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  1. So your saying someone needs to "Kick the truth, to the young NFL youth"
  2. I'd go for hunt or Henry, Hooper, Perriman, scherff and a DE
  3. Hunt is a RFA so he wouldn't have to trade him away.
  4. He said he is coming to have a sit down with you to discuss what kind of help he needs. Pictures to follow lol
  5. I understand what you are saying but you don't bench someone the entire season because of a preseason fumble. He looked ok coming off the bench vs the Jets. What's the point of bringing him in? He was more effective on hitting the edge than Gore was.
  6. Who the hell signs a HC for 7 years besides the Raiders 😂😂😂
  7. That's exactly what Yeldon does but the staff refused to put him on the field.
  8. That RB room looks unimpressive. I'd love to let Dimarco take a walk the guy does nothing for the team.
  9. Remember that time they went for 4th and 6 instead of punting and ended up scoring a TD which is how they are up 7-3...I remember
  10. How many times did Tyrod Taylor comeback In a game after being 10 points down? I'll wait with you 😂
  11. I've been there many many times and theres always tons of fights and arrests.
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