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  1. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Sessions Resigns as AG

    I find it hilarious that these knuckleheads decide to keeping posting the NPC meme and calling people they don't like "NPC's". And yet, they are copying and pasting from 4chan, keep to simple (incorrect) answers, and have the same talking points. Irony is lost upon them. They think it's the next country ISIS takes (after I-raq, I-ran, those secret muslims must be coming from I-rony) 😂
  2. Wow...none of you have ever taken a job before you had new housing lined up? Some people must have never moved for work.
  3. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Midterm Election Gameday Thread

    I like the idea that we spent more than a passing moment to determine whether or not we were going to promote a sexual assaulter to the higher court of the land in a rushed effort to make sure a Republican led Senate was kept. That she was questioned for four hours to relieve the worst day of her life, to have them question its validity, to try to smear her as being a pawn in a conspiracy, to have them try to question a psychology professor on how traumatic memories are remembered, to have them grill her over a fear of flying. I then watched when it was Kavanaugh's turn, the prosecutor brought on to keep questioning impartial was sent away, and Senators spent their time talking about how terrible it was that they had to be here. And even then, Kavanaugh couldn't hold off being a petulant man baby. And this made you...support them more? It's funny, you calling me an npc, because clearly it's you who are glitching, getting in people's way and not having a single original thought. It turns out, the majority of people in this country believe me. You're losing. The country is getting younger, and your lunacy has ended apathy to record turnouts.
  4. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Midterm Election Gameday Thread

    It's funny, I had the same reaction, but for a completely different party
  5. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    The biggest myth on the Process/Rebuild

    Look, if it wasn't clear to you that this year would be a step back, I don't know what to tell you. I didn't think it would be this bad, but this year was always about getting rid of dead cap and seeing what we had for 2019. I was actually impressed with some of Daboll's playcalling, but he's handcuffed by some truly awful QB play in Peterson and Anderson.
  6. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Good news in Brazil

    You know, I seem to notice that...no one who seems offended is disputing that Bolosaro has a record of anti-Democratic principles, advocated that the military murder people, or that he has publically stated that he wants the police killing more people. No, instead it's just insulting me, and making up some random personal anecdote about how "the left doesn't think democracy works" and "he says something I don't like, let's compare him to a journalist I don't like and therefore he's just a drone" You can't actually refute me, so you like to stroke yourselves to not feel quite so small.
  7. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Good news in Brazil

    It kind of is! "Today I learned that the reason why DR, 3rdnlong and Koko seem to say deranged things is because they like fascist dictatorships. That's why democracy, representation of the people and not brutally killing people who disagree with you seems like such a crazy idea to them!"
  8. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Good news in Brazil

    I think I finally figured it out. You get rock hard over a guy who says this: And then you move over to snark at the appearance of two other heads of state. This is what you like. You a-holes are happy about a guy who has explicitly said that Pinochet should have murdered more people, that democracy is weak and should be replaced. It is enlightening.
  9. Again...if you want to hammer her, go ahead. But come on, how many times do you have to be cheated and pull out every bit of mental gymnastics to justify why you're not. It's honestly sad. It's like watching a senile retiree being conned by a psychic while his children desperately try to save him from losing the house.
  10. Actually, that's a fair point. If you want to poke her for still getting all the advantages of being white and then also for claiming that he's Indian, that's fine by me. Whether Warren is deserving of scorn is not mutually inclusive to Trump being a lying sack of **** who couldn't be trusted to keep a promise to not light himself on fire.
  11. You mean, the professor whose specialty is "tracking population migration via DNA analysis". Literally, someone whose job it is to see how populations move. https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2018/10/15/warren-addresses-native-american-issue/YEUaGzsefB0gPBe2AbmSVO/story.html So, when I respond to your question of "are you really this stupid?" I should really be asking you that. A big loudmouthed bully made a bet. Someone did what he asked. He responded like a mewling coward and reneged on a promise...again. Like when he repeatedly stiffed his contractors. He denied what he said on camera, despite the fact that there is literally a recording of it, like when he mocked a disabled person and then denied it. So it tells me a great deal when your response is "Well, she isn't AS Native as I think should count, so anything Trump says doesn't count"
  12. I'm sorry, I'm sure that was funny, but I couldn't understand you over the incredible mental gymnastics people here are doing trying to work out how 45 isn't a lying POS, and that he totally didn't promise to make a donation, and how it's all really Warren's fault for complying his challenge. 😂 Or hell, maybe he's just senile.
  13. Hey, she took the test! That means Trump will live up to his deal and donate a million dollars to charity, right? I mean, here is Fox News video of him saying it. Not some "liberal cabal", Fox News: Annnnnnd he won't. Here's him denying what he said on video. Again https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/411414-trump-denies-offering-1-million-for-warren-dna-test-even-though-he It is hilarious that people here believe this putz.
  14. WhitewalkerInPhilly

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    I'll be honest, that would be big
  15. I heard someone on Philly radio say they would give a 5th. To that, I say "get the hell out" Shady is on the down side but he's easily the most explosive player we have on offense. You don't get better by trading star players for peanuts. We should know by now