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  1. Who the hell would call you "five asterisks"?!
  2. We need to sign an up-back who is a complete d***.
  3. Sitting at the keyboard for five minutes after this. ...man just hasn't invented enough superlative words to do this justice. Sorry.
  4. If he stays on the team through halftime, then we've got a winner.
  5. Contrarily, I don't have that problem as I am neither an athlete nor hot and my body has been out of focus for decades.
  6. Brother, Bagel form this Board and I have talked about this on more than one occasion. Bills fans please don't forget this guy through the sands of time. I respect his decision to retire, but at the time he really was a stabilizing force on that line and was greatly missed. Much more than just a JAG.
  7. Two people are enjoying this: you and I...and I am not even 100% sure you are enjoying it. 🤣 🖖
  8. Really, Ridge, you have to worry about getting a Shronk.
  9. Should he retire we will have seen two NFL QBs retire within a short time who, combined, have made almost half a billion dollars, just playing the game ($252 million for Eli and I just checked Brees...$244 million). Not judging at all, but just...I mean when you think about it...wow.
  10. Yes, the events of what has been happening have been disappointing to me, but it hasn't shook my faith. That bugs some people when I say that, but it essentially comes from the fact that my faith is my own and it is my relationship with God. The failings of men are their failings and their inability to take right actions are frustrating, but it is on them. I am not judging the religious leaders throughout history, but I am and always have recognized their limitations, just as I have considered my own limitations and failings in actions taken, or what I have failed to do.
  11. Babies can't even defend themselves...that's deplorable. ...old ladies are asking for it, though. Don't be writing your darn checks for a $5.53 purchase! It is imperative that I be HUDS' 3,000th up-vote. When he gets to 2,999, please BACK OFF! ... ... ... ... ... ...I can wait.
  12. " 'ello, govner! Rawht then, I fancy a set uh dem fowl chips wit dat blimey stinky dressin' on a caus' I'm rawhtly gonna be here with me mates next year, I ams. As I gotta knackering to play in dat big 1, u-no-wat-I-meen? 🎼 Awl I wont is to play somedayyy, in dat game on da big Sundayyyyy! 🎶" No, of course he is not Eliza Doolittle, but come on...the cockney just makes it...better.
  13. He masqueraded on a nice 50 yard pas play, too, in his limited play time, and as far as costumes go I like that red, white and blue one he has with the charging Buffalo on the side.
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