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  1. Well, are spinning our wheels here because we seem to not be able to agree on objective reality. But what I bolded...this is worth seeing. This is the batshit crazy logic that you morons hang onto. A coup? You had to concoct that level of fantasy for yourself? How corrupt does this administration have to get that you pull you head out of your ass? Answer: will never happen. You poor, poor deluded fool.
  2. So...if the unredacted report comes out, and there is a case for criminal charges or impeachment based on obstruction of justice, you will stand by it?
  3. ...you know, it's cute when you try to adopt liberal talking points to your own. But I'll continue to pick apart your argument while you look like a sad TDS man like usual for you. 1) Well good, golly gee BARR IS THE ***** AG. HE HAS DISCRETION. But if he had three weeks to issue the statement, then why isn't he ready to issue a redacted report. Immediately? 2) I am not doubting Barr's legal qualifications. But he absolutely DID inject his own analysis about the obstruction charge. 3) whataboutism? Cute. So, you have a problem when it's used against you, instead of all the times when you use it? Sad. I mean, mostly because you are pitiful.
  4. I didn't day "criminal" In fact, my fact post (which I can drag up if you like) was that even if it wasn't criminal, collusion happened. I stand by that. It is what I said. I am sorry that your NPC mind has taken a case of TDS. I hear it's terminal
  5. Hahaha...dude, you must be high. If you thought that memo fooled anyone you must have come down with TDS. I hear it's catching
  6. That depends: Do I believe that established facts conclude that the Trump campaign had collusion with Russian intelligence assets, and coordination with parties that brought about his election? I think that it's irrefutable at this point. Is it criminal? I think that exhaustive independent investigation was unable to provide a criminal case. Is it shady as *****? Hell yes. Did the President obstruct justice in trying to hide how shady it was? Well, let's see the report. You know, the one that "totally exonerates" the president, in his own words. Unless he's scared. I would think that it proved him innocent, he wouldn't be so scared. Like a little B word.
  7. Ok...fair. But 1) if that is the case, why the ever loving hell was it a good idea to shout an entirely incomplete report from the rooftops if not to cover for his boss. If anything, it made sense to wait longer to ensure that the conclusions could be backed up, rather than come out with a conclusion that couldn't. Unless, you know...he was going for a coverup? 2) Barr got his job by publishing a memo about how wrongheaded he thought the investigation was. You know, the independent one he was asked to summarize? Where he himself injected his own opinion, while the independent investigator had wanted to have the facts displayed...sounds like...a coverup. Again, if Hillary did this, ya'll would have stroked out.
  8. I mean, "We're just massively incompetent and/or corrupt, but not criminally liable" is the Trump administration slogan, but how you haven't blown your brains out at how awful they are is a true mystery.
  9. Ok. Let us say, for the sake of argument, that you are right. Let's drag this out a bit. Starr report. Out in days. Barr "summary": 4 pages on a 300-999 page document: out on March 24th Redacted version available for the Judiciary committee: ...mid April...maybe? -ish? Unredacted version given to people with security clearance: According to Barr, never Unredacted version to the public: Hahahahaha no so, either Barr did such a supremely piss poor job in rushing out his findings that he wasn't able to properly parse the contents (which Donald Trump has assured us is full exoneration) OR he is participating in a coverup.
  10. Having the comment section of a congressional session overrun my white nationalists will do that. I mean, having violent religious extremists arounds puts a damper on things, unless they're yours, right?
  11. So, I stayed off for a while because I wanted the real, unvarnished report to come out. Well, now that Barr, two weeks later, is now grousing about how he won't even release a redacted report after another week it's time for Hard Truth Time (Citation, because some of the morons here will contradict me: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/09/politics/william-barr-mueller-report-donald-trump/index.html) For reference, the Starr report was out on a Friday, and Republicans voted to impeach Clinton on Sunday. So, Barr has refused to actually provide anything other than his summary of the report. The people who compiled the report actually had given their own summaries, that which didn't have grand jury or redacted information, and they were completely bypassed for Barr's summary. For which he will not release even the redacted version for 3 weeks. Holy crow, if Hillary had done this for Benghazi, ya'll would have stroked out from fury. No *****, the Mueller team has been getting pissed off Barr is clearly doing what he can for a coverup while strictly being within the law: 1) release a summary that is technically correct, but is heavily misleading, 2) delay any reveal of actual evidence for as long as possible, 3) hope that the news cycle has moved on by the time when the really damaging stuff comes out.
  12. Very nice! I feel a whole lot better with the O-line this year.
  13. Not me, but I am pleasantly surprised at the number of Bills fans I run into in around Philadelphia/South Jersey
  14. I remember I had serious interest in him. The problem IIRC wasn't his talent so much that he had to serve at least two years in the Air Force. He definitely would he worth a gamble.
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