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  1. YEs. He has battled cancer I believe twice, and beat it both times (meaning I believe he has been cancer free for a few years). I think he is 72ish?
  2. The Bills cannot...CANNOT lose at least two starters for the fourth straight week to man games missed injuries. The goal of the regular season will unravel. Not the playoffs mind you, but home field advantage.
  3. Don't forget that the best team in the NFL has lost no less than 2 guys to game lost injuries each game of the season so far. My goodness you just pray that we get out of Baltimore without anything notable for the first time this season.
  4. Yolo, today I hate you and love you at the same time. It is very confusing to me, but I will get through it. 🤣 Just funning you, brother. ...oh man, though, we need this one. Wow, we really do. If Miami wins tonight and we lose on Sunday? 😬 EDIT: I'm tired of every game so far this year (and at least 2-3 more straight after this...yes, even Pitt) being a "Test" we have to pass.
  5. OK, Marv, so looking at it the other way...could this help us, or rather hurt them as well or more? I think Josh can cut through those winds. LJ has a pretty good arm, but can he? Are they limited here in this situation?
  6. I want to be very clear about this as I absolutely mean it when I say no harm will come to you, whatsoever. Which one of you pissed off the football gods to make us feel their wrath in a game the Bills MUST have? ...also where do you live and when are you home?
  7. Since this news dropped I have contemplated suicide, but…I mean Andor is starting on Disney+ and we are ordering chicken wings tonight so…I got some stuff going my way.
  8. That was my first thought SC! 😂 Honestly, if tis makes any sense to any of you...this has been one of the worst victory weeks in memory. What in the world could it be if he is shutting down for he season? ...best safety in the game. My goodness.
  9. Every single time I've logged on since Monday night it is more and more bad news. W T F?!
  10. Allen has been unreal going back to last year. Sunday we might need him to be historic. ...mind you "might."
  11. All this talk about getting more wide receivers or getting OBJ. I never imagined that we could possible find ourselves thin at one of our deepest positions with DBs. Boy.
  12. The only two things I am focused on right now with Hyde: 1. Is his life in jeopardy? 2. How can I help? No one usually asks me for anything around here. Honestly, if I was more self conscience I would think you guys don't like me, but I know that isn't true. If needed, though, I'm a "Go". I am just here on standby, ready to do my part. I will be taking a nap, but will check back in a few hours to see what's what.
  13. Tre White, Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde and Dane Jackson. (Let alone in the front with Settle, Oliver and Phillips) Are you *****ing me at week 3 in the season?! You don't have to answer as I am *****ing myself.
  14. Truthfully, though, at this time of year the NFL should schedule these games for 4:00. It's not for the road team, but for both teams.
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