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  1. I could go into all the reasons why I have always loved The Nuch, but in doing so it would be a disservice to the man's greatest traits...he speaks plainly, to the point and is spot on. Thank you for being here, man.
  2. ...and there is going to be no one there to witness it, HUDS. TSW: "No COVID talk on the football board" $2D: "I didn't. All I said..." TSW: "NO COVID TALK ON THE FOOTBALL BOARD!" $2d: "I never even used the word. I just mean that it is sad that..." TSW: "NO COVID TALK ON THE FOOTBALL BOARD!!!!!" $2d: "Go Bills?" TSW: "NO.....ok, go Bills." I kid. I kid.
  3. Funny and Hap pulls out a Marty Feldman "Young Frankenstein" reference to boot, just before Halloween!
  4. I am not looking at the box right now...but yes, I think that is accurate. Not laughing at all about your condition, Tiger, but it was just good humor the way you stated it above, my friend.
  5. There is an argument to be made of this being the best Simpson's episode ever. Hell, you can probably pick from any of the early Side Show Bob episodes for that. If not the best it is definitely in the top ten. Bravo. You have made a friend today on the internet, 4-k. We can talk later about you loaning me money. Until then please have a great day.
  6. Please, some of you. I am singling nobody out because I am not pointing fingers, but generally, the high and mighty stance on turning your nose up on sugary cereals I would imagine is different with booze wherein in the night after a bender you wake up with a headache, face down on the floor in your own sick, with a whole celery stalk sticking out of your butt with you saying, "Oohhhhhh, what did I do?!" Well, at least you didn't eat a sugary cereal, you lucky son of a pup!
  7. You said it, brother. BABY I LOVE IT. GO BILLS! Let's honestly beat those, F'ers, man.
  8. G-Dubs, I honestly respect the comment above and I do get it, and I do hope so. However, to put a different perspective on it, please allow me to re-write it this way: "I'm wondering if we saw that hot knife just straight up figure some things out when cutting through butter that can carry over when it needs to cut through wood."
  9. Full Disclosure: When I lived in Northern Ohio in the early to mid-90s I liked what Beli was doing with the Browns and...and...I rooted for them. I mean, they just weren't a threat to us, even when they were good. Come on, man.
  10. 1964 American Football League Champions 1965 American Football League Champions
  11. Freakin darn it! This is a half way decent team, but they need help, right now. They need somebody and I think we are going to end up at the trading deadline standing alone.
  12. I hate the fact that I am considering what you are saying Sharky...but I truly do have to consider what you are saying. Come on, Bills.
  13. Machine G. Kelly, please come over when you have the chance and fix my VCR as it is continually blinking "12:00". ....It's for TAPES! You'd take the cassette...put in...it would grab it and then you would hit "play" and you could watch movies that you rented from a video store, like E.T. and Evil Dead 2. ...a video store was a brick and mortar structure that...oh forget it.
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