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  1. I hear you Thurm. It’s unfortunate, but RB’s have become a commodity because they break down. Maybe a two year cheap extension, but that’s it. Just IMO.
  2. Part of me feels bad for Devin, but we aren’t paying him on a second contract, nor Zack. Cook might as he’s unique, and keep drafting workhorses. If we use Cook the right way, he won’t get burned out and can extend maybe him. He’s a hybrid.
  3. Yep. I can’t remember who flamed me when I stated CMC was not worth the price. There’s no doubt when healthy, IMO he is the best and most dynamic RB in the NFL, but a guy used that much breaks down. Henry will break down as well in time. Muscles grow, not ligaments and tendons. If cold hearted GM’s and Coaches want to run a back into the ground and get another, ok. That means though you keep drafting one like we’ve done for the last three years. Linemen, QB’s, TE’s, DB’s can be groomed.
  4. He’s always hurt. He and Zeke are the reasons you never draft with you’re 1st pick a RB. Cook I think will be worth it in the 2nd, and doubt we will draft that high again. The strategy was sound. We all have ideas on who will be the picks next year, but I guess we can wait til March. Hopefully with the 32nd pick.
  5. Dognuts (affectionately my friend), you have to stop watching this crap. It’s a lesson in masochism. I enjoy WGR, NFLR, and GMFB. Not always, but more times than not. I’ve given up on the other shows. Skip Clueless? Cmon Donuts, you know better bud. I appreciate you sharing though.
  6. I see Ford as out. The other two are deep cheap labor. They’ll be pushed this year, but I can see them here this year. It wouldn’t bother me if all three are gone, just their salaries makes it easy to keep them.
  7. Just having fun “Enter the Dragon”. He really was unique. I always enjoy you’re posts bud. You put thought into the threads you start. You are definitely Bills Mafia!
  8. The 619er, I’m just relaying the message the guys purported what is most likely and they have been right more than wrong. They stated, not me, that a new deal will come with the next CBA, and I believe that is 2032. They stated the most likely scenario is we get an 18th game with two byes with that negotiation. You read the other stuff on reducing preseason, etc. good to hear from you too. I was in witness protection for awhile with work.
  9. To add to some good points other than the obvious of four playoffs, an MVP type QB, leading WR in 2020 and the list goes on now Von is this point. The exiting players from the Bills like Feliciano, John Brown, Williams, even Spain was not negative on the team. The guys that are leaders are advocating like Diggs to Von advertising the Bills, and that exiting players are still saying this os a special place is helpful. A deep run will help this year. I feel it’s taboo to say SB or bust, but I’ll be pi..ed if we don’t make it to the AFCCG and and are in it to the end. After that it’s a crap shoot. It’s so hard to make much less win the Lombardi. Dont get me wrong as I have those voices in my head Josh casting the trophy for Terry and Kim.
  10. For me it’s not that Bit Coin doesn’t have a place or avenue of you’re well informed, but if you have a finite first career before you move onto you’re lifelong career, and it’s a volume of $ you probably won’t see later in life, wouldn’t you want to be somewhat risk averse and tap the toe in the waters vs. jumping in head first. Ah the youth. To be young and dumb and think you know more than people you’re elders. He could’ve taken that contract traditionally, done his hw. With hopefully a good advisor, and maybe placed 5% of his contract to then assess the ROI. Im too old in my early 50’s to take on that risk.
  11. I was kidding. Neither of those C- movies are my cup of tea. My IQ goes down watching a movie like either one of them. I’ve seen the promos.
  12. I haven’t read you’re article yet, but this was tried in 1993. The owners didn’t like it, but was collectively bargained with the first free agency. They discussed this interview on MTC last week. Kirwan stated he was in Mgmt for the Jets during that time. Those two guys purported it most likely won’t happen until the next CBA which I thought they referenced 2032. Pat’s position is this is inevitable in the next CBA, they will push hard for an 18 game season, and their concession will be two bye weeks, and they will be dropping It was an interesting premise, and as you guys who listen to the show in the afternoons, they bring up very interesting topics and usually prior to the show do some prep work on these topics. They convinced me this will happen. It’s one more way the league can negotiate for more streaming options, and even higher TV contracts. The owners will only hear the following this… Never gets old. This will be Rog Goodell in his NYC office with all his minions around evil laughing.
  13. Can I pick Ted for my actor, we’ll him and Mark freakin Wahlberg. Like Snakes on a Plane. Instant classic. 🤮
  14. As in this guy? I do love Bruce Lee, but we’ll you know Chongli will get mad if I choose the Dragon. I’d say Josh as If love to meet him and a guy I had conversations with by luck several times whos so down to earth is Andre “Over the Middle” Reid. For an actor, honestly Maggie Q. One of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, but I’d make her eat meat (she’s a vegan). Not the gutter mind stuff Eball and Weo. 😇 Wait I’m changing my mind. I just looked above, I’d love either Sam Jackson or Ryan Reynolds. He’s a riot. I’d make him wear his Deadpool outfit.
  15. Mike the Mighty Horseman, I swap Apps with my sons and daughter, and they just gave me Netflix, and I gave them three others. My oldest was telling me about Seinfeld as if I never saw it. I told him, Ian you’re mom and I watched these when they first aired. I had to add in, that’s how we had you just to gross him out. Of clurse I hear the obligatory ewww. Hey we used to tell my mom once we were adults they only had sec four times (there are four kids). Now it’s been so many years, I laughed my ars off at the gym. I guess I have new/old show to watch on the stairclimber.
  16. Didn’t you see JFK? Oliver Stone says… Back and to the left, back and to the left… That was one magic lugie. Thats for you Ridge. I think you told me once you liked Seinfeld.
  17. I wouldn’t rule out a year as the stink on this issue is so red hot right now. The public especially some subgroups are so up on arms that 6 games like Big Ben wouldn’t fly today. They are the most vocal and the politicians and media will skewer the NFL, the owners, Goodell and just about anyone else to make an issue. The owners are Billionaires, some of the most powerful people in this country. Do you think they can’t read the room? They are also pissed at the Browns for making such a go awful contract with Watson that every other team is going to face the same problem when the Lamar’s of the world are up for their extensions.
  18. And Saucy! How much do you guys want to bet he’s back in Tampa playing before Halloween? My bet is he miraculous comes back to play the week of the Packers which is week 3, September 25th. I’m guessing he skips the Cowgirls and Saints Come Marching In, and Brady bed him unless already planned to be a little surprise for the Packs. Ill bet a hole plug nickel (wish I knew what that means but my dad always used to say that phrase).
  19. Forgive the youth as they are young. I’m guessing. I vividly remember that game as I had to go to my 1st National Sales Meeting my 1st year in Pharma. I left to move to Medical Device 5 years later. Chand, guess where I had to go to that Nat’l Sales Meeting. Yep, Freakin Nashville. I wore in Opreyland, that monster hotel that was like a mini city early every morning my red Bills baseball cap, and my Bills T-shirt’s to workout. Some schmucks tried every morning to give me shirt about the loss, and my coiner response was the same as Herman Boone from Remember the Titans, “CHEATAS”. Followed up with IT WAS A FORWARD PASS NUMN-ts. I want backing down even as a rookie sales rep. Well if Ralph wasn’t an idiot wanting his new toy in Rob, we would’ve won that game anyway with Flutie. You know the Flutie that guy us there. Wade would just never admit that he was ordered by the owner to play Johnson.
  20. Hondo, I always think of you when O watch reruns of the SWAT TV show (the new one, not the one in the 70’s) when at the gym. As far as you’re points, I agree on the Babe, and it’s hard as I look at who is the best of that particular era, as the rules changes, the person is working from a different framework. I’d say currently it is Brady (I know you guys hate him, but he’s been more impactful to the Pats and Bucs). In the period before, I don’t know how anyone doesn’t think of LT. Lawrence Taylor is the most dynamic player of his era, and changed how opposing offenses changed the LT position. Back in the day, it was Simpson. An awful human being, but a year ago I looked up the single season record for rushing divided by number of games and it want even close Simpson was incredible. Everyone on the planet knew he was getting the ball, and he still beat defenses. I agree on Brown from researching him, but before my time. Fun topic Hondo.
  21. I disagree. We had the best defense in the NFL, and Flutie was entertaining enough. We may have been able to keep up with the Rams in that SB. It’s not guarantee either way, ifs and buts, candy and nuts, yada, yada.
  22. Or masochists. Why, just why? I’d rather watch the video of Josh’s 5 minutes of highlights, than a disgusting play that started 17 years of torture. We were the laughing stock of the league forever. For me, I have such great pride in what McBeane since 2017. I can’t wait for the next decade.
  23. This or any bill like this won’t go anywhere. It’s grandstanding for votes. That’s it. There’s too much lobbying to shut it down. I'm not rendering my opinion for it or against the bill, just the fact it won’t go anywhere, that’s all.
  24. For you Micky.. We might want to also send some of these… For the OP, I know the media still has Mahomes on the highest pedestal, but I’d still take Josh over him. Its a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Allen. Able to leap tall defensemen at a single bound, faster than a steaming locomotive!!!!
  25. BB, you’re aces in my book. Although anecdotal, If you believe in it, then it’s right for you. Have a good day bud.
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