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  1. Screwball whiskey and Crown Apple
  2. That wasn't food poisoning. You had too many cocktails!
  3. In Vegas. Getting married on Saturday.
  4. I think that was a great interview. Was never really a big fan of him until today. I could hear the passion in in his voice talking about his influences during his first stint here. But, I thought what he had to say about Duke Williams was interesting and cool.
  5. EVEN if that guy hits the table, the end result is the same
  6. Said the same thing. He is going to get roasted for that decision and rightly so.
  7. If that was Brady they would have taken our guy out of the stadium in handcuffs
  8. It was an illegal forward lateral. Who was the better team that day doesn't matter. The better teams on any given day don't always win. The Titans were gifted a win from the head ref. He had to go to the sideline and review it in front of all the fans. He wasn't getting out of that place with his life if he reversed it.
  9. That all seems like a PITA. Guess we are spoiled here with the relative ease of parking.
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