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  1. I really wish everyone would not turn any of this stuff into a debate over travel to a grocery store or anything else. Just mourn and pray those loved ones lost and the pain their loved ones will grieve for a long time. if you’ve ever lost an immediate family member, you’d know that pain. My mom didn’t die of a shooting, but she died suddenly on my 40th birthday. My birthday has never been the same years later, but I’m good now and can think and speak fondly of her with funny stories, etc. Just stop with petty arguments please. These poor children, parents, siblings, spouses lives changed forever. Reverence is needed. I will not respond to any reply. I’ve said my piece and say my prayers for these poor families. I don’t pray for the lives lost as I remember my moms funeral vividly. She’s in heaven! We pray for those grieving over her loss. These people are with god now, whatever god you believe In as not a political comment. It’s the family that will be in pain for years, until they can move forward. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen quickly especially for a senseless, and ridiculous little monster that has no and I mean no legitimate excuses for his barbaric actions! For the 99% of you showing respect, thank you. You just showed you’re humanity.
  2. An unpopular POV, but Knox will definitely be extended and TE’s usually don’t break the bank like other positions. Davis will cost, and my unpopular is Poyer will not be extended as hate it. I know he’s 32 so unlikely unless he would accept a 2 year extension at what he’s making now. I doubt he will. Edmunds, we’ll never know how the Bills view him. Outsiders nationally like him, but we know TBDers mostly don’t like him. The last article I read (can’t remember the source so can’t produce it, sorry), speculated it will go from $208 to $228 mil., but in 2024, they stated $256 mil. It continues to balloon after going up on avg. around $18-20 mil the successive years. We’ll need it to absorb these ballooning contracts. We are maturing as a team with extensions at the right time. Expect us to keep drafting a RB mid RD every year as they will let Motor and Moss walk. It’s the new NFL you keep taking a guy between the 3rd to 4th rounds. I expect we’ll also draft a LB and Safety next year. Probably another G too. Anyway, just mentioned as it pertains to the cap, not that I want to talk draft a year away.
  3. Never a good call to talk badly in anyway about a previous employer. I’ve had to deal with layoffs in the past as one company buys another, but doesn’t port the Salesforce type stuff. You just avoid like the plague a company who made bad decisions. Always take the high road. There’s no upside to trashing someone who let you go. Dabol saved him and he’ll look better on a bad team. He’s an average Guard. That’s all. Not horrible but he’s no Saffold or even Bates.
  4. I was thinking of the same thing. You’re telling me Allen wasn’t trying to fire up this team? Bottom line is we lost. We played one of the most exciting playoff games in the history of the NFL, whoever decided not to do the squib kick screwed up and Wallace was beat. It’s over, moving on. The good news is we played fantastic enough that we are ranked #1 now by most sources. We improved in almost every area in the off season. Between Settle, Jackson, Elam, Von, Howard and Cook, this is going to be one helluva team.
  5. John, bud you might want to check OTC and Spotrac 24 hrs after you hear the last contract is signed. I believe we’re around $5 mil. Or so over the cap.
  6. This entire thread is dumb and to accuse people who have a life that they are not a Bills fan if they aren’t obsessed with 13 seconds is irrational. Get over it. We’ve fixed as far as we believe every hole. It’s not Madden. Every team has flaws. Look at KC who went in meltdown in the secon half against the Bengals. Look at the Bengals who couldn’t pull it together against the Rams. Ficus on today and tomorrow. That’s what winners do. I’ll use this as I’ve used with my sales teams in the past as just a small illustration. You may think this is just another Rocky Movie, but really embrace the message he’s trying to say to his son. It’s not hard you get hit, it’s how many hits you take and keep moving forward!
  7. Why do you guys want to dredge up the past? I live in the now and the future as that is controllable. No, we all hated it, and lamented after that we should’ve been able to beat Cincy and would’ve been in the SB, but it’s over. The league actually changed the rules because of the OT, and we addressed with a new D Line and replaced Wallace with Elam. What more do you want OP. It’s a waste of energy. The month from the Lion King said it best…
  8. Turk, you realize the entire league as a whole did better away than home last year, and the year before was a toss up. It’s why Vegas struggles to give the home team 3 pts on average anymore as it’s an antiquated way of looking at things.
  9. Before anyone else rolls their eyes, keg isn’t saying that’s what should happen, but will most likely happen. I agree 6-8 game suspension and moving on, and that’s fantasy to think they keep Mayfield for 6 weeks. First he’s never agree to play, and 2nd all the Browns are trying to do is get a suitor to offset a portion of the $18.8 mil. Hopes of a high draft pick are long gone. If ATL, SEA, or CAR think their guys in camp aren’t looking good, they all have the cash to absorb maybe $5 mil., and give him a low rent price it deal and he’ll be back on the street next year.
  10. Levi, I liked how you added records so well done as I slightly differ on the results. Thank you for sharing though. Bills 12-5, upside 13-4 Phins 9-8, upside 10-7 Pats 9-8, no upside Jests 6-11, upside 7-10 I’m not as down on the Fish as you, but they don’t worry me either. Tua seems he has the capacity to throw accurately underneath, but doesn’t have a chance at the deep ball so the Hill acquisition was not a good resource to add as it will be wasted. They added up talent with Ingram and others. The bottom line is unless these teams suddenly acquire Mahomes or Herbert maybe (which will never happen) the Bills will reign supreme with Josh Super Allen! He really is a unicorn. I never thought in my life we’d have a guy like this as our QB. I’m in my early 50’s and there will be a day where we think of him ahead of Kelly as the greatest Bills QB in the history of our team. My only hesitance is simply the SB. Once he starts getting us there, he has surpassed my favorite Bill of all time (see my handle).
  11. Now that I agree with except the team really wants to cut Haack to save the $. He can’t punt worth a crap which is his real job as you know. The Bills coaching staff now has five years of demonstrating they develop their people. Look how Milano developed, Harrison Phillips who left but improved his skills sets and the list goes on. I fully believe although had a nice laugh over the Lucy comment (can you smell what the rich is cooking) 😇. I appreciate you're clarification though as you know after all these years I respect you’re POV.
  12. This is the most ridiculous thread since the flurry of Jets trolls I think it was two years ago until the mods became sick and tired of their lunacy. Im not dignifying the OP with reasons McD will never get fired from the Bills.
  13. Living in Tampa, for my sons and friends I had to come around on Brady as he was the driving force in Tampa becoming a winner again, but watching Milano even if he gets a 15 yrd penalty to just pancake Brady knocking him to the sideline. No serious injuries or anything as I think that is wrong even for Brady, but ringing his bell for the second half of a SB. All kidding aside, Brees is not coming back. This is nothing more than an analyst sees he’s not being taken back for NBC so he makes a wild accusation he’s coming back. Then others pile on and say he should be released from New Orleans. Like that would happen.
  14. I respectfully disagree Ed. He has three months daily to practice holding. That’s probably 1000 chances to improve. As far as three QB’s it’s very plausible Barkley could end up on the PS now that they liberized the rules for PS squad players and can have at least a couple veterans.
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