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  1. A couple weeks ago the John Murphy show had Lodish as a guest. Asked to compare the Bills Super Bowl teams to the Denver teams he was on that actually won Super Bowl, he stated Denver teams were a real team, with everybody treated the same, everybody on the same page, everybody supportive of each other. The Bills on the other hand had a lot of finger pointing, huge egos, star players treated differently than rest of team. Never functioned as a real team. After the commercial break, John Murphy stated that it was one of the best interviews he has ever done. When he asked Tasker about it, good old Steve, clueless as ever, commented on how tight knit Bills were, as if he had not heard a thing Lodish said. Lodish also compared the teams approach to the Super Bowl. In Denver, Shanahan imposed a strict curfew, told the team to party AFTER the game. Bills, on the other hand, partied all the way up to the game. Lodish admitted he partied as hard as anyone. What a shame, with a Super Bowl on the line, Kelly and company could not exercise a modicum of self control, and put the party ahead of the game. And the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL, Marv Levy, didn’t have the common sense to reign the players in. Would like Thurman, Kelly et al to come correct and admit how badly they betrayed the franchise and fans by putting their egos and their partying ahead of the NFLs biggest game.
  2. It’s neither ignorant nor insensitive to point out how poorly managed and operated these casinos are. Failure to incorporate sports betting in time for NFL season is just another example of this, especially in light of other casinos in New York State that have managed to accomplish this. But of course there are many politically correct snowflakes out there who will not permit ANY criticism of their preferred protected group, regardless of how valid that criticism may be. Talk about patronizing. The soft racism of lowered expectations. I would criticize any casino operated like these, regardless of who owned them. Should not make a difference, one way or another.
  3. Only a few months ago? You must be kidding right? What have they been doing for these few months? It takes almost no time to set up a Sportsbook, and certainly not “a few months”. We have Sportsbooks in Erie Pa, New Jersey, and other parts of New York, that were put in place literally a week within legalization. What in the world are these Indian casinos waiting for? The NFL starts this week, and that’s the big money maker. But you made my point, only an arrogant/incompetent organization would sit on their hands this long and not have a Sportsbook in place by now.
  4. Two day getaway to the Finger Lakes included a stop at the new Del Lago casino. Very impressed with their Sportsbook, from the bar area to the great TVs. Very nice setup, and I am not easily impressed, having lived in Las Vegas for many years. Oh, and I put down $400 on Bills to win the AFC East, at 10-1 odds. Very disappointed, but not surprised at all, that the Indian casinos in WNY have not incorporated sports betting/ Sportsbook in their operations. They are now legally entitled to do so, but so far have chosen not to. Major mistake giving them a monopoly on gaming operations in WNY. The casinos they operate here are poorly run, poorly managed and would be bankrupt but for the monopoly they were granted. Their inaction in the sports betting area just another example of their incompetence and arrogance.
  5. Coached Rams all of two years - year one he takes a 4-12 team to playoffs. Year 2 his team goes to Super Bowl. Hey genius, name me a head coach with better success than that.
  6. I love much of what Coach McD brings to this team. But concerned about his old school approach to the game & game management. Stuck in the past. No surprise that he loves 4 pre season games. While new age 21st century coaches like Rams coach refuses to play starters in any preseason game, I have Coach McD playing Jerry Hughes for the entire first quarter. Why? It’s his third year in this same defense, been here for entire training camp, went through 2 scrimmages with Carolina, what in the world is the benefit of him playing entire first quarter of preseason game 2? The only proven pass rusher Bills have, and he is exposed to injury for what possible reason? If u want 4 games to evaluate players, let someone like Darryl Johnson play against first string O Line, and let Hughes sit. And in a preseason game, with 4th down and 4 to go at the 30 yard line, why aren’t you going for it instead of trotting out your experienced kicker to kick a field goal? Rams coach sat his entire starting lineup thru the entire preseason last year, and his team made it to the super bowl. Are u paying attention to the 21st century NFL, coach?
  7. Had the same problems trying to cast Game Pass via Chromecast- always problems. Currently I have the Amazon fire stick, which eliminates the casting. Have had zero problems since. Game Pass is great to have - as long as it works
  8. You heard the whole interview? Really. Because you really need to replay the “interview”. An interview is defined by a host asking a (national) guest questions. Tasker asked no questions, just talked over the guest with his takes. It boggles the mind the stupidity of the people on this board. Genius likes Tasker, better than Murph, despite the “stammers”. Because after all, stammers are less important than talking over every guest on the show. Genius.
  9. I am fascinated by the people who have no takes, other than to police the board to insure that a topic may or may have not been addressed at some point in the distant past. Like we all of time to scour the board to make sure some topic wasn’t covered before.
  10. I loved him as a player but he is a historic mess on the Murphy show. He is incapable of asking a concise question, that is, a question that doesn’t include all of his long winded opinions on a topic. He has no idea about what it means to have a guest on the show. Today he had Daniel Jeremiah from NFL network on the show. Steve would not SHUTUP. Never asked a question, just gave his long winded opinion on everything. Talked longer than the guest. For not the first time. . Hey Steve, you have three hours there to give the listeners your takes, when you have a guest on, let them talk; and shut the f up for a change.
  11. Anybody know how to get tickets via a download? I mean, without having to drive to a supermarket somewhere to pick up a voucher. In other words, utilizing 21st century technology to accomplish a simple task like getting a ticket to an event that will be about 50,000 people short of a sell out.
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