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  1. JaC, you were right Monday night. I kept thinking and a bunch of you might get mad, but if that were TB12, he would’ve taken what the defense gave him and we’d celebrate a win. With age and success I think Allen will learn it. He had a solid game, but this drive he was pushing it. It’s over now, and maybe behind closed doors Daboll or McD probably pointed this out.
  2. Wow, dejavu. I forgot about 26CB, but I got along with him. I’m normally not one to keep an argument going so maybe that’s why. CB was ok, but man he could get wound up.
  3. Yolo, what I mean is even if he was traded how many days before playing? Will he be immediately placed on exempt list? Would the team be ready? What impact would he have on a team that is disheveled? Last year he had a banner stat year and they won 4 games. They have zero pass rush, their man corners are having to hold forever their WR’s. The impact with Watson will come next year and even more the year after. He’ll make the fins better but not in two weeks. Just my two cents.
  4. There are so many variable in this thing it’s not even worth thinking about. It means nothing for the Halloween game.
  5. Go Riot! Nailed It. I was thinking the same at a quick glance.
  6. The bye is one part, but home field is the critical part. To me it does matter and playing backups is not a bye in week 18. Going into week 18 pretty much #1 is a lock we can still sit or a pitch count with the banged up guys. For me this is a bunch of my TBD friends POed we lost and didn’t measure up to our expectations. It doesn’t mean we won’t rebound.
  7. Dave, I’m with you in that every return is a hold you’re breath for every team its not coming back. The only part I slightly disagree is for me it feels like this has been a pain the ars for many years. You’d think they’d give some latitude as it is one of the most fun parts of the game when a return ensues. It’s to the point I just expect every great return to come back.
  8. ST, first thanks for sharing and I’m sure you’ll update when you know what’s up. I guess one shining light is we have a bye, Fins, Jags, and Jets. McD can take his time with Knox and assess when he is 100%. I’d rather hold him back one extra week, then rush him back. The Colts are a good running team and would optimally be when it would be good to see Knox at a minimum on a patch count. We want him in a groove by the Saints.
  9. I haven’t and I live here bud. We have to be better than last night. We need KC mojo. The Bucs secondary is still suspect. it is not a foregone conclusion we lose to Tampa. I respect them and watch them when they don’t conflict with the Bills. They will be our toughest opponent until the playoffs. Bottom line for me is dinner was great, I’m going to enjoy a nice bowl of raspberry sherbet for a weekly delight and forget about the Bills for a few days. I’ll check in but I won’t be thinking about it like yesterday all day. The players need a mental holiday and I think we do too.
  10. Exactly Kwai. Quick choice guys, no substitutions (I sound like a Chinese restaurant), Wouk Doty rather lose 34-31 to the Titans with all of their talent back and if you want to pin it on a last ditch courageous call by McD, or lose to the Cheats. Blasphemy I say. Destroy the East and anyone else who gets in our way, and give the Bucs every last thing we have and expose hopefully that secondary.
  11. His feet were caught up. Also not a good push combination by Feliciano and Morse. It’s over. Lots of other things should’ve happened to win that game and didn’t. Onto Miami and they should be afraid, very afraid.
  12. Kevin Bacon said it best. You’d think we were 2-4 right now. The loss stings and we get to stew on it for two weeks.
  13. I don’t see us losing to any team other than the Bucs, and that’s not a foregone conclusion. We will finish 13-4 to 14-3. #1 seed we’ll see. Still 11 games for everyone. I do not see us losing to the Colts or Pats.
  14. That is factually INACCURATE. The Bills are ranked 5th in the NFL through 6 games with 130.7 yards/game. Now if you want to say the top 4 are appreciably better as the next one up is the Ravens at 4th with 155.2 yds/game. Maybe you’re not including Allen in you’re assessment, but Allen is a rushing threat. For example, most of the NFL pundits still feel the Bucs are an NFC candidate to come back and repeat as they are 5-1, but they are 28th in rushing at 85.3 yds./game. Our D Line lost that game last night. On this night, we did not get pressure. We absolutely still have a chance at the #1 seed. The Ravens won over the Lions on a 66 yard lucky as heck field goal dinking in on the goal post. The Lions are winless. The Ravens are excellent in how they destroyed the Chargers Sunday, but so did the Bills against the Chiefs. The Ravens have the Browns twice, the Packers, and the Rams. Maybe some of us are just really PO’ed we lost last night. There is a really god bet we win the next 6 games. Can we get it figured out by the Bucs? The Bills have a relatively easy schedule minus the Bucs. For me, it’s take a break, trust this team, trust Allen, and McBeane, and know it’s a long season.
  15. First, I don’t have a problem with going for it, but the blocking wasn’t there. Forget the slip of the feet. I believe it was Feliciano who slanted in, and the outside penetrated, so Feliciano helped Morse, but there was a gap open. Allen based on the way the play evolved wouldn’t have made it. I would’ve been fine with the field goal, and it would’ve been a toss up. We were moving the ball, and Bass has been consistent for a long time now. Then again, our D Line wasn’t getting much pressure so it’s a toss up. I don’t think you pin the loss on that one play. We have to go back to the drawing board for after the break. I don’t know if it was a good decision to sit AJ and Basham. Addison had one play I could see helped, but overall, eh. Wallace was picked on as expected, but still overall a solid CB. It’s not Madden and the other four are excellent. Those penalties by Sanders and the hold on the McKenzie return sucked. We could’ve won that game and credit to the Titans for playing a tough physical game. You know after the Cards loss, we destroyed teams. Look fir the same this year. Fins, Jags, Jets, Cheats, be very afraid. You’re going to pay for Henry after four years embarrassing us. You too Colts, and Saints. I can easily see us 10-2 going into the Bucs game. Wentz is nothing, and Winston at times can be a pick machine. I know you guys are PO’ed, but we’ll bounce back and play more angry than ever before. They get two weeks to stew on the fact we were not the physical team last night. They were. Like us healthy as we can’t blame anything on injuries like last year, they had back their three weapons in Julio, Brown, and the King. He showed his nickname. I can hear the call from my 91 yr. old dad we should’ve tackled Henry today. It’s almost not even worth telling him the man is a truck at 255 lbs., and it’s like tackling a Sherman tank. The next challenge. BEAT THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUT IF THE TEAM WHICH IS MY CURRENT HOME TOWN IN THE BUCS. We do that and all is forgiven and forgotten.
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