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  1. When you really get to the nuts and bolts of it, when you consider what he has here with the radio show, and the dealership commercials, wouldn't you want to stop being a sideline reporter in your mid 50s?
  2. JAHBH, all valid points and I have no problem considering them. However, even given what you've stated, the good and the bad, does that work out to 4-12 to you, a record the Bills have been at or lower than only two times in the last 32 seasons? To put it another way is it reasonable to assume (you, me, NFL talking heads) that this will end up being the the 3rd worst (or first or second) Bills team in the last 33 years?
  3. BTW, someone please tell me what's more annoying: the Bills picking 4th or the Jets picking 18th (Vikes at 18 last year with an 8-7-1 record)? I guess the Jets have had a much better off season (going from 4-12 to likely 9-7 if you believe the above) than the Bills (6-10, likely on their way to 4-12) even though it seems the Bills have improved last year's team. And the team picking first is the Dolphins, so...I mean we beat them twice and go 2-12 against the rest of the NFL? Which is amazing when you consider that against the rest of the NFL (except the Pats) the last two years the Bills are 15-13, 12-12 without the Phins. ...oh, and 3-1 against the Jets current head coach the last two years.
  4. I love how a team that picked ninth last year with a rookie QB and a record setting 55 plus million dollars tied behind its back in dead money and has done nothing but get better this off-season with very few player losses...is going to drop a couple of more games and jump five spots in the draft.
  5. BTW, F*** you, cancer, and your effect through many years of my life on the people I love and care about. ...F*** you, big time...again.
  6. Good-bye, brother. Please rest easy. Our love goes with you and keep an eye on your family and the Bills from the best seat in the house. Please forgive me as I am off for a brief prayer, because it is what I do and what I believe...and because I am not sure what else to do.
  7. No, I want it stated again because I am having a hard time believing what I am reading and how he got to that position. I also could have possible asked his opinion on other players. If he references other players, possibly even other QBs, who are going to take a step back then I get it. If he only thinks that about Josh then I will stand by my "everyone is entitled to their opinion" comment, but I may discount his post as someone (even a fan) just trashing on the Bills, or more specifically Josh.
  8. BB81, if Jim Kelly were truly all about Jim Kelly from 89-96 (K-Gun years) he would have called his own number much more and would have retired with a good number more passing yards and TDs. I want the kid to be great, and I think he is more like Jim Kelly...in other words if we asked him he would say "F 4000 yards if WE don't make it to the playoffs."
  9. Gregg, everyone is entitle to their opinion, but just to be clear what I am extrapolating from the above is that other than an uptick in completion percentage after an end to 2018 that saw improvement and the Bills revamping about 7 positions around Josh on offense you truly expect him to be a worse QB than he was last year? Not only that he hasn't grown from year one to year two, but that he actually regresses from a .833 TD/Int ration to .667?
  10. I know I am a true Bills fan because all the optimistic talk around here is making me feel..uncomfortable. I am going to just plain agree en masse with all the positive takes herein written. I've said before that if he literally makes no improvement whatsoever this team is at the very least 8-8. I truly expect him to progress as he did at the end of the season and I agree with the Bears comparisons made earlier...this kid is not, and doesn't need to, throw 30 plus tds and 4,000 yards in 2019. Be competent and hit your marks, because I think 20 tds, 12 picks, 3,300 yards passing, with under 500 rushing yards and 6 tds on the ground from him is enough to get you into the playoffs at 10-6.
  11. I hope and pray so, BA, but also there comes a time when even the family lets him know audibly it is OK. ...this isn’t fair. I know life isn’t fair for any of us...but this just truly isn’t fair. He should be here with his family, of course, but also with us as his beloved Bills turn things around this year. 😢
  12. Ezra, you have fought the good fight, buddy. You have proudly circled the wagons and our love shall always be with you. You can rest now, brother. You've earned it. We will pick up the flag. God Bless you and, most importantly, God Bless your family.
  13. NHD, No lie, as much as I love Kirk Douglas I saw War Wagon for only the first time 6 months ago. Love it.
  14. RIP indeed, my friend. Huds, there were three bona fide stars left from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Now there are two. Kirk Douglas and Olivia D'Haivoland (spelling - sorry), both North of 100.
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