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  1. Its proposed...it’s not very good, but it is locale, not insulting, and goes directly to a comment about the team or the game and not the city.
  2. I just put in something as an example. No true wives or significant others were harmed, derided or intentionally disparaged in this thread...only place holder examples.
  3. Why do they have to be insulting? Who said they have to love Buffalo? Like I stated, how many times does it even come up for us to comment about someplace else? It just never comes up because there is no reason for it.
  4. ... ... ...it...it does a little, TNM...thank you. Seriously, though, I have friends who could say a few things about Baltimore in agreement with you, but that's not the point. Baltimore doesn't get thrown under the bus...but again...truly...it is perfectly OK to do it to the Buff.
  5. Tired of it. Tired of it. Tired of the stupid...ridiculous...same old, same old comment by out of town media guys joking about the weather up here (and to a degree, life in general in WNY). Happened again today on GR, but so what? It happens all the time from almost everyone outside of this area, right? No. Enough. Once...just once, I want the above comeback from one of our local commentators. Maybe chase it with, "well, since it seems like we were doing open season on insults I figured everything was fair game, you jack@**." Respectfully, please don't give me the "oh, you are being too sensitive", or "be bigger than them on this," or "well, let's be honest, they have a point." They are not saying it to be jocular, although it seems like it. For many of us, this is our home. They are insulting our home. In insulting our home they are insulting us...and they know they are doing it. I'm making this up? Really? Then how many times does our local media say to Bears nation on their stations, "Whoa, here's hoping you guys can pump the breaks on all the murders in your Town long enough so some fans can enjoy the game this weekend." How about Los Angeles? "Still sucking in all that poison air over their, boys? I'll be sure to bring my hazmat suit!" No, we don't and of course we shouldn't, but I just wish the brain dead national media could drop this tired, and yes, offensive stereo type once and for all. If they say anything about Denver or Green Bay weather (which surprisingly is a rarity) it's done in an almost throwing of laurels fashion...not Buffalo...no people, Buffalo is the exception and it is perfectly fine...by them. For the love of all get out can you at least be original with your insults? "The Ravens are going to send the Bills over the Falls, and not even give them a barrel." Maybe, "You like your wings hot up there, but you're probably going to be bringing weak sauce against Baltimore." Something...anything different. *sigh* Glad I got that one out there. GO BILLS.
  6. Yeah, right? I love GMFB, but why doesn't someone, somewhere just start a topic for discussion like, "Are the Toronto Raptors the Defending NBA Champions?" We beat both teams. We beat both teams in their house. We have 50% more wins than both teams have...combined. How lively can this discussion even be?
  7. Pssst, PD, please don't tell anyone I wrote that, then. I don't want to go starting a thing. How do we get off that subject? Seriously, let's just go out this weekend and beat what many consider to be the best team in the NFL. Go Bills!
  8. Respectfully, and as the father of a special needs child, I am completely fine with this.
  9. Watching early morning right now and still want to be surprised so I haven’t read this thread and I don’t know the final score. Third quarter, 24-7 Bears...oh man, did all we do was beat a just plain crappy football team on Thanksgiving Day and nothing more?
  10. Absolutely-damn-straight as an arrow, Brother. Go Bills!
  11. I believe Baltimore may be the best team in football. ...but what if, at home, we are one of those teams or *The* team that gives them problems? Buffalo, 20-17.
  12. Tom Brady versus his burner phone with 77 calls on it to an equipment/ball guy. Ha... ...that phone didn't stand a chance.
  13. I didn't see this coming, either. At least not right now.
  14. Respectfully, I can’t help but read the above and think along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, I know Hitler started WW 2, but besides him why did that thing get going?” In short... It. Is. Scott. Norwood.
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