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  1. How does it make sense to roll over money to next year if we are in fact in a projected great cap situation next year? It is not like you are getting interest on cap roll overs. Spend it now and make this season count. Otherwise a foolish waste of resources needed to win.
  2. simpleman

    What if Metcalf is BPA at draft time?

    I question your player board if you have Metcalf as BPA at 9. With his injury history and lack of agility showing at the combine, he is not even BPA on my WR board. No WR this year would be my board at 9. Now a mid to late round 1st would be a different story, and it wouldn't be Metcalf at WR.
  3. simpleman

    This Off-season should be all about Allen

    I am not an all your eggs in one basket guy. Allen has potential, but has not become a HOF Franchise guy yet. We all want him to be it, but time will tell if he will ever be that guy. We always need a Plan B, C and D in life. Whoever we get should build the team toward the future, whomever that future QB may turns out to be. Allen or otherwise!
  4. How are the two related? Two different revenue streams and expenditure streams. Taxpayer funds and Team Owner funds. Totally unrelated, which you already know. 😵😵
  5. simpleman

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    I have no problem with giving him a shot at Guard. Or using him as the interior swing guy. But this is bad news if this means we don't go after a top quality Center for starter and draft a Center in the later rounds. He is mediocre at Center. Better than the horrible we have now, but not a good sign if we are seriously trying to build a solid OL to protect our QB and facilitate his growth and keep him healthy.
  6. The yearly money does not bother me. The guarantee does due to the seriousness of his injury. Being stuck with $20 million in dead cap after signing a player and having him permanently injuring his knee after little or no regular season playing time with the Bills is a serious possibility with a weakened knee. An injury like that always leaves your knee weakened and vulnerable to re-injury the rest of your life. 20 Million in dead cap can put a serious dent in the team's future. It is a gamble and not a good one.
  7. simpleman

    WSJ studies announcer Romo’s play prediction %

    Agreed. He sets the bar for NFL announcers. It shows he was one of the best QBs of all time as far as knowledge of the game, field vision, and between the ears. His weaknesses were physical and some occasional mental "choking" under pressure. Just sitting in the booth watching eliminates those weaknesses.
  8. simpleman

    Making Anderson a coach.

    Where do you think the money used to pay the players comes from? It comes from Pegula's pocket already. Or his corporation's. Nothing would change financially except any dead cap.
  9. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    The definition of hire. McDermott had not hired him previously. And to hire someone does not exclude any previous hiring. You are the one that used the word rehire, not the poster. Definition of hire transitive verb 1a : to engage the personal services of for a set sum - hire a crew
  10. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Rehire, retain. Same difference. You are just playing with semantics. When a new HC comes in he brings in his own staff, if he chooses to rehire someone from the old regime he is still choosing to hire him. He is fully responsible for his decision.
  11. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Finally, too bad it was 5 years too late!
  12. simpleman

    Offensive Line: Who Stays Who Goes

    Bodine as depth will cost $2,289,063 next year. He adds little to the team. If you can add a depth player who is barely acceptable like Bodine is for depth at less than 2 million, I say do so. Otherwise keep him at depth Miller never got better. I had hopes for him. Buffalo has wasted enough on him already. Let him walk. Ducasse is not an answer at 2 million. Get another depth vet at near vet minimum unless he is willing to play for vet minimum, which is all he is worth. Groy is another disappointment who is not worth more than vet minimum. Teller should be given a chance to compete for a position, or at least be backup, and hopefully improve more next year. Ike Boettger showed enough to keep around as a backup, and if he shows enough progress, a chance to compete sometime next year. Mills is a borderline starter and is often a liability. More a backup and I would keep him around at backup dollars. If someone else offers him more, so be it. Dawkins is passable, but may be better suited at another position than LT. If we can upgrade LT, then do so. Hoping we get someone like Paradis in FA. Hoping we spend FA dollars on improving the OL, and also use multiple draft picks to improve the line.
  13. simpleman

    McBeane will build a Wr Core of 2s & 3s.

    If McBeane was following the concept of building a stable of 2s and 3s they would have kept Robert Woods. A reliable player who also is an excellent blocker. At 6-7 per year they will not get anyone better.
  14. So what every one is saying is we don't know how to draft and foolishly waste valuable draft pics we desperately need by trading up. And our HC is too stubborn to move a player to a position he should have been in in the first place. And we all trust that "process" because past performance does not matter, since the future is always brighter. You just have to wait and believe and everything will magically get better. Not that our front office scouting and player selection staff and our coaching staff just suck.