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  1. Surprised? It's all Jason Garret, all the time. Over/under how many times they show Jones during the game?
  2. I have never understood those things.
  3. Think he also said " he's got a great work ethnic" When the players were trying to get Hank fired, he was one of the vets on the team that basically told the younger players not to make a tackle
  4. RIP Hank. One of the worst coaches in a long list of bad Bills coaches. Greggo made Hank look like a Mensa member
  5. This just feels good. Bills in good shape. Non conference game in Dallas that I think we win
  6. Thinking that was Bobby Humphrey
  7. One of my first jobs I had when I was a kid, the owners would put "shame" notes on a board right by the time clock for everyone to see. You left the outside lights on, didn't stock the milk, etc. That's what this seems like. Bush league
  8. I think he'll be lucky to get 20,000
  9. What's the weather going to be like at gametime?
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