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  1. My guess is as much we want to see him next weekend, I’m guessing the Jags won’t be the game. id bet is NYG, and on a pitch count. He’ll get worked in more and more with each week. Once we get through the Jags, we could see him sparingly for the next few games. We need him full court press for the. Engels game. After we hit the hard part of our schedule with the Bengals, Jets, Eagles, and Chiefs. We also will definitely need him in Miami towards the end of the year.
  2. It was a clean hit. I had a knucklehead who I’m actually acquaintance friends state the same silliness. Milano os a 1st team all pro.
  3. it’s likely Elam could be activated, but it’s more likely Rapp slides into Poyer spot, and Benford still starts. We are. Talking about the #2 defense in the NFL after 3 games. Tight game, probably 31-28, Bills.
  4. Sack, my favorite watering hole here in Tampa there are always lots of fans from multiple cities. You get used to that in Tampa. One guy who I’m friends with we have friendly banter. He shocked me telling. All of us that Milano is the cheapest player in the NFL. I told hinnnto give me evidence, and reiterated the hit on Tua was clean last year. I guess this is a common repeating theme for the Fish fans. I know he was fined for taunting recently, but I can’t think of any repeat personal fouls on Milano. Heck Aaron Williams or Jerry Hughes comes to mind on previous players nabbed for personal foul calls.
  5. Well deserved honor. Allen week 2, and week 3 Bernard. But, but we suck, McD sucks, Beane, sucks, bla, bla, bla. So if we win Sunday, are all the fake Bills, actual, Jets, Miami, Patriots fans going to just go away.
  6. Bad luck to wish for an opponent getting an injury, and it’s sweeter winning with all of their best so there are no excuses. I want the Bills to win with their best and ours. Then no excuses for the fish, and they are not on our level. It will be so sweet listening to Fish fans on NFLR next week. they are puffing their chests now they will kill us. Fat chance. Neither team is running away with this game. It’s going to be a tight game with multiple lead changes. I’ve never taken Pelton bison in my life, so I’ll just be eating tums by the gallon all game.
  7. Simon, it’s okay calling I’m seeing. Not necessarily scheme, but application what they are doing. yes, Floyd is better, but Bernard is playing exactly how McD wants him to play. This is why I think our defense will give the fish some fits. They’ll probably score 28, but not 70.
  8. Well written arcane. If through a variety of schemes can get pressure with four, you then blanket you’re field of play that much better with seven back. when you drop seven, you can more easily have a better passing defense and the LB crew is playing with such speed, they are making it tough for opposing TE’s. Even in our loss to the Jets, they only scored 16 offensive pts.. it was ST that. Caused that OT TD. Also, really Josh pretty much single handed Lu lost us that game as 70% completion record in that game is great if he didn’t throw 3 into and a fumble. I love, but he had a bad game. I’m not afraid of the fish. I respect them and think it will be a close game.
  9. 35-28 Buffalo. The Chargers defense stinks. The Patriots have a decent defense and Miami scored 26. The Broncos are a train wreck. The Bills have a top defense only allowing 11.7 pts/game. The Bills are #2 in the NFL thru 3 games at just over 30 pts per game with Miami above at 43. The fish haven’t faced a defense like the Bills. In addition, the phone defense is not good. We’re going to win this game. It will be close with lead changes, but I BILLIEVE! Eman, you should edit youre poll to include what do we predict we will score against that lackluster Miami defense. I wrote 21-30 for Miami, but I predict Buffalo will be 31-26.
  10. Excellent post! The Dorsey haters won’t look at facts. 13-3, almost the same production out of Allen, Allen playing through an injured elbow. We destroyed the Raiders. I expect us to beat the spread against the Redskins.
  11. With that potential weather, I’ll say Murray. He knows one direction. FORWARD! I love that about his running style and balances perfectly Harris and Cook. we might actually have a running game this year. That would be nice to compliment Allen’s passing prowess.
  12. Myiagi say.. In all seriousness, Milano has been a stud for years. How many dingy posters never wanted to pay him the $11 mil / yr contract and finally he gets much overdue the 1st team all pro status. According to Polian on NFLR, he is the biggest difference maker in this defense for years. The drop off when he was hurt a bit a couple of years ago was significant. My next jersey one day will be his one.
  13. unlesshes he’s offering a 1st, pass. Look at injuries just last year in the secondary. I know people are ticked he’s a scratch, but we need Benford, Dane, and Elam as Elam played well against Miami last year. He may see some time against hill in week 4. He limited him last year playing man.
  14. I’ve said on this board for a long time, I just don’t watch those shows. As an overall assertion, I don’t see real analysis with objective facts. It’s hot take city and waste of my time. if I’m on vacation I might catch GMFB for a couple of minutes, but I’m working during most of these shows. I like matchup on Sunday mornings with Greg Cosell as they do their he, breakdown opponents and can back up their claims. That provides value as they point to things to watch that day with two opponents. I do enjoy Movin The Chains on NFLR as they are relatively objective, not filled with hit takes and have good analysis of teams. If you have an hour to kill waiting on hold can be fun to chat with the guys for a couple of minutes. Theres always some good podcasts, but the shows you’re referring to are a bunch of idiots trying to overreact to everything week to week.
  15. I didn’t know Lloyd Bridges was in for the home opener! Missed him by this much. I guess I’d better Get Smart!
  16. Overloaded coming into parking, and delayed leaving. The lot we went to was overloaded and so were others. It’s just a necessary reality. We only fly up for one game from Tampa, but it was well worth it. What a nice weekend as one of my sisters threw a big family party Saturday, and of course the game on Sunday. The house was rocking. We tried to leave when we went to 38 pts,, but so did 40,000 of the 73,000 people that were there.
  17. As much as I want to move up a bit in the draft especially as we have several picks next year, but a WR in the 1st would be great. I’ve mostly stayed away from the site this week, and when I did I was not disappointed with the overreaction week. You guys do remember the same thing happened in 2021 when the Steelers beat us in OP. We then went 11-5 after that game, and we’re 13 seconds away from the AFCCG. Anyway, I’m up in Buffalo with the kids for the family and the game so I’ll decide for myself after watching live. It’s great as we have lower level seats on the 40 yard line behind the Bills bench so a perfect van at age point. Anyone going, feel free to dm me.
  18. This amongst another 100 negative threads is fine as this groupm always overrreacts. McGovern was out matched against one of the best DY’s in the league. Brown I apologized for in the past, but he’s had a full off season, mini camps, TC, Preseason, etc. there is no excuse for him. Torrence okayed well against top talent, and so did Morse, and Dawkins. McGovern should be fine as the year progresses. I know people have read from me defending Brown to give him a chance. Those days are done. He was basically sitting in Josh Allen’s lap all night. that’s as measure approach I can have as there were problems. If Brown acts like this against mediocre talent in the Raiders and Commanders, bench his behind.
  19. Please sir I want son more. The funny thing is I played Oliver Twist in my 3rd grade play with OMGC in Blasdell. I’ll be by Sunday J for some more gruel. God that was awful last night. 24 hr rule.
  20. He’s probably going to retire. He’s 40 this month I believe. That’s a year at least and most never come back 100%. Hell hate giving up all that $ back to the Jets.
  21. Exactly GB. For all the hype about a Vic Fangio coached defense, I watched lots of missed assignments on that side as well. I know it’s fun to see high scoring offenses, but part of that is coming from the other team is not defending you well so you look like all world, when the reality is the other team is playing sub par. It was on some levels fun to watch, but I was with a dolphins buddy. He’s a pretty knowledgeable NFL fan and he was ticked at his defense. So the Fish won in the end, but both teams have a lot of cleaning up to do.
  22. As in pathetic defenses on both sides. I stand absolutely behind that comment. Offense is only a little more than 1/3 of the game. Sloppy.
  23. I watched that game and they both were sloppy. It was like a car crash, you hate it, but keep watching. Neither played well. Neither did the Eagles, but at least they beat the Cheats.
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