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  1. I too would happily send them a fifth for Drake. From Beane's perspective Zay morphs into Drake which I would see as an upgrade and a good move.
  2. Drake. He can do what Yeldon does ie catch the ball. And he can do what Yeldon has not been able to do as a pro ie run the ball. Nothing againt Yeldon, but Drake is a significant upgrade IMO.
  3. They could easily have their hands full with KC, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, Browns and the Bills too. They will go only so far as their defence can take them so their chances pretty.much depend on whether and to what extent their early season excellence on that side of the ball can continue.
  4. In addition to going against Bill and his # 1 rated D, or maybe because of it, there is no doubt that Allen was psyched out against NE for most of that game. I have to agree with you that Allen was not himself and while he's had his ups and downs to be sure he seemed to me to be destabilized in a way that I don't think I had previously noticed (and hope not to notice again). Having said that Allen is a gamer and was starting to look steadier on his pins when he was clocked. He is 100% capable of a big play and/or series at any time, but he seems to show it mostly as time is winding down and the pressure is ratcheting up (which is itself a good sign). Allen right now is very streaky, but when he's on he is a presence to be reckoned with. I have no doubt that bad as he looked before he could very credibly have engineered another "improbable" 4th quarter victory.
  5. Pats aren't as good as their record would suggest. Jets (if Darnold and Mosely are 100%) aren't nearly as bad as their record would indicate. All things considered I see them as only a year or so behind the Bills in their rebuild. As long as BB is there I expect NE to field a very competitive team even after TB retires, but I think we are beginning to see a transition in the AFC East where very soon the Bills, Pats and Jets all can legitimately aspire to the division title. Having said that I have a hard time seeing Darnold thrive against Bill, that pass rush and secondary Monday night. If nothing else it should be another chance to see if Gase has anything to offer as a game planner and play caller.
  6. I'll be interested to see how the Bills prioritize the position come draft day. There are a handful (actually a lot relatively speaking) of first round eligible WRs, but one of the reasons the 2020 draft is deep is that some very good second tier prospects are expected to be available in the middle and possibly even the later rounds. I'm wondering whether the Bills draft two.
  7. I really don't see him as a 1000 yarder even in the best of cases, but 650-700 with clutch catches on third down conversions and in the red zone would qualify him as a genuine starting calibre WR on this and a lot of other teams. I guess we will see how it plays out.
  8. Interesting to see how a guy who has almost all of the attributes to be successful fails mainly because of one deadly shortcoming. He's a very good athlete with top shelf straight line speed moving forward but apparently cannot backpedal and turn quickly enough to recover when he needs to. It's a flaw that once exposed gets picked on mercilessly. Sort of too bad (especially for him unfortunately).
  9. Duke ran a good pattern to beat the DB but I would like to see more of his route tree beyond slants, that have been almost all of his targets and that obviously he can run. Boldin wasn't fast but was open a lot because he was a smart route runner and a reliable target because of his physicality and hands. As to receiver type Boldin should be William's prototype. Look forward to seeing how the chemistry with Allen develops. If it does, he should enjoy some success. If it doesn't he won't stick. I think he's got a shot. He's a big target and Allen could come to rely on him in the red zone and third down conversions. I suspect he will be taking targets away from Sweeney in addition to Zay's.
  10. I tend to think Williams was given some positive feedback about eventually being promoted to the active roster when he was cut and signed to the PS. That's probably why he stuck around and did his utmost to be part of the team, even if only cheering on the sidelines on Sundays. While no doubt hoping that Zay would turn things around, I'm pretty sure that they used the time to prepare Williams for the transition from the CFL / preseason to the NFL and active on game day. Beane had a plan for him and Williams held up his end. It will be interesting to see how the chemistry with Allen develops. I too think he may be able to handle more responsibility once they get better acclimated.
  11. He's a #3 or #4 WR it would appear. Doesn't separate well (though he has occasionally been open and missed by Allen), is pretty useless competing for balls in a crowd, doesn't react to break up picks or pursue the DB (low energy Zay) and - this is the killer - has very suspect hands. Sure some of Allen's throws give him little or no chance. On the other hand he dropped a low throw that hit him in the hands on Sunday. A NFL starting calibre WR should make that play. If this sort of thing were an outlier you would just drive on. The problem is that it's pretty typical for Zay. I have not been on the Duke bandwagon, but I think it's about time for a change.
  12. I'm not worried. Allen just has too many good traits. He's very intelligent, so eventually he will react properly to pre and post snap reads and make better, quicker decisions, and fewer bad ones. His intangibles are at 100%, he burns with competitive fire and has great leadership ability. Lastly, his physical ability is completely off the charts, making him a genuine dual threat QB. He remains a fantastic prospect with a bright future. I also subscribe to the view that if not taken out he could quite possibly have led the team to victory. He's been terrible and very good in streaks all in the same game. I think the Pats are going to have lots of problems whenever they face a good D. Seeing Brady make such a poor decision and throw such a bad pass that Hyde picked in the end zone when he had Gordon set up perfectly on the opposite corner fade right after the snap was a bit of an eye opener for me.
  13. They have been mostly ground and pound power 1 for a couple of years now. Without Devlin and behind that patchwork line Michel won't be the difference maker he was late last year. Brady will have to win with the passing game. They miss Gronk. Brady is still good but no longer elite. If Josh was on his game yesterday the Pats lose convincingly. IMO Josh is the real deal and he will eventually settle down. As soon as that happens its dynasty over.
  14. There have always been players who look to hurt other players (although a small minority), and there always will be. By the way, would that be friendly musket fire?
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