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  1. To me the difference is Dickerson had the advantage of having actually coached the game, AND the chance to be verbally heard. Hence, a lot more credibility than Sullivan and a chance to connect more directly with his audience. Plus, it always felt like the Coach at least wanted to see the team win, whereas with Sullivan, felt like he enjoyed when the team was losing.
  2. No worries here, appreciate the clarification on salary money v bonus money and the latter being what you can spread out.
  3. If I’m thinking about it right, if you put too much of your players’ salaries into Void years, you effectively could put your team into cap hell in the future. Having to account for the cap hit on players that may not even be on your team anymore.
  4. MVS kind of sucks though, in my opinion. If I have $12M to spend or a few more bucks, I’d spend it on a guy like Gabe Davis before MVS.
  5. I don’t know, with Lance there’s still an element of unknown and upside. Wilson’s shown enough to me that he just sucks.
  6. Lol the story explains that her 10 year old son had signed up for one of his camps, which in some way led to him inviting her to his place and having all 6’1” of her line up as a D lineman then O lineman in his backyard. Both of them seem to be extremely special.
  7. Interesting. Well, we will likely need to find a new FS for ourselves. If Benford and Elam (or Tre) can serve as the starting outside CBs, and Douglas take over FS, helps fill some holes on the D.
  8. What offensive positions or players do you have in mind as FA targets?
  9. Sign Daquan and then add to the DL and S rooms in free agency. Address remaining needs in the draft.
  10. Draft young, faster and cheaper WRs. 29 this year will be 30 by next, and isn’t that part of the concern with Diggs? I don’t like the idea of wasting money on any FA WRs this offseason. Shore up other positions as much as possible before the draft, otherwise round out the squad during the draft.
  11. I’d be surprised if he gets less than $12M/year, when guys like Christian Kirk get paid and even someone like Harty gets $6M/year.
  12. It’s a similar principle as losing non-conference games helps your playoff odds 😇
  13. I don’t get why some players are grouped together, some aren’t. For instance, maybe Achane is fair being listed as good (although he had his share of injuries in year one, too). But I would NOT list Mostert as green too, yellow at best. He’s aging just as much as a guy like Diggs and is a RB, and is frequently banged up. Interesting way to look at where each team stands, but I question whatever the underlying approach is.
  14. If Bills have the best record in the league next season, Josh will be MVP.
  15. If they cut White, how much do the Bills still owe him for this year and next? For instance, current deal, he’ll make around $16M in 2024, right? Cut him, do they still owe him $10M for 2024?
  16. Do you have a point with all the data and stats you’re throwing out there???
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