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  1. Rams Dback had his head ripped off on the sidelines of the chiefs game. No worries, next play chiefs TD.
  2. I felt that way earlier in the season. Just because they won the AFC last year. Not worried this year, not worried any longer.
  3. Denver thought they’d be good. Are horrible. Houston knew they’d be bad. Rams won the SB last year and have an apathetic fan base. Don’t care. Packers fans have to be just as sick of Rodgers as we are.
  4. We have a great defense when healthy. That’s what helps propel our offense.
  5. Fields plays and it’s different game. Albeit maybe the same outcome, but not so easy.
  6. There is something about them I don’t trust how good they are. Can’t put my finger on it truthfully.
  7. They had that much? Against 2nd and 3rd stingers? Oh, and practice squad players.
  8. Would love to have him now. I doubt they'd trade him, but that would be great. edit. Nor could we afford him.
  9. Injuries have killed us. Our offense works when we can run and gun, especially when we are leading. Defensive injuries are a huge part of our problems. And the elbow doesn’t help, but wouldn’t be so magnified if the D was killing it.
  10. And a defense not starting 2nd and 3rd stringers and sprinkling in practice squad players.
  11. There is something about him that regardless of stats, I still don’t believe in him. Yes, has great stats this year, actually much better than I realized. This isn’t anti-miami from me. I give credit where credit is due.
  12. Tua is interesting. I still don’t believe he’s an NFL QB. Strangely the phins wins and losses kinda mimic ours.
  13. Go Panthers! Can’t stand Wilson. Would like to see our future backup do well. 😂
  14. Jets and Dolphins. And a lot of our remaining schedule. A lot of people expected wins with those teams and more.
  15. Agree, but rather watch my Bills. Not a great slate of games today, but enough interest for Bills fans.
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