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  1. Chandler, they have fallen to the basement. I will not read or watch ESPN.
  2. I was thinking the same thing BB. I don’t see Frazier getting another shot, but if Allen and this offense dramatically improves, he’ll be strongly considered for HC.
  3. Oliver was smart not to take the bait. Both coaches threatened their teams not to lay hands on the other side. Oliver obviously listened.
  4. Have fun guys. I’ll see some of you at the home opener as we’re flying up from FL for the weekend. My kids are going on Maid of the Mist for the 1st time. Should be a fun weekend. I’ll be at Hammers on Sunday with all of my cousins nephews and boys..
  5. It’s about time. As soon as Morse is earthy, Bodine is next.
  6. The only annoying part to me as he projected himself to be this wholesome loving husband who lost his wife ( which I don’t wish on anyone ), and now is in massage parlors with minors. I can almost understand if he had no knowledge of the sex trafficking thing, as how would someone know, not that I’ve been to one as that is gross, but if he really wanted company as he may be lonely, why not have his staff find some high class highly confidential and expensive escort service. It it just screams of stupid. Sad thing is nothing will happen from it.
  7. Thanks bud. You’re a good egg. Go Bills!
  8. I’ve loved having the on demand and ability to listen on my ipad and phone when traveling for work. Totally worth it if you enjoy NFLR.
  9. Bad role model to my sons who I enjoy watching the games together. I know you’re just kidding, but that is my real reason.
  10. I had such a crush on Jeannie watching the reruns of that show. I’m not old enough as to when they first aired. That and my Farrah Fawcett poster like every boy in the late 70’s. You remember, the famous one of her in that orange one piece bathing suit.
  11. I might watch a quarter at most. We’ll see how Flacco and Garroppolo.
  12. That’s funny Leon and you’re probably right. I’ve always like the MMQB, but in general don’t care about SI or ESPN. NFLN is a little better, and have been an NFLR fan forever. Looking forward to the Rochester feed PTR mentioned in the other thread.
  13. Agreed eball. I thought it was interesting they brought in Alexander for the show as yes I’ve heard him interviewed before, but this was the first MTC camp I heard where there was a third person for the whole show. Tells you what they know would be the main topic of conversation. Those guys put on such a good show just about everyday. I actually like Millls as I never thought when they switched from T-Rock to Mills, it would be as good, and in some ways the show is better.
  14. Good job Steve. I’m going to listen to the parts I missed yesterday.
  15. OMG, Chandler. I’ve been listening and calling in for well over 10 years and despise Weiss. I work in the field in medical sales so always in the car, and now hate the Opening Drive. If I hear that fool call Brady Tommy one more time I think I’m going to vomit. He never ending.y talks about the Patriots, is rude to his cohosts at times, thinks he’s funny, and he was for awhile incredibly rude to some callers. No no one else on that station is so harsh to the callers and yes I hate Jersey.
  16. Now that’s funny. When I was in college I was given the nickname Bam Bam, and when I met my wife, turns out her college nickname was Pebbles. It’s all about the Flinstones. Great watching when I was a little kid. Wow, memory is fading, although I did love Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Thanks for keeping me straight Limeaid.
  17. So 3/12 were you a Marsha guy, or Ginger. I was Marsha.
  18. I’ll check it out tomorrow PTR. Thanks as always bud.
  19. It’s why a purchase Sirius every year, just to get NFLR. I’ve listened to part of it, but will listen to the rest on demand.
  20. Sorry guys, just made it home. I saw the 6 messages. I haven’t enrolled, but e-mailed them to confirm I can get the Bills, even pre-season for this of us who don’t live near Buffalo, vs. waiting the replay on NFL TV. I googled Prime Tyme TV. The site came up and the6 indicate you can get on up to four devices for $25/mo. 800 US channels. My TV guy told me it worked for him last year. I’ll let you know when they respond.
  21. I Am going to work now, but will look up when I get home tonight. No problem eball.
  22. They do record on xm without commercials. Good when walking the dog in the morning.
  23. Since I moved to a place for work I can’t get Direct TV, so the installer of my TV’s told me about a Canadian website that is legit costs $25 a month and you can get all the games. I know not the best to watch on an I Pad, but it’s that or go to a freakin bar which I don’t want to do.
  24. Sorry, it was an auto correct on my IPad. Funny though. I can’t stand him either.
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