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  1. But history has proven you can’t make a great O like KC “inefficient”. When the only teams that have ever beaten Mahomes have averaged 36 points, it might be obvious to even somebody like u that u don’t beat this team in 13-10 games. Not happening- never has - pretty obvious to all but the oblivious
  2. So what. What terrible offense is it to revisit issues that occurred in Bills biggest game? What’s the big crime here
  3. Hey simpleton, you can either employ a strategy where u swing for the fences and try to outscore a high performing offense or employ a conservative strategy, shorten the game and win a low scoring game. Bills chose the strategy that doesn’t work.
  4. But McD employed that strategy from play one, before any of those things u imagined happened. The very first time KC got the ball McD employed that strategy. Had nothing to do with Allen or offense.
  5. You have to love how concerned some folks are about policing the website to insure there is nothing posted that remotely touches on previous discussions. God forbid anything like the biggest Bills game in decades is continually discussed
  6. Went conservative because O was terrible? O marched ball down the field for 3 points on first possession- McD played his soft soft conservative zone from the very first play KC had the ball. What game were u watching?
  7. I think Coach McD is great and I hope he is our HC for years to come. But he badly stubbed his toe in the biggest game of his HC career because he ignored analytics and reverted to his (natural) conservative form. I am not talking about the field goal decisions, although they were terrible and unsupported by analytics as well. What I am referring to here is the overall strategy he employed in this game. Analytics for years now has consistently demonstrated that the “strategy” of controlling the clock via run game etc so as to keep a great QB on the sidelines is a losing strategy. N
  8. It rewards an organization for developing front office and/or coaches. The development is more important than the final hire
  9. Yes but it wasn’t until 2020 that many in the media woke up to this obvious fact
  10. How many times over the years have we heard from the media, everyone from Carucci to Murphy to Brown etc, and including many past coaches, about the vital importance of establishing the run game. “Brings the defense in, opens up the passing game” was the mantra. I had always believed the opposite - that the passing game opens up the run game. I confess to wasting time calling in on occasion to Murphy show attempting to make this point. To no avail. My main points were these; 1. every rule change over the last two decades favors the pass game over the run. 2. Our most successful teams, the Kel
  11. For all the snarky, “know it all” responses about how Josh Reed / Sal Cappaccio really got over on the OP, I would invite you to read the article in Buffalo News today, posted on TBD as well, written by News media reporter Alan P. It completely contradicts every thing Josh Reed had to say. It’s says in fact that the local affiliate has plenty of input into what games are shown locally, and their request to change games from what the network originally scheduled “is usually granted”. This of course makes perfect sense since both the local affiliate AND the network always seek to maximize rat
  12. You wonder if our local CBS affiliate (WIVB) has any inkling as to what WNY viewers prefer to watch. I refer to of course to todays genius decision as to which NFL game to broadcast locally. Would it be Miami v Denver ? Huge implications in that game for Bills fans. How about the much hated Pats v Houston, again a game with playoff implications for Bills? No no, the choice is to broadcast that fascinating matchup of Pittsburgh v Jaguars, one of the worst mismatches of all of today’s games. The stupidity here boggles the mind. Where is the crack channel 4 sports team? Like sports “ directo
  13. Why in the world would they not show Miami v Denver in Buffalo area. Most critical game on Sunday for Bills fans
  14. Ramsey will soon be the highest paid CB in NFL history. And for good reason. Many thought the Bills got a great bargain when they signed White, and many pundits criticized White for signing that contract, but when u compare these two players you can see the difference between great and pretty good. Ramsey completely shut down Metcalf yesterday, while the reaction by Bills media to Metcalf’s performance v Bills was basically “well he is going to get his”. And of course Hopkins destroyed White in playoff game last year, and again yesterday. That doesn’t happen to Ramsey, who will be paid accordi
  15. Having a hard time understanding Bills defensive game plans recently. They simply don’t seem to tailor their game plan to the specific opponent they play each week. Case in point - Patriots roll into town with perhaps the most pathetic wide receiver group in recent NFL history. One truism about WRs - most difficult thing for a WR is to create separation versus NFL caliber defensive backs. It’s oh so much easier for lesser talented WRs to find soft spots/openings in zone coverage (see Zay Jones). And yet against these talent challenged WRs we played a ton of soft zone - allowing Cam to have a d
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