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  1. Agree 99.8% with the post. ***** baller performance from Josh AGAIN! But that play where he rolled out right, then got sprinting towards the sideline, and then thought the best available option was to jump up both feet and sling one across his body into traffic for a first down was somewhat heroic 🤣 great catch by diggs, unreal play But agree totally overall - the best player in all of football when he is locked in like that 🔥🔥
  2. I have no idea if this is true or not - but I find it hard to believe TBrady hand picked a back who was ***** in pass pro. In fact when I heard this signing, underwhelming as I found it, my next thought was based on Brady - I bet he's at least good in pass pro
  3. Na, T-Law definitely a glass of Lambrusco whilst he straightens his hair with Pink playing in the background #FACTS
  4. CANNOT wait for this game. 5 of us headed down to London from Scotland. Second time seeing 17 in the flesh, first time was @Jets last season 🤢🤢 Bills by 10, and Josh should be legally obligated to throw at least five BOMBS, never mind playing inside structure, dial those launch codes big man!! 🤣
  5. Agreed Disgusting Do you have any more evidence so I can be sure!?
  6. Yes please week 5 🙏 I'll be there at Tottenham to welcome him back 🔥
  7. Hey guys, Bills fan from over in Scotland Am in New York for work next week - flight back to Scotland is 8pm from Newark on Sunday 6th November... Makes me think i can amazingly go to Metlife and see 17 in action at 1pm - finish at say 4.15pm and get back to Newark for my flight 1) I need to wait and make sure the game is not flexed to 4.25pm as i couldnt make that - think this is decided today? 2) If it is a 1pm game - i should make that flight back right!?! Dont wanna miss that!🤣 3) in the UK there is usually a home and away section for sports - but i don think this is the case in the USA? In that case where would anyone recommend in Metlife to buy a ticket? i.e. where do we think there might be some more Bills fans in the stadium? or they will just be dotted around at random and i should just get a ticket anywhere? 4) Having never been, is is perfectly safe walking aroudn Metlife in Bills gear? (I wouldnt do this at an "away" stadium in the UK, its asking for trouble sometimes) Thanks Mafia *Sorry if wrong place - didnt seem to be able to post to the busier areas of the forum - happy for someone to move if they can
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