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  1. I'm with you on this. I'll be honest: it's fun watching him play in the local Philly games I can watch. When he was clicking in 2017, and even in 2016 he was exciting to watch, and he could do some unbelievable things with the ball. That said, he has had season ending injuries in the playoffs in back to back years, and has never taken a postseason snap. Things clearly weren't clicking as well in 2018 as they were in 2017. I would pony up the cash if we had him, but they had two more years to hold onto him. I honestly didn't see the issue with seeing how he did this year before throwing cash at him. The Eagles are looking to win *now*
  2. Rob Quinn is better than half the local writers and almost all of the national. Just my two cents
  3. I do agree with that base, but also with the flexibility that bandit is mentioning. I haven't forgotten some of the formations that Roman had dreamed up. With a young QB, and two possible Hall of Fame running backs, and no dominant receiving targets it makes a lot of sense to have the run open up the pass. With Nseshke as a swing tackle, you can throw him out on some unbalanced lines and create some mismatches that Shady will be salivating over.
  4. I dont know if I am going to just trust the numbers, but I'll say there are two really nice things we haven't seen for a while: 1) competition will win out. There's too much talent around to have anyone (except maybe Morse) to be gifted a job. 2) Depth. How many seasons have we seen immediate drop off when someone is injured. 3) 6 O-line formations. Ok, this is a guess, but they were effective with Roman. We are still a heavy run game team, so we can bulk up, or give extra protection.
  5. This is a nice comic. Apparently Pancho commissioned a bunch of this guys work, so he knew him personally.
  6. To be fair, our 2016 draft is pretty much a nothingburger too
  7. This. Exactly this. Who here remembers Alan Branch in 2013? He was the least sexy name on a D-line that had Hughes, Dareus, Mario and Kyle, but he was still our base package LDE. We have LorAx and Yarborough to sub in for Lawson on nickel and dime packages. Let's not ruin a new player.
  8. I'm not all that surprised. Lawson, while not terrible, has been a disappointment and hasn't developed into the player we hoped. While I think it would be a waste to cut him, he definitely hasn't shown himself to be worth 10 mil next year. Let's let him be affordable depth. My real interest is the Ansah potential signing. It's a risk with the injury, but I would take a shot at it.
  9. But a horrible QB to have behind him. Many young QBs have fallen to the Curse of Fitz! The cycle goes like this: The time hires Fitz as a backup. The starter goes down, or is suspended. Fitz comes in and balls out for a few games. QB controversy erupts. Fitz banks in all possible goodwill and then regresses. I love the man and his time here, but it has happened so often it's scary.
  10. David SIlls V I know stats can lie, but he put up twice the receiving yards in his career as Metcalf, while playing in one fewer year.
  11. Wow! I'm stoked! It's tough to crack a roster as an UDFA, and he is a project but it's now incredibly low risk high reward
  12. My takeaway from that is that he has really sure hands. A bunch of these were passed that we dropped or couldn't make a play of last year. If Allen needs anything, he could use a release valve you can count on for intermediate passes.
  13. Just on measurables, he would be a project that would finish out what we need in a receiver corps. Brown and Foster are nice Deep ball burners, and Beasley is one of the best posession receivers in the game right now IMHO but we still dont have that lockdown #1. It would be a project, but I would be worth a sixth or even better a 7th.
  14. Yeah I honestly hoped we would take him in the 6th.
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