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  1. Reducing option routes, having more motion, keeping Davis doing what he does best in deep routes, 3x1 sets, Allen with some timely designed runs, and the person doing motion should be Harty or Isabella given their speed. Go routes is where they can shine. Using Cook more as a passing outside option overloading a side. I know what we need to do. It’s just they need to execute and that’s the tough part the position coaches have to implement with their players. Lastly, have fun. At the end of the day it’s a game. Enjoy it while they have the god given talent to do it. Thats my contribution OP, and I prefer these types of threads, than the fire everyone and witch about players, coaches, and Mgmt. It does nothing. And for the record, I’ve been frustrated with a number of areas, but choose not to witch. As far as today, the Eagles are exposed at LB, and Safeties so the middle of the field is where to design plays. My hope is Kinkaid is used heavily over the middle around 8-11 yards out.
  2. You must not be old enough to see OJ. The crazy part to OJ is every offense to stop him, yet he averaged 143 yards per game in 1973. That is the greatest avg yardage for a season of all time. Now I’m not old enough to remember that year, but I’ve watched the games after the fact. Granted he turned into a piece of human garbage later in life, but he’s up there with Barry. I used to always go to the Bucs/Lions games in the 90’s because of him. He was electric!
  3. I did as well Kelly back in his first few years starting in the league,until he just became weird.
  4. I don’t know if it means anything, but he’s had that brace since his return, and was scheduled to be removed Gameday tomorrow. We’ll see if that actually does anything.
  5. I’d love to jump on the hype train, but this is a misleading stat as that is looking at two 13-3 seasons, etc. it’s true Josh has done well, but I need to see him and the team for that matter against, Philly, KC, and Dallas. We win those 3, and I’m a believer again. That’s a big ask. The good news is phillys secondary is vulnerable, KC’s offense has flaws and Dallas, well you just don’t know what you get week to week considering AZ beat them (kind of like us losing to the Cheats). we win these 3, and I’m confident we can win the rest. How about we build confidence with each week?
  6. Dawg, As always nice post, but for me it’s difficult to evaluate the draft without looking at free agency and trades. It’s turning out as of late Beane had a massive injection in talent in Joseph and Douglas, and if you want to go back awhile, Diggs. You’re listed draft picks are definitely hits, but a few took awhile like AJE. Thanks for the work you put in on this thread. Enjoy your Black Friday. I know I don’t want anything to do with shopping.
  7. There are two problems. 1. He has an expensive contract for an often injured guy the last couple of years. 2. It’s a risk with those injuries. Hed have to be willing to renegotiate his contract, and this year is a wash.
  8. Exactly Bill. Rodgers, don’t go away mad, just freakin go away!
  9. Just getting on here as I was engulfed in family today. It was a blast as badly as these two games were today. I’m hopeful for a better nightcap with Seattle/SF. As far this early game, I was a bit surprised GB played pretty well, amd Love as erratic as he was earlier in the season, he had a decent game today. I thought Detroit was going to commandingly beat the Packs. The Cowgirls game was pretty much unwatchable. They stayed in it for awhile, but then just destroyed the abysmal Redskins (sorry I just can’t call them Commanders). Just pick any new name after this year.
  10. He’s not happy unless he’s in the news at least once every week or two. He’s so melodrama.
  11. Unless they implode, the Pegulas are not firing McD. Get used to it. I’m not commenting on what I want, just what I expect so I’m hopeful they turn this around.
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