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  1. I think Bills Dolphins in Week 15 before Bills Jets. Yes, Denver is bad, but it’d be hard to flex Mahomes out of primetime. Week 15 SNF is NE @ Las Vegas. We beat the Pats this week and Las Vegas goes down to the Chargers, I see the NFL making the Week 15 flex then….
  2. Judon will certainly be on a mission next week. Aside from the whole Pats team in general, I’m remembering at least a few times last year that Josh either made Judon look silly and/or really got to him during our matchups. Crossing the fingers that Josh can keep it rolling, although this will not be an easy task.
  3. I’ve concluded that our D-Line looks incredible in training camp because our Offensive Line sucks.
  4. I’m actually surprised you aren’t heavy on the Lions.
  5. Who would have thought this guy couldn’t lead a team of grown men on the football field?
  6. I’ve always been curious about the ability of a kicker to put enough air under the kickoff, so that the kicking team has as much chance to get to the kickoff as the receiving team (essentially a jump ball). Does anyone here know how much teams have ever played around with this?
  7. This is an interesting thought and have never contemplated. I agree with the concept. I’d assume once a team does this once or twice, other teams will start to catch on and decline enforcement of the penalty on the ensuing kick-off. Might be able to give this a shot once or twice, though.
  8. Like the anonymous exec essentially said, just because the Browns were dumb enough to guarantee Watson all of that money, doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to do the same.
  9. If I’m reading this right, Josh is the ONLY QB in the league that is better when under pressure versus being in a clean pocket, and the ONLY QB that is better under pressure at all. I’d be curious to know his rushing stats when under pressure versus a clean pocket, because I feel like when he has a clean pocket, the defense is sitting back in coverage and thus he has more running room. So if his release valves aren’t getting open, he’s either forcing a pass into coverage, or taking off and running with it.
  10. And their running defense sucks. The only thing that will stop us is the whistle at the end of the 4th quarter.
  11. Had a specific kind of wings locally, along with some pizza and a tripel to wash it down. Unfortunately this formula won’t be an option this Thursday, which has equated to all three losses this season. Sorry guys…
  12. Wawrow will share the full story at some undisclosed time in the future.
  13. Because he shoveled everyone out of their driveways yesterday and then led the snowmobile brigade to the airport.
  14. Under 50 yards. Chubb will bring a stiff challenge and try to penetrate, but any holes he sees will close up quickly.
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