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  1. Willis is obviously very athletic. He will make plays in the NFL. He can have all the physical ability but he’s never had to read a defence in his life. If he doesn’t have the mental ability/discipline or can’t develop it he won’t be more than a bit player and maybe a turnover machine.
  2. Sure but Kelce will be 33 this year and has had to increasingly play through injury, notably last year. He is a top tier TE of course but I have the same question regarding his game and how it might be affected by Hill’s absence as I do Mahomes’. The conventional wisdom is that you can cover one of Hill or Kelce but not both. Well coverages will be adjusted for that going forward. I look forward to seeing the result. A lot depends on how well Andy Reid incorporates the new WRs into his offence.
  3. True but not a better skill set and no QB better compensates for O-Line lapses than Allen.
  4. The only thing Mahomes has that Allen doesn’t is Andy Reid. To me no other QBs skill set compares favourably with Allen’s overall. PMs year will be significantly impacted by Reid’s success (or lack thereof) in scheming around the absence of Hill and Kelsey being a year older. The Chief’s floor is still a good and very productive offence but I won’t be surprised if they take a step back.
  5. Funny thing about Allen is that although he has certainly tidied up some mechanical issues that caused his accuracy as a passer to be inconsistent, he’s basically the exact same player he was at Wyoming. Looking at his WYO highlight reel you could think you were looking at tape of some of his best plays as a Bill. Rather than the pro game changing the way he plays, he has changed the way the pro game is being played. Every QB needy team dreams of having a guy just like him. He is to QBs what LT was to outside linebackers. In both cases the secret sauce is other worldly athleticism.
  6. I’m interested to see how Mahomes makes out without Hill. I don’t believe an offence can lose a unique talent like that and not have it show. Andy Reid will look to compensate imo using the strengths of other players within his well known ability to tweek/innovate his basic WC scheme but bottom line I think PMs job just got a lot harder. One elite player can make a big difference to an offence including one led by an elite QB. JaMarr Chase/Joe Burrow. I think that by years end Josh Allen stands a very good chance of being recognized as the #1 player in the game. To me his prospects for accomplishing that exceed any other players.
  7. I saw a clip where Diggs called Josh “fat boy”.
  8. I agree that Josh is the most physically gifted player ever at the position. For sure there have been QBs with extraordinary physical ability, some of whom evoke certain aspects of Josh’s game (though not all of it as has been said). But Josh’s physical ability separates him from the competition in the same way as LT’s or say Larry Allen’s or Jim Brown’s made them stand distinctly apart from their peers. There is a laundry list of skills needed to play the all important position and normally athleticism, physical prowess by itself is not the secret sauce for a great QB- Brady, Montana…. Josh is the total package and he can do all of those other things well but to me pure physical talent is more the hallmark of his game. He was a man amongst boys when at Wyoming. Somewhat surprisingly he routinely looks like a man amongst boys playing with and against the grown men of today’s nfl.
  9. I wonder who Trevor’s financial advisors are. Putting so much of a young player’s income in a pure and volatile trading asset seems pretty aggressive.
  10. Actually I also meant he should be. And more importantly in the long run what will be more relevant is where he winds up in the history of the game itself. Will he stand amongst the icons? I think maybe yes.
  11. Maybe Bruce should be pleased that a guy having a good game against him is considered worth mentioning as a reason for inducting him.
  12. Actually Allen is probably # 1 on the list of the top 100.
  13. Roger Maris was arguably the best player in the game for at least 3 years, realized a landmark achievement and won’t make the Hall. I don’t know about Boselli’s personality but I’d bet he was good with sportswriters. Maris was born surly. Stengel used to say you could ask him a question and he’d stare at you for a week before giving you an answer. The sportswriters hated him.
  14. Always loved this guys physicality and athleticism. From day 1. Glad they found a role for him where he could play at a high level.
  15. I agree. In terms of intentionality there is a clear difference IMO between criminal negligence causing death and murder 1. I don’t even think that the difference in characterization would change with the number of victims. Even though he is entirely at fault so that he has earned the consequences his life too is pretty much over. Just a horrible outcome all around.
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