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  1. I knew something was a foot when I opened this thread
  2. Maybe because Allen isn't good 😏or maybe it would be odd to reply to a question about Edmunds by talking about Allen. I'm leaning towards the latter
  3. You must of not seen much lol This guy is awful and if you call him on it he blocks you
  4. Can't lead the charge if you are trying to beat the charge
  5. Since Bon-Jovi is always with Kraft. I am starting to believe that Bon Jovi's so called investor to buy the Bills was somehow Kraft. It's not like he has problems with breaking the rules. Conspiracy theory over
  6. He didn't tweet about it, that's your confirmation πŸ˜‚
  7. no idea why it posted twice BUT you guys are great lol
  8. The 7th wife was the best part
  9. He actually rode that horse off into the sunset πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I usually like this type of stuff. I loved TO, Chad Johnson etc. But.....I didn't even crack a smile on this. It just wasn't funny
  10. But it feels so... nevermind
  11. I lather myself in crunchy peanut butter every Sunday and watch the game like that.
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