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  1. He probably still wants to start at some crappy team, and you can’t blame him. If he is accepting it’s close to the end of his career and accepts a backup role, then maybe. I’m just resolved thatMitch will get a starting job somewhere. He would be an excellent backup.
  2. We’ll, no, the Titans lost, and yes, Monday is the day to deal with his future. You’re wrong.
  3. My god, I cannot wait for tomorrow. A couple of nice things happened for me today, so this game win would be the icing on the cake. Time to take care of business. We win at KC, as you know we’ll beat Cincy, and we will be the SB fav.
  4. What’s most likely is we win 31-28 in a game that goes down to the last play. We are not going to rout the Chiefs. I also feel we will win if everything breaks our way. We start self destructing with dumb mental errors and we could lose by 2 TD’s.
  5. I realize this is probably just a 2 hr. live or more likely zoom interview as Schoen is probably already in NYC, but not sure why they couldn’t wait until Monday. Daboll and Frazier don’t need distractions this weekend.
  6. Eman, I want the opposite. I want him to hang on for another three years lose six IR more times to us so that makes it 10 of 11 losses. Make him completely irrelevant as he goes into retirement, and McD runs up the score every time.
  7. Whoever is making this prediction. Either way is just a WAG. I’m a huge Bills fan and I have no idea. Either team can win this game.
  8. The jury is out on that one. I don’t think he’ll last another 10 years like you hope for a franchise QB. He can make an impact the next five years and then will probably get beat up. I don’t see Baltimore giving him $258 mil., but he’ll probably get a solid contract.
  9. Thanks Royale. I just said a prayer for her and others in that hospital.
  10. Give me their call in number as am happy to wait on hold, have fun and give the handlers a non descript comment and blast him on air. Never been that guy, but it would be fun to watch his vein come out of his forehead.
  11. Indeed you do. (Sorry that commercial is on all the time on NFLR) Kyle is searching the annals of all incredible movies to recreate a next step against the Chiefs. Remember the Titans clip, Rocky, Gladiator, Braveheart, or insert any other Mel Gibson movie. Has Tasker done another promo? His, it’s gonna be chilly was awesome last year.
  12. Good Buff Bill. I’d love it if he stuck around for a couple of years and keeps losing to us. Let’s say three years and we win 6 more times. Just keeps getting sweeped by us, finishing each year 9-8, too good for a top draft pick, and too bad to make the playoffs. A mediocre record without Brady. I like Sal on WGR am sick and tired if the whole he plays chess and we play checkers crap. I’m so ticked I might even call into one of the idiot Boston shows just to rub it in for 20 seconds. You know before they cut me off. I encourage all others to do the same. Not even Miami fans have been so disrespectful of us for forty years.
  13. Thanks 619. I miss you guys. Been really busy with a new position. In neurosurgery now, so the whole brain surgery thing is complicated. I do miss you guys. Not on as much as I’m up at 4 am and going until the evening. Helping lots of epilepsy pts. though so totally worth it. How fun is it right now being up by 14 and driving. I really do miss you guys as I’m not going to be on here as much as the last job.
  14. I’ll wait to see the matchups for next week, so for wildcard weekend, here you go. Bengals / Raiders: Bengals by 6. Bills / Pats: Bills by 14. Bucs / Eagles: Bucs by 10. Chiefs / Steelers: Chiefs by 14. Cowboys / Niners: Niners by 6 as my upset special. Rams / Cardinals: Rams by 7. I hope my middle son doesn’t read this as he’s loved the Cardinals since he was a Cardinal in flag football when he was 7. He met Larry Fitz as he rented a home in our neighborhood for the SB. We were in a gated community and Larry wanted it peaceful and quiet. He did let us bring all the boys from our small neighborhood to meet him once and he took pics and signed the kids t-shirts. A really nice guy. The dads then policed the neighborhood leaving him alone the rest of the week.
  15. Or my fraternity at Oswego was more like this…
  16. Offense - Diggs and Knox. Defense - Dr. Poyer and Mr. Hyde. Can you say safety blitz The best part is Allen is going to go off and get up by three TD’s, so they can’t run, and have to play from behind. This is going to be one of the most playoff games we’ve been in for a long time.
  17. Why the day before we play potentially one of the best playoff games against a team we hate to the core, and should win is a topic about crushing losses. Trying to introduce doubt, fear? I think not. We’re going to kick the crap out of the Cheats tonight! Stop the fear mongering.
  18. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I can understand Tua’s frustration with the Watson rumors, but that should’ve made him work harder, not go golfing.
  19. Well said Shady. I make no apologies I’m a,so a Bucs fan as I’ve lived down here now longer than growing up in Buffalo. It doesn’t mean every four years, the Bills always comes first. So what’s wrong with liking an AFC and an NFC team. It is odd to this day me rooting for Brady, but I’ve learned to like him down here. He seems more himself down here. So if Kyle is a Bears fan too, good for him.
  20. Some of you guys will complain about anything. He’s having fun and most people love it. He’s the next generation Boomer unapologetic Bills fan. Good for him.
  21. I loved it. He is Boomer 2.0. Love the guy. I don’t know how you can be critical of him with his fandom.
  22. 28-13 Bills. Mac has a -12 QBR (if that’s possible). Sacked twice, pressured throughout the game, and they have to play from behind the whole game as we’re up 14-0 in the first Quarter.
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