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  1. dhg


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  2. Do I see a couple doobies in there?
  3. Conclusion. Bills 4 super bowls in a row will never be touched!
  4. Agree. Its a dumb rule. Its one of a few rules that i think are over the top trying to protect players. Sort of like high sticking in hockey. Intent doesn't matter. You need to be on control of the stick. There need to be some leeway for the refs
  5. This to me has the feeling of the playoff loss to the Browns in 89. Hurts a lot, but future is bright.
  6. First thing I thought of when I saw the list. Ok player, but not Hall worthy.
  7. He said it in reference to their practice routine this week.
  8. What "yes man" do they hire to be their coach next? Just don't see how any quality coach would take that gig.
  9. Only 2 QBs on roster so Allen has to dress. Doesn't mean he is going to play.
  10. Someone got paid to write this garbage? Oh that's right, it's ESPN
  11. I want Gase with the Jets as long as possible!
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