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  1. They’ll get over it. It’s not like Josh was intentionally ignoring Stefon. I don’t think he had enough time to even think and throw effectively with his offensive line and the plays called.
  2. We really missed the Punt God today….lol j/k, had to throw that one in here though…
  3. I was reflecting on the season this morning, and what song sums it up for me. Chumbawumba “Tubthumping” comes to mind. The resiliency that this team and community have shown this season is right up there with the 90’s Bills’ teams. Josh may want to stick to Sinatra today, but if everyone else listens to this, the team and crowd will be ready to run through a brick wall today. I know they call him Joe Cool, but my gut is telling me Burrow is in for a rough day. And I have not been drinking yet.
  4. Philly definitely looked like a deserving NFC representative for the Super Bowl. Going to be tough for either the 49ers or Cowboys to go there and win.
  5. Lane Johnson mauls his opponents every play too. McD and Dorsey need to scheme something up so that Spencer Brown does that every play too.
  6. NBC just got it right…the Kansas ***** Chiefs
  7. I’m envisioning Milano stopping Pacheco in his tracks
  8. Nope, just telling him to go inject the good stuff
  9. Collinsworth disagrees, heckuva play by Mahomes
  10. Chiefs have been squeaking by some bad teams, you never know!
  11. Tremaine Edmunds with a big pick 6 on Sunday!
  12. Scary where Rousseau is already ranked, considering he had taken that year off and is still becoming an expert at his craft. Not to mention still growing into his frame. We need him to be a force these next few games.
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