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  1. I received my vaccine the first day it came out fir my age group. Eventually for broad health concerns like MMR, Chicken Pox, etc. it will most likely become mandatory for entry into some institutions. I understand the NFL cautioning Beane as no policy has been determined at this point. For some who’ve said there is no clinical record is silly. All vaccines have to go through FDA approval with phase 1-3 clinical trials amd the data is available if you want to look it up. As far as what might happen, you can say that about every medicine ever developed. Fir example, the T Zones
  2. Chand, that one is unforgettable. I’m sorry for the family’s loss, but heck he lived 97 years. He had a nice run. Thanks for sharing bud.
  3. Junction, I remember reading that article when it came out. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I was never a trash talker in football or wrestling (and the obligatory baseball as everyone else in WNY), but really don’t care if Allen does on a regular basis. One thing I used to like hearing is how Sapp used to tell Favre how he was going to kill him, and after he sacked him Favre would just laugh it off and tell him good one. He never gave Sapp the satisfaction. I always though that was cool.
  5. Inigo, I don’t know if it’s a matter that he wants to run first, or he has tools/players suited for this style. He knows he doesn’t have a Josh Allen, but he also knows he has players who can run so he’s going with what’s been dealt to him. Conversely, we know we have a strength in the pass and players to make it work with weak TE’s so shocker we ran more 11 and 10 personnel than anyone else in the league. We also didn’t have the players for a base defense so we ran more nickel defenses (I think 91%) than anyone else in the league. we’ll still beat them this year. Good post tho
  6. Who are you kidding? You were in it for t(e chics. 🤔😂🏈 Glad to hear you made it through. Divorce is tough. I couldn’t agree more on Virgil’s work.
  7. Bill is a man wise Beyond his many years. 😃😇 I used to love you’re thoughts posts. I’m glad Virgil kept it up. I think he’s done well respecting you’re history. good to hear from you friend.
  8. I don’t really see why it’s an issue that a team trying to turn their season around from the past makes an incredible very lucky play and not celebrate it. it just comes across petty on our part. We legitimately beat them with that Diggs play and they pulled one out. It didn’t stop us from getting to the championship game. Even if we won, we still would’ve not been the #1 seed. Nothing would’ve been different. hey they had a fun win against a great team and we still faced the chiefs on the big game before the SB. if anything it’s a compliment that th
  9. Well written Hondo. A good example is Milano. How many of these gurus picked that a 5th round pick would end up a high end LB in the league, or another schlep 5th rd pick would end up being the NFL’s leading WR in 2020 (Diggs of course). I just trust Beane. I’m guessing he hits on at least 65% of his draft which is according to Polian a top GM.
  10. The real question is why does anyone go searching for negative takes on players on our team somewhere in MN or anywhere else. It’s just a waste of time. I haven’t clicked on it and really don’t care. We had according to the voters the second best player in the NFL (mvp) and the leading WR in the NFL last year.
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