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  1. Next year. Though I got my dates wrong. He's an Executive Rights FA meaning we can make a minimum offer and he has to take it.
  2. No lies detected. It fits party balance because Beane is a Wizard
  3. He has benefited from not being the prime target, and having people ahead of him. I am in NO WAY saying that is a bad thing. The whole knock on him was that he had incredible measurables but didn't quite know the scheme as well. He's now gotten a few weeks on seasoning and he's not an obvious weak link to target. Think about this: we have three current starting CBs making less than $1 M a year. Even if Jackson doesn't come back, I feel very good with a Tre White, Benford, Elam, Johnson group
  4. The way I see the OBJ situation is this: the man is an undoubted talent. There is also a reputation of being a headcase/diva. The most common way to get over that reputation is to sign on with a winner on a quick contract, show what you can do, keep your head down and mouth shut. And that's what he did with the Rams...only to be injured at the worst possible time. But there's no reason to undo the formula. It makes too much sense to wait down the stretch for all sides. Teams want to make sure they are really competing for something AND have a need at the position. OBJ wants to make sure he picks a winner.
  5. Look, the reason for Hodgins not making it is pretty simple: he doesn't have the track record and pedigree compared to the people who got onto a roster spot ahead of him. It's the same reason why 31 other teams didn't leap to grab him. That said, if Crowder is out indefinitely, and the other injuries to the position, I am not at all shocked if he gets the call up. He knows the system, we know what he can do and it fits the next man up mentality. But let's not be shocked if it takes a few games. I remember Shakir getting a call a few weeks back and whiffing bad on a block, but in week 4 we are oohing and ahhing over his play.
  6. You do realize that he is a free agent, right? He has the luxury of maximizing his market value. He's playing for his next contract, and playing half of the season on a dud team is not going to get him a big money offer.
  7. I will not be sad if we IR him. If the best you were getting out of him was steady ST work, I am willing to ride the Shakir for a while. We are going to need the roster spot for Tre or a new safety, or a #2/3 WR
  8. Considering that the only reason to activate him would be to get him practicing with the team, I will imagine that we will likely know tomorrow. I would not be at all surprised if he is back this week and is game day inactive. It would be equally unsurprising if he's not off the list until the bye week and on a limited basis in the Green Bay game. As excited as I have been for Jackson, Benford and Elam playing well: A) The aren't ready to handle a Chiefs airshow B) After them there...really isn't any passing attack/receiver group in the regular season which we play that I really fear. Not saying we won't get gashed but Minny is pretty much Cousins chucking it to Jefferson; Rogers is showing some age and his WR group is a step down from previous years; Tua (if he hasn't been concussed out of existence) will have to throw in weather that isn't dead air humidity. That leaves us with...Mac Jones/Brian Hoyer? Jared Goff ? Brisset? Zach Wilson? Our schedule was really front loaded. If Tre isn't fully ready by KC I am ready to get him back in slowly.
  9. Look, I would love Saquon on the team. But to put it bluntly that's a cap hit right there. If I'm spending resources at the midseason mark it's for a DB to cover for the multitude of injuries or WR for the same reason plus wanting an elite #2 because even healthy the Davis, McK, Crowder, Shakir, Kumerow combination has not been mind-blowing
  10. The guy could have let up. I understand about incident contact and in fact I'm often ok with taking the 15 in the right spot because I want a QB off his mark. Defender knew what he was doing. I wonder if they regret that now
  11. I think it's part of the spin to deflect from the fact that he should not have been playing. It "it's a scary neck injury, it could happen to anyone" that's a fluke. Instead of what we saw which was "Miami refused to pull him Week 3 with an obvious concussion, rushed to a short Week 4 game where he took a hit which made the concussion possibly life threatening"
  12. Dude, hearing that "he had a coincidental seizure" instead of "he got concussed again, hard" that's like hearing that someone's head was cut off and the cause of death was low blood pressure. Yeah, the latter is technically true, but you are pretty sure it has something to do with the head wound.
  13. I mean, I asked my wife is seizures are a symptom of concussions and I got a "not commonly" The tremors we saw are absolutely keeping with two concussions in five days. Yes, I am still salty about losing, but everyone and their mother knew that Tua was concussed on Sunday. Everyone in the NFL knows the risks that come with them. Everyone knows that concussions can be aggravated if hit again before you heal. Everyone knew what the schedule looked like. If the Dolphins had long term aspirations, they trust Bridgewater for a game and a half. They didn't. I will shed no tears at the result.
  14. oh bull puckey. A seizure, triggered by having his head slammed into the ground?
  15. See, someone here can appreciate dark humor in the Dolphins staff reaping the rewards of their own ***** decision making.
  16. That's what I was thinking. They rushed him back out against us knowing that they were going to play a game on a short week. I don't root for injuries, but the Miami training staff played with fire, and I am not sad if they get burned for it. Because we got the end of them burning out to beat us, and I am still salty about it. Especially with all the things that went their way
  17. "After an exhaustive medical evaluation, I have decided that Tua is not concussed. However, I do prescribe smashing his head into the ground another five times." "What kind of doctor are you?" "I'm not, but the Dolphins clearly don't have any on standby either"
  18. Spot on. Look, it might be obvious to us but that's the kind on thing that refs hate to overturn
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