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  1. Great, fine. I don't even know what you can rely up now. John Wayne never said, "Pilgrim" in any movie. James Cagney never said, "You dirty rat!", to anybody AND NOW, apparently, Hitler never said, "white Jews "will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they were." If I may paraphrase Potsie Webber, "When is anybody going to go on the record with this cockamame story?!" ...it was him or Ben Bradley. History and memory are a funny thing nowadays. #PleaseRestAssuredThatHitlerIsBurningInHellNowAnd4EverOh&F***Hitler!
  2. Never going to happen, HUDS...the food is sooo bad on the dark side.
  3. Anyone that can convince their husband to spend 1.4 billion dollars to keep a team in Buffalo, NY is a genius in my book.
  4. The world is changing, and I get it, and I am fine with it. HOWEVER, I wonder if any of these guys, ANY OF THEM, from players to coaches to owners, have the guts to do any outward manifestation to show support for victims of NFL players’ domestic violence against woman and children...above and beyond saying they are part of some organization off the field. Something they show on the field before the game. Possibly prostrating themselves, even during the national anthem (should it remain) in a show of support of all those innocents who have suffered at the hands of NFL players, while more often than not they go relatively unpunished. So honestly, I am down with what they feel they need to do and what they want to do to to get their message across. ...but the mirror has two faces and if you are going to be courageous...then for crying out loud don’t stop short.
  5. I may be part of the small group that brings this up, but I honestly think given the way he is in a number of fourth quarters, that if he doesn't get hurt against the Pats in that first game that maybe they pull that one out. If you keep all things equal, because otherwise it gets a little goofy, the Bills finish 11-5 and even if they don't win the tie breaker against the Pats at 11-5 I just think that mark causes a lot of these question go away. ...certainly not all of them, but a lot. A victory against the Pats, another comeback win, yada-yada-yada.
  6. What I like about the signing? It will give that much more attention to the AFC East. The 2020 Bills are going to "do The Nasty" to rest of the AFC East and the NFL this season. And the Bills... ...Like... Doing The Nasty!
  7. HEY!!!!!!!! ...oh what I am I going to do. When a man is right, he is right. Yeah, Roy, it just got messed up because the thread had a previous different title, but the mods didn't like it. In short, it was a comparison between the problems that AB was and the essential quiet we have with Diggs.
  8. 1-6, I believe, as he is 9-0 when he does. possibly 1-7 if you include the playoffs, but I don't know his playoff numbers. ...so...I, for one, would like to see him hit that over 60% mark a lot.
  9. Yes. Besides the 30 TDs, 9-0 in games where he completes 60% of his passes, and mass improvement over his rookie year where he was considered a project even at #7, 4th quarter comebacks that I have actually lost track of and the playoffs...sure. ...now, would you like some milk before you take your goofy pills?
  10. He has been looking so good...BUT...I really don’t need to see him doing anymore hard cuts. I get anxiety every time I see him do it. I’d like to see him next in a large roll of bubble wrap before the start of the season.
  11. [won't make sense anymore, but that's fine] ...neither did I. Just a reminder: Don’t do “crazy” just because...
  12. Cool. Oh, not to high jack this thread, can we also piggy back on it a chaser question, "Which Buffalo Bills' knee is going to explode before the start of the season?"? Asking for a friend.
  13. 2020...yeah, I think it is going to be "My Year". Hell, I think it is going to be EVERYBODY'S YEAR. LET'S TOAST!!
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