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  1. Mjs, I hear you, and it was very frustrating, but can we just admit that the goal of the night before even started was “work the run”? i believe I am correct, but not 100% sure in saying that for the entire first half, even for the start of the 2 minute drill, that there was no series that began with a pass on first down, and no first down throw until less than 2 minutes.
  2. What would it take for me to get pissed at Beane? if he exposed Johnson to waivers. however, it can’t happen, right?!
  3. I’m not saying he was, but may I am going to give just a little shout out to Shaq Lawson. Tremendous observation, Rc2.
  4. I saw the article, FP, before I saw your post. ... ... Couldn't agree more...what math juggling index of power ranking and moves have the Jets made that put them outside this group of 10?!!! Like you said it, they are the third worst team in football, but...what...tell us, what...what Kreskin type moves did they make to not only be in the top 5 here, but not part of that 4th tier of teams just dreaming about January?!!! What sane person looks at Detroit and thinks they have a better shot of making the playoffs than the Bills? Who says the same thing, and more so, about Denver in the division with 2 out of the three strongest teams in the AFC?!!!
  5. A lot has been said on this Board over the last 20 years. ...but the above are the truest words that have ever been put to print. No offense intended at all, Element, but thank you Moon. ...oh, that steak...so gorgeous...I mean...seriously, it's just beautiful.
  6. 😂 Right. Right, Right! Man, isn't it the worst. No question mark because it is a fact.
  7. Two things: 1. Entire half, House? They'll probably save Barkley a bit. I think we'll see Jackson for maybe 3 quarters. 2. I know it isn't important and I know I am getting ahead myself with tomorrow, but if we are 3-0 in the preseason it would be a shame not to go undefeated b/c of the QB in the 4th game.
  8. Admit it, your **** doesn't work anymore. You coward. Royale, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, brother. Seriously man, I'm sorry. I'm just laughing right now, and I know you have a sense of humor. Peace.
  9. BTW, even after his run...4 wins and Belichek is out. That first fall of his, along with a 40 plus year old QB, is going to be reason enough to move on from him, regardless of the lovey-doveyness in Foxborro.
  10. You sad, sad little man, Chandler! You fail to realize the iron clad grips on their coaching jobs Matt Patricia has in Detroit and Mike Vrabel has in Tennessee.🤣 Honest to goodness how are they still alive as a reporting institution? Please don't anyone tell me it is click bate, because no job would be so worth sullying my own name with useless, thoughtless, tripe.
  11. Based upon what? That Singletary or Gore is thoroughly and decisively better than Shady due to a handful of preseason carries? Has there been any outright rhetoric that Shady is being outplayed in practice, or that there is any dissatisfaction by the coaches? I’ll go to my original position...this is a great back that people have decided to kick to the curb on limited, flawed and weighted evidence due to the consequences of last year. I do give you great credit for the ease with which you put him, not in the peterman category as a player then, but as this almost tragic mistake if he plays as a starter for this team for any length of time. I mean no insults, PP, honestly. I am not like that around here. I just strongly disagree. if you are correct and It does happen as you say...yes, it will be trouble for the season, my friend.
  12. PP, you may be right about him being this year's Peterman, with the exception of the facts that he is a former NFL leading rushing with likely hall of fame pace rushing yardage, other than for last year. Besides that he is essentially a twin with a player who has accomplished almost nothing in his career beyond a record setting number of first half interceptions in his first start.
  13. @NoHuddleKelly12 Until moments ago I thought my guy HUDS was in bubble wrap until the start of the season because it took him so long to meander to this thread! 🤣 JK, brother.
  14. I know that this is just a hypothetical question at this point and, OK, I am game, a 5th for Zay and a 4th for Shady. HERE we don't think highly of Zay and I am not saying they should anywhere else, but on a terrible team last year he caught 61 passes and 7 TDs so thta should mean something to someone if they need receiver help. That sad I have still been stunned by the perception of this fan base concerning Shady. I don't think he has really lost a step and I think last year's Oline, especially for the running game, was bad beyond the mere stats that analysts give us. I believe it was one of if not the worst line in franchise history. He is a workout machine, takes care of himself, is not THAT old and is committed, especially in a free agency year. I believe Shady is the number one back on this team and I believe he is going to rush for the most yards and depending upon how things unfold I believe he is capable of a thousand yard season, if not more. I hope I am right, because it can only benefit this team this year if I am.
  15. I know. I know. Darn it, I wish it wasn’t the case but I know. It’s just that we are so almost there with are offense, but we can’t risk anybody else. I swear to you, I remember Joe Ferguson playing deep into the 4th quarter, maybe until the end, in a game I believe against San Diego. I think we one 28-27 on maybe the final,regular play of the game on a goal line dive.
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