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  1. As far as Marty, I’ve never seen such a bonehead move by Mgmt and ownership than to fire a 13-3 coach. Norv was a big step backward.
  2. That’s the least of their worries. The Feds don’t make arrests unless they have overwhelming evidence against the parties named. If convicted which is likely, they will be in Federal prison for a long long time.
  3. Several of you probably don’t remember him as he was not that big of a Star in San Diego, or Tampa, but once he left the NFL, the same thing occurred for Michael Bennett. I knew him very well as he was my direct neighbor for two years. He squandered his money though, and like others went from wealthy to broke and did the same Medicare fraud for DME products. The Feds don’t play around when it’s Medicare fraud.
  4. I know it might be popular to pick up the 5th round option with White, but that is kicking the can down the road, vs. giving him a contract. It will just go up t(e following year. Ive said it before, but we need as many contracts of our better talented players while we still have a QB on a rookie deal.
  5. He’s past his prime so my vote is pass. If anything, we need to keep adding offensive weapons, but doubt any will be available until the off season.
  6. I agree combining TD’s is fair and it is hard to deny Lamar has had a tremendous season, Josh has had a good season, and my feelings he will continue to get better. Over time.
  7. Old Time, you know I respect you’re opinion, and I’m not stating he’s slow, just stating it has been commented by either coaching or Mgmt or the media. In his three games, I watched on TV, and one limitation is in real time not shows no enough down the field of whether he was getting separation or not. For anyone who has season tickets and seen him play, I defer to you’re opinions.
  8. Freddie, it could have been autocorrect. I’m sure the OP knows it’s Mike Evans. The only part that is a knock on Williams is it’s reported he’s slow so cannot get separation. I know that is in contrast to speed, but if they can’t catch, it doesn’t matter how fast they run. I see both sides.
  9. They have a bottom offense below us, and they don’t have a running, whereas we do. They have a good defense, but not us, and duck will not hold up. We have to run like we’ve done all season.
  10. Whether we lock up #5 or not, don’t rest healthy starters. This isn’t a team that has played together for years. If injured ok, makes sense, but not if healthy. Every time the o line plays together they will continue to improve synergy. Everyone should know the more snaps Allen takes is better, and people like Singletary can benefit from reps. Play them. Walk in 12-4, not a limped in 10-6.
  11. You guys have fun. I’ve flown up from FL twice this year for games and was worth every penny. I hope you guys invade Pittsburgh. That will be tough given their fan base, but for once let’s do to them what they’ve done to us for so many years in Buffalo. I’m with you in spirit.
  12. Talked to the guys this morning on NFLR and that is the only way we win the division. Win throughout, and the Pats have to lose two of three. Highly unlikely. If this Miami game was in Miami we could pray in week 17, but they are not going to win in Foxborough. I don’t agree with this sentiment on sitting people unless they are hurt. We are still working synergy, moreso on offense, so if healthy, they play. If they truly are at risk of not playing in the wildcard, ok for that player, but that’s it. Watch what happened when Indi under Manning and Polish sat a bunch and they had a bye, they lost their first game. They need continuity. If you’re shoulder, knee, hamstring whatever is banged up, I get it. Bumps and bruises is par for the course for these professionals. Do you think you could actually keep Lorax off the field? No way.
  13. We’re not going 0-3. Billieve guys. We gave the Ravens, all they could handle from our defense, and the next three opponents, do not have the talent the Ravens have on defense. We’re going 2-1, or 3-0. The only way we win the division as was talking to Papa on NFLR which as much as Weiss drives me crazy at times, are both in our corner is to win throughout, and the Pats have to lose to us and either Miami or Cincy. Highly unlikely so we’ll probably face the Texans or Titans in the wildcard. I’m confident we have a very good chance, and neither is like a Pittsburgh, KC, or Green Bay fan base, so I fully expect 20,000 Bills fans there and they get to get out of the cold. I unfortunately can’t make it this year as I was in Jax two years ago, and we can create some noise in those stadiums. After the wildcard, all bets are off and we’ll see. At the end of the day an 11-5 or 12-4 record and a playoff win is a great move forward. I just heard the proposed salary cap increase and would mean about $100 mil in cap space. More than enough to extend, Dawson, Spain, Milano, White, and Lawson and cut Murphy. We can continue to draft well, and probably pick up one marquee free agent and still be ok.
  14. Way to go Hammers. We love you’re lot and represents our Bills Mafia well. You run a fun lot, but you police it well. Not allowing the silliness.
  15. I say 21-17 Bills, but a class we game, and Singletary and Beasley are the difference makers. They are going to try and take away Brown, so if Allen learned from last week, he’ll move the chains with the first two. No huddle to minimize substitutions, but still run quite a bit to keep our defense off the field, and this rookie has no idea, he is walking into a buzz saw with our defense. We will confuse him. He’ll watch the tape, but his opponents for the 3-0 wins for them was against avg teams. I’m not saying bad, but avg.
  16. The bad thing is the Steelers, Pats, and Jets saw this tape. The difference is they don’t have the same talent as the Ravens. They were well coached, and without being at the game, I suspect at least a few times he could have hit someone underneath. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Josh, just he’s a work in progress. I’ve said several times, P. Manning was 3-13 his first year due to a lack of talent and his decision making. Brady didn’t look that sharp his first two years, but had an incredible defense. Outside of the Ravens he has dramatically improved after the first four games.
  17. I believe he will. He is still ver young and improving. It’s very rare for a rookie or even second year player to immediately become the captain of the defense.
  18. As long as our Edmunds walks off the field with a win. Interesting story as first time since 1927. Wow.
  19. I love that he was so animated. That MMA and wrestler came out in him. Good for you McD. The refs have to know he is not a person that normally does this in games (actually the first all year.)
  20. Couldnt agree more and is the reason why we have the strong possibility of winning the last three. I know the Steelers are hot now, but that first year QB has not faced our defense or anything like it. we have to get open and he has to get rid of the ball fast. I can’t wait to get an early Xmas present beating the Pats in NE, and the Jets (do I need to say more)
  21. Happy Gilmore, I’m with you on Edelman, Landry, and OBJ, but my addition is AB. He’s a tool and can’t believe we actually tried for that fool. Lastly, Kap, not because of his political views although they suck, but his performance diminished over time, and his ego is keeping him from getting a job.
  22. I’ve been thinking all year we should sit Gore, and activate Yeldon. He’s more dynamic and happy Gore hit 3rd in rushing which will pretty assure him first ballot HOF, but it’s time. Yeldon is like almost another WR out there with wiggle. I don’t love the guy, but he’s shown at times better or more versatile than Gore. Yes, Gore has made some tough yards, but it’s not enough. I agree with others as I’ve said on other threads, let Gore retire, find a battering ram, and keep Yeldon as a change up.
  23. Mike, appreciate the sentiment. To the others, I have some of the fondest memories of those days, and the cool thing that young fans haven’t gone through is an opposing team gets a go ahead score and there is maybe 1 minute and less than thirty seconds, and we would just say, it’s alright. Time for the K Gun to do it’s thing, and over 90% of the time Kelly and crew would score in 45 seconds. I’m starting to billieve like that again that we have an ascending dynasty coming and are going to start beating the Patsies regularly.
  24. We were grossly out coached in the Giants SB. Kelly, Marchibroda, and Levy were stubborn on the K Gun when Bellicheck admitted years later that he told his defense to play 8 back and not worry about Thurmon. It was around 14 runs for 145 yards. If we kept with the run forcing the Giants play more men up, and the offense would be on the field longer. We would have killed them as once they tried to stop Thurmon, we could pick their secondary apart. The Giants were much better coached with Coughlin, Bellicheck, and Parcells. Their coaches didn’t their players to go out and get hammered throughout the one week vs. two weeks before the SB. So stupid on Marv’s part.
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