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  1. I can see Arians taking him as he wants to be done with Winston, and loves veterans like when he took Palmer and before that Warner. Living in Tampa, I’d love it as a bridge. The Tampa offense has a ton of weapons. A lot more the the Chargers. This would give Tampa time to find their QB in the draft. Before people give me a hard time, I’m a Bills fan first, second, and third, but lived here half my life so want to see this team do well as well and in a different conference.
  2. I’m finally rooting for a team. Up til now I just wanted to see close exciting games. Now I’m all in on wanting the Chiefs to win it all. I just love Mahomes as he is so exciting to watch, and I really like Reid. So sick and tired of listening about the Pats, BB and Brady. Fun hearing Brady is officially moving when the kids get out of school. Hopefully it leads to their demise, and outside of the Bills winning it all hopefully multiple times, but if not I want to see the Chiefs win back to back SB. That would be great for Reid and Mahomes.
  3. I understand several, but think we’ll keep Long for depth as O Lineman get hurt. I also don’t see them cutting the best ST return person in the league in Roberts, and depending upon whether they draft a RB which I suspect, Yeldon still provides a nice change up option. Gore is gone for sure which you didn’t have on here, There is no way we are picking up AJ Green as he only played 45% of the games the last two to three years, and is 32. That is not Beane’s mo.
  4. Garrett can only help so much with the Cowboys as McCarthy is going to change the whole scheme so he can only let them know tendencies of players that remain on the roster, but you can get that from tape. I never thought much of Garrett, not that he’s a bad guy, just not an innovative coach.
  5. Cortes, good take. You may want to just say Raiders as Most of us had to get used to the LA Rams, and LA Chargers. Not a criticism. My son just turned 21 so might take him to Vegas for that game as I read it most likely is in Late December which means does not conflict with his college schedule. Thanks again for the post.
  6. Funny you bring this duo up, as I watched them a ton, and although Dunn would cut and juke everyone, Alstott would literally run at defenders and bowl them over. He was a jack hammer. Gruden was an ars for not using Alstott as much as Dungy. I couldn’t agree more with all of what you said, and a solid pass catching TE, dump Kroft and Smith. That would be a nice trio with the other weapons and watch what happens next year with our offense.
  7. Well deserved. He made a big leap from year 1 to 2, and at his age to be the captain of the defense is impressive.
  8. To a godsend to the Bills, Happy Birthday Trey!
  9. He’ll most likely play out his contract as a back up at least for the upcoming year, and maybe they give him a shot again in 2021. He’s not worth anything on a trade, and Miami will probably also pick a QB with their first pick. They have so many holes to replace in what they gave away, that they are far behind us in a rebuild.
  10. As I said with Ford, so glad these guys did this immediately, and now we will see what these two monsters will do completely healthy next year, Shoulders typically have a high cure rate, but are painful in their rehab. These guys as well as they did play, must have been pushing through an amazing amount of pain each week.
  11. Exactly Augie. Josh and the team need continuity to continue their ascension. I know a lot of you don’t like him, but has done a lot right, and McD has paid attention to the tape and behind closed doors probably explained how he wants to see things change in play calling in certain situations. Defensive coaches watch tape on opposing offenses obviously so know what works and what does not. It will be good for Josh to have the same coordinator for multiple years. My opinion is the Bills made the right call, and for all we know, Daboll asked Beane to decline it to save face as he wanted to be a Bill. He also might have the request as leverage to gain a larger income. None of us know from the inside what went on in this decision. I’m just spit balling, but there are a lot of variables that we will never know.
  12. The funny thing is some of us can afford to go to the game, but have no interest. I’d much rather go to the Ralph for any game I’m traveling for the Bills.
  13. I’m not watching this at all. On my ex-wife’s side who I am still friends, two people who were sexually abused and two of the older generation brutally physically and mentally abused, and they chose to be good people in their lives and are or were very religious and kind human beings. There is no excuse for a multiple murderer. What about those families and how they feel after their child sibling or children feel knowing the person so close to them was killed in cold blood. I don’t need to know anymore. Someone brutally rapes and murders you’re wife or children, ok I have some mercy. I couldn’t fathom that kind of pain. But his story is not that.
  14. I wouldn’t be overly worried about it. It’s January and he didn’t wait like some. Most likely fine for OTA’s and no doubt he’ll be ready for training camp. Just depends on how hard he works on rehab like Watt who came back early because he is so determined.
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