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  1. If the season ended today I am signing Shaq if it is at or lower than Trent Murphy money (7 million). if someone is stupid with him at 10 million, no way. however, mid 20s, can cover the run and is showing just a bit at rushing the qb. Yeah, I’m thinking that is a pretty good rotational/starter player. i don’t think philips is going to blow up from here on out, meaning I don’t think he is going to finish the season with 10 sacks or so, so I hope to sign him in the same range.
  2. I’ve sort of said this before: if you like the more accurate in the box system appropriate Allen, then you are going to be missing the scrambling for bunches fly by the seat of your pants throw bombs Allen.
  3. Accidents happen, ATL. I’m sure Brady destroying his burner phone, I mean phone, wherein he made 30 calls in 2 weeks to the cart driver has nothing to do with it. Juice, come on...it’s because Satan honors his deals with people during their lives.
  4. He is so much fun to watch. This isn’t just a loss to chiefs fans, but to all of us who enjoy watching. damn. Oh man, I forgot they play them, too. It’s crazy to think that we could be 13-3 or better and not win the division.
  5. 82? Honestly, off the top of my head, because I remember looking it up years ago.
  6. Thief! from my Fe-Li-Ci-Ano during preseason! oh...I can never stay mad at you, YOLO!
  7. Not gonna lie..."it" moved a little when I read LB's post. ...and only a little bit because that is where I am at nowadays.
  8. Shady, I meant to up vote you earlier.  Sorry for the delay.  i like up voting posts I...um, like.  However, when something pops into my head I go straight to writing.  Sorry to you, and to others I have done it to.

  9. “It’s a DB for two first round picks, how in the world is it NOT worth it?!”, said a moron.
  10. Indeed...and I am not thrilled that J’ville gets 2 first rounders out of no where.
  11. Of course I want him to get it, but I want his first one to be good, too. Not just him running into the QB at the right time. I want him to literally eat the Olineman in front of him and drop the QB like a sack of potatoes*. * but just remember not to land on the QB.
  12. Once again, YOLO, you are mistaken. He is terrible and a disappointment. We've been told this around here and any analysis that tells us otherwise should be shunned as "disinformation" and "polyannaish".
  13. They are 2-2-1 and yet I can't help but think they are among the top 12 teams in the League. Do I think the Raiders at 3-2 are better than them? No way. Chicago, Dallas, Philly? No.
  14. I’m always on the fence about this. This is a big game for the Eagles. If they win are they rallying for the season? If they lose do they come into to Buffalo at 3-4 with a must win no matter what mentality? ...or are the Bills finally in a position where it doesn’t make a difference anymore and they make their own fortune, regardless? They either beat a team or they don’t. I think we are finally at the point where it doesn’t make a difference (man I am loving this team). What do you want to see? Edit: and if you say beat the phins, I get it. This is not looking beyond that, it is just not the point of this thread, though. The eagles are the toughest team we play for the next three weeks and this is about their game and what it might mean for us.
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