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  1. They were great for the Bills v patsies playoff game last year. Davis was inept and a homer today. Complete jackarse.
  2. That probably was PI. 10 more missed calls on the Bills and we may be even this game.
  3. OK. What has he shown in the NFL?? Serious question.
  4. What has he done to say he needs to be “the guy”? His brothers accomplishments don’t count.
  5. Miami hangover? Still feeling the effects of last game? Kinda feels that way.
  6. Gotta feed singletary until he proves he can’t carry the load. One bad play doesn’t mean he should be benched for Moss who has been terrible.
  7. Problem is once the idiot refs let that crap go, the offending team will continue and push the limits. Hate the inconsistent refs.
  8. Really? One bad game with half the team out or sidelined at times and Josh played his guts out?
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