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  1. Both are cream puffs. We are in such a better place today without them. One had alligator arms and White was jobbed last year for defensive player of the year, and the other one is great when healthy, but he is like Mr. Glass. I don’t blame him, just some guys are prone to injury. Diggs will run circles around him this year. As an aside, I saw the article on a throw competition between Mahomes and Allen, and thought that would be a good distraction if ESPN or NFLN could figure out a way to establish Covid-19 protocols, and still have something for the people maybe affected by this pandemic are the recipients of the charitable donation.
  2. Thanks for the tip as I saw it already and was a great movie. Very inspiring, and appropriate as so many people are in turmoil right now. Nice distraction.
  3. I’m so sorry and 72 is too young to pass, but if he had dementia, that is such a tough disease. If he really was battling this terrible disease, he most likely would have been relatively sequestered so maybe a caregiver gave him the Covid-19. It doesn’t really matter. He was a symbol for people with physical challenges only having half a foot and missing one hand and carried the NFL record for 28 years. My prayers goes out to his family.
  4. BB - the partying is not folklore as I had friends with them as we are at that age and knew them in their prime, but you are right it wasn’t the only issue. The biggest mistake which already has been brought up in many threads, some by me was Thurmon ran I believe 14 times for 155 yards. Estimate as it has been a awhile. They were only keeping three up and playing 8 back. BB has been on record from his players they wouldn’t let the Bills high powered throwing offense beat them. We could have still done the no huddle which was not brand new as Paul Brown and Wyche had been more of the pioneers before us, but we could have done the no huddle with a lot more running, and as Thurmon gashed their defense and held onto the ball longer, they would be forced to play more of the front 7 up. Marchibroda, Marv, and Kelly were too stubborn and that is the real reason we lost. We were out coached. We had the talent to win, and yes our defense was too small. I hated Wright as our nose when even though he was getting older, given a 3-4 we needed Smerlas or a replacement like him to clog the middle. Between Meggett and Anderson, they killed us in the 3rd quarter.
  5. Augie, I’m with you bud, forget yesterday and let’s look at today and tomorrow and my first game I remember was the 2003 Oj game when I was 3 1/2. Not because of anything else than listening to my brother, father and two uncles go nuts. I had to ask Dad, what happened. He told me years later, history son, history. Obviously before he turned into an utter blank.
  6. Well, this morning on NFLR, Ryan walked back from his comment and apologized about the slander. He’s an idiot, and the previous poster on Mangini’s team is exactly correct, and he ruined our defense when here, from where we were in previous years with the two previous DC’s.
  7. They can afford both and have $ for next year so how they manipulate $ will not be a problem. If either commands too much than that will be the deciding factor. You can’t make that decision as that is assuming you can only afford one. I appreciate the thread, but it’s like giving you’re wife an ultimatum when there really isn’t one. We most likely will keep both of they are not unreasonable in their requests/demands.
  8. He’s an ars. Nuff said. Why anyone would listen to him tells me they are not that smart or informed.
  9. We have a real chance this year. I’d rather take our 7 picks and move them to 4-5 picks at most for the positions we can use to be a champion. Everyone knows the positions. EDGE, WR, RB, and maybe we get lucky but doubt it on TE. Stack the offense, and we already have a championship defense.
  10. seasons, easy on Augie. He’s a good dude, and know you’re just kidding and so am I. As far as this thread, this one of 290 that are just silly. Over the years, I’ve read about, how about, Brady, Rodgers, Manning, and so on and so on. They’re silly and not picking on you at all, but this won’t happen as it never happens.
  11. No Freakin Way. BB’s ego would never allow it. He’ll do everything he can to win, but unless they get Dalton maybe in a trade and have an incredible draft, he can only coach so well. His Achilles heel (in my humble opinion) is hubris. They'd rather pull off a great trade for their AB next year. I’m watching Beane and McD building a great team that is built for the future, and after the draft, like many fans in many cities, we’ll be even more excited in May. God knows we have to have something to look forward to doing as FL is now in complete lockdown, and everything in my industry is in a hiring freeze. A pleasant distraction is helpful to many of us.
  12. TMpa has a really talented team and yeah, it’s Brady, but he’s also 43, so talent doesn’t always mean a great team. We play well as a team which I love. I really like Arians and his staff, but can he make this marriage work? He’s done it before with Big Ben, Luck, and Palmer, so we’ll see. Honestly, I really don’t care as we’ll see in January, if god help we have a solid season. Everything is up in the air now. Hopefully this ends this summer.
  13. Hey Arcane, and good question. You might like from Pat Kirwan and Bill Cowher, “First Take You’re Eye Off The Ball” versions 1 and 2. You’ll learn what you need to about the questions you asked as far as Cover 2, 3, 4, 11 personnel, 12, and 13 personnel, etc. It typically helps people to get a deeper understanding of what coaches are thinking and why. Nothing is perfect, but at least you’ll learn I thin what you’re asking about in terms of strategy and line ups.
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