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  1. Funny to me is that Allen outside of Bills fans is commonly mocked by other teams fans as kind of an all braun no brains athlete. This probably largely derives from his low completion percentages in college and his first two NFL seasons. Of course that not reality at all as he’s actually quite smart scoring something like a 37 on the wonderlic which I believe was the highest score among all 2018 drafted QBs. You can tell in many of his interviews even dating back to his first and second seasons that he has a quick wit about him too. Another sign of higher intellect.
  2. Was Beasley actually a distraction for the team last year? I hear that from some but really don’t recall much. He didn’t even cost us a W when he eventually had too miss a game due to his vaccine stance. Personally I only have fond memories of Beasley in Buffalo, both the player and the man, regardless of his views on vaccines which certainly differed from my own personal beliefs. To each their own.
  3. Miller picked Brady off in the playoffs when he dropped back into coverage when he was with Denver. https://www.denverbroncos.com/video/von-miller-intercepts-tom-brady-16740859
  4. Agree about Cook. But Moss can easily be replaced by a 4th round draft pick next year if needed so he's not a safe bet to make the team IMO. Definitely Singletary won't be here unless he wants to sign a deal that is far under market value.
  5. Bills become the first team in NFL history with (4) 1,000 yard receivers. Diggs, Davis, McKenzie and Knox. Everyone has to stay healthy but that's only 58.8 ypg to hit 1,000 in 17 games. I'd expect Diggs and Davis to easily reach that. Knox was 20th in the league in targets last year and missed two games with injury. If the above does happen, Allen is going to be really close to the single season passing record. If Cook really becomes a weapon out of the backfield maybe replace McKenzie with Cook to be the 4th player with 1,000 receiving yards. I know many want to see the Bills emphasize the run game more. I'd prefer a sprinkling of the run game but still mostly putting the ball in Allen's hands. He's our best weapon so it doesn't make sense to hand off more. Hopefully Allen can limit is rush attempts to maybe half of what he had in the regular season last year and turn those into more pass attempts. Allen threw the ball 646 times last year. Less than Mahomes, Herbert and Brady. He does have room for 30-40 more attempts. About a full game worth of extra attempts. Bills got to get that home field advantage in the playoffs. All of their playoff losses under the McDeromott era have been on the road. And more specifically, all of our last second heartbreaking losses have been on the road. Hail Murray game, Titans on MNF and the Chiefs debacle.
  6. If Davis produces like I think he will we can't afford to not re-sign him. We'd flip a 30 year old Diggs before letting a 24 year old Davis walk.
  7. Diggs had over 1,500 yards in a 16 game season in 2020. I'm projecting fewer yards but more TD's in a 17 games season for Davis. That seems fair since Davis has always been a pretty good red zone threat already in his limited snap volume. Yes, they are very good numbers for a WR. But that is the point. Davis could reach that upper echelon of WR in just one year IMO. With his trajectory so far and the fact that his snap count is about to double this coming season I don't think it is a crazy projection. Especially if he continues to be a red zone threat.
  8. Not sure he needs "a couple good seasons". 1300 yards and 15 TD's would probably do it in one season. Gabe has been on a steady rise since he first stepped on the field as a rookie. And he's proven to be a big time playoff performer already.
  9. Blame the Packers for drafting Jordan Love. Every QB that has posted a 120+ passer rating has won the MVP. That's only happened three times. Aaron Roders x2 and Peyton Manning. Rodgers did it the second time in 2020.
  10. I think the perfect comp is the Chiefs trading Alex Smith, the proven veteran QB that got them to the playoffs every year, for the 2nd year unkown QB in Mahomes with huge upside. It's really a nearly perfect comp. Even the head coaches are both offensive minded and highly regarded and traded up the year before for the future QB. I have no idea if Lance will pan out but honestly of all the 2021 draft class QB's he's still the one I would put my money to be the best of the class. I would expect growing pains though. I don't expect to see him play at a high level immediately like a Mahomes or Herbert. If he ends up succeeding it will be more in the Josh Allen development tree. His first season starting could be similar to Allen's 2nd year. And then Lance takes off in his 3rd year (2nd year starting).
  11. Yep. Every time they have needed him to carry the team (throw more than 30 times) he's fallen short and the team is 0-2 in the playoffs including the super bowl. In his four postseason victories he has 8, 19, 19 and 25 attempts. Check out Jimmy G's career postseason attempts compared to Allen's: Jimmy G- 19, 8, 31, 25, 19, 30 =132/6 =22 attempts per game Allen- 46, 35, 37, 48, 25, 37= 228/6 = 38 attempts per game Do you not recall everyone else that was injured that year on the 49ers? Nick Bosa missed 14 games. Kittle missed 8 game. A ton of other injuries as well. They were the 2020 version of the 2021 Ravens. Totally decimated.
  12. It’s amazing that we once had the ugliest uniforms in the league. They totally disrespected the red helmets too.
  13. I think I was one year early on my Gabe Davis to lead Buffalo receivers in yards prediction from last season. All signs point to him exploding this year. I agree with all your points. I do think Allen will eventually be the first to the 6,000 total yards and 60 total TD's club. So if that happens this year then maybe everybody has career years.
  14. We are all set. (3) 500 level tickets purchased (could have gotten lower level 50 yard line at Highmark for the same price) (3) Fans of Buffalo tailgate tickets (1) Night at an Inglewood Motel purchased, less than 30 min walk from stadium And Saturday we head to Vegas to enter the Westgate Super Contest. It's going to be a great weekend of football.
  15. Yeah. This seems like a much better deal than game pass. Just being able to get the pre season games live for $6 or whatever is awesome. Never used game pass either but would sign up for the free trials just to get the pre-season games and then cancel.
  16. The team was humbled in a couple ways last year in the regular season. Lost a dogfight with the lowly Jaguars and manhandled and blown out at home by the Colts. I'm hoping they will learn from those two games. They also went what 0-5 in one score games in the regular season? It does feel like we are living in a golden age of football right now though. Burrow, Herbert, Mahomes, R. Wilson elite QB's along with our guy. Jackson could still be in that conversation. Of course my opinion is probably biased by the fact that the Bills are once again elite and have one of those elite QB's. My feelings and interest towards the NFL feel the same now at age 38 as they did 30 years ago in my childhood prime rooting for a dominant NFL team in the early 90's.
  17. As great of a teammate and member of the community as Jerry had been in his 9 seasons in Buffalo I think you are mostly correct. He did have the two 10 sack seasons his first two years here and I think that is what really made him a fan favorite throughout throughout his entire 9 years here. Without those initial two seasons I'm not sure he would have lasted more than a few years here. And yeah it seemed like you could always count on one 5 yard offside penalty every game from Hughes.
  18. We are driving from two hours out of town so we will have to park somewhere. We will either find a cheaper parking garage a couple miles away and uber to the tailgate and back to the parking garage after the game or just bite the bullet and pay the $100 or so to park at the Hollywood Casino or SoFi parking lot. I'm leaning towards just paying for the premium parking to make things easy and convenient.
  19. It's extremely rare for a QB to sit out. I can only think of one instance in the history of the NFL of a QB sitting out (Carson Palmer) who also was not attached to 20+ sexual assault allegations (Watson). In Watson's case we'll never really know if he would have actually missed games over his being disgruntled. So in the end, I think the smart move for an organization is to call the QB's bluff. I'm still shocked the Seahawks opted to keep Pete Carroll over Russell Wilson. I just wish it was 10 years like the Mahomes deal.
  20. I'm seriously doubting the Ravens have any kind of plans to offer a contract extension to Lamar. I mean he is entering YEAR FIVE now. Pretty much every single QB has been paid after their third season now. If the Ravens haven't caved in by now what is going to make them do so now? I feel like Lamar is either going to: A. play exceptionally well this year and the Ravens back up the Brinks truck B. Have a similar year as last year and they franchise tag him C. Get injured/play worst than last year and let him walk How does he have Arizona by the balls anymore than Jackson has the Ravens though?
  21. They could give him the Lamar Jackson treatment.
  22. This. Bills were on a 2007 level Patriots scoring differential pace before they hit that mid season stretch of poor play against the Jags, Colts and Patriots.
  23. Has anyone received and answer on if the general admission of $95 for the Fans of Buffalo tailgate includes parking? I emailed them yesterday but have not heard back yet. My guess is that it does not include parking. I see separately that the Hollywood Casino, where they are holding the tailgate, is charging $100 just for parking. https://www.parkwhiz.com/p/inglewood-parking/3883-west-century-blvd-2/?event_id=1212563
  24. Similar to the OP same position different player I always come back to Jerome Bettis. How he is in the Hall of Fame I’m not quite sure. I think it largely has to do with the fact that he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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