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  1. Yes it’s too early. Just let him get acclimated when we play the Jets or other where we are up by 17. He gets his sea legs and by the end of the year, Singletary has 15 designated targets or carries, and Cook gets 5. Moss rides the pine unless there is an injury. The other 40 go to our WR, TE’s, and an occasional Gilliam pass or run. Josh is sparing in his runs.
  2. Guys, pick a game and you can witch at holding over and over again. Losers do that and that ain’t you (Rocky motivation speech from Balboa). Guys, we’re winners and we gained on the roughing the passer against the ravens just like we lost in the Bucs game last year that really was a egregious. We won. It’s over. I’m more concerned with a downward efficiency in our offense the last two weeks. Guys will keep coming back. In the bright side, the LBers again had an impact in this game including Edmunds along with Milano.
  3. Don’t be surprised if he just shows up over the next two weeks on the practice field as he can by til start practicing today or tomorrow. It’s aggressive, but possible him playing at the Chiefs. He’ll never played nor should he won’t be Losers (Steelers). The very worst is the Packs. I still hold the notion we see him in the Chiefs game on a pitch count.
  4. It depends on what shows you listen to on you’re radio. WGR has a tendency to have callers with uninformed opinions. When I call into NFLR, they have pretty dialed in callers and some know football.
  5. Before anyone gets on my ars that it’s too early to use stats, well you’re right, but then again IDC. Offense Overall Bills #2 Ravens #4 (Who played tougher opponents) Pass Bill #1 Ravens #14 Rushing Bills #15 RVens #8 Points Bills #3 Ravens #1 Defense Overall Bills #1 Ravens #32 Pass Bills #2 Ravens #32 Rushing Bills #2 Ravens #14 Points Bills #4 Ravens #25 So what jumps out at me is their pass defense in the secondary is horrible and our 2nd team secondary toyed with Miami minus a couple of plays. Our defense will make a difference today. The Ravens have these stats partially because two of their wins are against the Jets and Pats, and they both suck. GROOT, and Von are going to pressure Lamar from the pocket, but also contain him. Our offense will be Allen just dissecting that crappy secondary for the Ravens. The inactive don’t come out until 11, but if Davis is a go, Diggs, Davis, and today Knox will light them up. J. Johnson, Edmunds and Milano will have to contain their TE’s. I see this as a high scoring game maybe 31-23, Bills. As far as the weather, it’s going to rain all afternoon, but no heavy winds as just looked up. I’m not worried about rain, as long as the wind is nominal.
  6. It was very odd. When in wrestling I’ve been hit there by accident as you’re trying to grab a leg or push through a knee, but that dude griped him. He’s gonna pay for that around the league.
  7. Or Hank Bullough for that matter. What about Kay Stevenson? The Noive. Put ‘em up, put ‘em up! I fight ya with one paw behind my back… (My daughter and I’d favorite movie of all time, meaning daddy daughter). She’s 19 and still asks me at least once a year to come to my home and watch together. I think she just likes my terrible imitations of the characters.
  8. My paizano friend, you’re neglecting how horrible the Ravens secondary has been allowing an avg of 353 air yds a game to the lame ars Pats, Jets, and Fins. The Bills will have a potent air attack as they were against the World Champs and the #1 AFC seed destroying both. They made some crucial mistakes related to the heat and other factors. Tim Brown is a host on NFLR on Saturday mornings, and he stated for games like Miami he used to proactively tap an IV prior to the game as he just expected the problems that happened Sunday. No one ever came out Monday and said they were doing these things which is on our guys. The injuries are a significant concern, but they are as banged up as us. Our backup secondary held Miami in check for most of the game. We made critical mistakes with a dropped TD pass to Davis, dropped pick 6 by Milano, miffed snap before the half, missed 38 yd FG by Bass, and so on. We outplayed them at all levels so take the emotion out of it, and I’m betting we have a get right game with the Ravens. I’m not asking everyone to be Pollyanna, but the sky isn’t falling either. Lamar has never played well against a Frazier/McD defense. We have to take out their TE’s, and Lamar will have problems. I think we win, but instead of a healthy team in the Bills and destroying them, it’s more of a closer game with us winning 28-23.
  9. You can state accolades if all the OP lists. Paul Brown in his innovative mind and scheme and strategy, but Gibbs winning three SB’s with three different QB’s was nothing short of genius. Walsh changing the way the passing game is played. It’s a barstool argument so there are no right or wrong answers. this was a pretty good list. I’m just not old enough to know if a guy like Halas was great or not. He won a ton and lasted 50 years, so I assume he’d be on this list. These are great additions.
  10. You’re first mistake is reading twitter. People have no filter like a water slide from brain to mouth. Never cared for Fish fans as they are so fair weather, and largely uninformed. I’ve tried to have intelligent conversations, as I can easily do with Chiefs, Steelers, or even Giants fans. Every conversation at a sports bar (a nice one and one of the two owners is from Buffalo) has been fruitless with Fins fans.
  11. I agree. He needs to get in a rhythm. I’m just not a believer of Moss anymore and glad he’s fully healed. He just needs to be sidelined until motor gets hurt. They need to keep working Cook in as a WR/RB hybrid for the short dump off passes. Knox needs more catches as well. It was on crappy game where statistically we beat the pants out of the Dolphins, but couldn’t convert those yards into points. Now that I’m finally freakin home from the airport opening yesterday afternoon in Tampa, I’m interested in who is progressing from the injured list. Some if you asked, so everything is fine guys with myself and three kids. The poor families from Port Charlotte to Naples were hammered by Ian. Sarasota caught some flooding, but Tampa was spared to just some winds and a ton of rain.
  12. Honestly, it’s a moot point as we weren’t there, and we don’t know. I agree with Scott the team doc evaluates during the game, and the independent Neuro is called in if they hit one of the gates which he did. I wasn’t clear on that point. An MD knows how to complete a basic Neuro exam. At the end of the day, I just don’t know what happened and is silly on me to make wild suppositions. Now Tua could be out for awhile.
  13. Guys, it’s not the team physician. Within whatever time is designated by the league, in a suspected concussion with any of the four gated issues, an independent neurologist is required to assess and clear or place I whatever stage they deem from their neuro e v a l, which again is not an interview. this is not any given Sunday anymore. Debate as much as you want, but I’m friends with the Bucs Independent Neuro. He’s been a customer for me for years.
  14. Happy, I don’t want to play doctor on the board so PM me and happy to chat with you tomorrow about a neuro exam. The bottom line is there is a baseline assessment when not in season. That is then evaluated compared to the objective neuro exam post possible concussion. Until they meet the threshold, they are out. The athlete doesn’t know what to do or say even with coaching to get around it. The neuros willing to take on the huge malpractice risk e v a l nfl players are not screwing with the enormous fees they pay to cover those bills for their malpractice. Most neuros I know and neurosurgeons do t want the headache (no pun) because if they get it wrong they are sued for potentially $100 mil. Most of the best steer clear. My point is a player or a team can’t do the wink wink, nor nod they did 30 years ago when we watched Amy Given Sunday and those docs. That crap doesn’t fly now. you don’t have to believe or agree with me, but I’ve been in this space among others for a long long time.
  15. Yeah bud. These independent neuros report to the nfl, not the team or it’s both simultaneously. I’ve known the team docs for Tampa, and they in no short measure are screwing with their license fudging an evaluation. they do a neurological exam and benchmark to prior to te season to see if their are abnormalities and they stay in concussion protocol whether you’re NFL or a kid in HS. they screw their career worth a ton. The owners are not going to be able to influence their evaluation even if they tried. That would be a non recoverable nightmare. 30 years ago, I’ll agree, but not now. It’s why so many specialists are approached and they decline these contracts.
  16. Those guys do a million combinations. They have to make so many people happy. I don’t worry about this stuff. So many conspiracy theorists when it just ended up that way. let’s hope as Sal mentioned this morning we have our 5 starting O Linemen make the field. In McBeane we trust.
  17. I’ve worked with neuros for years and it doesn’t work that way. They expect pts to lie. It’s in the neurological exam where you can judge and benchmark baseline from post suspected injury. It’s too much boring info to write from my phone, but the least accurate info is the pt. Report. The doc asks, but a good neuro of they want to find the abnormality can do it. I guess like everything in life, all neuros are not created equal. These guys are supposed to be independent MDs, so they are not supposed to be influenced by the teams, and their malpractice is on the line if they fudge anything as the player could take millions from them. These docs always have that on their minds they don’t want to be sued.
  18. You said Trent Edwards, but I was thinking of Jim McMahon. After my son’s 5th concussion (all from lax, none from tackle football), he asked me if he should continue to honor his full scholarship he recvd for lax. I asked him a few questions, and he said thanks dad for not telling me I couldn’t. I told him it’s his body and mind so he needs to make the decision. I then told him “Ian, you were looking for permission weren’t you”. He told me he didn’t want to let me down. I told him that was never a consideration. The point is he quit moved back to FL and is graduating with his finance degree. Tua needs to be thinking of the rest of his life. The brain is not an organ to toy with to play sports. Regardless of $. I sincerely hope he is ok and does not play until he is not just 100%, but conservative 110%. Don’t sniff the practice field until he’s really ready.
  19. I resemble that remark. Im not crazy about Fish fans as they are overall tools, but I hate seeing players get hurt like that even a Miami QB. I don’t mind giving $17 in Josh’s name for Tua’s charity. Just need to get my Venmo fixed as it has my old number.
  20. The missing part of all this as Ive been in training for a new company all week away from home is that we still mathematically destroyed them statistically even though the score was off by two. Instead of dissecting everything in terms of coaching, play calling, this play or that play, how about our team went down to the wire controlling the clock, 500 vs. 200 yards with half a team. it sucks as it was the fish, but they will get annihilated in OP in December. I’m as concerned as all of you about the injuries. I know McD will find a way. Baltimore is as banged up as us so we’ll see about Sunday. Thankfully we have a breather next week with the Steelers as they are horrible.
  21. Then they can’t play some years until October or even November. Know the weather brother. It sucks absolutely, but they use it to their advantage. I wa surprised we di don’t OV our guys before as this was expected. It wasn’t the real summer. you guys don’t know in august the heat index can be easily 110-115 degrees. Why do you thing everyone has Ac. They should’ve loaded them up with KC’s before. whatebere it’s over. Let’s move onto Baltimore.
  22. John, I think you may see more of the 21 personnel than the 12 or 22. I can see Knox and Gilliam with motor more than Knox, Gilliam, cook and motor. It’s also possible to see Knox, cook, and motor without Gilliam. it’s a long year and this offense will continually evolve.
  23. Are you guys this hypersensitive to every stat to complain because we lost the Fins? Cmon guys. our players were dropping like flies last weekend. Just do a gut check. We’ll see what happens and Dorsey’s finding his way. He’s much better than an outside OC who’s never worked with Josh. It will work itself out.
  24. Hey, you made a friend in Gonzano so take him up on it and have fun with a TBDer. Enjoy the game boys. Go Bills!
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