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  1. Someone brought up earlier about retro grading teams drafts. I love that series on NFLR, as it’s usually a Blitz (the show) topic where they grade the draft from four years ago. They rate on an A,B,C,D etc. draft. It’s a very interesting series, and the primary guy was Mark Dominic, the old GM from Tampa. He’s a very interesting guy with Bruce, the main host. Needless to say our drafts prior to McBeane on a four years later have not been the best, but they were fair. They consider, who’s still on the NFL whether starting or a role player, regardless if they are still on the te
  2. Hey Sherlock, open the attachment or use this crazy thing called GOOGLE! I’m just kidding eman, I know you have a good sense of humor. The only way I see us taking a RT (assuming Dawkins is our guy) is we’ve passed on a D. Williams extension. To me, this is a mistake. I haven’t seen much on Ettiene, but if he is remotely like McCaffrey, I’d love it. That guy is so dynamic like another said Kamara. These guys have the ability to be a traditional RB, but also are a major receiving threat. Considering we may not upgrade our TE group, at least improve our short game.
  3. I watch some college ball, but not to the level of acting like a prognosticator of future success. I do agree with Simms to stop fantasizing about a chance to get Wilson or Watson. I’m at the point of being sick of hearing about these ideas. If it happens fine (although I still doubt it), but these franchises would be fools to let these generational QB’s go. I don’t think it’s crazy Simms likes one QB over another. I can see the Jets pulling the trigger on one of these QB’s and give up on Darnold. I don’t see many teams giving up much draft capital for him.
  4. As I was flipping through this thread, I thought the same thing. Owners are always in such a hurry to find their next guy, it seems like they would just find a coordinator or another coach, college coach, etc. to circumvent the proposed rule. The only way to exact real change is all head coaching hires from anywhere cannot start until Black Monday including the entire interviewing process. That levels the playing field for the avg. 7 new hires every year. It will never happen as the owners will never go along with that change. It’s too bad as that would be an excellent rule cha
  5. What the fweak is that? All Hail Sam Cass! Hail Sam Cass! Sorry Ridge, that is one of my funnier scenes from the Big Bang. Couldn’t help myself. As far as the idea, it’s stupid (IMO). Even if on sides mostly fail, it’s one of the fun things about the game. Talk about the brass Sean Payton had doing that in the SB against the Colts. How boring is 4th and 15? There are a bunch of dumb rules changes proposed every year and most are shot down. I seriously doubt this one makes it.
  6. Ed, I know that idea was floated on multiple outlets prior to the pandemic, so maybe that factored into the conversation. I honestly don’t know as it pertains to the site. WFT is an improving team, and they have lots of $ in the off season, so not a walk in the park. Having it in Buffalo is great. Thanks for sharing Shady. I would think the ratification of the 17th game is probably a formality. What’s interesting is how many if any pre-season games there will be. I’ve heard 3, but might just be a negotiating please to eventually get the 18th game and they go down to 1-2 pre-se
  7. Not sure GB. I was so impressed how Williams handled on his own with little help TJ Watt. If we can find a way to restructure, reduce, etc. I would want to extend him. I guess this is the new normal we discuss every release. Seems to be an excellent Guard. Not sure we could afford him. These releases continues to remind me how much teams like the Jags, Jets, Pats, Colts, Broncos, and WFT are going to be able to do a makeover like we haven’t seen pretty much ever. At least with several of these teams, they don’t have a quality QB. If somehow Reich can resurrect Wentz, that is
  8. He is a despicable person and 14 years is light. I read the article and it seems that is the maximum for their plea deal. For those making jokes, you should be ashamed of yourselves. There is nothing funny about treating elderly and homeless women in such a predatory manner. I’ll say prayers for these women so hopefully they find some peace.
  9. I’m not really sure the Cardinals will be the best in the West as we don’t even know how much the Seahawks will spend in FA, and the draft. SF’s top talent is coming back from injuries to key players, so AZ may improve with another year for Murray, but it’s not a lock. I pay a little more attn. to AZ as my middle son fell in love with them when he was 7. Long story about the Cards being in the SB in Tampa that year.
  10. Well, it seems like he is projected to be a late third rounder from several mocks, so if you think he is worth it, then ok. We’re not going to plug every hole in the draft, and we don’t have hardly $ in the cap for FA. There’s only so much they can do in restructure, reduce, or remove.
  11. Joe, I’m not sure what they would want, but no more than a late round pick. He’d benefit from a lot more playing time. As far as the list above, as much as I like Henr, he costs too much. Jonny Smith would be nice, but he too probably will cost too much.
  12. One guy who I think could be a good trade and is young is OJ Howard. He has one year left on his contract, and the main guys there are Brate and Gronk. If the Bucs really want to keep Godwin and Barrett, that’s a lot of $. Howard was supposed to take the next step this year when he was hurt. He’s not injury prone, just had an injury this year. He’s shown flashes in previous years, but there is only one football and they have Evans, Godwin, Brate, Gronk, and AB.
  13. I don’t see him wanting a backup role, nor the pay associated with it, but he’d be the best backup we could possibly imagine. That guy could win us a couple of games, and could teach Allen a couple of things.
  14. Ill agree half the league will purge some contracts, but only 11 are under water as of now. A recent sign was the Texans starting Center for three years and arguably one of their better and consistent lineman was just released. The significance was the Texans were already under the cap by $9 mil.
  15. Thanks for the updates. I’m very happy to hear Ken made it home. For those that know him, please tell him he has a sea of TBD’ers saying prayers for his quick recovery.
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