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  1. K', you're a little rambling and incoherent there so I will try to help you out by going over things in bullet points for you. I went to school for STEM and found myself in food manufacturing. I found myself at a low point due to a combination some poor personal decisions, including not taking treatment for anxiety and depression. I take responsibility for that. But yeah, starting from scratch with your life can be tough, especially when the decision to get a degree came when industry number on salary were reporting about 20K annually higher than expected, and then needing to take a step back from even that subpar level. Getting a little extra cash, and more time to work on my mental health to get myself back on track without starving, defaulting on loans or getting evicted absolutely helped me. As bad a things were in the economy in 2020, things would have been worse had we allowed nature to run its course. On a related note, part of my trouble in the first place was that wages have been massively depressed in comparison to productivity. I am privy to some of the public reports of profit number of places I have worked and let me tell you: The parts of Corporate America that I saw still made money hand over fist. Looking at their earning statements before you scream about how inflation is causing commodity price increases. As an aside, I am still blown away by business owners who do not blink at adjusting models to increases in price for raw material in logistics, but somehow cannot grasp that labor is a commodity. This is the first time in my memory where people actually began to grasp that fact, which is one small blessing. RE: student loans-people did not blink at the idea of shelling out billions of tax cuts for corporations in some trickle down illusion. I personally support the ground up model, because if you give a millionaire $50K he will maybe so some stock buybacks with it. If you give it to middle class Americans? They put it back into their local economies. This is a much better investment, and helps the auto industry and generates generational wealth with home ownership. I get that economics might be a hard subject to pick up, but do a bit of research. Let me tell you, I spend less on gas than I used to. And I cannot put a price at having more time in my day to do things rather than sitting pissed off in my car. I know my story isn't universal. But as much as I love to criticize Biden, the stimulus reaaaaally ain't what has made it worse for most people.
  2. I'm always excited. More than our 1s, here's what I hope to see: -Someone distingusihing themselves in the CB battle -what kind of depth chart we are looking at for WR -how have our DE's gotten better from Von's tutilege According to the media thing in the first post, yes, simulcast on NFLN. I hear you, I was wondering the same thing.
  3. Is she just saying that to make our O-line coach look good? Who knows what will happen to the lawn chairs in the meanwhile! I sometimes forget how big Roussaeu is. That looks like more than a 3" inch difference in height, considering that Von is measured at 6'3 and Rouss at 6'6. I hope that this is the year for Rouss
  4. Joe Biden was my least favorite choice to win the Democratic primary. Unfortunately, the primary process seems to prioritize the opinions in people in states that Democrats are less likely to win, meaning that Democrats get dragged to the center while Republicans have become a lunatic fringe. If tomorrow, the Justice Department announced that Hunter Biden was facing charges and Biden decided to not run in 2024 I would cheer because it would mean someone more competent on the ticket. So say what you want about him. Go for it.
  5. Tax evasion is the thing that Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation for. The removal of a corrupt Ukranian prosecutor actually increased the odds of charges against it. And once again, if there is evidence for it, nail his ass to the wall. But no, this is just your "ooooh everyone is corrupt, therefore this has to be corrupt, therefore you can't believe your own eyes" way of burying your head in the sand.
  6. I'll keep this drumbeat going: Do you support defunding the police? Because I'm all for it. If you think that law enforcement is corrupt, and judges who sign off on search warrants are corrupt, and prosecutors are corrupt then why protect them?
  7. I think one of the best points I heard made about why Elam was the pick is that as much as we love Tre, Poyer, Hyde and Taron Johnson, none of them are athletic freaks by NFL standards. I think they are arguably the best DB group in the league, but that's because they are masters of techique, instincts and have found there place in a defensive scheme that maximizes them. To defend a Tyreek Hill, everything needs to go perfectly. One wrong angle, and 13 seconds was enough time to wreck us. Ideally, Elam can grow into that role, to be the one who can jam ultra speedy/big receivers instead of finessing it.
  8. I mean, I have heard the Epstein conspiracy theories again, but I live in the real world and not a bubble. And from what records say, Wray was before Congress last week doing standard department spin. Nothing here is telling me anything that makes this any different from what everyday Americans suffer. If you want to fix that problem, get aboard, but I heard plenty of naysayers back in 2020. Go for it. Oh, what, you think that I'm upset over someone being investigated for charges of (checks federal probe info) tax evasion? Surely that has the moral equivalence of (checks other federal probe) stealing classified documents. Nail 'em both, but even on your whataboutism let's not pretend that Hunter Biden is anywhere near as bad as Trump is.
  9. ...by a judge. Who reviewed findings and felt there was probably cause. You know, like they are supposed to do for everyone. But on top of that (quoting from NPR) umm...that's the point that police reform activists have been hammering for years. Again, I ask, are you in favor of criminal justice reform now, or are you mad because your cult leader is the one in the machine this time?
  10. Wow. Holy wild overstatement Batman. That occurred is less destructive or violent than countless no-knock warrants issued for going after drugs. In both cases, the justification has been "to prevent people from destroying evidence". No one was shot, which already makes this one of the better warranted searches in this country. So comrade, are you finally ready to place restrictions on searches and seizures in this country, with a greater perponderance of evidence required for a warrant, the removal of no knock warrants and greater civilian oversight on law enforcement activities? Because there was a big protest about that in 2020 that was about those things that I seem to remember that you did not look kindly upon? Or is this just "doing it to the wrong kind of people" and you are throwing out a soundbite showing your utter lack of knowledge on how law enforcement has been operating?
  11. A few thing things: One, law enforcement misconduct has been a problem for a loooong time. You want to convince me that the FBI has purposely gone out of its way to find stuff on people? That takes very little convincing because we have a historical record on it. Declassified FBI files absolutely show that they actively targeted the Black Panthers, progressive organizations, and all the other stuff that good old Jay Edgar got up to. And this is a problem at local levels too. While I don't want to rely on anecdotal evidence for the main thrust here, there are legions of examples of local police being just sure that someone did something and then proceed to hassle them at the nearest opportunity. And this gets swept under the rug constantly and law enforcement has been vociferously defended by many fine bootlickers on this thread. They only seem to care when the "wrong kind of person" is on the other end. Two, are you kidding me? If Donald Trump wasn't a rich white dude with political connections, he probably would have been convicted already, best case scenario. We have seen people "shot while resisting" for far far less. This was a search warrant, which to be honest, was executed with more grace than many people get. People get convicted for when cops "hear a cry for help". Mueller found ten instances which could be investigated for felonies, but because he believed in the process he kicked the ball to Congress (controlled by Republicans) and the Attorney General (appointed by Trump). Same for Ukraine, only he got bailed out by people towing the party line. And then we get to all of his efforts to decertify the election, of which his partisans are still at work. What was on video and social media alone would be enough to get a normal Joe arrested, so forgive me if I don't wilt and blush at a search warrant execution. Three...look, I will level with you. I do not particularly like Joe Biden. I dearly hope that he chooses not to run in 2024. I don't want to give too much credit to him, and I will say that he is too much of a coward to sign off on something like this without being sure that it's a slam dunk. I highly doubt that he was not consulted, and did not sign off on this, and that he was not given assurances that whatever was found would disqualify Trump running in 2024. In short, you think the government is corrupt? So do I! Now stop ride or dying with the ones who are actively making the autocracy!
  12. Honestly? Yes, much better. I had hit a low point professionally in 2019 and found myself taking a step back to move to an area in the industry where there was more potential professional development. My industry boomed in 2020 as lockdowns started, and we went from planning scheduled furloughs to being pushed past capacity. When the furloughs did come, the COVID relief packages meant that I didn't have to scrimp because my unemployment effectively covered the paycheck. The relative lack of places to go meant that I saved a lot more money. The stop of federal student loan payments meant that I could focus on paying off principal and I made ground that I never could have done without it. The time off meant that I could work on my resume and start building for a new job. In 2021 I took a new job with a 50% raise and a shorter commute so I barely fill up my tank once a week. The vast majority of people in know in my generation found new jobs, better paying jobs, and are far, far, far happier with their new employment and work life balance. Now, I am not going to credit Joe Biden for all of that. In fact, I'm looking real hard at some of the promises he has yet to deliver on. But the answer to your leading question is not what you are hoping for in my case.
  13. Oh look, people here are advocating the for defunding and dismantling of law enforcement? Let's go back to some of the takes from Summer 2020: "(Insert Appropriate Party Here) is on the side of the criminals!" "If he just complied, nothing would have happened" "If he has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to fear" "(Blank). Every time something doesn't go their way they start rioting" Basically what I am hearing is that law enforcement is supposed to go after "those people" and the idea that one of your clique could ever face scrutiny from law enforcement has scandalized you beyond belief. Do I believe that law enforcement on all levels has WAAAAAAAY too little oversight, and that judges are all to often to take law enforcement's word on its own as gospel, and that prosecutors wield terrifying amounts of power to destroy your life in order to get a conviction. Absolutely. Which is why progressives have been pounding the table on this for years, only to be drowned out about how they are soft on crime and Trump himself screamed about he was the "LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT!!!". Well, now he has a taste of it. From Trump, to his accomplices, to the base that enabled them, you really did make your bed on this one. I am happy to help you advocate for legislation that fixes these issues, but I suspect that you'll stop caring the moment your prize con artist is not in imminent danger.
  14. It's funny what all these people who claim to support "Law and Order" and downplayed or dismissive of criminal justice reform in 2020 are now out screaming secession and tyranny. If you have an issue with a legally obtained warrant issued on the correct address with no one being killed, and don't have it when police kick down the wrong door and kill someone, really ask yourself why you're upset.
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