competition is out there but I am hoping he can earn first team all-pro nod. The dude is special. At the very least he should earn second team all-pro. Really? I don't think I have seen that on this board anywhere. I will say that watching Dodson out there today did make me appreciate Edmunds quite a bit more.
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