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  1. Well he doesn't need a hair deal anymore that's for sure.
  2. His tested "explosiveness" is good and he does seem to have varied release packages but if you understand it to mean gaining vertical separation by stacking DBs that's not his game.
  3. Well PFF gave Beane's offseason a C+. All things considered I give it a B+. I like what appears to be the plan on O. With Davis and their attention to the O-line the ground game should improve and help set up the pass, and of course we will remain a passing team, including out of the backfield. I think they have the players to make it work. I could do with an upgrade to MVS but pickings are slim. He's a burner all right, but with the hands of a statue...plunk...plunk ...plunk...even though he only plays with Hall worthy QBs A big burden falls on this coaching staff. My hope is that by playoff time it has all come together and started to work as intended. I think there is reason for some optimism, bearing in mind that all we are discussing here is offensive weapons. We also have one of the two top players in the game on that side of the ball.
  4. I completely agree with this and think to have seen it in his tape.
  5. I don't know that we need a # 1 receiver and I don't see it as a feature of what I think Brady is up to. Neither do I see "explosion",as a physical attribute, as a characteristic of Coleman's game. He may have Megatron's ball skills but he doesn't have the explosion that made Megatron uncoverable off the line nor does he run a 4.35. I just cite that for skill set illustration and comparison purposes. Megatron is maybe the greatest WR ever. As far as the "separation" issue is concerned, I believe Coleman may well develop as a very good route runner. You can see subtlety in his movements to gain a step on DBs (that's innate football savvy) and with his size and ball skills that's all he should need if his timing with Josh is good. His hands and catch radius together should also help a lot with Allen's under pressure occasional placement issues. I do however think that if he pans out Coleman will be capable of making big plays, possibly routinely, but I would expect most of those to come in the red zone and perhaps more importantly in those parts of the field where Davis and MVS have as you point out been sub par. That's where he is going to eat imo.
  6. I certainly haven't done the commendable work that others have in breaking down Coleman's college production so all I have by comparison is an impression for all its worth but I see a guy who is fast through his routes, who is big and probably capable of out muscling many nfl DBs, and (this is important) has impressive ball skills. Those are core competencies that have earned some guys golden jackets. If we are talking football I take that and his kind of athleticism over an 11 foot broad jump all day long. No guarantees of course given the enormous step up in competition that all rooks have to negotiate but I think the Bills are right in thinking that he has the makings of a good, possibly very good player at his position. Unlike the Bills I do wonder if he's a true X given the lack of long speed (that's why they signed MVS) but regardless I'm sure Brady has a role for him and the O that he is concocting will not feature a # 1 receiver now anyway that Diggs is gone. Personally I agree with what I expect to be the change in philosophy. Almost forgot to mention that Coleman is a hoot. Probably a great locker room guy. That too is important.
  7. When the Steelers, a very shrewd team when it comes to evaluating receivers, cut bait with a talented one, (M.Bryant, Antonio, JuJu) it's usually for a good reason. Their careers generally experience a downward spiral. That's certainly also been the case with Claypool so far (from doing stupid locker room Tic Tok vidios with JuJu, refusing to block, not running out his routes when he's not the hot read, running lazy ones even when his number is called etc...). It all points to his not really being interested in playing football, however hard that is to understand given the money he is passing up. When you are that stupid I can't imagine turning things around. If he had the dedication and work ethic of a much less gifted player like say Justin Shorter he would immediately be our #1 receiver based on talent and demonstrated ability imo. He would open up our passing game with significant benefit to our other guys in a big way, if ever he pans out I would consider it something of a miracle and a blessing.
  8. Help me out. Wasn't his actual ras 9.23? If so isn't that pretty good as far as athleticism is concerned?
  9. Can't say I know what the future will bring but I'm good with the Coleman pick, as prospects go. I'm not that concerned with his 40 time. My draft fav was A. Mitchell but he fell flat in numerous combine interviews. What I didn't know was that he sometimes went off his diabetes meds giving rise to occasional behavioural issues, including on-field. When on his meds he's a good kid but I've known some folks with the same problem - stop their meds because of side effects or they just think they don't need them when actually they really do need them. A number of teams passed on Mitchell for those reasons, including most probably the Bills. And frankly I don't blame them for doing so. I continue to think (with Cosell) that he has the potential to be one of the games premier receivers. I hope he makes it. He landed in a good spot. All of this to say that in drafting players the guy's head is every bit as important as the perception of his raw talent and potential. Its obvious that in Coleman's case they not only loved the player but the person as well. I would not be surprised if he turned into another Alshon Jeffery or better (even though AJ's 40 time was faster). I do however acknowledge the possibility that he could wind up being one of Beane's freak athletes that while decent never quite meets expectations (I'm thinking of a MLB in particular). I very much doubt that he will bust.
  10. You are exactly right. If you look at Rapp's pick of Tua last year Claypool ran a slow, lazy, round at the stem out route. That's what he has been doing for years now. It's like he decided that there was no way he was going to play every down with the urgency that is required at this level of play. He totally lazed out. I'm not sure I'd want him anywhere near our young WRs/TE.
  11. You’ve persuaded me. He’s gonna have a breakout year. As far as traits are concerned he’s pretty much exactly what the Bills are looking for. Would be great if he’s had his come to Jesus moment. He was never going to get many reps in Miami but he also didn’t make the most of them.
  12. Dude he’s an idiot. You cant fix stupid. He needs a new brain. Worse thing is that he makes the roster (because we are desperate and he is way more talented than the competition) because you just know he will F up again.
  13. Had you asked me to name the one player who McD would definitely not tolerate even for a nano second I would have said Claypool. Not the upgrade to the WR room I was hoping to see.
  14. The Penn rook will be returning kicks imo. I think he's going to be good. Hamler was a 4.3s guy. Wonder if he still is after the injuries.
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