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  1. Hopefully his long ball is getting better. If memory serves the Saunders overthrow wasn't terrible. I thought Saunders was maybe 1 and 1/2 strides away. He used to overthrow John Brown, who is a true burner, by 5 yards. EDIT: I have now seen Wiz's earlier post with pics and with which I agree.
  2. I like Levi as a gutsy though physically limited player. But he's a backup not a CB2. #1 receivers have their way with him.
  3. As usual Simms breakdown is very instructive. I get that Steeler's disguised their coverage to confuse Allen but don't defences disguise their coverages routinely in an effort to confuse or deceive the QB and hasn't Allen shown that he is capable of making post snap reads? Sounds like Simms is saying that Pittsburg's understanding of the NE O is so deep that finding the open receiver was especially difficult involving additional levels of complexity, presenting Allen with something of a shell game. While all QBs miss open receivers at times, and I haven't gone back to check the tape, but I don't myself recall Allen passing up lots of open receivers underneath. I though Steelers coverage was pretty much good at all levels. Kudos to them. Maybe Brady could counter with a good ground game. Not sure we are able to do that effectively. Josh Allen is still of course a young, inexperienced QB but he's smart. He will be a better QB by the end of the year than he is now.
  4. While never a running QB Ben was much more mobile when he was younger. That is obvious. But even when younger and faster he was never in Allen's class as a runner. Not even close. He could always take a big hit though and probably still can.
  5. Agree. Imagine the bench clearing baseball fight that would erupt if they cheapshotted Josh lol.
  6. I've never ever seen Ben run like Josh either. If he could he'd maybe run more often.
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