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  1. A few must be putting some big money on the Pats, if the line is coming down yet majority of bets are on the Bills to cover.
  2. I have the butterflies too, and then I remember it took hurricane force winds for the Pats to squeak past us last year, and that I had butterflies before we smoked them in the playoffs. Josh is going to remind everyone tonight that he’s a Primetime player and why he needs to be right back in the MVP mix.
  3. Yes, that’s what some dude on Viagra said.
  4. Why do you think he freed up some cap space today? A source tells me the signing is imminent 😇
  5. As long as this “mark my words” post holds true, it gets higher ratings and will serve as my rallying post.
  6. So your “source” has been right and wrong before? 😂
  7. Some “Bills’ fans” here are ready to do more than just crown them…
  8. With Miami on SNF football the week before, I agree it’s unlikely they’ll put them into SNF in Week 15, so thinking they’ll instead have Bills v Dolphins at 8:15 that Sat night. No way the NFL passes up a primetime slot for that game. I don’t think the NFL will care about a shorter turnaround for Miami. We had a shorter week heading into our Week 3 matchup at Miami.
  9. Not to mention the 1 seed disparity will only grow over time, now that the 1 seed is the only team to get a bye.
  10. How do you rank the Bills 6th and the Pats 15th, yet you’ve picked the Pats to win 27-16 this Thursday? Curious for your rationale.
  11. How does he claim that Romo is biased against the Bills? The thought has never crossed my mind with him.
  12. I think Bills Dolphins in Week 15 before Bills Jets. Yes, Denver is bad, but it’d be hard to flex Mahomes out of primetime. Week 15 SNF is NE @ Las Vegas. We beat the Pats this week and Las Vegas goes down to the Chargers, I see the NFL making the Week 15 flex then….
  13. Judon will certainly be on a mission next week. Aside from the whole Pats team in general, I’m remembering at least a few times last year that Josh either made Judon look silly and/or really got to him during our matchups. Crossing the fingers that Josh can keep it rolling, although this will not be an easy task.
  14. I’ve concluded that our D-Line looks incredible in training camp because our Offensive Line sucks.
  15. I’m actually surprised you aren’t heavy on the Lions.
  16. Who would have thought this guy couldn’t lead a team of grown men on the football field?
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