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  1. As Aaron Schatz so aptly put it, the Bills are the post-hype-sleeper amongst NFL teams. What he didn't predict is Burrow looking like a DIII rookie and the Chiefs looking positively ordinary—including Mahomes whose 4 interceptions look pretty horrifying compared to 17's 4. Tirico stuck an asterisk on the Lion's win at Arrowhead, so he'd probably do the same if McD hoists the Vince. Oh wait, the show is on CBS in Feb.
  2. When you're up three or four scores in the 4Q, you DON'T keep sticking it in the other team's ass. It is most certainly bad Karma.
  3. If this thread had to go off-topic, bless those who made it DOGS!!
  4. There's an old saying about scoring too many points—beware, you made need some of those points next week. This is an example of the early big-win effect, a subject that's been deeply studied by psychologists. An early-season big win, without losses to aggravate the effect, creates a super-high with the team (its a huge dopamine effect). A good hit of dopamine is the best chemical high a human or a team can experience, but it's a double-edged sword, because the human or team will want the high again, but the standard for it was set at 70 points. Now, Miami didn't intend on scoring 70 vs. Denver, but since they did, that's their standard. They will try to repeat that performance—which based on the history of the league, is highly unlikely. This will cause frustration. Had their 70-point win occurred in, say, week 13, there would be a feeling on that team of having worked toward that pinnacle. Because it was achieved so early in the season that won't happen. This not to predict a Bills' win, but Miami will spend the season trying to reproduce the "mile-high" feeling they got at sea level in the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie.
  5. Yes. And had the OP also watched it, we wouldn't be dealing with thread anyway.
  6. SERIOUSLY????? Daboll's offenses pre-Josh ranked 32, 29, 22 and 24. Daboll's offense with Josh ranked 30, 24, 2 and 5 Daboll's offense post-Josh ranked 18 and 28 (so far in 2023) Looks more like Josh made Daboll than the other way around. And unless Daniel Jones starts to look like Allen, it'll prob stay that way.
  7. No prediction except this: The 70 points scored by Miami last week is an historic mark, especially in the SB era. The issue for Miami is that the likelihood of it happening again is low. The Dolphins have, in game 3, set a benchmark for the offense that they won't repeat, but will be compelled to try and match each week. They have essentially set a standard that is too high and will be undone by trying to recreate that performance. They will press—just like a QB trying to maintain an edge.
  8. All of that is not a distraction. He was trying to live up to the Madden cover. He doesn't need to. Just hit the open guy.
  9. Gabe was hurt last year and has had a great camp. I get so sick of these narratives and DROUGHT AFFECTED Debbie Downers that feed off them. Gabe hasn’t had a regular season snap yet….bottle the acid until there is a play to opine on.
  10. It’s DROUGHT EFFECTS affecting Debbie Downers that are local and cannot escape the news.
  11. This didn’t age well at all… LMFAO
  12. I live in a fact based world. Lets not credit McDermott with winning a super bowl until he actually wins one. Where precisely do I credit McDermott with a championship??? "IF"
  13. Levy lost four Superbowls. That jock strap chafes. McD wins one and it's a whole new—and larger— jock strap.
  14. Watch some freaking film before you crush the O-Line. Allen had 12 dropbacks vs. Steelers. 6 were clean pockets. 3 pressures were on the OL (Dion, Cybo, and Spencer) and 3 were on Allen himself when he unnecessarily escaped the pocket.
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