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  1. I’m assuming by you’re handle you’re a Pats fan so welcome to this board. Any other fan who is polite to us is always welcome, and you guys had a great run the last 20 years. Per Brady on his town hall on Sirius, there were other offers he wouldn’t consider. I’m confident several other teams were interested in him, but Tampa made the best offer, and look at the talent on the Bucs. Arians received exactly what he wanted in Brady. He did the same thing with Palmer in AZ.
  2. I agree over 30 and too expensive. I know I’m a broken record on this one, but if we were going to spend $13 mil. (and he wants more), why wouldn’t we have invested in Ngakoue? He’s cheaper and younger by five years. That guy avg. about 9 sacks a year. I know it’s too late now, but my point is we already decided not to pursue a high priced DE. So bottom line is pass.
  3. Weo, basically the last cluple of years it supposedly was quietly discussed between Kraft and Brady, he wanted a change in scenery so Kraft let his contract run out and Brady was sought after by several teams. He chose Tampa and the rest… This is what I’m referring to as Rodgers will be sought after by several teams. It sounds similar to Brady what will happen with Rodgers.
  4. Ok, you must have photoshopped that one as too funny. Roy was funny on the Be….y, E..z. Thing. Can’t say the words as it like Beattlejuice. Say them three times and you get banned.
  5. C’mon, Roy, you love the bumblebee secretly. Those things are putrid.
  6. Funny thing is Pat Kirwan has been saying on MTC the smartest move was to give him more $ and let him walk after this year so the problem goes away. GB was able to do it without more $, and AR gets to go where ever he wants. Makes sense. Im just glad we can stop hearing about this guy. I’ve had enough.
  7. Welcome Fitzy. Not even going to grace that idiot regarding the comment. Thankfully we have a lot of guys with class here, but I guess that was his point. I am going to miss Vic. He has always been a straight shooter. Not too high or low.
  8. But what is the best pizza? Wings is easy as almost everyone on the list are awesome.
  9. Well the latest of a million rumors is Philly. Funny they have the least cap of all 32 teams, but NO has proven over and over you can always find it. Outside of Dallas the whole NFC least could use him. Perfect for us to lose him to the NFC and we don’t face the least for two years. Those not respecting his talent is a fools errand. I don’t like his personal choices as how could you, but I respect his abilities.
  10. You have Love to Love. he’s going to report in my eyes. It’s a bunch of posturing. Smart move is make him the highest paid guy this year and let him out and he can pick his team. I don’t see this prima giving up that $ of GB says to him, hey play it out, you can leave with no penalty and we’ll bump you above everyone else. You win, we win, and hey get anotjer SB so you can leave on top. I know we’ll have something to say about that in LA, but speaking simply from GB’s standpoint.
  11. As always Inigo, when you start a thread, you put a lot of work into it so thanks. I believe and if you listen to NFLR many of the pundits (I like this outlet as many if you know as many of the announcers seem to have better knowledge of teams in the NFL vs. ESPN where I swear they just know the headlines) the QB typically makes the WR, not the other way around. Now after listening to this pod cast, it’s ridiculous to compare these two. LJ just has difficulties throwing outside the hashes, and deep. JA excels in both areas. JA’s skills will maintain and probably continue to asc
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