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  1. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Do they have confirmation of that? I wasn't sure. But if he asked a friend to enter, and knew that he might get rough, I can see a crime and the league might just push through and give a suspension anyway.
  2. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    yeah...unless it quickly becomes obvious that Shady had zero part in this (in a different state, no connection at all to whoever did this) I easily see 6 games. If he is culpable, he's gone.
  3. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Oh, you mean those things you douse with gasoline and throw onto the body you have ground up and in the freezer. ...or so I've heard 🤐
  4. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    That would be much appreciated if you have the time!
  5. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    Yeah, it's been...less than fun. On another note, there's also a sous vide version where you finish it on charcoal. I might give that a look this summer... It was my first time 😛 I did soak them, but I was also trying to do it with a hurry, and my stuffer is a screw mounted attachment on my kitchenaid. Next time, I just need to be patient.
  6. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    It was a lot of work. I had a hard time getting the casing on the spout and it kept sliding off, and then it burst. And I thought it would be quick, but it was taking forever. Then I knocked over the bowl of pork intestines, and it got everywhere. It took forever to clean up.
  7. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    Yeah. The question is if I'll have time to run to the store before I'm eating at 9 at might cuz I went low and slow enough lol I also have some sausages I tried making I could smoke... (and I note, the casings were hard to work with. Insert a plethora of jokes here)
  8. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    ohhh yeah. And my car AC is broken and I work in KoP It's been some rough commutes.
  9. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    Hmm. I don't have a smoker, so I might need to improvise one. The wife is out this weekend, and I have to do yardwork on a scorching day lol. Maybe making an improvised smoker is my consolation prize
  10. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Attempting my first foray into smoking today

    I actually saw a different one that really interested me on a site called Serious Eats. The recipe said that chuck is cheaper than brisket (which I knew) and more foolproof to smoke. I might add more of a dry rub than what I saw, but your method worked out well?
  11. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Post a pic of what your childhood crush looks like today

    When I was in my just about to be teenager when the Star Wars prequels began to come out. Mmmm Natalie Portman to 13 year old me Now
  12. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Do you buy organic food?

    There are two (somewhat related) topics here: organic foods and Whole Foods Working in the food industry, and going through a lot of academic research, I can say that there is no study I could find that could conclude that organic food is more nutritious, safer, or tastes better than conventional foodstuffs when you go through double blind tests (neither the tester, or testee knows which is which during the test). That said, there is botanical work that suggests that organics in the store taste better because they aren't being grown for volume, as nutrients and flavor compounds are more densely compacted. Most megacorp-argiculture prioritizes size and speed of growth, so it can taste watered down. But it's not the "organic" quality that likely does it: it's freshness, and being picked at a smaller size that seems to give more flavor. If you can, roadside stands and farmers markets are the best way to go. As far as I can tell, it doesn't do anything for any other type of foodstuff. As for Whole Foods, I think they are a bit overpriced compared to Wegmans without a resulting increase in quality. They also range a lot depending on the store. The one that used to be by me had a great fish section and a better bakery, but was subpar to Wegmans in a bunch of areas. I'm not a fan, but I hear there are better ones in ritzier areas.
  13. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Stream Bills games on CBS All Access

    A VPN can make it possible for you to use a legal service, for which you pay for, as if you were using it out of a specific location. You are still paying, you are still watching commercials and you are still generating revenue for the league. I just really wish they would stop this ridiculous "stream but only within an arbitrary distance" nonsense.
  14. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Stream Bills games on CBS All Access

    Ok, to make sure I understand this: They allow streaming, but only if you are in market? Is it possible to access via computer? Can you VPN to access it? I really would like to watch games legally, but I am pretty sure I can't do DirecTV in my area and this sounds more than affordable.
  15. You know who I think assumes I'm stupid? I think it's the people who want to look at our economy, an economy where our GDP grew every year since 2009, with trade all along the world and say "You know who is stealing your job? Mexicans. Mexicans are why the owner of your company shut it down and relocated it to Mexico. Clearly, not the owner of the company. You should have given him more tax breaks because he was only making 8 million instead of 12 every year." If you want to say that you don't want open borders, I agree. There should be limits, and realistic reform. A complete open border makes no sense. But saying that we are advocating for human trafficking, drug smuggling and vote mongering is retarded. The Wall doesn't stop drug smuggling. Smuggling pathways are far more intricate, and our ports are a far easier way to enter than that disgrace of an idea. Human trafficking will still happen, because they will look for other routes, and internal policing should be far more effective. You want to say that we need to rework the immigration process, increase border security while making citizenship or legal residence more in line with the reality of the situation? I wholeheartedly agree. But this is not that. It's dog whistling. It's making his base feel nice and big about themselves, about how it's not their fault for being in a bad place, and how things will be so much better once Miguel is dragged from his home. They were sure pretty effing united in ripping apart Obama era policies, and giving themselves nice big tax cuts. But again...I don't see any other conclusion from you're saying that doesn't lead me to other than "Republicans are a dysfunctional mess who don't have the capacity to govern"