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  1. I don’t remember the puking on a SB winning drive, but I was at the game in Tampa in September during their playoff years where the Bucs and Eagles were always competing each other. I actually felt bad for him as it 99 degrees with a heat. Index of 117 degrees, and he threw. Up ifI remember in the second half.
  2. Well Yolo, he tore it up in Canada, so I’m pulling for the same. We do now have enough TE’s to compete for other red zone threats. It should be a fun year.
  3. Augies, I heard the same , but doubt it. The Colts have the most free space with $58.5 mil and could use an interior penetrator. That’s my bet, bu again as you said, all speculation.
  4. Thanks bud. Sounds like it would be fun. Hopefully we can tailgate as a group.
  5. Well, if we play Oakland and their stadiums is done in 2020, how cool would it be to make a weekend in Vegas. If anyone decides later they are going, we should send PM’s to each other and catch up for some fun together. I’m guessing a lot of fans would go. I know if work doesn’t interfere, I am going to go, and maybe take my oldest son as he’ll be 21 by then. I know we’re thinking 2019, but how cool to be in the new Vegas Stadium, and enjoy all of the distractions.
  6. I like it. I can’t believe Kim Pegula would oppose it.
  7. As awful as cancer is on everyone, hopefully he’s at peace with no regrets and out of continuous pain. I too lost my mom on my 40th birthday to cancer, my uncle when he was only 53 who’s family was devastated for so long. I’ll pray for them they can get through their grief and anguish. I didnt listen to the entire entire interview from Kim Pegula, but what a class act, and at the end I’m sure Oliver will never regret traveling to Tx to meet Pancho and brought joy to him in the end. Rest In Peace Pancho. You will be missed more than I think you even know. I’m getting those t-shirts for my boys and myself and will wear them vs. our jerseys for our September game we fly to Buffalo. God I hate cancer. Cancer, Stroke, and Alzheimers has to be the three worst conditions to contract as I’m in medicine and seen what it can do to a pt. And family. Lots more Our Father’s on their way for the family as Pancho is already in heaven.
  8. Exactly. Penetration on the interior is what disrupts guys like Brady and the Younger Manning who we play this year. I live in Tampa, and although love McCoy, he is declined nag at a huge 11 mil salary. I’d rather for the right price make a solid offer at Clowney. I doubt it will happen, but would be a better choice if you’re goal is to add to the D Line.
  9. Exactly. Not every player who is not under contract is a candidate for the Bills. I’ve seen people post threads on Aaron Rodgers, and others and is simply ridiculous. Now the story on Ansah makes sense.
  10. I like that one. What a class act. Pancho’s in Texas right, so he must have traveled to meet him. He’s my new favorite player outside of LORAX.
  11. Im guessing we sweep the Jets and Fish, and if we’re lucky if we split the Pats. They do that and this will be a fun year.
  12. As soon as Brady and Belicheck retire. I think we’ll play them tougher though. I’m guessing two more years of these guys.
  13. Well said. Shady’s gone after this year, and Gore will probably retire. Makes perfect sense. Next year we’ll be targeting edge rushers.
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