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  1. 20 straight preseason wins for the Ravens…didn’t realize that, pretty amazing actually
  2. Agreed. At the point someone like Araiza overtakes Haack on the depth chart, Haack is essentially cut then.
  3. The Bills could literally go undefeated this year and win the Super Bowl, and his story would be “that was an awesome season, but it took way too long for the Bills to finally get there.”
  4. That is an interesting statement. Maybe the envy is actually a reflection of how Jerry views the world and other’s success in general?
  5. For some reason I was thinking the franchise tag didn’t count against the cap, but just looked it up and apparently does. Given there’s not even that benefit, doesn’t really seem like an approach Beane would generally take with a player.
  6. Do you think they use the franchise tag on any of these guys?
  7. While Von continues to sing praises to LA (McVey, Donald, etc.), just shows how passionate the guy is and what he’s going to bring to us in Buffalo now. I predict he’ll have that same love for Buffalo over time too.
  8. Sad Thad is so mad Cover 1 gets all the scoops Thad cries to mommy
  9. Thank you for speculating. We all know what assuming does…
  10. Agree, seems to me they wanted to add speed and versatility at the RB/WR positions. RBs and WRs interchangeable between the slot and backfield.
  11. I’m getting visions of Alvin Kamara the more that I hear about Cook and think about him in this offense.
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