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  1. I was guilty of this too. Man, am I happy to be wrong
  2. He does not seem like a long term solution, but holy cheese, do we need an upgrade at NT or 1 Tech
  3. I'll admit, it rubs me the wrong way still. I am still livid. But if the Bills won that game, they were almost certainly getting bounced in the next round. They weren't ready. They win that game, maybe our first round pick doesn't look so appealing to the Vikes and we miss out on Diggs and drop far enough to newer get an elite receiver in the draft. As an ancillary result of losing that game, Allen really seemed to grow in the off-season. It seems after getting a lot of grief about his play in that game he stepped up. We are far better off going into 2021.
  4. I mean, if you want to tell me that strict liability for underage sex is wrong, I actually agree with you. The laws original purposes were not to protect women, but for fathers to protect "their virtue". Teens obviously become interested in sex way before 18, and historically the idea of waiting until 18 would be laughable. So if we want to talk about how these laws are applied, and want to talk about the merits of reform and the introduction of comprehensive sex ed, I'm down. Do not expect me to feel an iota of pity for Mr. Geatz.
  5. I'll tell you what: we'll forget about the "give water to people in line" fight if you agree to non-partisan or bipartisan boards to determine districts to prevent gerrymandering. I mean, can anyone possibly come up with a reason for preventing partisan gerrymandering other than "we will lose otherwise"?
  6. Am I misreading? I saw that they got the Niners 2022 and 23 1st round picks, along with a third to move from 3 to 12. Then the Dolphins trade one of their two 2022 picks to move to 6. So right now, the way I see it, they moved back three spaces for a 2023 1st rounder, and a third round pick. If there isn't a QB that you love, that seems very worthwhile
  7. I will say that the Phins GM at least is looking strangely competent. Not only do they get a bevy of picks, but they effectively moved back up to six.
  8. Any word on the money involved yet?
  9. Yes but I honestly don't see how the cap doesn't return to trajectory in 2022. Vaccine rollout is way ahead of schedule so full attendance in September seems likely. They added a week 18 game IIRC. Revenue should jump and after spending cuts I'm not as worried going forward
  10. I mean, at this point, what other position are going to get a drastic upgrade at 30? Nose tackle? #2 CB? Right Tackle? If there is an elite RB sliding to 30, or even in the late 20s and moving up, I am really stretching to think of where else the addition of one player would particularly boost us.
  11. This is a big part why I pound the table for McKenzie. It's design like that which got Mcveigh gladhanded in LA, and is an excellent tool for a growing QB because the reaction from the defense offers cues on the coverage they are running. When defenses start to cheat and ignore him he's a home run waiting to happen.
  12. We are following the "no obvious holes, draft BPA for impact" model to the T
  13. I mean, plus a successful draft class this year too but I think you nailed it. Believe you me, I would love it to have the cream of the crop every year in top end talent signing with us for pennies, but that's just not how the game goes. The teams with staying power are the ones who are able to pick up reasonably priced journeymen to fill immediate gaps, and then hit on your draft picks. If you're telling me that we have gotten so good that our offseasons are about sealing off glaring weaknesses in the short term, and using our draft as our way to get breakout players,
  14. That is absurdly good for a #2 CB in the NFL. Hopefully we have a plan to move on, but it's hard to ask for a better bridge.
  15. I mean, I think he has more long term upside than Sanders, but I would be shocked. Getting traded like that seemed like an acrimonious split.
  16. I don't watch a lot of Bears. Most clips I've seen on him in the last two years has been "oh, Trubs stalls out yet another drive and wastes an elite defense"
  17. That I think Trubs is "meh"? There's many reasons why Chicago has not very good. He isn't all of them, but he hasn't exactly been an asset. Maybe with a year of competent OC he can look passable, but I'm still shitting bricks at the idea of anyone but Josh in the playoffs
  18. That's an eyebrow raiser. I mean, is he an appreciable upgrade from Matt Barkley? Maybe higher upside, but Trubs has been baaaaad.
  19. I am just noting that the people who have actually dealt with substance abuse issues are the ones with little issue with Poyer. I'll throw my name in. I considered myself a functioning one. I needed the drink to take the edge off and deal with the frustrations from work. I had a job, I had a wife, I had friends and if people sometimes were worried about me they were overreacting. I was perfectly alright until I wasn't. I am now 18 months sober and with a kid due in a few weeks. I could never be a proper father if I was the way I was. AA was ok as group therapy but I ca
  20. I am surprisingly ok with a late 1st round running back pick. That's usually where cost and quality meet up. I still want us to sink into the Offensive Line, especially at RT or Guard but I think we can do that with picks in rounds 2-3 and/or journeyman contracts
  21. I have heard rumors that Zach Ertz is on the table from Philly, and he was their best offensive weapon the past few years.
  22. I'm going to join the "I want McKenzie" train. I think that while he is never going to be standard part of the passing attack, what he can do with the threat of the jet sweep and what we saw in the return game make him more important to try to retain than Andre Roberts.
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