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  1. Well, I will owe up to one thing: it doesn't seem to be perjury, just intensely misleading. But as to the others: But in regards to prosecution of crimes, here is his law review article: http://www.minnesotalawreview.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Kavanaugh_MLR.pdf Here are the quotes from it. And here is the clip of him on C-Span explaining his argument in backing Catholic charites over providing birth control: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4747818/kavanaugh-calls-birth-control-abortion https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2018/09/06/brett-kavanaugh-supreme-court-confirmation-abortion-inducing-drugs/1217561002/
  2. The man should be disqualified for a number of reasons. First and foremost his unfounded belief that a sitting president is immune from prosecution for any and all crimes. Close runners up are Perjuring himself under oath during his hearing, and his complete lack of understanding of the difference between birth control and abortion. So while I think that some healthy skepticism about the accusation of sexual assault is warranted, what the hell made people think he was a good choice to begin with?
  3. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    He certainly has his issues. But to me, it seemed like when the coaches and the line gave him time to sling it, he did it with aplomb. I mean, holy hell, that bomb to Zay was underthrown, but let's appreciate the distance on that.
  4. Well, they claimed to have checked that the authority was a member of the administration with some clout. If this person has a story in which they claim to be operating a shadow government, that's absolutely a story. It is their reputation and credibility on the line. So, assuming that they actually did verify the identity of the author, the Times is actively working as a free and independent press, which is what they are supposed to do. The question is the identity of the source and the veracity of what they say. I tend to believe it, as it tracks with what we've seen as outside observers: the biggest policy changes being deregulation and tax code, the orgasm inducers of the conservative wing. Everything else has pretty much ground itself out. The petty backstabbing and paranoia jives with what we heard in Fire and Fury and the Fear books. So either all these separate competing journalists all fabricated sources and documents to spin coorborating lies...or the dude who claimed to clean up 9/11 rubble personally while also watch Muslim in NJ celebrating is full of a metric ton of crap. Considering that their readership has been increasing...i am guessing no time soon. With two...i don't think you understand how journalism works. Or what complicity is. They would be complicit if they KILLED the story alerting people to this news. Publishing it has alerted people to a need to remedy the problem. Even progressives think it's dangerous to let those cowards be kleptocrats
  5. Huh? If it's quality reporting, then how are they anything other than a responsible press?
  6. That's my point. People are having it both ways. If it wasn't a legitimate threat to our Constitutional checks and balances, and raises the possibility that the POTUS is a borderline senile and easily manipulated man-child I would find it hilarious that the Deep State wasn't his political opponents or a secret cabal of intelligence officials but his reality show casting by hiring of petty, backstabbing sycophants out purely for their own gain. But it is, and I'm not laughing.
  7. So, what I am hearing is that the Op-Ed simultaneously: A) completely made up by some rando at the "failing" NYT as part of the "lamestream media's" war on Trump, in spite of the fact that it meshes with numerous accounts of people who left. And B) Absolutely validates a Deep State conspiracy, probably done at Obama and/or Clinton's behest.
  8. Ok, this might surprise some people: I think the author of the article is a coward. If you truly think that Trump is so unfit to run the country that you are actively undermining him, that you are working contrary to him to the point that you consider yourself a "Resistance" than what the hell are you doing? If there are so many of you, stand proudly and resign to tell your story. You could try to convince people to invoke the 25th Amendment which would place Pence in charge, and in spite of my feelings on the man, no one can deny that he is a bona fide social conservative. No, instead you have what you feel is an easily manipulated dupe and you are maximizing your opportunity. You can go do the things that you want to do, knowing that no one will be able to pin it on you and will blame Trump for anything unpopular. Once you leave, you can go make bank at a lobbying firm Of course, I think there is now ample evidence from multiple sources (Omorosa, Woodward's book, this Op-Ed) that the Trump White House is a dysfunctional mess, and that the man is especially inept, but that is nothing new.
  9. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Is it time for Kaepernick?

    Look, I like Kaep well enough, and I think he's been treated unfairly. There is no way that he is a worse starting QB than Peterman. That said, we drafted Allen and invested in him. At this point, he seems to be alright with checking his reads, and his accuracy is nowhere near as bad as predicted. His biggest flaw seems to be that he still needs to feel where pressure is coming from. The only way that we are going to see that is getting him on the field. It can't be worse than what we saw from Peterman to lead us to 40-0.
  10. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Eagles Fan Noise

    I could hear them on third down. You can say a lot of things about Philly fans, but they care about their team.
  11. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Snobby about chicken wings

    What I will say is that I don't think that Buffalo has a monopoly on good wings. I *have* found that within the WNY area, pretty much every random pizza shack can make pretty decent wings. The same cannot be said for outside the area in my experience. There is a chain franchise around the Philly area called PJ Whelihan's, and they boast that they are the official wing of Wingbowl, the local wing eating competition. They are the local go to place for people on wing night. They are terrible. Soggy skin, small wings, flavorless sauces, and somehow they get the nod. In the meanwhile, there is a fantastic place called the Jug Handle Inn that is well off the beaten path. They are a bit unconventional: they bread their wings and keep the wing tips on. This turned me off, but their sauces are fantastic, the breading is light enough that you barely notice, and the wing tips give you an extra crunchy bite at the end.
  12. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    What I haven’t seen from Peterman

    A game without an interception?
  13. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    "Fear: Trump in the White House"

    It's over something so petty that it's not what I call outrage. It's more "sadly shaking head and laughing" I mean, Trump long proved that he wasn't trustworthy enough to watch a bent nickel never mind the presidency. There was his consistent pattern of ripping off contractors, claiming Muslims in NJ danced over the Twin Towers falling and then doubling down on it when it was debunked. There was him mocking a reporter that he had known for years on a name basis, in front of a camera and then lying about knowing the guy and that he was mocking him. There was him admitting that he doesn't pay taxes in a debate. There has been is ever changing story about the meeting his son took in Trump tower, from it being about adoptions, to a business opportunity until he finally admitted that his son went to the meeting to get foreign intel about his political opponent. This just makes me laughingly ask "What kind of idiot believes a word out of his mouth? What moronic rube can actually try to defend the level of his lying, which seems to border on pathological? How gullible can a person be?" And then I come on here and get my answer.
  14. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    "Fear: Trump in the White House"

    Dude, I'm not the QAnon fanboy here. It would appear Irony has no bounds 😂 My question is this: who am I more likely to believe? The well respected journalist who has hundreds of hours of taped conversations to use as transcripts, or former generals/politician aides who have their jobs at stake if they don't form some kind of denial? Especially when the political aides have seen ample evidence of their employer's base simply ignoring facts about things caught on tape. Simply put, if it is really wrong, have them put their money where their mouth is: sue for libel. I highly doubt they will.
  15. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    "Fear: Trump in the White House"

    Oh look, yet another example of the President lying about things he's said when there is tape of him saying it. https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-mentally-retarded-sessions-1106074 Yes, clearly the Pulitzer prize winning journalist who had one of the biggest scoops in the last 100 years of American politics is the one making things up. Please. Alright people, let's investigate "This week in Astroturfing fantasies" What was last week, crisis actors hired for another mass shooting?