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  1. Wow. Amazing how a new franchise could do so well so fast, and then fall apart equally as quick. I guess Eichel went from the frying pan of the Sabres organization to the fire of the Knights. Dam.
  2. They used to have chemistry, as if they were all good friend which I believe they were. Nate Burleson was the loss that started the slide. Michael Robinson was a great replacement, but too bad he didn’t stick with the new cast. Yeah, Kay was easy on the eyes, very easy. She did start to get stiff at the end, was difficult to watch. The new cast is terrible. Schrager was always solid, and still is. Brandt was the goof of the team, and is now trying way too hard to bail out a sinking ship. Erdahl could be good, but is out of her element. McCourty is absolutely unwatchable. GMFB was must see TV, especially on Monday’s during the season. Can’t watch it now. Too bad because they were absolutely fantastic, breath of fresh air in a talking-head industry.
  3. BB was amazing, but this last season of Saul has been incredibly written. Fantastic how they are wrapping it all up. The running around the snowy field practicing for the robbery was absurd, but somehow fit. My only real complaint is how Carol Burnett used Ask Jeeves to look up “Albuquerque conman “ and found Saul. I really don’t believe there was any other way to wrap up this story. It is an absolutely stellar show and I do hope they somehow continue. Can’t see it with the age of the actors. But I can only hope. I feel they left Fring’s Chile storyline open, not sure they go down that road.
  4. Watching the 2nd half of this seasons run up to the finale tonight. They are showing them on a marathon on AMC. What Kim wanted was for Jimmy to share in her despair and acknowledge what they did was wrong. He wouldn’t do that. I feel that’s what drove them apart when she said we are bad together. Meaning she doesn’t trust him to stop being who he is. She wanted him to be nice on the phone. She needed him to be as torn apart about their actions as she was. Again, he couldn’t do it.
  5. What an episode. Both Odenkirk and Burnett really had an amazing scene. His face was very similar to the one Walt would make when angry. I’ve tried to guess what’s next, and can’t here. I feel it doesn’t end well for Saul, be it incarceration or death. I want a happy ending for Kim, but that is all but impossible. I had thought they’d end up together as Gene and Kim, no way that is possible. I wonder if we will see either Mike or Gus again. Most likely not. I will be glued to my seat for sure. Kinda hope it’s commercial free.
  6. Thanks. Amazing thing is how sudden it ended up on the junk list. Stuff I don’t look at continues to my inbox (even after unsubscribing), yet Bills and a few others I always interacted with became junk. And the Bills emails were buried outside of my phone junk box. I’m certainly not technically illiterate. Was still a PITA. Annoying.
  7. Thanks everyone. The email was not in my junk folder but the junks junk folder. I have no clue how it was flagged so badly. Had to log into my providers outlook account and do a deep dive to find. The Bills email “noreply@e.buffalobills.com” surely will get flagged. Simple enough to flag junk as “not junk”. This one was rough to find.
  8. I contacted my rep la few weeks ago, said it should be out shortly. Have looked every day. Was it a NFL email or something else?
  9. Has anyone received the code for NFL+ Premium (old Gamepass) yet? Also, didn’t realize Madden 23 download is included in the perks. Full list of perks
  10. I keep forgetting about Austin. Not sure where he fits.
  11. This kid is going to be good. The way he moves, catches and runs looks like a NFL vet. He should be no further than our 5th WR.
  12. If the Colts returner fields that kick at the 14, our guys were at about the 45. He would have gotten a decent return on it. Once other teams see film, they’ll put their return guy in better position to field it. Although, no way on a punt that long the return team could set up their blocks. It seemed effortless to get the air distance he did. I wonder if it’s possible for him to kick it even further? Like this kid over Haack because of a stronger leg and and more importantly, quicker to get the ball off his foot. I’d like to see how he does with shorter and out of bounds kicks. I don’t see that being the kick that seals his place in the team. The day he was drafted did that. They just needed to make sure he wasn’t a disaster and could hold. Competition over. Edit: Rewatching, I love the roar of the crowd at the 40 when they realize the ball is going the distance. We sit upper deck, and you expect the ball at a certain part of the arc to descend, that’s when this punt just took off! It was insane to watch!
  13. The way they value ST’s on the Bills gives the nod to Jake. I do believe he’s a better receiver than people give him credit for.
  14. All except Crowder. Don’t see him making the team. Shakir played too well and McKenzie is the starting slot. Kumerow makes the team because of ST play. He has shown the ability to be a decent 4th/5th WR.
  15. No problem, just discussing what I saw. He will be good. Like a lot if rookies, he has some stuff to work on. What does worry me is an offense like the Rams will take advantage any defensive weakness they see. If he is a starter day one, I’m sure he will get safety help or whatever they need to do. This is a top defense so we should be fine. I loved how quick he is, seemed effortless to get in position and did a good job of being with the receiver.
  16. It was the perfect spot for him to crush it. Not a ton of hang time for how many yards it traveled from foot to hitting the carpet. Not a tall punt, but distance wise amazing! Effective for sure! I loved it and lept outta my seat. Before we anoint him the 2nd coming of Morman, let’s see how he does with shorter punts. Punts that need to be coffin corner or require hang time.
  17. Elam played well today. But, speed saved him a few times. He was on the receivers hip a few times, but was out of position also. Out of position being not playing the receiver or ball correctly. He made up for those mistakes with speed and was able to minimize his exposure. We will see how much he’s pushed by the opposing QB once it’s real games. I fear he could get exposed right now by a really good QB/WR. Mostly if he’s the number 1 guy. The dude has mucho talent for sure, just needs to be aware of the situation.
  18. I feel LB is one of the positions draft status doesn’t count as much. A 7th rounder can certainly make the team if he plays well enough. I’d love this kid to take a bigger step next week and make it a very difficult decision for the coaches.
  19. Had to look that up! That uniform reminds me of a Little Loop pee wee team my son used to play against, can’t recall the school. 😂
  20. I have a problem. Sickness, TBH. Josh Von - ordered a few days ago Kelly (1 new, 1 old) Thurman Bruce (1 new, 1 old) Kent Hull - wear to games (1 I burned at a tailgate fixed, 1 not worn) Moulds Marshawn Flutie Takeo Spikes* Owens* McGahee* Price* Johnson* Bledsoe* Milloy* Rob Johnson* *Bought cheap when they left the team. Non Bills Jaworski - pretty cool throwback (wore for Eagles/pats SB) Stabler Urlacher Morten Andersen (wore for Falcons/pats SB) Manning (colts) Flutie college Blank Sabres (last few years of original jersey colors) Eichel #15 (with laces) Cheap. Probably forgot a few…. Edit: after reading others jerseys, I really want a Josh Wyoming jersey. Can’t find in my big size!
  21. For those who were going. Sammy Hagar postponed this Saturday night at Seneca Allegany Casino. Link
  22. Just found this on YouTube. A faux documentary on Jimmy. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjX9pLEtqr5AhVSg4kEHV_nBgYQtwJ6BAgaEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DuX_Hwr_ZCic&usg=AOvVaw06o3Gc3bwmsA0gGoIn64lE
  23. Don’t think that’s in her character to do that. I hope not. Felt like they’d reunite, not thinking that anymore. Wondering if he survives. Jimmy was a little erratic in the last episode, not as careful as he should be. Keep an eye on the new guy he fired.
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