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  1. dollars 2 donuts

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    They can take my Bills gear, Huds, when they pry it out of my cold dead hands and peel it off of my rotting corpse. Hopefully many, many, many, many, many years into the future as it would be inappropriate burial attire for someone who died of natural causes, quietly and painlessly, in my own bed.
  2. Yeah, or the word "furious" is...is just kind of dumb in this context. Unless the Bills had a deal for the Colts pick and then were screwed out of it (which also is unlikely) I don't see how you can be furious at another team making a move that team needed to make and you didn't.
  3. dollars 2 donuts

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    Gruden in Washington doesn’t have to worry about such things as what players are going to be on his team. Bruce Allen takes that weight off his shoulders. What a good guy Bruce Allen is!
  4. @BarkleyForGOATBackupPT5P I mean it was like a weird sort of foggy dream...it just wasn’t real. My best friend, a member of this Board, his nephew was going to school with Ngata, knew him a bit and Ngata was jazzed about the idea of coming to a town like Buffalo. When the Bills pick came up you could almost see 30 something men doing cartwheels in a basement knowing for a fact...for a FACT, that the Bills would pick Ngata next. It just made too much sense... ...and then... ...and then... huh... huh... ...?... ...oh, yeah...”you can never have enough dbs” thing...is a real thing...that an old man or some other old man or someone with power over the decision decided was more important...then like, you know...a sure fire, SURE FIRE future pro-bowler on the Dline.
  5. Jeepers, I know I am in the minority here, but I honestly think Shady is going to run for a hair over a thousand yards and catch 40 plus balls.
  6. dollars 2 donuts

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    I am as worried about Rosen being the QB in Miami as I am about being carried away by army ants.
  7. dollars 2 donuts

    Day One Bills FA Recap

    I am at Disney world this week with my family. i appreciated you guys doing the heavy lifting and keeping me up to date as I can only scan my phone briefly. eball, in typical Bills fan fashion I please with day one, or pre-true free agency, but I’m taking a wait and see attitude. GO BILLS!
  8. dollars 2 donuts

    Can anyone actually name the media members who trashed the Bills?

    JM, great post. However, the thing is you may not get elite players, but you are likely to get players you want and need. Everybody isn't going to say "no." Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde came here and that was when things were worse. Were they as known comodities then? No, of course not, but they are now and we are better for it. AB wants the money and the limelight. No, he is not going to get that in Buffalo. Hell, he may not get that in B-Lo even if we were 10-6 last year and our QB threw 30 TDs. Please keep in mind the team was stripped, AND had a 50 million dollar dead cap space hand tied behind its back. They don't anymore more. Is there any denial that this team will be more talented than last year's team? Even moderate gains will be gains, and our QB now has a year under his belt. They will get help where needed. There is no reason...THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO BE OPTIMISTIC. To the point of my post, where are the sabres right now? Other than the 10 game streak for the fourth time in five years they are worst team in hockey. I still think that is where most of his angst is coming from. I don't know whether you follow JW, but I do and it was getting kind of tiresome, both on the morning show and on twitter.
  9. dollars 2 donuts

    Can anyone actually name the media members who trashed the Bills?

    BC, I like Jeremy White, but man has he been pissing and moaning on the radio and on Twitter. Honestly, too, I think he is taking his Sabres frustration out on the Bills. How can anyone be complaining about the direction and potential of this team? Everyone knew last year was a step back year and we made it through and look like we have our QB, but people like Jeremy want to put them in the same boat as the Sabres. They are one year removed from the playoffs, have 80 million in cap space, have 10 picks, have the number 2 defense in the League, have a surprising stud like Foster on the offense, and NOW are going after people...so get over it already. I can’t imagine if the Bills finished in last place 3 out of 4 years what he would be saying.
  10. dollars 2 donuts

    Calling it now: Zay Jones will not be on the week 1 roster.

    @Alphadawg7 Alpha, in light of possible recent events may I change my comment that Jones will be the Bills leading receiver in 2019?
  11. dollars 2 donuts

    Report: Browns looking to deal Guard Kevin Zeitler

    This doesn't make any sense. They are flush with cap space, too.
  12. Why in the world would he go to a team with a potential hall of fame QB and who just made the playoffs last year? A little short sighted on his part.
  13. dollars 2 donuts

    Nick Boyle may have set the FA TE market

    YOU'RE INSANE! ...ahhh, I'm sorry, Brian. I didn't mean that. To date I literally have no solid proof that there is anything mentally wrong with you. I just disagree with that move. Sorry for overstepping my bounds. It's the late Teens and it just seems to be the decade for it.
  14. dollars 2 donuts

    Bills re-sign Jordan Phillips

    1 year, 83 million dollar deal.