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  1. Loved what I’ve seen so far, but want to see it for a full game against Miami tomorrow before I get too psyched 👍👍👍
  2. Hadn’t the 3rd quarter clock expired before the snap there?
  3. We aren’t gonna need a long snapper on Sunday 😎 We’re gonna stick him in the effin corner, TKO style.
  4. Bernard’s playmaking has been so awesome the past couple of weeks, I actually forgot we had drafted Dorian until the OP mentioned him.
  5. I just bought my tix to the Miami game in January, and they were still very reasonably priced versus what I expected. Week 18, that game could have huge playoff implications. You’re joining me, right @HOUSE?
  6. Meghan Trainor watching Tyler Bass would be at least on par with Swift/Kelce and explain some things.
  7. Exactly. That’s what the NFL wants, that’s why the Raiders were moved to Vegas. Because everyone can make more moneyyyy then.
  8. https://x.com/AdamSchefter/status/1706405272262992034?s=20 Who’s going to sign him?
  9. For the first game, I got to a grass lot off of Abbott on Richmond Ave around 8 AM, minimal traffic, paid $30. From what I heard from others, traffic really started to back up by about an hour later.
  10. Agree with your points. I think our DL will continue to wreak havoc this week, along with the coverage skills of our DBs and LBs. If I needed to build a defense that could match up with Miami, the way ours is built would be close to it. My biggest concern is the speed of guys like Hill in the open field against some of our older DBs.
  11. Decoded: Tis me. Hey, remodeled his family van. Quite relaxing. Ca va, friend?
  12. Collinsworth is so annoying to listen to. Najee goes down after taking a hit to the head, and he just keeps blabbering on and on about who knows what.
  13. Funny how genius guys like Payton and Belichick are when they don’t have HOF QBs at the helm.
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