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  1. Long actually had played his best football at LG. I believe that may be the reason he's lining up there.
  2. I read somewhere that he strained a vocal cord and would not be unable to do a hard count ever again causing him to retire
  3. so was mine lol. It was intended to make you laugh, but... you got sensitive
  4. Pretty sure he could care less whether you like him or knox
  5. I'd rather T.O or Chad before we sign Dez. But my #1 target would be Jerry Rice.
  6. This is why the Pats oline is allowed to hold on most plays.
  7. Goff, Wentz and Wilson are ahead on Tom Brady on this list. Way to put a chip on his shoulder.
  8. I was only teasing. We can use some of those guys on the team
  9. You guys do know Rex isn't here anymore. That's why the focus isn't on Clemson 🤣
  10. I wanted Bell myself. I'm sure you agree that he's an upgrade. But most didn't want to pay on this board. I would of liked Tevin Coleman instead of Yeldon.
  11. This is a very confusing answer. You say that he isn't the featured back but then say he's better than the featured back (Shady) in 2019. Yeldon has 1800 yards rushing in 4 years in the league. He's a running back not a WR. I agree he can catch the ball but he's not a good RB he's averaging 450 yards a season rushing.
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