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  1. Bud, acceptance amongst any faith is paramount so I’m glad you’ve found yours. I forgot about this message, but let’s pray or do whatever so Damar and Murph are healthy and fully functioning and thriving. For me, it’s God bless them, but for you something else but no worries. What we can agree is these two men are healthy and loved with their loved ones.
  2. I really appreciate you having balance. You’re not looking at the Bills with Rose colored glasses, yet you find what is good about our team. We need more of that pragmatic approach to the Bills as you’re not saying everything go is great, but the sky isn’t falling either. I admittedly was a bit upset on the Oliver extension until I saw the connection this morning to the Floyd signing providing 5th year cap hit to Oliver reducing the $11 mil hit to most likely $5 mil or so. It may not be the D. Hop signing I’ve been praying and asking the football gods for to advance far beyond the Chiefs and catch up to the Bengals in weapons, but still helps the overall team. I’m still not giving up hope until he signs somewhere else, but I have hope for this team. That’s all anyone can ask for in June.
  3. Roy, you’re correct. This is year 2 of a large Primetime footprint between evening and national games at 4:25. I love the 4:25 games especially as the 8:30 games get old when not Saturday in December or Holidays. It’s a me issue as im up at 4:45am weekday mornings. A midnight close sucks when you’re up once you settle down after 3 hrs of sleep. I’m not complaining as it bringing us Floyd and others at reasonable rates. I like this Oliver deal more due to the Floyd signing and Poona before. We may finally have a line as I still like the vets even Shaw and J Phillips. The guys that needs to worry are Basham and Epinesa. Lastly, possible Settle depending on whether we keep 4 or 5.
  4. This signing was a bit underreported. He had 9 sacks last year and 47.5 in 7 years with solid performancws opposite of Von. I love it. I thought maybe we took a swing on Ngakoue, but he may have wanted too much. This is a good sign. If he alternates with Rousseau after Avon is back, plus Poona is a nice addition to the interior. Settle might be the odd one out as much as I still like him. We’ll find out in TC or specifically in late August.
  5. Freddy, I may have over stated as I know the zone blitz 43 pressures JJ performed back in the day, but he also what is not in this article was a visionary who pioneered the fluidity of going back and forth based on opponents. Even the Bills show 34 looks at times based on what opposing offenses are showing. JJ was a phenomenal coordinator, and way ahead of his time. Rivera, McD and even as an offensive coach Reid learned from JJ.
  6. I agree as I always look at one of the draft value charts before I ever make a comment on value and how to trade up as so much is wildly off on the board. Sometimes you can over or underpay and it works, but not by a ton as some suggest. For example a 7th rounder is only worth 1 pt on the JJ table. I still like the idea of how we don’t need a ton of draft picks, rather lumping some together to get a better value pick.
  7. Thank hod someone listened to a few of my posts about JJ and his mentorship of McD. JJ was very aggressive and effective, but he ran primarily from a 3-4. I don’t see McD converting, but he will be aggressive. One point another mentioned is the underrated acquisition of Rapp. Rapp is our big nickel solution for heavy 12 personnel and better running teams. It’s a creative fix and save Taron for the finesse pass happy teams. McBeane inferred there has been a bit of a shift in philosophy where we want more speed at the MLB closer to Milano mold. Get more power up front with Ford, Daquan, J Philips, and Settle.
  8. Don’t forget the comp pick for Edmunds. It might be a 3rd if I understand the 800 loopholes and stipulations on Comp picks. The ton of picks will help with Beane’s never ending desire to move up (btw, I love that about him as we need top value not bodies. This isn’t the drought).
  9. The thing is Gabe his an ankle issue all year so we don’t know what he is at this point. He wasn’t able two years ago to step forward as Sanders became WR2. His ankle hampered him or maybe he’s not improved. I wouldn’t extend until after a standout year. i listened to Sal this morning as he was a guest on NFLR this morning around 10:45 for those who have Sirius and want to listen. He made a good point the only outside chance we extended Oliver was a cap move. We were on the hook for $11 mil. because we put the 5th year on him. He wasn’t trade able as no one would take that deal. We may have lowered the cap hit on Oliver substantially to clear up cap for others. This was a response to the D. Hop question from the hosts. He mentioned there is a very rare chance the extra potential cap possibility is for a D. Hop pitch, or he said it could be for something else, or there is no cap savings temporarily. What I took from this is we have no idea the details of this deal or why or what is Beane’s real strategy and all of the speculation is just a bunch of WAGs. My point is I wouldn’t over speculate on anything right now.
  10. To you’re point, they also have a very athletic TE in Cameron Brate. It doesn’t matter though as I don’t think they have done enough with that pathetic O Line. We had one retire before last year, lost another to another team, and another on IR. They were bringing JAGS off the street. BM might be able to do something if they make more effort for guys cut on O Lines by camp. A lot of ifs, but NO is my guess as with a bunch coming back and DC may be able to shine a little more. It was a ballsy move to bring back Gruden as a consultant temporarily who really did get the most out of Carr. The MTC guys always point out he has the athleticism and speed to scramble more.
  11. Im no Brady apologist, but that was one of the worst O Lines in the NFL and as a result absolutely no running game so Brady had 2 seconds or less on every play. It doesn’t matter as he’s gone, and yes even though I live here now, they are going to suck. They will be lucky to be 5-12.
  12. That’s hilarious. I’d set up a projector and show non stop Bills Mafia Insanity videos coupled with Bills/Fish Videos of all the games Allen beat them by an avg of 17. It would be like SERE training for a Dolphins fan. I must break you. Then give him a $200 tip for putting up with it. Im just kidding as I’m sure he’s probably a nice guy.
  13. That was my first thought. I’m not defined in my view yet, but I have serious reservations not because of his draft position, but due to his production and development.
  14. Because his cap is small for 23, but an absolute monster in 24. It’s daunting as they’ll be in cap hell soon unless they get really creative with Rodgers as well as the team. It’s already been discussed as nauseous on MTC by Pat and Jim on NFLR. The bottom Line is if we want to seal the deal with Hopkins as well over power KC and Cincy potentially worth that add, but it domes with lots more restructures to signing bonuses to kick down the road with the speculation the cap goes up by about $25 mil. Next year and another $20 mil. The year after and will be well over $300 mil. by the end of the decade. These are all gambles. It’s also a gamble we accept the team as is and hope the evolutions of this team will produce better 11, 12, 21, and even 22 personnel options hit and can keep up with the teams I mentioned.
  15. I can just see PT101 doing his Sheldon imitation tomorrow. Just kidding my loyal Bills bud.
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