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  1. Yes, defensive stalwart of this team that finally got back to the playoffs and the entire story may not be completely written yet.
  2. Jairus Byrd....just kidding. Actually Takeo Spikes is who comes to my mind, was Hall Of Fame level defensive talent before the Achilles injury and still pretty good after.
  3. You hacking TBD accounts there Roseman? 😆
  4. Didn’t the Eagles need to get under the cap by Wednesday? I don’t understand the NFL’s rules.
  5. I don’t know. If the narrative has been keep the core together, yet acknowledgment that the TE room needs to improve and Lee Smith has been traded, doesn’t it make sense that a separate vet TE will be brought in?
  6. At the very least, it sounds like she’s been scrimmaging around the Chicago, with her MLS season kicking off on 4/9....
  7. Are you thinking West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James, who was once married to a porn star in Janine Lindemulder?
  8. Watching all these other teams pay big dollars today, really hoping your prediction plays out accordingly. Wild card might be some of these last minute cap restructures by teams, freeing up additional space to sign free agents?
  9. Very disappointed we won’t get the Vrabel or Belicheck feeds from home.
  10. Is Drew Brees addition part of common core math principles? 🤔
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