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  1. Washington RoughRiders Name isn’t used enough...
  2. Got to be in the 400k range, and then incentives. Worth every penny. He didn’t just break the bank...he is the bank!
  3. “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” Hope he brought his fiddle. RIP
  4. He seems incredibly intelligent and would be interesting to sit with. Like his perspective on things. Looks at both sides of the issue. Would also like to get insider info on politics!
  5. Obama Grohl (gotta steal this one) Jack Nicholson Betty White Steve Schmidt Keanu Reeves a close call.
  6. I want to comment on the systematic racism that has brought us to where we are today, but feel compelled to speak to the above comment also. I work health care and work for my Union. We can’t paint all Unions with the same brush as corrupt Unions. My Union works very hard to educate about acceptance, racial and economic equality. Why Unions? Because “the little guy” need the ability to secure a good wage, good Health care, good benefits and a good retirement. By definition, a Union is a group of people working together for a common goal. We as a nation need to do the same. Work for the common good of everyone, not the few. I believe systematic racism/ racial inequality is a much worse symptom of economic inequality. It has been the top rich people of this country, and Republican Party for that matter, to keep those below them in income where they are. It’s a centuries old worldwide problem. Those in “power” want to stay in power. How do they do this? Keep those below them fighting each other, and not fighting the status quo. Those in the middle class, lower class and poverty level have more numbers than those in the upper/upper class. Do they use those numbers for the collective good? No. The lower classes are divided and not using their numbers to exert their power. Part of this division is systematic racism, probably the most powerful (not in a good way) divisive control exerted on the lower classes. How do you keep people fighting each other? Give them a scapegoat who is to blame for all their own woes. Blame others for why their taxes are too high. Blame others living off of “entitlements”. Blame others for not “pulling their weight”. All of this, when in fact it is the rich and large tax breaks for themselves and corporations that cost more than social entitlements. It’s the military machine who’s budget is many times more than entitlements. Yes, we need the military to protect us, but not at that large cost. It had become an industry of its own. When we are too busy fighting each other, we don’t have the time or wherewithal to fight the status quo. We let those in charge take our health care away. We let those in control Force an alternate reality upon is with lies. We let those in control rig the election system with gerrymandering and the lack of a coherent/safe/working voting system. Mark my words. By November the GOP will systematically deny mail in voting and will restrict the number of voting locations, especially in predominantly underprivileged/poverty stricken areas. Much like a Union, we need to band together and work for a common goal. There is no reason that those in a lower socioeconomic status can’t receive help to make their situations better. Improve schools, improve educational opportunities, improve health care, improve job opportunities for those in need. Instead of walking away from our Brothers and Sisters, it’s time we embrace each other. Enough of the behavior we have accepted for many years. I can’t say I understand what it is like to be a black person living in this country. The years and years of oppression. I believed I understood, and that I did my best to do better. What I have learned is I have not done enough. I can do better, and will do better. We all need to.
  7. That video speaks volumes about where we are. Simple protest, not sure what that man was saying to the police but he obviously posed NO threat. They bull past him, knock him down and he immediately starts bleeding from his head. NO response as he lies on the ground bleeding!! This video and the one where the women was groped by the police office and she pulled away only to be beaten by multiple police with batons are the most repugnant videos I’ve seen yet. she seems to give herself up, stands there and then gets beaten. Not all police are bad, and not all protesters are good. There needs to be a way for peaceful protests to happen where protestors do not cause harm and where police do not hurt people. Difficult situations and only going to get worse as people fuses get shorter. This will not end well if we keep moving down the road we are on. We need true leadership at this time and not some coward who sits behind his fences and does nothing but incite bad behavior.
  8. The question I have is, how is it fair to give a team better draft status over another? If you break the rules, you can have picks stripped. But to allow better picks because your team is inept and had to hire a new coaching staff and front office?? No. The situation needs to addressed, and not just in the NFL. If it was left in the hands of the teams to hire minorities without the Rooney Rule, we may see less minorities in top positions today. In my mind, it always should be best person for the job. But only when there is not a bias towards a group. This attempts to fix that, but falls short by penalizing teams that have good coaches/front office. Teams like the Browns could do better draft wise nearly every year the way they hire/fire. And let me ask this, teams tank for better picks. Would teams now fire a coach or GM that they are on the fence with just to increase draft capital? Again, this situation needs to be fixed. Not just in the NFL, but everywhere. Don’t believe this is the way to do it.
  9. I’ve gotten ST free, or nearly free for some time now. I personally would pay the full fee just to have Redzone. Living in Buffalo I don’t need it for Bills games, and don’t watch full games of other teams other than night games. I have Redzone on all Sunday, as a background to the Bills games or my go to for all games. Worth whatever the cost is.
  10. Don’t believe it’s lazy to say that. Happens to be true. Patsies have consistently proven they can remove integral pieces, replace and continue to win. Until BB leaves, they get the benefit of the doubt. Won’t be as easy for them this year, defense will carry them to a 10-6 if a full season is played. Believe we can earn a split with them.
  11. Had a good preseason last year. Regular season, not enough to go on. Until the patsies lose, I’d figure on them winning and Stidham being good enough.
  12. Knox will be our #1 TE. Feel he should solidify that status by the end of next season. Until then, Kroft is a capable guy as long as he can stay on the field. I think Sweeney has the potential to be a good #2, needs some time. Other than them, don’t see much from Croom and Smith is done. Doesn't say much for our TE group. If someone unexpected gets cut, Beane will always be looking at his options.
  13. Winston did throw for over 5,000 yards last year, but is a pick machine. With the right help, he could have a great career. Payton could be that guy. I love what Taysom Hill can do, but don’t buy he’s a starting QB in this league. I do think he’d be a better option than what they have in NE and like he’s not going there.
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