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  1. Well in fairness that pick and the Moss pick were no doubt home runs. Not a whole to say other than “HELL YES!”
  2. Even early in the year when NE came to town and Barkley had to finish the game the wind effected his passes and it wasn’t even that bad that day. We need QBs with good arms.
  3. He had FIVE 1,000 yard rushers in his 3 year career. His stats look better than he played. They show him to be an elite college QB which wasn’t the case. He was a solid game manger that got his stud RB/OL into the right play.
  4. He doesn’t have the arm to throw in that wind and he has really small hands. Asking him to play in those winters won’t work out well. Overall I love our draft. I’ve been a die hard Bills fan since 1990. I just can’t imagine how anyone thought he’d be a good fit. He’s Barkley 2.0. He’ll help Allen tho. He has a ridiculously high football IQ. At the elite 11 he correct his coach on a play the 2nd day of practice. He learned the playbook in one day. He’s not great with post snap reads but he’s really good pre snap. That should help Allen I think.
  5. As a Georgia alum I can’t stress enough how big of a disaster he’d be as our QB at new era field. But hey, if he gets to make a road start in a dome he could play well enough to win.
  6. Im a Georgia alum and season ticket holder. He’s not awful but he’s an awful fit in Buffalo. His arm isn’t good enough to play at new era field and he has really small hands. He could be a good back up for a dome or southern team but not here. Love our draft but that’s a bad pick.
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