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  1. Is this version of RZ with Andrew Siciliano?
  2. Think the guy has skill, would like to see him in the team. Very least, PS. That being said, if GB wanted him, they had a chance to grab him for free when we waived him last season. Had to know it stuck in Rodgers craw he was released. With the practice squad rules last year, wouldn’t have been an issue to sign him and stash him there at the very least.
  3. Had a nice run a few years back, was able to work out deals as early as the first week of August and paid virtually nothing. Two years ago was difficult, last year was brutal. Been a DTV subscriber since 2004. Expect more of the same this year. Couldn’t even work out a free DVR replacement that used to be a slam dunk in the past. Had to buy the service plan for 9.99/month to get it replaced. Can cancel anytime, so will cost me $20 bucks.
  4. Would love another/different option for ST. Have had DTV since 2004 and only keep it for the ticket. Would love to explore cord cutting options for TV instead of DTV. Usually get ST for free or a nominal charge. Would pay 100 bucks for the season for just the RZ channel. Actually had RZ free last year, but it had Scott Hanson from NFLN not Andrew Siciliano. Siciliano makes RZ what it is.
  5. He did a great job as Herb, perfect for the part. That show really did have great casting.
  6. The good part is the Bills will be competitive until a stadium is built. Stadium talks now are an attempt to ride the wave of a good season and team. Can’t see massive public support for the Gregg or Jauron years. I have no issue with that. Love the current stadium, sight lines are great and would love to see this one upgraded. At some point it will be unusable as time takes its toll.
  7. I feel I’d he’s traded, it’s to the Bills. Hope Sweeney isn’t part of the deal. Think he can be a good player. Especially if we give them a draft pick. 5th rounder tops and that’s it.
  8. I was at the game. 15 years old walking up and down the aisles in the upper deck selling candy and popcorn. Got yelled at a bunch of times for bring in the way! Fundraiser for a drum & bugle corps I marched with back then. Wasn’t a football fan yet, but that started to change with the 80 and 81 Bills. Remember watching as a bunch of fans carrying a chunk of the goal post up the stands and tossed it over the rim of the stadium in the end zone opposite the scoreboard. Seen a lot of crazy stuff at Bills games, but that had to be the most memorable.
  9. Understated actor. Dry humor. Great in Midnight Run.
  10. Don’t hold it against any NFL player for getting paid. I know I can’t do what they do. This guy though? If he comes back and is productive and becomes a team player? Great. Don’t believe he can. He may make a PS, but once he gets a paycheck he will flame out again. Can’t stand lazy people. In pro sports or those who work with me.
  11. Dude was drafted in 2014. Feels like he’s older than that. Funny how these guys try and make a comeback after flaming out. Looking for a payday. Usually rooot for the underdog, but not this guy. Something about his complete laziness.
  12. I said no. Sign him to a long term deal. as of today, they’d have to pick it up and then sign him. same as Allen.
  13. Really not a fan of grading drafts before these guys ever set foot on a NFL field. Did we have an eye on RB in the first round? I feel if Beane truly wanted on of these guys he would have jumped the Steelers. Seemed it was a good guess they were grabbing one. I’d rather have the pass rush guys we got. Both have a great ceiling, Basham seems a little more ready to me. AFC Championship game proved we didn’t have the pass rush needed to win that game. Believe we have 3 RB’s that are good. Our guys didn’t get their numbers called a lot last year, feel it was play calli
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