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  1. Have to love a guy who admits he’s living in Beaufort. Makes me think of Beaufort T. Pusser. Don’s walking tall.
  2. A really nice guy, and given he lives in Apollo Beach/Sun City area, he and his family, you’re family would come up to this great Bills Backers bar in Brandon every once in awhile. A bunch of you. Would love it as they play the Shout song every score, and the announcer would yell out first down every time. I met saw him several times and met he and his family for awhile. He was such a kind guy, his wife and daughters were sweet. He was my favorite, just thought some of these threads are a little silly.
  3. Are you trying to jinx us Beast? 😂. It will be five wins Sunday night.
  4. That was funny. Then LB 48 can fire up his favorite quality control coach, and key grip person in the movies.
  5. Umm, NO. I understand you’re point, but first the league and NFLPA wouldn’t allow QB’s in any world getting miked up. Given no vaccine, I wouldn’t go to a game, but will go immediately once we have one. It’s a personal decision so I wish the fans wanting to do it could at least fill it to 10-12000 in Rich Stadium. I think it sucks Cuomo is doing this to Buffalo. It’s not fair fir the diehards that want to go. I am thinking of getting seasons next year if I take a corporate relocation back to Buffalo. Bottom line is fans in the stands is better even on TV.
  6. We’re not giving away a second round draft pick for originally a promising QB, when he was drafted to a damaged product as he was mishandled for three years. The only teams that will probably consider are Chicago, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta, and maybe NO. Probably not as Hill did ok yesterday, and Payton states he doesn’t see Winston throwing as many picks in his system. Darnold needs to reset himself for a year backing up an aging QB, and hopefully one of the better coaches in the league can work on improving his skills and decision making choices.
  7. This is going exactly as I said in training camp. They bought around $235 mil. in players in FA, and had 11 picks. They have another 10 picks next year. They will show progress and look like our real division competition in years to come, but that is just too many new faces to be an immediate division winner this year. I can see with the Jets and Bengals, 8-4. Then they play the Chiefs, Pats, Raiders, and us. That adds up to me for around 9-7 and nice progress from last year. They have a good HC and more talent coming next year. Tua looked bad yesterday as the Broncos did a nice job disguising coverages and he was confused. Tua is just going to need game time to make improvements. I still think we finish most likely 11-5 and maybe a stretch at 12-4, the Fins at 9-7, Pats would maybe finish 8-8 as you can only coach up so much with all of that talent gone including Brady, free agent losses and of course the opt outs. I don’t know if the Jets can even win one game this year. As Chandler said on another thread, the Jets are historically bad.
  8. You look for every angle to get a Princess Bride reference in there. INCONCEIVABLE! Remember Socrates, Plato,... Morons! All Morons. There is only the one and only Adam Gase.
  9. Just say a prayer or a good thought if spiritual for the guy. I know I’m saying our fathers now. I hate when people wish ill will on a player. They are human beings. God bless Joe, and I expect you’re done for the year, but this is early enough with surgery and rehab, you may be ok by next season.
  10. Now that was funny PTR! Don’t suck too long or you’ll create a space in you’re teeth. Well, that’s what my mom said, but then again she told me not to swim until 45 minutes after eating.
  11. First, Stable as I’m not going to call a fellow Bills fan Unstable, I don’t see the packaging if picks. Why, pre tell? It’s very simple. Look at the 2020 draft. It was unprecedented in the lack of trade up or down, because of Covid madness. Well, what about 2021? The cap goes down to as a foregone conclusion $175 mil., unless they cave and go to 8 teams in the playoffs and get more tv revenue (which is nothing compared Toni fans) so we have a $-2.5 mil. Deficit. I know we will jettison some older guys and we should, but it won’t create enough cap space to bring in anything more than role players younger from free agency. Funny part is it will be the Wild West as so many teams are so far over the cap, there will be good ones available, and will have to take lower deals. This is a temporary problem as one of these vaccines should be available to the public (first reponders, hospital staff, military, sick first) by mid to late summer so revenue should go up. The new tv contracts are I believe starting to come due the next year so this shouldn’t last forever god willing. What this tells me is we and most of the league will hoard draft picks and make the best of them. Think of all of the 39+ players we have that are average to below average, we will jettison. We can exchange with cheap talent, get through next year, maybe a player or two at most in free agency, and be set up prepare for Allen’s, Edmunds, maybe Milano’s contract. Not to use my buddy on the boards avatar, but I’d bet dollars to donuts we have 7 picks chosen next year. Don’t forget the Fish had 11 picks, spent $258.5 mil. in free agency and have another 10 picks next year. Beane is smart enough he needs a sustainable team for our future competition if not this year. I don’t worry about the Jets for obvious reasons, and some have forgotten all of those COVID opt out Pats contracts coming due next year. They will be cap strapped next year again, and their team is talent ridden. So that is my two cents, and I can and have been wrong before, but that is what I see. If we can pick up one to two quality players in free agency with the $ we save from losing some current guys, we should be happy.
  12. To not count Diggs as our 1st round pick is silly. Beyond the 22nd pick and looking at the rookies compared to the #1 WR in receptions, yards, and at the top with contested catches is crazy. Yes, we gave up a 5th, 6th, and next year’s 4th. That was the cost. We also have one of the best WR’s in the NFL who can be around for a long time, and we upped him to $14 mil., but we have him under contract for another couple of years. Have you guys seen Julio Jones, Deondre Hopkins and other contracts? This couldn’t have gone better fir the Bills. Epenesa is fighting for time against very experienced veterans so they are taking it slowly. That doesn’t mean he is a bust. It means we don’t know. Moss has done well with a great pass pro O Line, but a less than efficient running O Line. Davis will be a starter fir the next decade. When Brown and Bease age as they are already 30 and 31, we have someone we are working into a stud. He’s done more than enough fir me. Who knows on Hodgins as he’s been on IR, but the camp reports was he was doing great so TBD. Fromm, how can you make an assessment as he’s at Stalin 13 (couldn’t help the Hogans Heroes reference) for the Covid issue. What do you expect on a kicker who came out slow and now broke the record for the most 50+ kicks in one quarter in the history of the NFL. Did anyone really think he wasn’t going to have jitters to start. Dane Jackson has played well when on the field, and looks like a steal in the 7th round. Im not going to lump in every other draft as I do think has done well, as the OP asked about the rookies 2020 draft class.
  13. Chand, I appreciate you sending these videos. As you probably know, we can only open see the title and then go to YouTube to find it. The effort is very much so appreciated. Reminds me of being a fan as a little boy.
  14. Noggin, do you need to borrow a couple of my kid’s Concerta? Just kidding, just a joke and that’s against the law if my kids actually took it. Anyway, I agree Parcells was very innovative, and on Payton, I don’t trust anything he says he’s going to do. I could easily see Winston on the field starting from the first snap. Quite honestly, I really don’t care as I live in a town that’s a division rivalry.
  15. The bye week must be really boring for a thread talking about their favorite punter.
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