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  1. Turning Stone Casino isn't too far from there, if gambling is your thing.
  2. Me and the wife saw Tom Jones at MGM outside of Cleveland tonight. 82 years old and the man's voice is as powerful as ever. Incredible showman.
  3. Buffalo is lucky because Lake Erie is the shallower of the Great Lakes so it takes about 10 years to turn over all the water. By comparison Ontario is one of the deeper lakes and takes about 100 years. Also, some invasive species also helped. The mussels invaded and ate everything they could which helped clean up some pollution. Then another invasive fish came in that ate all the mussels further cleaning up the lake. So Lake Erie is actually relatively clean. By far cleanest of the Great Lakes. I learned some of this on a sailing/ wine/ booze thing, so some of my stats may be a little off. 😏
  4. Every time you flush the pot, drop a penny in the slot
  5. Business in the front, party in the back!
  6. The Bears are going to challenge the Giants for that honor
  7. Outstanding actor. He played a bunch of great roles in a lot of films, but one of my favorite roles he played was on the TV series Las Vegas. Fun show with beautiful women and JC usually beat the crap out of someone at the end of the episode. RIP Mr Caan
  8. Thank you all for the great information!
  9. Anyone have any experience or recommendations? I need to get something for my mother. Doing some early research, seeing a lot of options.
  10. Not gas or groceries, but had to buy chlorine for pool today. $200 for a bucket of 3" tabs. $50 more than a year ago. $100 more than 2 years ago.
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