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  1. I think Beane wants Thomas, but if he's not there Franklin is my choice. The "oh, he's too slight" is less of a concern in my mind knowing that you can stick him at X and dial up crazy combinations for Samuel, Shakir, Cook and Kincaid, and if they leave him alone he can win deep.
  2. In my mind, there are five WRs who seem projected to be WR1s: Harrison, Oduze and Nabers sound like slam dunks. Brian Thomas has one year that shows that he could be. Adonai Mitchell has the physical gifts, but sounds like a project. After that? Everyone sounds like a situational piece. Now, is there a decent chance that one of those 5 is a bust, and we are talking about a gem that all the others teams missed? I'd say so. But it seems that if he misses out on Thomas, Beane want to be in position to have his favorite of the 2nd tier and have the ammo to take him somewhere in the 2nd round.
  3. I mean, they should be. It's just that help can be had with people expected to go in the 2nd-3rd
  4. I've been wondering about this. Granted, I think that if Beane has the ammunition to go up a few spots and get Brian Thomas (or perhaps higher) he might. But if Thomas is gone by the teens without getting a sniff, and Troy Franklin, Coleman, Mitchell, Legette AND Howard are all there at 28 they might kick back into the mid-30s to get a third.
  5. Mourn what was. Mourn what could have been. And let's move on. We as fans have a much brighter future now.
  6. I mean, if you are telling me that the Bills picks up Brian Thomas at 28 i would be asking if Beane broke a leg sprinting to the podium.
  7. Wouldn't hate him at 28, would be stoked if Beane moves back into the mid 30s and gets him and a high third
  8. I'll be honest, at the end last season when I started pouring over draft profiles, Franklin was the top of my "get a vertical X receiver" list. My only issue was "I don't think he's a WR1, can command the type of gravity that Diggs did in his prime" Had the plan been "Get an outside guy to stop double coverage on Diggs" I would have been thrilled with him at 28. If Beane has a plan to get a #1 I am all onboard. But I worry about him carrying the load. Peter Schrager gave him an endorsement the other night, and an insider shared that scouts really like him.
  9. I am honestly thinking Brian Thomas is the right pick at the right spot. There are enough weapons out there (Samuel, Shakir, Kincaid, Cook) that not everything needs to flow through him immediately but looks pro ready enough to win 1 on 1 if against most #2 CB
  10. Honestly, if there is a point where need meets position for Beane to move up for, at this point I think it's Thomas. He's got the size and speed, and the LSU pedigree for Brady. I'm not saying he's our guy come hell or high water. If someone snipes him at 15, the Bills are SOL. But if he makes it to the late teens or early 20s I think Beane does his best to work some magic. If not, seeing Mitchell comes to you. After that, sorry folks let's try Round 2.
  11. I honestly think that the team could have gotten another good year out of him. If things don't look too rosy coming out of Houston and he wanted to come back I'd have him in a heartbeat as part of a cast. Just...on a reduced salary.
  12. Yeah, but they'd still need to work out a contract in three weeks
  13. Oof. Just saw his contract hit. We can't afford that without working out a new contract first.
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