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  1. I am hurt that you don't like me back, Ridge, but I can accept that. 😄 ✌️
  2. I hate to be the one to always remind TSW about this, but for disclosure purposes it is important that you all know that as of 9:30 this A.M. it is officially 3,000 hours to kickoff *. Personally, since about 200 of you asked me in personal messages, I have only to get through: 1. work this morning; 2. Doctor's appointment this A.M. wherein my primary care physician is going to read the riot act to me, as he should; 3. more work this afternoon that is likely going to be ugly; 4. breaking in new baby sitter tonight (please don't accidentally be incompetent with our child while we are gone); 5. Sebastian Maniscalco tonight (the only person or thing funnier than the push of #MacJonesMVP). That is 700 hours right there, with another thousand hours over the weekend and finishing up with another 1,300 hours of work on Monday. The wait for MNF can suck it for all I care. (* I actually love it. Dear sweet heaven I love it so. I have one job around here, that's it and it's mine. @Ridgewaycynic2013 wants it, I know he does, but he can go suck it, too **. It's my job.) (** I don't want Ridgeway to suck anything. I like him.)
  3. Just FYI, Super Bowl V MVP Chuck Howley, LB, Cowboys, was the first defensive player to win the MVP and the first (I believe the only) MVP from the losing team to win it as the Colts kicked a last second field goal to win it.
  4. Great. Now my stomach is starting to get in a bind thinking about this game. It's big...dammit, it's a big game.
  5. I am honestly a person of faith. It is part of who I am and how I live my day to day life and interaction with others. I am also a big proponent of the League's rule changes that helps protect its players. Everyone said it would kill the league, but it is as good as ever and should keep going in that direction with player safety and hitting and tackling. With that said, after just a few weeks of the Pats playing well am I the only one that would take great pleasure in seeing Mac Jones' head separated from his body on Monday?
  6. You are too kind, Sir. I was just aiming for it not getting locked. I figured if I didn't put in the word "Beasely" or the phrase "Hitler was pretty good to dogs" it was going to fly under the radar and survive for at least a bit.
  7. Big week, thought I'd start a Patriots thread just to get us going! As you all know a Villanelle poem has... - 19 lines - 5 stanzas of 3 lines each - 1 closing stanza of 4 lines - with a rhyming scheme of ABA, ABA, ABA, ABA, ABAA - line 1 repeats in lines 6, 12, and 18 - line 3 repeats in lines 9, 15, 19 Let's do this! I can't wait to beat the Patriots. They are so very hated. I think they are......those idiots... They'd like to be...so...rid of it Our rivalry scares them so I can't wait to beat the Patriots. No longer do they win Super Bowls. and making spirits low. I think they are those...bowls...those idiots. Football is so much... ... ... ...this was a mistake. What the hell was I thinking? It's just that everyone was starting a Patriots thread and it seemed exciting and a good idea and I had FOMO and I just... ...and it's ripping off the other poem threads, so I thought, "what's the harm, I'll just whip up a poem in Villanelle style," because it would be so easy...idiot. Moron. I'm sorry. I don't want to be around anymore. Go Bills.
  8. Yes they are, but the problem is we lose a rookie offensive tackle and a left guard, also some down time with our starting TE and the result is the Bills are staring at their belly buttons against one of the worst teams in the league with one of the worst defenses. We have a great defense that has an Achilles heel against fast Rbs and big o-lines. I see other very good teams stutter, but they don't seem to just plain fall like the Bills do. Either that or a team like GB with Rodgers, is just plain way better than us, which I don't think they are. "They think too much about the big ball, or homerun play." No, they don't. They need to make that work. They need to make Ds go back on their heels somehow. They can't just be good, they have to be dangerous at scoring...against good teams, if they still want to go anywhere this season...especially now that Tre is out on D. I think it is entirely possible for us to be giving up 7-10 more points per game with Tre out. "Just win baby!"...Sure. However, more like, "Just score a s***-load, baby!"
  9. I have my issues with this team that go all the way back to the offseason, and they have not been helped by the injury to Tre. That said, I think at worst this team will go 4-2, finish 11-6 and as long as NE gets upended at least one more time the division is the Bills. If our (edit: slightly above average and when healthy - the line was one of my offseason beefs) above average offensive line gets healthy again, and they find the fire that was this team down the stretch (which really could happen), they could surprise us with 5-1 or better.
  10. OK. I mean if anyone is going to tell it like it is on this subject it has to be a Beasley.
  11. "Hard to watch" is a term we are seeing too much of today, but it doesn't go that far as a descriptor, even though we all know what it means. In this instance, for me, it is short hand for this video making me feel... Anger Helplessness Sadness Concern Hope-soured (hopeless is a very all encompassing difficult word for me. I always like to think there is hope)
  12. I absolutely wouldn't mind keeping Bease. Also, a good number of you here I would feel comfortable sending to message board free agency. 😘
  13. Hold my beer. 🤣 Yeah, I hear you. Although that SF game for them got more interesting.
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