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  1. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    The definition of hire. McDermott had not hired him previously. And to hire someone does not exclude any previous hiring. You are the one that used the word rehire, not the poster. Definition of hire transitive verb 1a : to engage the personal services of for a set sum - hire a crew
  2. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Rehire, retain. Same difference. You are just playing with semantics. When a new HC comes in he brings in his own staff, if he chooses to rehire someone from the old regime he is still choosing to hire him. He is fully responsible for his decision.
  3. simpleman

    Bills fire ST Coach Danny Crossman

    Finally, too bad it was 5 years too late!
  4. simpleman

    Offensive Line: Who Stays Who Goes

    Bodine as depth will cost $2,289,063 next year. He adds little to the team. If you can add a depth player who is barely acceptable like Bodine is for depth at less than 2 million, I say do so. Otherwise keep him at depth Miller never got better. I had hopes for him. Buffalo has wasted enough on him already. Let him walk. Ducasse is not an answer at 2 million. Get another depth vet at near vet minimum unless he is willing to play for vet minimum, which is all he is worth. Groy is another disappointment who is not worth more than vet minimum. Teller should be given a chance to compete for a position, or at least be backup, and hopefully improve more next year. Ike Boettger showed enough to keep around as a backup, and if he shows enough progress, a chance to compete sometime next year. Mills is a borderline starter and is often a liability. More a backup and I would keep him around at backup dollars. If someone else offers him more, so be it. Dawkins is passable, but may be better suited at another position than LT. If we can upgrade LT, then do so. Hoping we get someone like Paradis in FA. Hoping we spend FA dollars on improving the OL, and also use multiple draft picks to improve the line.
  5. simpleman

    McBeane will build a Wr Core of 2s & 3s.

    If McBeane was following the concept of building a stable of 2s and 3s they would have kept Robert Woods. A reliable player who also is an excellent blocker. At 6-7 per year they will not get anyone better.
  6. So what every one is saying is we don't know how to draft and foolishly waste valuable draft pics we desperately need by trading up. And our HC is too stubborn to move a player to a position he should have been in in the first place. And we all trust that "process" because past performance does not matter, since the future is always brighter. You just have to wait and believe and everything will magically get better. Not that our front office scouting and player selection staff and our coaching staff just suck.
  7. It is so endemic to the Bills in particular that I find it hard to understand how the blame does not fall on the arsonists that are responsible for this dumpster fire, McBeane and the coaching staff. They are the ones that assembled this team, and they coached this team. The lack of effort, the lack of concentration, the lack of discipline, and the ridiculous abundance of non contact penalties. The lack of basic football skills and essentials on not just offense side, but also the bad tackling skills, bad technique and mechanics on the defensive side. They are the ones that created the cap hell we are in this year, and everyone will praise them next year when it is relieved. Meanwhile we are paying huge cap sums for a large number of decent players who are now playing on other teams. We still have a special teams coach that should have been fired way back in the Marrone era. Sadly we are not even getting what little we are paying for in talent due to poor selection, poor preparation and poor coaching. There is an alarming lack of discipline and that extra effort that makes the difference between being over- achievers and just getting by. This team may be built to be choir boys off the field , but on the field they are more like the 3 Stooges. McBeane , the front office and the coaching staff are ultimately responsible. Not just the players. Okay let the excuses, the sugar coating, and the spin begin!
  8. simpleman

    Foster, McKenzie and Jones

    According to Over the Cap, both McKenzie and Foster are both here until 2020, and even then Foster is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent. Neither player will require an enticement to play here next year. The Bills can wait until late in the season next year to worry about deciding whether to keep them in 2020. Player Pos. 2019 Team 2020 Team Type Snaps Age Current APY Guarantees Isaiah McKenzie WR Bills RFA 0% 25 $600,000 $0 Robert Foster WR Bills ERFA 0% 26 $525,000 $0
  9. simpleman

    Bills fall from 6th to 10th in Draft Order

    In the past 5 years the following were selected in the top 10 positions via a trade. A top 10 pick can be , and has been traded for OL and DL players as well as QBs. A trade is very possible in most years. 2018 first-round pick (No. 6) -- Quenton Nelson, G 2017 first-round pick (No. 5): Corey Davis, WR 2017 first-round pick (No. 3): Solomon Thomas, DE 2016 first-round pick (No. 9): Leonard Floyd OLB 2016 first-round pick (No. 8): Jack Conklin OT First-round pick (No. 4): Sammy Watkins WR First-round pick (No. 9): Anthony Barr LB First-round pick (No. 8): Justin Gilbert CB First Round (No. 8: WR Tavon Austin) First Round No. 3: DE Dion Jordan
  10. If this season really is just about developing Allen and giving the rookies a chance to show their stuff, I kept thinking why we spent much of the last quarter playing boring football and protecting a lead. Winning the game meant nothing as far as the season, and actually hurt us as far as the upcoming draft. Our running game was toast since most of the Rbs were injured and off the field in the game. Why would we not just work on the passing game and getting the young WRs a chance to show their stuff and build future chemistry with Allen in a real game environment? If the rest of the season is essentially an early start of an extended preseason, why not treat it as such? Work on the passing game instead of playing boring, overly conservative, protect the lead football. Losing was actually better for the future of the team than winning anyway. Sure, truly try to win, but put it all on the line, gamble a little, have fun, make it exciting for the fans and try to win using a passing game that needs the most work on.
  11. simpleman

    The Lions chose to go after Tre White

    That is exactly what I thought today. Tre got his lunch stolen repeatedly today. The worst day of his career. McKelvin always was right there like Tre, but looked exactly like Tre did today. Hope it was just an off day. Wonder if there is something they can fix with coaching, or it just an unfixable size problem against bigger receivers. Gotta believe the film of today's game will quickly circulate to the offensive coordinators all around the league the next time their team plays the Bills.
  12. simpleman

    Will Shady be worth it?

    The questions I ask myself are: Who can we get in FA to replace him on a one year contract with no future cap hit who will have as much proven potential and performance as he does at $6 million dollars? If we are constantly making excuses for Allen because he has a atrocious O-line, how do we not make the same excuses for McCoy's same poor performance this year? On a team lacking in talent on offense and so many holes to fill, do we need to create yet another hole that needs to be filled? Just wishing for a rookie to reach the potential we want to see in them immediately does not make it happen. What if it doesn't, and what are our options next year to compensate for that failure if we want to at least have a competitive team next year?
  13. simpleman

    Can we start Barkley against the Jets instead?

    No. The cult of Allen need to compare Apples to Apples in performances against the Jets between their Savior and "what's his name". Then they can either proudly proclaim he is arisen, or practice excuses on why it wasn't the same. <Sarcasm>
  14. simpleman

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Did any of the commentators here actually listen to the interview they are commenting about? He answered two questions posed to him by reporters honestly, which were directly asking him about Hugh. Listen to the interview between 2:28-2:48 and take it in context. There was no malice in his voice, he even said his honest feelings were his own and “everybody can have their spin on it, but that is how I feel”. I don't see the malice here toward what he said there. He was asked a direct question about Hugh by the reporters and answered directly. I listened to it 3 or 4 times and could not believe the reaction here on this thread and by the media talking heads. He did not rant or continue on, he just honestly answered. Could he have been less honest and more diplomatic? Yes. He is a young rookie, he will learn more about off field media skills with time and practice. Just like on field skills and rookie mistakes, it takes time and experience to not make off field rookie mistakes. Much ado about nothing. The media is making an issue about something minuscule just to have something talk about.
  15. You definitely have a serious reading comprehension problem. I said "Give them both a fair chance in a race and see who is the Pacer and who is the Ferrari" You read that as "Allen is the Pacer".