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  1. If Buffalo had lost, we would call it a "Billsy" loss. The game ended up looking to me like a "Patriotsy" win...like many games the Patriots win. The Patriots fans aren't haunted by years of losing and mediocrity, so this type of win for the Pats would look better than it does to Bills fans, especially those living with chronic Drought Effects Syndrome. Frankly, the Bills looked a bit flat in the first half...maybe a bye hangover. Many will bemoan the fact that the Bills didn't crush Miami. As a homer, I rather like how the Bills are able to come back in, now, a number of games.
  2. Well put Dr. Thompson. Hopefully the Bills go Gonzo on those pricks.
  3. I wrote about adversity, in a game, this season. If you're unable to respond with any civility....don't respond or perhaps go ***** yourself. But based on the age you appear to be you probably don't know what that even is. SMH I was referring to adversity in a game situation, i.e. trailing, being truly challenged.
  4. There is a prevailing school of thought that places NE over the Bills based on their respective 3-0 records. That school maintains that, although the combined records of each teams' opponents are comparable (0-9 for NE, 1-8 for the Bills), the Patriots have been far more dominant in their games than the Bills. Film and stats support this. But the eyeball test does not. They've both played the Jets, but the Jet team NE faced was missing both Darnold and Mosley. I would venture that the Bengals are stronger than the Steelers based on the QB situation...Big Ben's elbow was non-contact, so it likely hampered him in the opener the week prior to the injury. And any team, including the Giants, has to be considered to be stronger than Miami. I'd give the overall edge to the Bill's opponents. Here's the thing: NE has not yet faced any real adversity (except for the Stidham pick-six). The Bills have. Of course that can be explained away by saying NE is superior...hard to argue this. But it is easy to argue that the Bills in their three wins have had to climb more mountains than NE. So we have NE, the heavy weight champion that has easily beaten three weak foes and the Bills, an upstart challenger that has had to fight for inches in 2 of 3 wins. The Buffalo Bills have been in far nastier fights than the Patriots. There is, I would estimate, a bit of an edge to the Bills that NE doesn't have, based on what it took to arrive at 3-0. Not all 3-0 records are created equal. I believe the Bills will be something of a shock to the Patriots. Certainly the Bills are the best team, by far, that NE has faced this season. Buffalo may well win this game. If so, will the national media laud the Bills, or explain it away by saying NE was short-handed and a bit injured? There is an old adage that says "when we suddenly determine the Bills are good, it will in retrospect be revealed they were already good. The opposite applies also, perhaps for NE. Stat-of-the-Day: In the 18 seasons of Bill and Tom show, the Patriots have gone 4-0 only four times.
  5. If you wish to quote me, feel free, but don't respond to words I did not say. I indicated that he was a high pick that was not getting benched. Nothing about "good". But you saw flashes that game amongst others pre-injury. KD and Daboll are the big influences.
  6. Let's hope not. He's a team wrecker. Let his infection fester in the loins of those lowlife pricks that signed him. Bills sweep them this season.
  7. When the Patriots crash, it will be hard, into a smoking hole. Not at all gentle. It will be partially induced by Karma - like Robert Kraft enabling child prostitution and, more recently, their inviting the cancer that is Antonio Brown onto their team. I was very interested to see that NE blew out the Steelers. Over the last 8 years, most of the Patriots regular season losses have been concentrated in September and they've been blown out in some of those losses. The big win tells me they have bloomed a bit too soon this season and will in turn wither down the stretch. And that the Steelers are done. Bold Prediction: Bills sweep the bastards and win the East. And they'll beat Pittsburgh.
  8. No he wasn't! And if people "thought" the 3rd QB taken in the draft...selected at #7 in the first round...was being benched after just a few starts... Why, they weren't really thinking at all, were they. SMH. Your take doesn't warrant so much typing. I'll comply by calling it tupid.
  9. Who said anything about firing him?? He's great, the insufferable prick that he is.
  10. Lol. And he's right on the money with a few of his points.
  11. I'm not sure there was any rage... I am out-of-state, so I normally listen to replays. Really like all the others...Howard, Jeremy, Bulldog, Sal, Paul, Nate... Schopp's schtick is deliberate, we're talking about the prick, right?
  12. I'm well aware of this. Regrettably, this tarnishes my otherwise fine record of crafting angst ridden Bills screeds with proper spelling and grammar. Would have edited it, but someone quickly mentioned the error, and I enjoyed the variety of replies citing my gaffe.
  13. Schopp talks Bills in the same manner that one might discuss, say, constipation. There is no media personality, even on the national level, that goes to the extremes Schopp does in dismissing ANYTHING of a positive nature with the Bills and especially Josh Allen whom he despises. Schopp, that insufferable douch bag, used to have ex-QB now fine analyst Dan Orlovsky on the program regularly when Dan was down on Josh Allen. Now, Orlovsky is praising Allen and the douche bag is dismissing it with the notion that "nothing in preseason means anything" and no assessment is possible. With deepest apologies to all the haters, Debbie Downers, and the like, it must be said that Allen is meeting the eyeball test this meaningless preseason. It's OK to be optimistic, it really is. Mike Schopp, please bottle the Bills acid and STFU. And Bulldog, grow a pair and stand up to this idiot once in a while.
  14. It's not ESPN. It's Mike the insufferable douche bag Schopp, who hate HATES the Bills.
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