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  1. Do we know contract length? Fewer years tells me they are giving him the reigns, but could separate much easier. Long contract tells me they believe he is the long term answer. Love the guy, but 3 year contract tops. They have to have the mindset to move on as soon as they are not where they need to be. Can’t get into another Granato scenario. He is a much better coach than any we’ve had in some time. He will demand more from his players, and hopefully they but into him. 5 wins more this season and we’d have made the playoffs, Lindy should be able to get that out of this team. For me? I’ll be paying more attention to the team. Got some good players, but need to see grit all the time. Ruff will bring that.
  2. Different schemes/systems fit different players for sure. Players around them. And of course, coaching staff.
  3. I haven’t followed hockey since the team was good. Just can’t. Will say I am surprised they fired the coach. Expected more of the same. Hopefully they can get a proven guy, someone that can get the most out of our roster. Not sure who the big names are. Someone mentioned Tortorella. Loved the fire he has had as a HC through the years, latest record isn’t so good. Ruff, also latest records not great. Had one winning season out of four with NJ, one of the other three was only 30-27. Loved his passion and honesty when he was with us. Probably need some young blood - someone who can reach the players.
  4. Can’t help but look back at the trade. What would have been? Wouldn’t have had Tre’ either.
  5. Yeah. But we wouldn’t have landed Josh, who I’d much rather have. Also, doesn’t mean PM would have been as good as he is in Buffalo.
  6. If diggs was still on a multi year contract, I’d agree. I agree he is a cancer. Thing is, he will most likely be on his best behavior, along with telling his brother to stop the garbage tweets. He will want to be a “team player”. He wants to create a highest bidder situation for next year, and some teams may not want a guy who’s forced himself off two teams and wants the payday. The picture of him watching the chiefs celebrate at the time made us feel he was a team player. Hate to say, I can see now that may have been a contrived act.
  7. I heard they took all the mirrors out of his house. edit: interesting not a single mention on Buffalobills.com or the app.
  8. I’ll be in my backyard hot tubbing it! Have huge pines lining my yard on the south and west sides. Will block most of the sun. Mostly looking forward to it being dark at that time. Will be interesting.
  9. He is also very good about catching the ball and immediately getting it into a protected position. Sounds goofy but watching the tape he engulfs the ball. Dude just knows how to catch the ball. He has great football awareness. Knows where the defenders are and has the ability to make immediate football moves. Ability to slip and slide and make extra yards. Good sideline awareness. I think came on strong last year. That wouldn’t be the sole reason we traded Diggs, but certainly gave the Bills some peace of mind.
  10. Bills Buffalo Destroyers Arena League. Cheap and a lot of fun.
  11. Not really. His 28 million salary was on the cap regardless if Diggs was here or not. That doesn’t change. Only 4 million dead money was added to the cap this year. Plus we get a ton of cap relief next season. Beane got himself in a place where he had cap space and made the best move for the team. Remember, there is another 10 million more in cap space after Tre’s post June 1 hits the books. Yes, it may keep us from signing a big money WR. Unless, they get creative in pushing dollars to the backend of a new guys contract. Expect as least 2 receivers to be drafted in the higher rounds for sure and another FA. The question that needs to be asked is, are the Bills better or worse after trading Diggs? I say the same, or better. I admit I was shocked and saddened when I saw he was traded. But one must look at his stats and impact on the team. Stats - production dropped off at the end of last season for sure. Couple that with less than stellar playoff stats. And not just this past years playoffs. We will get another receiver. With that new guy, and our existing guys, Josh will continue to have success. Impact - Cap relief next year. And if the stories are true that he was a cancer in the locker room, better off he is gone.
  12. Some WR will shoot up the board. Feel McKonkey is the one this year, will allow another WR to fall.
  13. Got best value for him. Texans wanted picks this year, albeit low round. Couldn’t happen if post June 1.
  14. Houston got draft picks for this year, so couldn’t have been a post June 1. Wonder what a post June 1 trade would have looked like?
  15. Got it! Is there dead money next year also? If not, not a bad move IMHO.
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