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  1. How do you rank the Bills 6th and the Pats 15th, yet you’ve picked the Pats to win 27-16 this Thursday? Curious for your rationale.
  2. How does he claim that Romo is biased against the Bills? The thought has never crossed my mind with him.
  3. I think Bills Dolphins in Week 15 before Bills Jets. Yes, Denver is bad, but it’d be hard to flex Mahomes out of primetime. Week 15 SNF is NE @ Las Vegas. We beat the Pats this week and Las Vegas goes down to the Chargers, I see the NFL making the Week 15 flex then….
  4. Judon will certainly be on a mission next week. Aside from the whole Pats team in general, I’m remembering at least a few times last year that Josh either made Judon look silly and/or really got to him during our matchups. Crossing the fingers that Josh can keep it rolling, although this will not be an easy task.
  5. I’ve concluded that our D-Line looks incredible in training camp because our Offensive Line sucks.
  6. I’m actually surprised you aren’t heavy on the Lions.
  7. Who would have thought this guy couldn’t lead a team of grown men on the football field?
  8. I’ve always been curious about the ability of a kicker to put enough air under the kickoff, so that the kicking team has as much chance to get to the kickoff as the receiving team (essentially a jump ball). Does anyone here know how much teams have ever played around with this?
  9. This is an interesting thought and have never contemplated. I agree with the concept. I’d assume once a team does this once or twice, other teams will start to catch on and decline enforcement of the penalty on the ensuing kick-off. Might be able to give this a shot once or twice, though.
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