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  1. Played chess with my dad a bunch when I was a kid. Also had Radio Shack Electronic Chess. Still have that at mom's house. I'll have to dig it out one of these days. I'm sure it still works.
  2. TBBills added to ignore list. Trump bad. Trump virus. Nobody wears masks because of Trump. Trump people want infections. Blah, blah blah. Somebody needs a hug
  3. Main and Union in Williamsville. Sheridan and North Forest in Amherst. Harlem and Cleveland in Cheektowaga.
  4. TB, not sure where you live, but in WNY people are wearing masks pretty much everywhere I've seen. FFS, I've seen guys riding motorcycles wearing masks.
  5. BB post refers to NJ and a mask mandate by the gov of NJ. How does this relate to a Trump rally? I'm in WNY and there weren't any rally's here. I see people wearing masks everywhere here. Rate still going up despite mask wearing and no Trump super spreader events
  6. What does Big Blitz post have anything to do with Trump?
  7. dhg

    Name This Person

    The singer from Portishead?
  8. dhg

    Name This Person

    Olivia Newton John?
  9. Samsung products, especially TV. JVC audio when I younger. Wish they still made audio products. Apple iMac
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