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  1. I think the hoarding thing has mostly stopped. People will have their TP and paper towel supply for a couple years at the ridiculous rate they bought. The limit on some things now is because the hoarders wiped them out and the supply is trying to catch up.
  2. I think he's going to flame out this year.
  3. Didnt he get in a stupid argument here with someone in the tunnel after a Bills game?
  4. We're not just sitting around binge watching tv. Too boring and i need something to do while i keep Labatt and Jim Beam in business. Finally building my basement bar this week. So what are you folks doing to fill the void?
  5. Down to 3 days a week as of Monday. 2 days NYS workshare. I run all the presses and imaging devices so impossible to work from home full time. Could do some stuff at home but need to be there for the bulk of what I do.
  6. It got really crazy season 2. Will have to pick back up on it.
  7. We took a drive to Niagara Produce. Partly because we needed some things and we needed to get out of the house for a bit. Fully stocked. TP in stock. Limit of 4.
  8. Very sorry for your loss
  9. Sure, but how excited would you be about this if you were a Titans fan?
  10. Lamonica was my dad's favorite. I'm named after him. Always told me worst trade Bills ever made
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