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  1. I just checked my watch again and it is literally 5 years until Thursday night. As is my usual request, someone please, PLEASE come to home, my office or even my place of worship and knock me the hell out with a ball peen hammer to my head and don't wake me up until two plus hours after the first pick of the night. I don't need to perseverate over the guys we aren't going to get until 28 (believing we won't trade up). Go Bills! Go 64 ounce Big Gulp of Nyquil!
  2. Didn't Lad say he's met with the Bills? Am I missing something on the list?
  3. A team that will be so offensive driven will be neutered by a 70 something defensive old guard coach.
  4. I want 2. One is not going to cut it. Absolutely on board as long as they get two. And when I say "two" I don't mean round 1 and then round 7. Get two, meaty good ones that are reasonably not speculative by comparison...both third round or sooner.
  5. Next year’s second and maybe something more to do this deal and I do it in a second. Hopefully we can work something out with him that money will come later or in June when more is freed up (I know, I know, but please just let may have this for the sake of the argument) I honestly believe he can be a “quiet” 2024 #1. What I mean by quiet is 80 plus grabs, in the style of offense it seems like we are going to have. Plus, let’s not discount the fact he is a veteran. My goodness, a 1st round WR (Legette, Ladd, Thomas Jr.?), Aiyuk, Samuel, Shakir, and a spritz of Shorter, along with Kincaid (maybe the true #1), Knox and Cook…How would anyone not love that offense?! Additionally, the true number 1s, or league top 3s, likely are going to be commanding 30-35 million per. I think, as others have speculated, that Aiyuk may be more in line with Diggs average dollars. I would be pretty OK with this move. Go Bills!
  6. I won’t say much, because people in glass houses should not throw stones. Due to the fact that I honestly believed for the last two years HUDS has been slowly poisoning me in my Swanson Hungry Man Lasagnas. Why didn’t I stop if I thought this was case? They are just so yummy and I realize I have a problem. Go Bills.
  7. Respectfully, not if they get two and two good ones, possibly back to back early. Just as an example, (because I am not fully set yet, nor is anyone, so just go with it and don't analyze the actual picks), but if that room is McConkey, Legette, Samuel, Shakir, Shorter among the guys (Isabelle, the other guy) I am not sure your screaming that you have to have a name in there. Do you need someone? Yes, sure. Do you need a name and are their questions? I don't think so. I am not vouching that the rookies will be knockouts, I'm just saying Beane and the coaches will like the room.
  8. What I do with my down time is my business.
  9. I remember meeting OJ as a kid. He never murdered me, not once.
  10. Honestly, it is interesting to consider, but at the end of the day Utica is spot on with this one. Man, at this stage and with where he is at so far a team would be insanely stupid to even give a 5th for him. However...here...well, let's see what might happen. Go Bills.
  11. His unrelenting shading of OJ eventually got Norm fired from SNL. Man o man, Norm was a Legend. I miss him greatly. 🥂
  12. Mango, that is hilarious. Thank you.
  13. First Richard Lewis at 76 and now OJ. They will forever be linked.* (* No they won't)
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