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  1. He’s going to be fun to see in year 2 especially with Lorax continuing to mentor him.
  2. Now that’s funny. I swear we are watching the Evil Empire and should play the Darth Vader music when they enter the field.
  3. I still say they go for a 17 game season with one game at a neutral site to expand the audience, and reduce the pre-season to one or two games. Then add one team to the wildcard so there is only one team who gets a bye, and the revenue increases for players and owners. Not my idea, it is what Pat Kirwan has been purporting as the 18 with everyone with two games off is stupid and problematic.
  4. I actually agree with this list for once. Each one of these coaches has a good reason to be in the top 10. It’s nice to have one of these writers acknowledge what McD has done so far with not a lot of talent. Beane has done a nice job this year in adding in free agency and I see 10 wins this year. I know we can do it if McD can get this new team to gel.
  5. Agreed. Gordon is a waste of our cap space. We’ll need it on lineman who are on prove it deals now and extend other top flight players.
  6. Well, we have 22.5 mil roundabout and probably will increase about 10 mil with cuts, and probably another 10 mil from the normal yearly increase. We have a bunch of prove it deals, so Beane will resign who he can, and extend guys like White, as long as he doesn’t want a mint. I wouldn’t worry about it just like the draft until next February. They purged a ton of stupid contracts, and are building for what we hope is long term success. Just remember with Allen on a rookie deal, it allows for other more expensive contracts.
  7. PTR- I appreciate the post as just trying to help, but I’ll think about the draft in February or March. Again, not about you, but why does anyone post a mock draft in the summer when we haven’t played the season, do not know who we pick up in free agency, resign people. They simply have nothing to report, so they write an article like this one.
  8. Once the season gets going we’ll see how good the top four perform. Having two speedsters for that big arm of Allen, and two underneath should provide enough targets. With The potential #1 defense this year, Allen’s job will be easier. It’s more about his maturation than the WR’s.
  9. He was robbed for defensive rookie of the year. Glad we have him.
  10. I did that for twenty years. Unfortunately, I’m in a place that does not allow.DTV.
  11. I’m not sure why people don’t like Flutie. I know he was disruptive disputing with Johnson for the starting spot, but he won for us, and Johnson was horrible in that Titans game. It was a shame with the #1 defense, we could have won that game. That would have most likely brought us to another SB.
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