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  1. I love our coaching staff but was puzzled and disappointed in their early decision to go with Jones and give him so many snaps. The only NFL WR level quality he has is his blocking. He cannot separate, average to below average hands, unable to make the tough/contested catch. His absolute worst quality was coming up very small in big situations. Starting with his drop of a winning TD pass in rookie year, to his last game v Pats where he did not go for the ball. Many interpreted the latter as lack of hustle; it was not. It was a big moment in a big game and he did NOT WANT the ball. Zay has reached his ceiling, and it isn’t very high. Duke I believe has much more potential, let’s see what the coming year brings. Duke a rookie this year, Jones was in year 3. Big difference when comparing
  2. O J showed up at Moondoggies two years ago for the Bills playoff game v Jacksonville. He may return today. DON’T ANNOY HIM, whatever you do
  3. Bills bar map still current? Looking for a Bills bar in Victorville Ca, for Sunday’s game, just curious if Bills backers/bar still an option there.
  4. The article criticizes a 60/40 pass to run ratio but that is what the modern NFL is all about. EVERY rule change enacted in the past 20 years has favored the PASSING game; yet u continue to get these run first advocates who are living in the past. Of course it’s great to have balance, every team should strive for that. But it’s the passing game that wins in the modern NFL, and to emphasize run over pass is nonsense, and completely unsupported by analytics. In recent history, Rex Ryan etc, Bills have had one of the leading run games in all of the NFL - where did that get us? In 2019, you pass to set up the run. Successful downfield passing backs the defense off, so your running backs are no longer facing 8 or 9 man fronts. That’s when u run - that’s balance
  5. The whole concept of running to set up the pass is so ridiculous and debunked it’s hard to believe it’s still being put out there. The idea goes like this ; running the ball forces defenses to bring 8 or 9 defenders into the box to stop the run, therefore creating more opportunities in the downfield passing game. The ENTIRE problem with that concept is that if u have watched the Bills over the last 6 or 7 years they have been a run dominant team. Defenses START the game with 8 or 9 in the box, before the first offensive play is even run. So the idea that you need to run to bring up force the defense to load the box is just plain dumb - they are ALREADY there before you run your first play. So “establishing the run” essentially is doing what the defense wants, running the ball into the teeth of 8&9 man fronts.
  6. And you have to be scratching your head over the initial script of plays. Josh Allen drops back and Fletcher Cox comes rolling in to cause the fumble/sack - although Cox is playing next to a guy just called up from practice squad, we don’t double team him, and he beats our guard badly. Same series, 3rd & short, Cox again not double teamed, stuffs the run.
  7. Less than 2 minutes in first half, third and short, OC calls for QB run. Allen fumbles, other team recovers. Sound familiar? Well yes it happened yesterday, but it also happened several games ago, except instant replay showed recovering defender had his feet 3 inches out of bounds - Bills retained possession. Point is our OC did not learn his lesson. Maybe deep in your territory, in a third & short with the D geared up to stop the run, it’s not such a great idea to run the player who has already fumbled EIGHT times this year. He is a QB, not an RB, and having him run into the teeth of a D geared up to stop the run is reckless. In that defensive scenario, even if he picks up the first down, he is likely to take a huge hit. And there’s the risk/reward ratio to consider as well, a concept that our OC doesn’t seem to grasp. Deep in our territory, less than two minutes, 70+ yards to go, why risk your QB fumbling, and/or your QB health, for the sake of picking up 2 or 3 yards and first down that still leaves you with a long, long way to go. Allen at that point was completing close to 70% of his passes, and a scramble off a passing play is a whole different thing than a designated run into the teeth of a defense. If you insist on a run there, give to the guys who are paid to do just that. That’s not to say the designated QB run should be removed from the playbook. It’s just to say you have to more selective in its use, considering everything including field position, game situations, risk/reward etc etc This is twice now our OC has called this play at the worst possible time, leading to disaster and near disaster. And it could have been worse, Allen in that situation is exposed to huge and potentially injury causing hit. Time for McD to have a chat with this reckless OC.
  8. I loved him as a player but he is a historic mess on the Murphy show. He is incapable of asking a concise question, that is, a question that doesn’t include all of his long winded opinions on a topic. He has no idea about what it means to have a guest on the show. Today he had Daniel Jeremiah from NFL network on the show. Steve would not SHUTUP. Never asked a question, just gave his long winded opinion on everything. Talked longer than the guest. For not the first time. . Hey Steve, you have three hours there to give the listeners your takes, when you have a guest on, let them talk; and shut the f up for a change.
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