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  1. You could be right. I'm really intrigued with how the Bills might use him.
  2. Great question! I can't imagine there are too many.
  3. Happy Birthday, Chef! Cheers! 🍻
  4. My wife has been unemployed since last August. She's had taxes taken out of every one of her unemployment checks. The feds gave forgiveness up to $10,200. When we filed our taxes a few weeks ago, tax lady told us NY wasn't sure what they were going to do. Well, we got the call today. No forgiveness from the state. So even though she was careful and had taxes taken out weekly, she went from getting back $100 from state, to owing $450. $550 swing. Thanks NY and psycho Cuomo. Go **** yourself
  5. dhg

    Name This Person

    Pete Townshend ?
  6. Always remember when Schoenfeld got traded to Detroit and he cried on Azar's shoulder. Wife gave me his book, Azars Attic, last year. Need to make time to get to it soon!
  7. Always liked his movie, Fun With Dick and Jane.
  8. So, do you condone Cuomo's nursing home policy and subsequent coverup? Thousands of elderly dead because of his decisions. As for Trump "superspreader events" can you back that up with actual statistics?
  9. Throwing the peasants some crumbs
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