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  1. Honestly, I'm ready to say goodbye. I know he's guaranteed money but at a certain point I think it is a sunk cost. Are they putting Espensa in his spot?
  2. No, but I see a certain karma in people actively fighting the measures to keep them healthy, screaming about how Trump's own doctors and scientists are shills would all jointly collect to share these beliefs and would suffer consequences for their actions. Isn't that what conservatives go on about? My body, my choice? Personal responsibility? You don't get to have your little temper tantrums and then try to make me feel bad about the inevitable results. It's ok, I know the Alt Right playbook. The "so much for the tolerant left schtick" might work on MSNBC hosts, but we're getting wise to it
  3. Everyone *I* know is working or making more money than before. So, is slight inconvenience worse than a disease with extreme long term complications and a high transmission rate? Yes.
  4. Mass death? But weren't you going on about how this was a hoax a few months ago? 😜 And I said nothing about how the problem is solved. Maybe they get the sniffles and decide they want socialized healthcare. You can't get it both ways: it can't be a hoax perpetuated by the libs AND be a sneaky plot to kill red pulled very smart brains like yourself. Maybe I should take a lead out of DJT s book and say I was "being sarcastic" and then shine some UV light inside my body.
  5. The chain of events is clear: the violence in Minneapolis escalated after police broke up unarmed protestors with tear gas and rubber bullets. This is not surprising in and of itself. Police escalating confrontations and acting like a paramilitary force has been happening since at least 2014 where it became readily apparent. But somehow, some way, discretion was called for two weeks ago the state capitol was rushed with people carrying deadly weapons, getting into the faces of the police on duty. Somehow, despite being crammed into tight quarters with people carrying rifles they kept their cool just fine. If you don't see a difference in police reaponse, you have an agenda
  6. I wouldn't. But I'm not part of the legendary Blue Wall.
  7. So you're taljing about shoving all the people who doesn't believe in social distancing and mask usage into a contained space? Where their attendance is entirely voluntary and fully aware of the risks? Talk about a self solving problem
  8. Who the ***** is max boot? I'm sorry I took a break from this madhouse so I missed the last month of ravings
  9. No. I find it more likely that one ####### went off on his own rather than a brilliant master plan. Being a cop looking to get his murdering buddy off and being a white supremacist are not mutually exclusive
  10. Hillary, Obama and a ring of pedos right? 🤣🤣
  11. Just saying, a cop going rogue because he wants to stir up noise to take heat off his buddy sounds less crazy than neo Nazis or foreign agents
  12. Ya'll love a good conspiracy on here, right? Tell me this sounds crazier than Rhino's Q-Anon BS Not saying it's true, but after hearing about Hillary's kill lists, and secret coups and the deep state it seems right up your alley
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