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  1. He is actually often in good position. The problem is that he doesn't have the athleticism, instincts, or ball skills to fight for the ball. That's not glaring as a #2 or 3,but against elite talent? It's a disaster
  2. I really don't get scratching Elam. Even if Tre is back at full I don't get it, do we think that little of the Patriot receivers
  3. He probably feels good and could have been back if he really pushed it. The consistent moves by McDermott has been to keep the team healthy for January. I'd rather have Von in the playoffs with a wild card spot than in the 2nd seed without him
  4. Doi, yes. Both are Philly talent scouts, just that Douglas took the GM offer
  5. A combination of factors: first it helps a lot that the AFC and NFC North haven't been world beaters so far. Second, the rest of the division had made steady progress and improvements. I honestly like Joe Banner and he's been building the Jets to be a QB away. Belicheck is still a strong defensive coach. The Dolphins threw big resources to help Tua and it shows Finally, they are playing unsustainably above average. It happens.
  6. I would be pissed if he was expected to be our number one, but Diggs is healthy. I would be worried if he would be our number 2, but Davis is healthy. As a #4...ok sure
  7. I know that the sheer amount of scheduling that must be done is complex, and I sure wasn't complaining when it was released... but does anyone else find it odd that we will play all of our division teams on the road first before any home games?
  8. Smoke was a budget starter for us a few years ago. I don't hate the idea of getting some aggro off Diggs
  9. I get the caution and starting with Goff and Mac Jones isn't a bad warmup. We need him humming when the Dolphins come back to town. Dane Jackson is a scrappy #3 CB, he has been exposed far too long
  10. I've been wondering does anyone have a snap count on Tre White?
  11. Does anyone know if they are staying in Detroit? It seems like a lot of fly back when they would just be flying back on Wednesday
  12. Lemme tell you, that ugly win is a lot prettier than last week's loss.
  13. Lololol ok sure, let's see the Chiefs and Bills head to head vs the vikes and Eagles and see how that goes
  14. I'll be honest, Philly has surprised me. That's ok, let them be called the best. We'll keep polishing our knives. I still think they fold once the playoffs start.
  15. I am honestly not sure what the holdup is, unless they want to be extra, extra sure. The brass didn't need to activate him if they thought he would be three weeks away still. Maybe he just is having some trouble getting up to game speed and they want the Jets and Zach Wilson to warm him up?
  16. I like the combo alright, and we keep winning in primetime with it, so let's wear it until we lose! I hear you! To me they look like red long johns
  17. I have to agree. I mean, I know the reasons why: Everyone wants the next offensive guru Connections Recency bias Everyone wants the next Sean McVay, which is why teams have pillaged his coaching tree. Which is why Zac Taylor, Matt LeFleur and Brandon Staley have jobs, as underwhelming they have been in those roles. Hackett is the culmination of a lot of the worst tendencies of the league.
  18. Look, I like Daboll a lot. I think he's done well to take a relatively undertalented Giants team and get them to 6-1. He made the most of Tyrod in the last year here, and helped put together solid game plans to bring Allen along. I don't think Allen gets as good as he is today without someone being patient with him. We have seen Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold sent to the garbage heap for being pushed too fast and not supported. He's not going to make Jones into a superstar. Josh Allen is doing just fine with Ken Dorsey.
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