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  1. Destroyers were a blast to go to. Had season tickets for them and had a heck of a lot of fun. Don’t see why they wouldn’t do well here. Tickets would be cheap enough to broaden the at game fan base.
  2. Not sure why we look at players like Fitz and believe they’d want to coach? Dude has a great gig right now and made a lot of money playing football. Don’t see why he’d be motivated to be a coach.
  3. Kinda surprising. Problem in Dallas isn’t offensive coaching, it’s Dak. He’s just not a top tier QB.
  4. Exactly. With no timeouts and game clock almost out, there is no way mahomes turns up the field for extra yardage. IF that is what the defender thought. I believed he knew he was out of bounds and pushed him anyways.
  5. I agree game anglelooks suspect. It was the sideline camera shot that showed it better, IMHO. I wanted neither team to win! If someone had to win, it was the chiefs…I’m sorry to admit.
  6. Just saw sideline angle. It wasn’t a body slam hit, but he certainly didn’t pull up and took him down out of bounds. Clearly a personal foul.
  7. I agree game speed. But NFL players are keenly aware of where the sidelines are. He knows the angle mahomes is taking is to go out of bounds many yards before he lays hands. Should have pulled up.
  8. Then tell the defender to not even touch the QB on the sidelines like he did. It was a clear penalty.
  9. Someone better remind the bengals and Brrrr-oh to cancel their reservations!
  10. Does that include the rookie starting QB getting hurt early on? Not able to throw the ball? Niners had a real chance to win this. If not for the 3 and 4 and outs, the Eagles wouldn’t have scored as much as they did. Much different game if Niners play their style of game and defense isn’t behind the 8-ball.
  11. Easy to say when the game is over. If he’s not hurt, much different game and Niners very easily could have won.
  12. I can’t bring myself to watch this game. Had respect for the bengals, but after apples shenanigans and burrows statement about refunds, can’t watch them. Despise the chiefs a smidge less. For me? Unwatchable.
  13. Like I said earlier, didn’t really care who won today. Had hope the Niners would win as they’ve been a team I’ve liked since Montana. Gonna be tough rooting for the Eagles, but hope they have enough to put down either AFC team. After todays performance against a quarterbackless team…not impressed.
  14. She past warming up and has been full throated warbling for some time.
  15. I hope so. Concerned this year the cap is truly an issue for FA’s
  16. I feel the Niners were the better built team to have won the Super Bowl versus the Eagles. Hope I’m wrong. I really don’t want to watch another game go so badly from what I was wishing for.
  17. That’s what I’m hoping for. All these handoffs seem to prove he’s done.
  18. The first pass he threw on the quick out seemed a bit lackluster. Still need him to try. Especially if it won’t cause further injury.
  19. I wouldn’t say rock solid. Hadn’t turned it over, but hadn’t been great.
  20. If it won’t cause any further damage, gotta get Purdy out there. Probably not winning now regardless, but gotta let it all hang out now.
  21. I know we’ve benefited from the assist the runner and push him play. Don’t really like that play. Seems cheap.
  22. Hurts has been “fantastic” today. Olsen is a homer. Hurts has done nothing to distinguish himself. Lays up on the run on 2nd down, overthrows galore. Nope.
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