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  1. I was away this week and there was no time to prep so I am ordering ribs, brisket and smoked wings from a local bbq place
  2. Prediction Time: The Steelers move the ball well. Najee Harris breaks off some highlight reel runs and our defense allows some embarrassing 3rd and 4th down conversions. But as the field shrinks the Steelers settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. TJ Watt gets his, but Allen is able to work Diggs, Sanders and Beasley with dink and dunks with Allen constantly a big play threat. Bills 35, Steelers 31
  3. We knew he had practiced with the team Wednesday, so he was going to play. This just ties up more cap later for them when it all comes crashing down. I will file that under "A good problem to have"
  4. Holy cheese we have not seen a single snap of regular season football. That take isn't hot, it has to be from a geothermal fissure because it is a lot of superheated gas. Would I love to have a defense that matches the 2000 Ravens? Yes. But that is a lot to assume before we ever see a snap.
  5. Because it's better than the nothing they get when people just pirate it.
  6. Ignoring things like potential alcoholics wanting to stay away from places like that or people with small children who can't get out of the house It's not the "don't want to pay for Sunday ticket". It's "I don't want to pay for DirecTV, have them install a satellite for a product/service I don't want, to THEN spend MORE money to buy a service I want but is only available for less then half the year" If they were to ever offer Sunday Ticket streaming separate I would be all over that in a heartbeat. Exactly my point. $250 a year to watch as many games as I want safely on my own devices, to let my wife watch her Eagles games would be well worth it.
  7. It continues to astound me that years into the massive move to streaming services, where pretty much every entertainment company INCLUDING Direct TVs own parents company has their own(AT&T owns HBO Max) and they still refuse to offer an out of market streaming service to everyone. It is doubly astounding because they actually have the technology in place and choose to only let limited people buy it. It's like having a machine that prints money, but only turning it on when a customer buys a fax machine.
  8. Good. I think he's Bam Johnsons replacement. Maybe it's because I'm an ardent advocate for modern usage of the FB but I think that having the option does far more for our offense than an extra body on defense.
  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I did the matchups in my head. Cover 1 does very well made breakdowns in advance of games so I will defer to them but from a quick look I think that our strengths and their weaknesses match up very well for us. The advantage of the Steelers defense is a very, very good D-line. I am not going to dismiss them, and I think they will get their due. With that said, Josh's ability to extend plays and throw on the run do mitigate that advantage. On top of that, apart from Minkah Fitzpatrick at safety they seem to be subpar in the secondary. Seeing the slant routes that Trubs nailed vs the Bears and the dump off routes to Sanders we saw vs the Packers, with the fact that we seem loaded at WR with Diggs, Sanders, Beasley and Davis I think that the Bills could pass sixty times and have the wheels to keep it fresh. The Steelers finally seem to have a decent running back and Ben has some pop back in his arm, I am not overwhelmed by their WR group. Our secondary is good enough that unless they just go 5 wide all the time I think they are containable. Oh, I think that they will manage to dink and dunk well, and I will be tearing my hair out because they will make 3rd downs they shouldn't, but a weak offensive line and a rookie RB should not gash our run game weakness, and our overloaded group at D-line should keep us fresh. I think the Steelers keep it close, but the Bills have an extra gear the Steelers don't have anymore.
  10. I'm actually happy to see so many pro-Pitt takes. I want the Bills hungry on the 12th. But "disheveled from COVID?" What? Maybe at most Dawkins missing a lot of camp, but he looked fine last game and he has another week and a half. No other players have missed substancial time. That's a hot take.
  11. I know the risk is always there that you let go of a young guy for a so so vet, but I have to agree with it. I see the future in Espenesa, Groot and Basham but they really do need more time to season. Hughes and Addison have one final year for the transition. I would rather have the veterans for the final year before we turn it over
  12. I don't want to get cocky. Their GM seems to be avoiding some of the dysfunction that plagued the Phins in the 2010's and they seem to have some talent. But yeah they got spanked by Matt Barkley and the 2s in a game that they had to win to squeak into the newly created 7th playoff spot. To say that transplanting even an above average QB into that mix equaling a Super Bowl seems premature.
  13. We have a rare problem of too many good special teamers and a glut at defensive line. We got value for a 7th round pick we were likely going to need to cut. I'll take it.
  14. We have experience with "high end meetings" ourselves. Also, Miami staff is high as a kite if they think that they are Super Bowl contenders at every position but QB
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