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  1. Well the networks are giving to college football some $ for airing their games, and yes, it is very likely as I mentioned two weeks ago the NFL could take over Saturdays. As Watkins mentioned, it would probably be a one year contract, and they wouldn’t move off the MNF, they would just add three games on Saturday, three on Sundays, MNF, and TNF so in essence, you have 8 games to watch if you don’t have the ticket so half the league is playing somewhere. I see it as a way to defray the big loss in 2020 just get a little closer to what the cap is now as no one has explained to me of the players have contracts, and if the cap is based on revenue, what definitively happens to the contracts if the cap goes down. The owners take it on the chin. That will go over like a fart in church so Saturday games and a plethora of advertising in the stands as no one will be there, can maybe offset some of the lost revenue. To say greedy owners or players, guys it’s an entertainment business. Many of you are in corporate America and you know they either make up the $ somewhere else or to save EBIT (earnings before income tax) they cut costs. It’s nothing different when govt taxes whatever segment of America. They just pass it on to the public and prices go up. Simple economics and not right, not wrong, just the way it is here.
  2. Rico, you’re keeping the laughs going. Ridgeway, Warcodered, where are you guys? You’re my comedic relief on the weekend.
  3. Jeremy, I was about to snap at you as I thought you were that tool Jets whatever, so thankfully I saw you’re name again. You make very good points, you do. I just don’t see one year turning everything around for him and getting a nod for a HC. Now he does this for two years, and I would say yes. I also think he’s better than a lot of posters state, but has been limited with his players. This is now year 2 for the Line, the additions of Diggs and Moss to Brown and Beasley. I’m betting the rookie Davis will get on for 4 wide sets. I’m praying Knox is a much better pass catcher, and as always Allen moves up to a 65% completion rate. He’s already improved in fumbles, still runs well, evades getting hurt when he runs, doesn’t throw a lot of picks, so there is promise. He does this in 2021 again and we are deep in the playoffs again, and without a doubt he’ll get the nod for a HC Job. Just my two cents big guy. I hope he does as one sign of a good organization is if two coordinators get HC jobs over two years. I must be a dreamer as I can see we become a jewel for the NFL at one point. After 2020, hopefully as good as I think it will be place nice extensions on Beane and McD for an additional four to five years. Its been so long I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to just expect you’re team to be great in every game, and never think you can be beaten by anyone. We had that from 1988-99 In one way or another. The youngins on the board don’t have those memories which sucks. They should remember the Bills as I do, and even could hang my hat as a very little boy seeing my RB run like a man amongst boys in OJ. For this board about football, I’ll always contend he was the best RB of all time. Even better than Jim Brown. He just had a crap team around him. My dad tells me his glory years were the Kemp days when Buffalo was “Talking Proud”. The youngins won’t know that one either. Just google it. It was our phrase before the 1988 Shout Song.
  4. Some people like to knock Carr excusing away his very good completion % stating it’s because he makes short safe throws, But Sammy I agree with you. I think it’s a huge mistake to move on from Carr. Having Gruden coach last in Tampa before the Raiders, he coach captain checkdowns for most of his QB’s. Everyone from B. Johnson, to Left which, to Simms, and so on. He has more weapons now with all of the extra draft picks, and they probably will have an ok year. He does still have to play the Chiefs, Broncos who are improving, us, NE, Saints, and Bucs (yes I know people on this board hate it, but the Bucs are going to be good this year). This will be a challenge for Carr. If you’re right, he’ll be fine.
  5. That’s if the bars are even open. Here in FL, they opened too early (not making this a COVID thing), and now closed it down again for a couple of weeks with no expectation they will open again for a very long time. I see you’re point of at only 50%, would it be worth their DTV investment, and can bar owners really enforce strictly that % in states where they are starving for business, and people are going nuts to watch football. What is more likely is those who haven’t been as significantly affected economically by this thing, will drive personal DTV NFL ticket subscriptions.
  6. Well said Tiger which reminds me of another coach I respect tremendously in John Harbaugh. Before a head coach he came up through Special Teams, and he prepared in his journals for more than a decade before getting the Ravens gig. Those two have a lot in common and both have claimed Andy Reid as their mentor, although McDermott also claims the great defensive coordinator Jimmy Johnson, RIP. I see a lot of parallels in these two in their preparation, methodical approach, and excellent football minds. They also both have great GM’s. Beane in 10 years will be thought of like Ozzy Newsome, the GM, not his playing days. People often talk about Reid, Belicheck, and others for being great coaches, but I would add Harbaugh. Funny, if his brother didn’t fall out of favor in SF, probably would be another one. I know he was a hard ass, but his players said they loved him. Nothing would make me happier than seeing these guys become cornerstones here like Tomlin has been for the Steelers. It’s no accident the Steelers had only three head coaches since 1969. Noll was awesome and won 4 SB’s, 1 for Cowher, and 1 for Tomlin with another appearance losing to the Packs. How incredible would it be to keep the coaching staff together for awhile. My guess in 2021 Frazier will get another shot at head coaching at least multiple interviews. If he leads another defensive squad to the top 3 defense and he will, even by only Rooney rule, he’ll get lots of shots at it, and he should. That doesn’t worry me as McD is probably already grooming his next coordinator and Frazier is probably helping. McD would want to help Frazier get his shot. Daboll on the other hand, doubt it. He’d have build up a top 10 offense for multiple years to get any consideration. Go Bills!
  7. Rico, I just spit up my drink reading you’re post. You and Ridgeway are in competition for two of 5e funniest posters on TBD. I just read it a second time, and laughed even more the second time. I knew eventually the wiseasses would come out. Love it bud. Oh and Warcodered comes in the bronze as his clips from Family Guy and others cracks me up. Seriously to all of you, thanks for the levity as it has been getting nuts here lately, probably because we’re stir crazy.
  8. The Bucs makes sense, but others had some good guesses. Off the top of my head without looking it up, I would have thought it’s either the Lions, Browns, or Bucs.
  9. Rc, I agree. It is so easy for some people to only look for any negatives when McD has picked the right players, as Cowherd stated always has them in the right position. Now Beane found enough talent and managed contracts so well, we are set to be the next reproducibly winning team, like how the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers. Just think before Jim Harbaugh how the 49ers were in their own drought, but post Harbaugh, they went back down, and now are climbing to the top again in the NFC. I don’t see the 49ers going backwards for quite some time. Good management, good coaching, and selecting very well in the draft for several years. Sounds like another team we know all too well.
  10. K-9, I know, but some have suggested the whole slippery slope thing. That’s all. Just like Buffalo has nothing to do with the animal, it was an Indian name for beautiful place.
  11. Chandler, you always look for a way to get Bobby Chandler in the conversation (love it bud). I hope you and you’re family had a nice 4th.
  12. Bust, they are not giving away four picks to let Diggs go. We have him at this price for this year. $11.5 mil. Is cheap for a top 5 WR in the NFL. He’ll want more $ after 2020, but if he puts up 1300 yards, he deserves it. As far as Brown, the Bills have him through 2021, and $9 mil. Is not bad for his talent. After that usually Father Time catches up with players so I’m betting in 2022, we’re looking for replacements for Brown and Beasley. Bottom line is enjoy the next two years.
  13. Well, I’m happy to admit I was wrong. I really thought Snyder wouldn’t buckle, but between Fedex, and Pepsi hitting him in the wallet, and I didn’t know until the other day Fedex is a minority owner of the DC team, more than just having the naming rights. If this name is offensive to a segment of society, and considered similar to the N word, then change it. I don’t see the Reds, Chiefs, Seminoles, and Braves as offensive, as many went down the whole slippery slope argument, but there is a distinction.
  14. Putin, I’ll see you’re Moulds and Price, and up you Reed, Lofton, and Beebe. If you add to Diggs and Brown, Beasley, this is back to the SB teams. We don’t have Jim Kelly yet, or Thurmon, but we might. This season getting cancelled would absolutely suck. I’m maintaining hope we have a season even without fans in the stands. I want so much like the rest of you we get to see what Beane and McD have created. ”Where would you want to be, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW”!
  15. If they wanted to upgrade they would have matched or beat Hooper’s contract in Cleveland which is $10.25 mil/yr. and $18 mil. Guaranteed. We are a much better landing spot, but we didn’t. Moving on. Too bad as we had the $, and he would have made us better. He’s not Kittle, but he is a top TE. Supposedly, the TE class is very good in 2021, so we’ll see. Hapless made good points on Njoku.
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