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  1. I get it but even when the run game was working (eg last year) he was always more a back who relied upon vision and elusiveness than burst. CEH is not straightline much faster than DS but he has burst and hits the hole fast. Different type of runner is all. Given DS’s game I’m not sure I fully understand the Moss pick. I guess we will see.
  2. I agree. Lawrence Taylor showed what a world class athlete could do from the outside LB position in terms of aggressive play, bringing pressure etc...I would have Edmunds, who reminds me more of Taylor (in terms of natural ability/type) than Luke K forget about quarterbacking the D, reading and reacting etc... and just turn loose his phenomenal athleticism. If the problem is instead a lack of bad intentions, I would look to trade him asap and before it's too late. You need bad people to play this game right.
  3. I'm not sure Q. Williams solves the Bills problem long term. True he is very talented and he's being used mainly as a space eater/run stuffer, like Leonard Williams (and all other Jets DTs for that matter), but that's probably part the problem. He should be developed as a 3 tech - for him the logical model is A Donald/Geno Atkins (at least as to the majority of his snaps), not Snacks. All of his great college tape that got him drafted high was I thought from the 3tech, but Gregg likes to bring pressure off the edge not up the middle even though he doesn't have the horses to do it. It's a bit of an exaggeration but maybe long term Q needs a space eater next to him as much as Ed does. If Star returns or is replaced in his role and if Harry can come back I'd love to see Williams as part of a rotation with Oliver. Who says you can't have two guys who can bring pressure up the middle. That's the best place to bring it if you can.
  4. Maybe I'm wrong but I didn't think they had the same running style. Haven't seen a whole lot of him but it seemed to me that CEH hits the hole a lot faster than Devin.
  5. Hes the feature back on the Jets now that Bell is a Chief lol.
  6. I didnt expect the Bills to dominate this year, especially given the strength of schedule. They are not yet a top team and there are no guarantees that they will get there. They do have assets however and if Coach is able to turn this D around to the point where they are not an embarrassment, the Bills are a dangerous team. In the playoffs I certainly wouldn't relegate them to one and done status from the get go even if I don't see them as true championship contenders at this time. If they can hang around through the late rounds they have the wherewithal to knock a classier opponent with faster hands and better footwork right out of the ring. It could have happened yesterday. When they are on, the Bills have a legit big play offence. Josh Allen=a very heavy right hand. Our receiving corps is very good. The season has a long way to go. I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if Coach was unable to whip his D into better shape and maybe get the running game going. If that happens the Bills will always have a good punchers chance even against top tier opposition.
  7. Gabe Davis will be the difference maker in the second half.
  8. I wouldn't say trash. It was written by a legit, qualified and technically astute observer and was a detailed professional evaluation, not a propaganda piece by any means. The article seems no longer available in their archives. I sort of wonder whether EJs current employment has anything to do with that, though I doubt it.
  9. Coming out of college both Allen and EJ were touted as physically dominant dual threat QBs with rocket arms. When he entered the league EJ was almost exactly the same size as Josh. That's where the comparison ends. But I also think that Allen got a lot more of the good stuff when the Man Upstairs was handing it out. He's a much more dominant athlete and presence than EJ (and than 99.99% of humankind) and I often think that his otherworldly athleticism has largely contributed (and continues to contribute) to buying him the time needed for him to work on the many refinements of playing the position, in transitioning from athlete to athlete and QB. No doubt EJ was drafted into a bad situation by a desperate management. But his flaws were well known and well documented. A comprehensive article in the weeks before the draft in Tomahawk Nation by someone (whose name escapes me) close to and a friend of the FSU program listed in painful detail why EJ would likely be overdrafted and ultimately fail. The writer's detailed projections could not have been more accurate and predictive. I wish Whaley had read it but he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. At least he didn't draft Gino.
  10. Bottom line: He was a bust that couldn't play.
  11. Hes being used as a space eater/run defender like Leonard Williams was. He should be developed as a 3 tech imo ala Donald. They dont have the horses to bring pressure from the outside and their scheme seems not designed for applying pressure up the middle. Not sure why they thought this guy was a fit. Id love for the Bills to get him for a later round pick(s), which of course is not happening.
  12. With experience Allen will continue to improve, become more patient, rely on his playmakers, read defences better. He's still trending up and we don't know what the ceiling is, except we know it's high. There is room for improvement. As some have mentioned he's made great strides in being more consistently accurate with his throws but his ball placement can and will get better. He's been working on making his throws more receiver friendly. Dude has shown that he has all of the characteristics of an elite QB and it's looking very much like he will eventually get there. Bills also have managed him very well. There are few players who earn top marks in all relevant evaluation measures for the position they play. Allen is one of those. He's gonna be so rich it's ridiculous.
  13. They are going tank and full rebuild. Mosley is sitting out the year and many doubt that he will ever suit up again as a Jet. Adams gone, Bell gone, Mosely (probably) gone/traded. And as soon as Lawrence is on the horizon they will be a team that doesn't know who their leader/QB is. Sam might get the Rosen treatment. And then there is Gase. Total tire fire. Franchise from Hell.
  14. Ok I now see what Garofalo is saying re this termination thing. Great for Bell. Jets did him a big favour. He will be rolling in money.
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