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  1. Actually not. It was extraordinary and immediately prior to a hurricane. Perhaps listen to or read a few player interviews about their experiences. SMH Who mentioned excuses? It's just a fact. They were flat early. Allen admitted to feeling poorly most of last week. They are a Superbowl team that snapped out of a hangover from the previous week.
  2. No mention has been made about the Hard Rock Oven effect. The Bills offense spent 40+ mins in that heat. So did the Dolphins D, but they only had til Thursday to recover and looked tired vs Cincinnati. The Bills had a whole week. But Josh still felt like crap until Friday (to say nothing of other players)...and it took the offense a quarter and a half to shake it all off yesterday. It's fine to leave it alone until you start ragging on the early offensive performance vs. the Ravens.
  3. Von Miller heard the Bills were in the market for a defensive GAME WRECKER. Now, we have said GAME WRECKERS on both sides of the ball. Now, THE FEAR has arrived in the offices of Bills' opponents. P.S. Nice that his name is one letter off of the original Voice of the Bills: The VAN.
  4. Our 13 seconds was an unmitigated disaster of coaching. Most other horrific Buffalo sports moments are based On a player not executing. This is all on coaching and is a stain that may not be gone until the fabric it’s on is cut out. No, we’re not.
  5. He's covering for McD there. He's the next Bills OC. He and McD have admired each other for years with Panthers D -Saints O.
  6. As a musician, I became so intensely sick of that phuuucking Jingle, that I drastically improved my mute button stats by the last time I saw it air.
  7. Wishful wondering perhaps, but McDermott and Payton go way back. The Seans were in mutual admiration of their respective crafts with years of Panthers vs. Saints. Sean Payton does not need to prove himself in another HC job, certainly. How attractive would the prospect of crafting an offense for JA and co. be to Sean Payton. Rather attractive, I'd venture.
  8. Well, I guess you can’t anyway.
  9. I hope someone at 1 Bills Dr. was taking notes when the Bengals, near the end of the first half, squibbed the KO with a little over a minute left. Subsequently, the Chiefs were caught short without those precious seconds used running back the squib when time expired with the Chiefs at the three yard line of the Bengals. Well, at least there’s a lot of chief hearts ripped out of chests now too.
  10. Game Wreckers apply within. When the Bills have a defensive lineman or 2 that scares opposing OCs, we'll be OK.
  11. Good for you Josh. Phuuuuck the pro bowl. With extreme prejudice.
  12. Less than "little or no" chance if you take at least a cpl seconds off the clock. OF COURSE IT MATTERS
  13. Leaving the NFC North will be bad for Rodger's career. I don't see him "owning" any divisional competition from those destinations. He has now what Brady had in the AFC East. Weak divisional foes.
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