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  1. Had to look that up! That uniform reminds me of a Little Loop pee wee team my son used to play against, can’t recall the school. 😂
  2. I have a problem. Sickness, TBH. Josh Von - ordered a few days ago Kelly (1 new, 1 old) Thurman Bruce (1 new, 1 old) Kent Hull - wear to games (1 I burned at a tailgate fixed, 1 not worn) Moulds Marshawn Flutie Takeo Spikes* Owens* McGahee* Price* Johnson* Bledsoe* Milloy* Rob Johnson* *Bought cheap when they left the team. Non Bills Jaworski - pretty cool throwback (wore for Eagles/pats SB) Stabler Urlacher Morten Andersen (wore for Falcons/pats SB) Manning (colts) Flutie college Blank Sabres (last few years of original jersey colors) Eichel #15 (with laces) Cheap. Probably forgot a few…. Edit: after reading others jerseys, I really want a Josh Wyoming jersey. Can’t find in my big size!
  3. For those who were going. Sammy Hagar postponed this Saturday night at Seneca Allegany Casino. Link
  4. Just found this on YouTube. A faux documentary on Jimmy. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjX9pLEtqr5AhVSg4kEHV_nBgYQtwJ6BAgaEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DuX_Hwr_ZCic&usg=AOvVaw06o3Gc3bwmsA0gGoIn64lE
  5. Don’t think that’s in her character to do that. I hope not. Felt like they’d reunite, not thinking that anymore. Wondering if he survives. Jimmy was a little erratic in the last episode, not as careful as he should be. Keep an eye on the new guy he fired.
  6. Interesting episode. Didn’t know the title until the show aired. Figured from the title we’d see BB characters. Walt looked and acted like Walt. Jesse looked so different and acted too intelligent. I know they’ve grown older since BB, but man it was weird. Neat getting a little update on some of the other BB characters. No surprises. Wonder what he heard on the phone when he called Kim’s place of employment? Doesn’t look good. Felt she would be safe, now don’t know. Last few episodes should be great. We now know we will most likely see what happens to Jimmy, AKA Saul, AKA Gene. With two episodes showing Gene, that’s the path they chose, not memory law lane with huge doses of BB. Then again, I’m probably wrong.
  7. Disgusting ruling. NFL better up it a significant amount. I can’t believe the browns have him a contract that limits how much money he loses. NFL better tack on a fine equal to, or hopefully greater than his average per game check for the entire contract. NFL really has to start cleaning up its image. Do the right thing.
  8. Need another WR before that happens. I love McKenzie, but he’s not a #2. Shakir most likely tops out as WR 3 in the slot, need to see him play to see where he fits. Can’t pay everyone, that is true. I can’t see Davis not being signed. Knox? Dude makes insane catches, and drops the incredibly easy ones. Came on last year, will see if he continues or falls back. He may be the one that is gone.
  9. Davis should have been the #2 last season, but we signed Sanders. Gabe will be a star. My concern is he is a UFA after next season. 4 year rookie contract. With all the other big tickets coming up, can we afford him? Edmunds, Poyer, Knox?
  10. December? Playoff run. Lock him in for next year also. I guess?
  11. Late to the game I guess. Have Gamepass at no cost as a season ticket holder. I take it gamepass has been rolled into NFL+? Can’t log in any more to game pass. Has an email regarding this year’s subscription been sent?
  12. Welp. Honestly missed the fact he was that cab driver. Kinda thought about it, but thought the new Jeff was too wish-washy to be the old guy. Episode was weird., seemed misplaced. I hope they don’t go all Gene moving forward, wanted some BB. Either way, I’m sure it will be good.
  13. It must be monitored somehow. Don’t believe he could just use a mouse mover to get past it. Wonder how invasive they are allowed to get monitoring? Capture him on camera? Have a coach be on with him? Record his entire interaction? End all is, how could you guarantee that much money if you have to monitor his studying habits away from the team? How engaged is he with studying when with the team? This info getting out will certainly taint him with his teammates. If Larry Fitzgerald was still with the team, what respect would he give to KM?
  14. Best time to call Is early August, for me anyways. Those are the times I swung a deal for free. Last few years I tried early, and was told by the rep that new credits pop up beginning of the month and try in September. Those were the times I got the worst deals, usually paying $100 bucks or more and getting the rest in credits. Had a big run years ago getting no haggle free ST. Last 3 years has been a PITA. Been with them since 2001 and have ATT wireless for about 5 years. Doesn’t seem to help. Called a few weeks ago and had minimal haggling and got it for free. Also have a nice discount that’s been running for a few months before that. Best advice, don’t give up. You’ll get some sort of deal with persistence. Either credits that offset, or paying a reduced fee for ST.
  15. Are you paid in full for the season? I’m on a payment plan like I do every year that began a few months ago and goes into the season. I don’t expect to get this.
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