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  1. Tops - caught eating Combo’s. Young and stupid and was honest. Showed the door. Kmart - Asked the HR person why my buddy and I were not on the schedule. Told us we were no longer going to be on the schedule.... wrote “I quit” on a piece of paper and gave it to her. Technically fired, didn’t matter as I was working a full time job at the time. Local telecom/computer company - was brought in 2 months before the day I was let go. Told, no matter what happens to the division I was working in, I’d always have a job there. Fast forward 2 months, told they were deep sixing the division and I was being laid off... Oddly, it was a few weeks before I was vested (later told that by the HR rep, my seniority at 4 1/2 years would have vested my prior to 5 years). That worked out great. Literally 48 hours later I was working for them again as a sub-contractor, started my own company. Did fairly well with it, lasted 2 years. Realized then it wasn’t I hated having a boss, I hated the telecom industry. Folded the business, went to school and now work health care. Wasn’t fired, but found this funny. Worked at Perkins for a month night shift busting suds after getting fired from Tops. Got the job at Kmart, and rolled over to Perkins and told the manager I was quitting immediately. She told me “you’ll never be allowed to work for Perkins again without a 2-weeks notice”..... uhm, that was the point!
  2. Have a few players hurt who could go on IR in a corresponding move in regards to brining Duke up. No way we keep 7 active WRs. Zay had an unprecedented slide to the bench today. If not traded, he will be cut.
  3. That was a great call. Defense committed to Gore and Josh ran right!
  4. They really had to go for it on 4th and 4.
  5. Murph said TD stands three times he is terrible
  6. Ball out of his hand just as he crosses LOS
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