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  1. You do realize I was talking about T.O. in a T.O. thread, right?
  2. Bring him in.... Looks like he still he's alot of fight left 😏
  3. He was easily my favorite on the team at the time. I was sad when he went to the 9ers. Winfield was also really good.
  4. DangerSus was alot better than Kyler His name is right Josh 😂
  5. We don't know what happened but let's say he took a sleeping pill for the plane ride. How exactly did you get redemption?
  6. 9ers and Bengals win paired with a Bills win and guess who's the 1 seed again
  7. 2300 yards in 7 years means you aren't very good. He was drafted in the 2nd round and is on his 3rd team as well. If he didn't suck he would still be with the team that drafted him. That's how it usually works.
  8. Toyota must of shelled out $5 to sign this guy. The commercial is also very unrealistic. We all know Tuh-rod refused to throw it more than 5 yards
  9. Is he your security blanket? Is that how he makes you feel safe 😹
  10. It was the last season the Bulls were all together. Some people need everything explained 😉
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