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  1. 14 in the playoffs is still not half, but 43.7%. This was the real goal all along with the NFL owners to ask and put out there 18 game regular season so the NFLPA would feel like they won something by settling 17 games, and 2 extra wildcard games. Im not saying I want it or not, I’m just saying I expected it. I can’t stand four preseason games so 17 and only 2 preseason games, if that is what they decide will have it’s finer points. As well as some competitive practices so each team can properly evaluate their players for the final 53. As mentioned earlier, I think a proper concession is to dress all 53, and increase the practice squad by two. A second bye would be a concession, but the NFL is sensitive to how long the season and playoffs take. There are merits to either side. I want the players to make more $, as well as the owners. The issue not really addressed is what to do about cutting older decent players because of salary minimums for vets vs. taking on more young players. I’m proud of Beane and McD keeping Lorax and Gore although the % of runs to Gore vs. Singletary needs to be flipped. That is a separate issue, and really don’t know what either side can do to retain the role veteran players who can still contribute. Maybe all ow the player to voluntarily take less than the respective minimum if they so choose to keep playing. I don’t know and happy to hear ideas. I know this about the initial topic, but this a growing problem for these 30 year old guys who can still play.
  2. We need Peanut Tillman to come in again and research how to punch that ball out as he was the best. Worth the consulting fee from the owners. He was amazing for years at this skill.
  3. At a minimum you dress all 53, and maybe increase the practice squad by a couple as they are cost efficient.
  4. I don’t care if it was a game, that was assault on National TV. I’m surprised they didn’t take him out in handcuffs and will be suspended for the year. This is exactly what the NFL owners, Goodall and even NFLPA don’t want to see. There will always be small skirmishes in just about any sport, but this was over the top. I would support if one of our players took Brady who we all maybe respect, but can’t stand to have that Bill go out in cuffs. Make a statement to the league. Deter this from anyone even considering such an act. To the person who said he could have killed him, you’re not exaggerating, or at least created serious head trauma. That was disgusting to watch, and before tonight, I liked Garrett as a rising star and real talent. You can’t just brush it off as the heat of battle crap, and yes I competed at a high level in multiple contact sports. There is a line you can’t cross.
  5. Limeaid, I’m stating the TV revenue will increase significantly and even stadium attendance goes up with real games vs. pre-season where it is almost nothing for preseason games, except for season ticket holders. It depends how many preseason games they cut. The other consideration is these sixteen extra regular season games in neutral sites increases the potential NFL fan base. I can see games in Mexico City, San Antonio, Birmingham, Toronto, London of course, but possible a city in Germany. Remember in NFL Europe the highest attendance for those games came out of German cities. China and Japan is tough given the distance, but I can see the NFL trying to push for it. My speculation is they will look at only two preseason games and more competitive practices throughout the league.
  6. This scenario has been floated by MTC on NFLR for two years. It makes sense and less preseason is a great thing. The league and the NFLPA both win. More $ for both sides. I wonder if they get a second bye as a concession. That would make players happy. Kirwan and Mills made the case that the last six years as of last year the #7 wild card seed wood have a 9-7 or better record. The division winner will never change and there is always the possibility a division winner has a worse record like Seattle several years ago. Sounds like a good negotiation.
  7. That’s funny. How many times does it need to be said it’s not just that he is a lightning rod for negative press, but his performance declined each year in SF before released.
  8. This probably a dumb question, but wondering if this is nationally televised even for any of you have a guess, as I thought they only have 1 4:30 and 1 8:00 pm game on these Saturday games and thus would at least be on NFLN if not the network. If not I’ll be going back to my Bills Backers bar which is always fun.
  9. Well - He has one of the lowest completion records this year among active kickers so could be a slump, and he breaks out of it, but if this continues for the rest of the season, we won’t be spending another season with him. It wasn’t necessarily missing the 54 yard field go, but the earlier one and the extra point. We should have been at 20 pts and won. He wasn’t the only problem, as Allen made poor decisions again like the Brown Pass vs. Beasley. I don’t know why Daboll keeps calling up these deep passes when they are not working. I can give Daboll a pass if he gave Allen the freedom to see the field and that was only of three choices Allen could make, them on Allen. you don’t get stupider points for overthrowing people deep vs. work on timing, or don’t keep going to these high risk, low probability of success. I know this is about the kicker, but these were also factors Sunday and House shouldn’t be the scapegoat. He should be playing bette r like the last couple of years.
  10. Agreed Gugny. They are committed to Allen’s development, and will stick with him to gain the experience. Like it or not he’s starting unless he gets injured.
  11. Plano, I don’t fault you, I just refuse to go myself.
  12. I’m just glad I was busy and didn’t listen to any of the three statements by Daboll, Frasier, and McD.
  13. I only live 4 hours away, and now way in hell Im going there after yesterday and the Philly game as well as barely beating the Fins in Buffalo. I’ve been there many times over the years, but not this time. I hope you guys can enjoy the time. Miami can be a lot of fun. You’ll enjoy South Beach and Brickel.
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