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  1. Of course you are dealing with an A.I. and of course twiddling your thumbs is not the same as being on real or fake grass and doing the moves. However, what it can give you is repetition and seeing how these plays unfold and what is going on. "...but you have game and practice video for that." Yeah, but you can't control any aspect of that, other than forwards or reverse. All these guys play it and they have had an understanding of it since they were knee bitters. It is just a game, but I can see where to at least some degree it can be a tool. It's effect
  2. Dude...they should pull the trigger then. Did not know that and thank you. I would do it, wouldn’t you? I’m thinking yes. edit: other than cap space not fun times for the Pats, huh.
  3. Muchly. It is either going to be an unheard of three number ones that they are asking or two number ones, multiple other GOOD picks and a little bit of current living beef in the league. Not a turnover machine with potential, the number 2 and some stuff.
  4. The Jets have nothing in their quiver and nothing on their shelf. There is a better chance of me being carried away by army ants than gang green assembling a package worth the Texans parting with Watson.
  5. Do you want some talk? The Buffalo Bills are going to be the American Football Conference Champions tomorrow evening. Done talking.
  6. An actor in what was really a nothing little dry role in a comedy turned it into something more over the years. My wife and always liked the David Wallace involved episodes.
  7. I saw all three of them as they occurred. I thought Taron’s, initially, was the winner, but when I think about it this really is a tough call. Side note, the “hit heard round the world”, which I wasn’t around for, really set the tone in that game, if not the overal outcome, it should maybe be considered here, too. Plus it was for a league championship. To put them in order, considering how close that second afc championship game was, yeah, Freddy has a point. So: Bailey then actually Simpson because it literally saved the game Then Taron, but he
  8. If they set up on the other hash mark (and they intentionally set up on the right if you remember) I believe Norwood’s kick, even with his adjustments, likely would have gone dead solid down the middle. I was there on the other end of the field and up high and as God as my witness for a moment I thought it was good. I thought the refs were stepping forward to raise their arms up... ...jeepers, time.
  9. Turk, you have given me hope that it might be an unprecipitationlessly type evening. Wait...I think I screwed that up. GO DRY BILLS!
  10. HUDS, you had me at "fattening food that tastes delicious and gets chased with alcohol". I gained weight during every Bills' Super Bowl run more than a quarter of century ago. So weird now that I have lost 10 lbs during this one. It's like...I don't know, I am just being focused, healthy and sort of battle ready as a fan to cheer!
  11. If the Bills showed up for the Super Bowl in their Alternative Tennessee Titans-Bledsoe uniforms of the aughts. ... ... ...I might not root for them.
  12. I know I shouldn't be (or maybe I should), but I am honestly more concerned about the weather than Mahomes' health. He is going to play period, but man I would love a break on the conditions it appears we (both) are going to be seeing on Sunday night. This is the only time I've wishe for the earlier game as the temperature and weather are supposed to be quite temperate that day.
  13. THAT...that's how you do it, Turk. That's the pro move. Gotta be super patient and do it juuuussst right, or it blows up.
  14. I...approve. I know many of you respect her golf and fitness tips. I respect her tips, too. ...I feel uncomfortable right now. Excuse me. GO BILLS.
  15. Great post, Hap. Please also math for us what it takes for a football commenter to pass from impartial, to partial, to just being a pure peon lacking any reason like Willie. ...honest to goodness, it’s like Winnie the Pooh telling Piglet the best way to keep his honey safe is to leave it just outside the front door.
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