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  1. He paid someone on the website so he can get a bigger pay day his next contract
  2. Josh had a bad game but the Denver Defense is not bad.
  3. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-relieve-ken-dorsey-of-duties-joe-brady-as-interim-offensive-coordinator Here believe it now! Do it do it
  4. Unfortunately the Giants, Pats and tonight were all Taron Johnson
  5. Dane had a good game yesterday. I also don't feel comfortable with him out there but that play wasn't on him
  6. The TE TD you are speaking of was on Hyde. He thought the TE was staying in to block so he blitzed and the TE leaked out 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. They have 110m in cap space next year. They may sign him
  8. Miami hasn't beat a team with a winning record at all. The Raiders and Redskins negative point differential is mostly cause of the beating the Bills out on them. The Skins played Philly tough twice, records aren't the entire story. He has a good point you know.. what if Josh threw zero TDs we probably would of lost 🤣🤣
  9. Have you noticed this all started to happen when Deebo got hurt?
  10. I think they tried to get him the ball in a play similar to the TD vs Giants in the redzone last night but it wasn't there
  11. Does it feel like every week when teams are inside the 10 they are throwing it at Johnson and he's giving up TDs
  12. I thought they were going to congratulate him on saying that Kirk wasn't in for a TD when he was 3 yards away from the sideline.
  13. I can see them dealing Hunter Renfrow. He could be our new Beas he's a great route runner.
  14. Personally I can live with the blue. I hate the red
  15. I like McDermott and don't necessarily want him to go. I'm just saying there are certain areas that he has to take the blame. If he fixes these areas, I'm fine with him staying. But if he wants to act like nothing is wrong like he did with Frazier. We may have to move on.
  16. I like Coach McDermott but... I would be lying if I told you I haven't dreamed of having a young up and coming Offensive mind get the HC job (Ben Johnson)
  17. There is some truth to this until I remind you he hired the unqualified OC
  18. You are aware Tyrod called an audible to a run play with no time outs. Apparently he hasn't been around long enough
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