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  1. I've been hard lately on the front office for some of their picks, the early 3 rounds past the 2018 first round on, but I do have to give credit where credit is due. Deciding to sign Oliver, deciding not to sign Edmunds, and now The 'Nard Dawg's start, boy... ...that is some mighty fine witch-craftory right there.
  2. I think Hulu has it. If you don't have it they may have a free trial.
  3. https://x.com/iamsaucegardner/status/1706364576730669141?s=46&t=lHHYDQy0rtzgijLskE0FFA Sauce, I’m with you on this thing. And we know it’s not the first time.
  4. Phins win very big I could not give 2 big s***s Bills roll in seven
  5. Since just after the first drive last week the Bills have out scored their opponents 75-3. 75-3.
  6. I hate the way this team loves that screen play, and they do love it so. Good effort by everyone in the first half. Should be up more, but they are firing on everything. They whole team looks good. Don’t worry, btw, the National naysayers will be back on Josh for only completing 60% of his passes when this is over. “The old run and gun Allen is back!” 🙄 Go Bills! Keep it going boys!
  7. SDS, did that guy ever really comeback to the Board after the Minnesota game in '18? Moment by moment one of the most hilarious things that has ever happened here.
  8. I couldn't care less about this. I have my own problems. I put $5,000 on the Raiders to win after both team's first drive of the game yesterday. I didn't even have $5,000 in the first place.
  9. I'm sorry, Ryan. I went through it, and just reading your similar situation got me pissed off all over again. Honestly, they need assistance on the weekend. You paid so much for it, and you are making people pay a lot for it...and no one working on the weekend?!! WTH?! Think!
  10. We only won by 28 over a 1-0. What did you expect? "Oh sure, great QB. Contact us when his rating is over 130, he completes 90% of his passes, and has 4 TDs instead of 3. On second thought, don't contact us at all. Milano who? Cook who?!"
  11. It was a nightmare for me. It took me 20 plus minutes to regain access on my mobile devices. Really, YouTube? You trusted my locations last week and then this week not so much? And what you needed from me wasn’t even clickable?! I went through setup yoga and finally got it. This better not happen next week. At least have someone working these first few weekends to help resolve issues. Getting it resolved on Monday is a little pointless. Otherwise, it has been good.
  12. Yes, she’s dead. He bought his granddaughter the jersey that was most memorable from the moment he proposed to his wife.
  13. teef, not he exact same thing, but I loved Von production last year, but worried about how an advancing-aged player may get dinged. It worked for awhile, and I believe it will work again when he gets back...same sauce, though. Yes, freak injury. I just get more worried about the freak injuries when these guys are older. Would a healthy Von have made a difference? Maybe...probably.
  14. I very respectfully disagree, because I just don't think they do the same thing. I think it will be symbiotic in nature and I don't anticipate much of a drop off from Knox. Both tight ends could combine for 100 receptions this year. Kincaid may, not definitely, but may have more of an effect on Harty's numbers, and I expect Harty to add more than iMck did last year. Go Bills!
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