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  1. Guns, I promise you I am not watching it. Truly, as I have stated this in another thread around here, I really don't like sports talk shows. Radio? yes, but not TV and I haven't watched for awhile. BUUUUTTTTTT this showed up on my twitter. I think Prime-time Buffalo Rumblings posted it with the comment "Mother of God". ...which is bad form because I truly believe God would never allow such lunacy. Although he did allow "Hello Larry" to have a full season.
  2. Meh, it's a lengthy video segment (the original) about Baker/Browns/Panthers and this was just a piece of their discussion. More click baity, Batty, if Skip didn't have a history of adulation for Mayfield.
  3. Starting at 7:36. I submit to you all...Skippy. EDIT: I was able to start it, or rather link it, right from where Shannon asked the question. EDIT 2: Clinging...clinging to his talisman Baker and that he is better than Josh.
  4. I'll believe this when Jason La Canfora tweets it from his mom's basement or from when he notes it in his new blog "What's a Canfora?". After he does his chores, of course.
  5. Yeah, and you guys know more than me because isn't it also three OCs in 4 years? That can't be really good for your first 4 frames in the league as a QB.
  6. Waiting with baited breathe for the Mark Brammer photo. EDIT: i couldn't wait any longer.
  7. Yeah, Tuel, also they just plain really ARE NOT making the game from scratch. You don’t need as big a development team. and who is anyone kidding, this is still a tremendous money maker for EA, especially with the micro transactions of MUT.
  8. You have no idea how much I couldn't agree more.
  9. The only thing this story about an NFL talking head reminded me of...is that John Clayton passed away. I forgot or hadn't real thought about it since it happen. The season will be just a little bit different.
  10. Tuel, I think this is just the NFL playing around with the covers. If it was from EA twitter I would speculate more about alternative covers, but it doesn't appear that way. EOBF, you know what I never understood? Madden is such a big deal for EA and it is yearly. SO why just leave it up to EA Tiberon? Why wouldn't they have another studio working on it, as well, and alternate every two years like Activision used to do with CoD? They can learn from each other and it gives each studio two years to shape the game. Silliness that they don't.
  11. It is infinity days before the 2022 season starts. I'm sure of this. I have counted twice. What is wrong with all of you?! We could literally fit 2 Depp/Heard* trials in the time we have and still have time left over. (* edgy and topical quota - filled)
  12. Cincy...Cincy, my old friend...you had me at "...punish the Browns for their deeply irresponsible act..." EDIT: Please note, I'm just agreeing on IF the NFL is having the debate of 8 games out without pay or an entire season out with it, yeah, I am onboard as long as they reevaluate the following season. EDIT 2: When he came out in the draft I wanted DW on the Bills so. Badly. I thought he was going to be something special, which he is on the field. Time is a funny thing because now I am just not feeling it as much.
  13. Coming ESPN Interviews: “Deshaun, you are one of the greats of this league with your eye on a super bowl ring! So besides your sexual perversions and extremely creepy and criminal subversion of women that borders on rape and forced prostitution what do YOU think are the biggest obstacles to overcome this season to make Browns fans happy?”
  14. i like sliding in his 11,000+ yards from the useless just to have a total profession yards cume that is slightly higher.
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