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  1. I said no. Sign him to a long term deal. as of today, they’d have to pick it up and then sign him. same as Allen.
  2. Really not a fan of grading drafts before these guys ever set foot on a NFL field. Did we have an eye on RB in the first round? I feel if Beane truly wanted on of these guys he would have jumped the Steelers. Seemed it was a good guess they were grabbing one. I’d rather have the pass rush guys we got. Both have a great ceiling, Basham seems a little more ready to me. AFC Championship game proved we didn’t have the pass rush needed to win that game. Believe we have 3 RB’s that are good. Our guys didn’t get their numbers called a lot last year, feel it was play calli
  3. Beane loves him some Addison. Had a presser late draft yesterday and went out of his way to commend Addison on taking Epenesa under his wing (along with Hughes). Also mentioned Addison texted him talking about helping out the new guys. Beane mentioned the restructured contract and “he’ll be a FA next year”. Agree, don’t think he’s going anywhere this year.
  4. Meinerz - "Let the belly breathe". Shoot. I guess i'm a NFL prospect!!
  5. For a quick second, though it was Murph sitting next to Jerruh in the Dallas war room.
  6. That Ragnow dude announcing the Lions pick looks like your sloppy drunk uncle at family events.
  7. I believe both these guys will get in the rotation like Epenesa did last year. Will be ready by the playoffs to contribute. They also will push the guys ahead of them to be better. Not a bad thing.
  8. NFLN did a piece on him. Sister had brain CA and mom had breast CA. Glad they are both survivors. Seemed like just the kind of person the Bills would draft.
  9. Almost looks photoshopped. If that's real, holy heck he's big!
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