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  1. Well, one, what about our play calling this year has made you think that we are run obsessed? It's been a pretty high pass to run ratio. Second, the Chief's defense can be run on. A healthy diet of the run game opens up play action, which has worked really well for Allen this year. It also keeps the clock running and keeps Mahomes off the field. I see no issue with a game plan of running 30-35% of the time to keep the Chiefs honest.
  2. Can we offer Kyle Brandt a side gig for making hype videos? Because his last two have been on point and make me want to run through a brick wall.
  3. I mean, who is surprised? What's the worst that would happen, you set a game plan to slow down Hill and Kelce and then you find out that you had to do exactly that but vs Chad Henne?
  4. Word is that it's a pinched nerve. If I'm the Bills, I am preparing as if Mahomes is in there.
  5. It would be peak Browns to knock out one of the best QBs in the league but still lose.
  6. Oh. That's not bad. Chris Simms has been gushing about us for months and he still picked the Ravens At this point it's just fuel
  7. That was Steve Smith? I honestly turned it off because whoever it was just rambled
  8. The "media"? Let's call out specifics here. Here is OAN claiming wide spread voter fraud, delegitimizing the election: https://www.oann.com/election-fraud-mounts-as-dems-race-the-clock/ Accusing them of erasing freedom of speech: https://www.oann.com/dems-attempt-to-erase-freedom-of-speech/ Blaming Democrats for the lack of National Guard at the Capitol riot (which must be done by the executive branch): https://www.oann.com/report-dems-partly-at-fault-for-insufficient-security-at-u-s-capitol/ Now, there are abundant examples, but I pick OA
  9. ...isn't the whole GOP schtick "down with the elites" but you snub a working class person who advocates for fellow working class persons and worship a guy who got a million dollar loan from his Dad?
  10. How did you get video of my family reunion?
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