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  1. Agree. He may have been disappointed with the round he went in but actually he could not have landed in a better spot. The Bills are not only a good team but the whole organization is one of the better ones top to bottom, and notably in the coaching and training and conditioning departments. As you say he is walking into a receiver room full of high quality veteran players who can help bring him along. I would only add that maybe Davis can give him a few pointers on how a rook can work his way onto the field and make a contribution from the get go. What Stevenson does well he does extrem
  2. Really excited to see what he can bring. He is facing a learning curve no question. To max out his potential as a NFL receiver he needs to refine/develop his route tree, learn to use his hands (body catcher) and up his physicality (blocking downfield, beating press coverage) a notch - and of course avoid injury down time. If he is able to do these things he will turn out to be a major steal of the draft.
  3. Yeah, I believe it. He looked a lot faster than 4:45 to me. He’s a burner and that posted time is not that. Great if you are 6’3”. Not if you are 5’10’.
  4. 15 sacks is an eye popping number but I don’t disagree that they need to be taken in context. Thing is tho there is also the 19 tackles for loss. The two stats complement one another to paint a picture of a guy who lives in the opposition’s backfield. Not all of that can be rationalized as the result of inferior opponents, especially considering that he had never before played the position and seems to have had his share of double teams.
  5. I’m with Daniel Jeremiah and Calais Campbell. He’s a lot better than many seem to give him credit for. He’s a versatile defender who can bring pressure up the middle or off the edge. He can also set the edge and play the run. Maybe because he is so tall he appears to have great vision of whats going on in the backfield. I think thats actually why Beane and others say he has a nose for the QB. He’s got decent power and exceptional lateral agility, not to mention incredible length. He looks like a guy who plays with passion and has an excellent motor. He will benefit from the Bills strength and
  6. Nice to hear. When in his draft year I started looking at Allen’s Wyoming tape I couldn’t believe what was jumping out at me in the way of athleticism. I had never seen anything quite like it. There are different athletic strengths and some are best suited to different sports. To me Allen’s physical talents were particularly well suited to the requirements of playing QB in the NFL. Someone recently posted that Lamar was a better athlete than Allen but that Josh was the. better QB. Josh is the better QB but he is also the better athlete for playing the position. The reason is what he gives up i
  7. I’m thinking a long tall Miami Hurricane DE and I’d be good with either one. Would like JP. Without medical history he goes right after the QBs top of the draft imo. With medical history he’s in Bills range.
  8. No not necessarily. Or maybe you are just speaking for yourself.
  9. Agree...and I hope that other player is Jaelan Phillips.
  10. Looks to me a lot more like Cam Wake than Maybin.
  11. And Jets fans didn’t like Q. Williams, who was drafted ahead of Oliver. Message board comments remarkably similar. Patience.
  12. Another very good move. Beane is one shrewd dude.
  13. Bills should be favoured to win the Division again. I am intrigued with what Belly is doing in NE. Brady has proven that he can win without Bill. I think Bill will go all out this year to prove that he can win without Tom. Their D should be good again especially with Hightower coming back. Cam has his faults and is not nearly the passer Allen has become but he will have much better receivers and those two premium TEs will help him out a lot. Pats will not be an easy out IMO.
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