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  1. I do... the problem is actually getting the signal in a way that doesn't cut out every 7 seconds
  2. The issue is that both are owned by Disney and need the same extra add on package. I mean, I could use nfl bite but I want to watch it on my TV, not casting it with tons of lag.
  3. I think Kroft is a dead man walking. Knox and Sweeny are already giving you more production
  4. Haha yeah that was my first thought as well.
  5. Well f**k why did it have to be ABC? I'm going to need to expand my Sling account to pick it up.
  6. Does anyone have special insight on the Texans? Pretty much all I know has been hearing that if you can slow down Watson they fall apart and don't have much of a counterpunch. From that, we seem like an ideal matchup, but it would be great if someone has hit the tape.
  7. Important thing to consider too: even if dont manage to take the division from them, a loss might send the Pats* into the third seed, which puts more tread on Brady and doesn't give him a week to recover. You know I was with you in Week 4. But I don't want any suspensions on us in the playoffs. Of course I want Brady pounded into the turf, and you better believe I'm going to scream bloody murder if we get flagged. Just... study the tape on how to avoid getting suspensions 😎
  8. I don't mind Gore running. But he is best suited for downhill running. I think the phrase was "Wham block", or guards pulling to open up the B gap, but Gore just doesn't have the speed to go outside the tackle.
  9. I'll admit, the game had me screaming at the TV at times at bad play calls and stupid mistakes, but it's honestly hard to ask for more. The Bills held off a playoff contender, on the road, in primetime. It seemed like every time there was a 50/50 chance it went the Steelers way, but no one panicked. Unlike Dallas, the Steelers are well coached and clearly showed up to play, and they have a style a lot like ours. Tomlin deserves credit for salvaging the season, and might have bought Big Ben another year or two.
  10. I was screaming at the TV on those first two plays after the big TD return by Tre. Overall Daboll has done a solid job, but holy jeebus, right now if Gore is doing one cut it's one cut too many. I group these together because I think this preparation has become a Hallmark of McDermott's style. We might not win every game, but we almost never look unprepared for those games
  11. Allen for sure. He sure looked the part, able to adjust protections at the line in a crowded stadium
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