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  1. should not have opened this thread up at work
  2. Wait until the family was told by police? Might be the only one
  3. I guess "S3tt13 F0r @ F13ld G0@l" was not strong enough
  4. See, i don't understand that. Never will
  5. I just find it strange how you don't let the team (HC and QB/Captain) get up and accept it when they do all the work. Now i know the Billionaires put their own money in, but that's strange to get my head around
  6. This is the weird thing about US sports for me. All the accolades go to the owners first and foremost. The team who do the work are a distant second
  7. AB attacks Schefter...Schefter hits back.
  8. Well the missus is going to be happy...we are finally going to London!
  9. Listening to that, he doesn't sound 100% sold on retiring. He will return
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