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  1. Yeah, gross. I hated when my mom would tell my siblings and I how he had nice legs as a young guy. Ugghh. No one wants to think. About their parents that way.
  2. Like so many, he was an Irish alcoholic. That’s is not disparaging him. I just wish he would’ve seemed out help. Pine, my man, you know who our moms had crushes on. Between Redford, Newman, and the other is McQueen that warmed a lot of hearts for the generation above us. that’s fine. My dad is too much of a class act, but I’m sure he like Raquel, and all the others of that generation.
  3. I’ve had a manager or two like that with us. Thankfully Inwas a bit better, but it makes a point. That was a great movie as was Boiler Room. It’s true we need to toughen up and I’m a homer as much as the next guy. Getting pushed around by some teams though was pathetic. Some players need to get smacked on the mouth. Players who have an attitude like Hines who is almost reckless with his body and why he explosives at times on ST. You have to be a little touched in the head to return punts and kicks. The reason he takes it home is he plays without fear. My favorite sound as a kid was a slap to the mat by the ref. Never once was I pinned and I pinned most of my oponents. Why? Because I wasn’t just good and disciplined, it would go farther than my oponent to win and demoralize them with a pin. I’m sure we have a number of guys on this team currently with that shark attitude, but we need this to be our culture. Don’t just win, demoralize them unapologetically so they fear you the next time they play you. We’ve done that successfully with the Cheats. We need more of that attitude with all opponents. So for all of my positivity normally, I agree. Bury you’re opponent at every turn.
  4. Agreed Old Man. I’m guessing Beane will let Motor shop his services and then low ball offer him as he’s not getting big $ from anyone. He’s a decent RB, but has his limitations. Hines and Cook will take on bigger roles in the coming years. I may sound like a broken record, but it’s a speed WR, and a possession guy. If we trade for Jeudy, that would free up for only one WR early in the draft. Two Guards is a must. That’s my 1st-3rd RD picks. Conver Allen and Diggs’ contracts to signing bonuses and frees up a lot of cash.
  5. my mom loved that movie when I was a kid. I think she just loved Redford and Newman. Robert Shaw was a great actor. He died far too young. Between Black Sunday, The Deep, and Force 10 from Navarone, they were some of my favs as a kid. Thanks for the reference Ridge.
  6. I’m over the loss. Cincy for me now that I’m calm.
  7. John, the RN, not ketchup. Just kidding. Damn autocorrect. I see Beane letting Motor check the market and then give him a low offer. Having three RB’s is somewhat of a necessity given how often all RB’s get hurt. I think we have a good shot at keeping all of them. If you’re asking my six fingered friend of it’s an either or, I’d say motor would be gone. Hones has the speed Motor doesn’t, but Motor has skills.
  8. I stand corrected Dapper. Thats possible, but Benford is much more physical. The real answer is probably not on the roster.
  9. Garor, I was not but have been on here for years. You’ll find if you’re new here, most old these guys are pretty cool and knowledgeable as to the NFL and the Bills. As every board some strong opinions, some dumb ideas, some guys who think building a team is like a Madden game, and occasional trolls. The mods are pretty good at bouncing the trolls once they are figured out. Anyway, Mahalo! (I’ve been watching Magnum PI lately on The elliptical).
  10. It is possible Bernard could be trained all off season with Hyde and go to the safety camps, but those consultants/coaches would need to coordinate with our D Backs coaches. It depends on Bernard’s willingness to put in the effort like Josh has done year after year. Safety and CB as well as Nickel are all unique skill sets. Some people on the board think it’s so simple to go from LB or CB to safety. They have different roles. The greater needs right now are G’a (2) and WRs (2). A speedster and a larger Possession guy. It’s possible Beane could work a trade for Jeudy or even Samuel aim San Fran.
  11. I voted yes, but Beane has a lot of magic to make that happen. At minimum with a tight cap will need to secure two WR’s and two Guards. A speed WR, and a bigger possession contested catch guy. We need road grater Guards that will punch open seams for a running game. I still want the pass to be our bread and butter, but when we choose run, it needs to be effective. We were only modestly successful with the rush. I can’t believe our revamped D Line fell apart at the most important moment. McD was not the problem. He’s a solid leader and helped this team through atypical hurdles with two incredible storms, played in Detroit, and oh by the way a player almost died on the field. He needs the right ingredients to make the right soup (Parcells reference)
  12. It’s an explanation, and they did have more to deal with than any other team, but still should’ve worked through it. They have no one to blame, but themselves. This was by far the worst I’ve seen perform this year. The MN loss was Flutie, the best as we know in Miami, and the Jets legitimately beat us. This game was just miserable to watch.
  13. McD isn’t going anywhere nor is Beane. You guys are delusional to think otherwise. They are smarter than you as they won’t be so reactionary. Should things change and improve, sure. Purging the two who have turned this loser franchise around for 17 years isn’t happening. You’re wasting your breath. You’re also proving you don’t know anything about football or a troll. I believe he’ll make changes like he got rid of the ST Coach and Wallace last year. That made sense.
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