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  1. Certainly are. Seemed as though it was bad luck for me to buy the jersey, player left soon after.
  2. Wore my Hull to the games last season. Prefer old players jerseys who were good. Hate buying good players who end up off the team right after I get their jersey - Lynch, McGahee, Spikes.
  3. Nothing like a cold shower beer after a long day at work. In full support!
  4. Thanks for the info! Nice listening to actual Bills coverage instead of the “candy bar draft”.
  5. Godaddy. Inexpensive and easy dashboard for renewal, add-ons and searching new domains. Cheaper up front than renewals. If it’s a name you will keep, register for a long time. They also host and have a basic easy to use website development tool. I registered my last name as a domain. Use it for my email, godaddy charges a few bucks a month for the email forwarding. Basically when an email hits the registered name, it automatically forwards to my roadrunner email. Back in the day had many ISP’s, wanted an email that will never changes.
  6. I used to listen to WGR as much as I could during my day. Listened last week for the first time in ages while driving my wife’s car for about a 1/2 hour (her car doesn’t have Sirius). Terrible. I know, nothing to really talk about in the off-season, but terrible. Don’t listen to pre or post on game day at all. Don’t care for how they break the games down. Will miss Kelso though. Used to love Simon when he was on WNSA and Empire Sports Network. Even Bulldog was really good in his WBEN days. Schopp was, and will always be terrible. They own the market, will always get ratings based on that.
  7. You can have CGI that enhances a story. Too much, especially with a weak director/story does not make a blockbuster.
  8. Baseboard heat, so no. Never had in any of the three houses I’ve lived in, just a duplex I rented for a year. Hate window units. Noisy and not great coverage without fans. Wish I had bought those wall units a few years ago, much cheaper. Now would run me about 8 grand or more. Not worth it.
  9. Hopefully a good movie. Honestly though, tired of the amount of CGI that goes into movies like this. Hope it’s not that noticeable on the big screen...
  10. No roof. Nothing like an open air stadium. Don’t care if it had a retractable roof, or full on dome. Still not truly open air. Only compromise I’d like is the partial roof as long as I don’t feel closed in with it. Only reason I’d like a roof are for those late December games. But honestly, there’s 2 or 3 a year? And out of those 1 or 2 are truly cold? I’d like to see an extensive reno of our current stadium. Good location, great sight lines. May be old, but it’s still a great stadium!
  11. Pink Floyd - wish you were here, dark side, the wall Chicago - 9 Yes - 90125 Fleetwood Mac - best of Genesis - ABACAB Green Day - American Idiots Journey - Escape Metallica - Master of puppets Neil Diamond - greatest hits Sammy Hagar - standing Hampton
  12. It is overused, but loved hearing him get into the game or an issue. Opposite of Murphy who is stone cold boring.
  13. Gonna miss Kelso. Liked his insight and passion. Hope Eric has the same technical expertise. Next step is ban Murphy from play-by-play! Provides no insight, gets players wrong a lot and has little technical knowledge. Never seemed to gel with Kelso; always emend to be on different pages.
  14. Loved the beerball! Used to work at Tops in the mid 80’s and they were a staple at the parking lot parties! Also great for Bills games and camping at Allegany!
  15. Definitely prefer Focal Banger over HT. Never had Fiddlehead, but Hill Farmstead has some great beers. One of of my favorites outside of Buffalo is Dancing Gnome out of Pittsburgh. Great tasting across the lineup, particularly like Jam, an IPA. In Buffalo I love Thin Man Brewery Trial by Wombat, a NEIPA..delicious. Also love their raspberry sour called Minkey Boodle. For those in Buffalo who’d like to try Heady Topper, I saw it at Murphy Browns on Main in Clarence. Not sure if they have any longer, but they do have a nice selection of craft beers in cans and bottles. Quite a few on tap also.
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