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  1. I use a similar one: An ugly win is prettier than the best moral victory. I've lived through too many "moral victories" in the 2000s to believe in those anymore.
  2. Ahh, the old "they can't see us if our uniforms make their eyes bleed" gambit
  3. Well, there's an easy way to tell. Throw it away. If it's a Peter-burger, it will be intercepted
  4. Maybe. Was the impossible burger invented at Harvard?
  5. Just dont bother with a Wagyu burger. That makes that beef special is the high fat content and you can just get that from grinding in fat cap so you are massively overpaying for something ordinary. Or, as I like to call it the Brock Osweiler.
  6. I am also going to come in for my big heaping helping of crow as someone who was upset at us taking "the wrong Josh"
  7. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I crunches the numbers on Allen's YPG, which so far includes two very, very stringent passing defenses and does not include the upcoming two matchups vs the Dolphins. Right now, Allen is averaging 224.5 yards per game. Now, forecast that over the rest of the season (never mind the poor defenses we are looking to play) and that forecasts over 3500 yards. Holy schnikes, I would have cut off a leg in previous seasons to have a QB throw for that many. I remember the calls for the Bills to trade for Cutler or Bradford to get numbers like that. Just to keep things in perspective.
  8. I might get roasted for this, but I think that the Bills should bring on a few scrub players to be DE's the next time they play the Patriots and have them go helmet to helmet on Brady and drive him into the turf but "roll the shoulder". If the cost for giving Tom Brady a concussion is just 15 yards, hell, I'll take that any day of the week. I would set up a Go Fund Me to pay for any fines incurred. Yes, it's scummy, but at this point, with the relationship with the Pats and Bills, player safety calls have been SO lopsided it's time to send a message. Like I mentioned before, a few years ago Hughes got hit with a personal foul for slapping his teammates helmet to celebrate. Last year, Gronk delivered that cheap shot and got barely anything. This year, the gave our QB a concussion. Even if it was just poor form, the Pats saw fewer consequences for spearing a QB than a player congratulating a teammate after the play was over. When it's that bad, lean into the skid.
  9. It was a winnable game and we lost it with a combination of rough officiating against us at crucial times and some really poor play calling.
  10. It means that Allen has played so few games for the team that he is still eligible for the team's practice squad. That's how few reps under fire he's had, and he's already improved this much.
  11. I have a strong gut feeling that Kroft is gone in 2020. The question is more whether Beane can get a pick for him, because it's still a reasonable contract for a vet. but Knox and Sweeney look like the future.
  12. But I really think that makes him the right person to deliver the message. Brady has a long history on whining for a call the moment that things don't go his way. His O-line gets banged up, and suddenly Brady is the one complaining about the refs not "lettin' 'em play". Meanwhile, Hughes has a long history of actually being f'd over by the refs. Does anyone else remember the personal foul for slapping his own teammate on the helmet in a celebration for getting a stop? If there is anyone better qualified to point out the double standard, it's him. Besides, weren't there people here talking about how Belicheck plays 4D chess like a genius by having Brady tweet that? How are we getting upset that the Bills finally start seeing the board?
  13. Wasn't the story going into training camp "how long will it take for the pieces on the O-line to gel?" Morse was out the whole camp At this point? Agreed. Tennessee and the Eagles are looking way less intimidating as expected. The Redskins look as bad as expected. Miami is looking like a division II college team. Even if you prematurely chalk up the Pat's game as a loss (which you shouldn't) there is no reason why it's crazy that Bill's aren't 7-1 or 6-2. At the half way point. Yes, it's harder after that, but that is a nice number of wins banked.
  14. Just bench him. Singletary needs to be healthy for the rest of the year. Gore and Yeldon can hold down the fort for one game. If Singletary is really day to day, make sure that he doesn't take a shot too early which takes him out for a month or longer.
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