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  1. We appreciate him, but he's a shifty player. We don't have that "when you need one yard, and the defense knows you need that yard he's gonna run for it" guy Well, we do but right now it's Josh Allen
  2. Hey! Tom Brady has his health to think about! He has zero risk of catching any pandemic while playing in LA. That stadium is always empty
  3. I have to give it to him: right now, there is no one position where I think the Bills desperately need to sign someone. (Maybe RT) There are plenty of places to upgrade, but right now I feel comfortable with the Bills signing reasonably priced free agents and then supplementing that with people you hope are going to be studs in the draft.
  4. It's also very keeping with the building strategy that we have seen from our current brain trust: fill basic needs with moderately priced free agents and hope they outperform (Poyer and Hyde) or at the very worst not be a liability (Kroft and Star, Vontae was the worst and even that didn't break us) while we are able to take BPA and see an immediate result. That has yielded some excellent results in the past few years, so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  5. I know a lot of people are joking, but I honestly like the move. Look, I don't consider him elite, but I remember the number of times that Levi Wallace got burned last year. Wallace was a great deal for a #2, and his RFA status makes him someone I want to hold onto, but our bargaining position just got better. Norman goes back to a system that he was best in, and we don't have to worry about drafting a CB to replace White or Wallace.
  6. I do... the problem is actually getting the signal in a way that doesn't cut out every 7 seconds
  7. The issue is that both are owned by Disney and need the same extra add on package. I mean, I could use nfl bite but I want to watch it on my TV, not casting it with tons of lag.
  8. I think Kroft is a dead man walking. Knox and Sweeny are already giving you more production
  9. Haha yeah that was my first thought as well.
  10. Well f**k why did it have to be ABC? I'm going to need to expand my Sling account to pick it up.
  11. Does anyone have special insight on the Texans? Pretty much all I know has been hearing that if you can slow down Watson they fall apart and don't have much of a counterpunch. From that, we seem like an ideal matchup, but it would be great if someone has hit the tape.
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