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  1. I understand game day may be overwhelming as a mod. But multiple short specific threads do not bother me. I must be in the minority, since I like MORE choices on the menu when I eat out. I don't need my information limited and spoon fed to me. I would rather have more shorter specific threads than more ridiculously longer threads combining similar topics that take hours to scroll through. If I want to talk about Hyde's brilliant or horrendous move in the 2nd quarter, I don't want to have to spend half an hour scrolling past 75 posts in a combined Hyde thread starting with his inspirational background, his life's heartaches, his contract specifics, or a debate about whether or not PFF is garbage because they have him rated 25 or 15 best at his position to find that subject. I prefer short specific threads. I do not suffer from organizational OCD that requires the minimum of threads to avid the “clutter” of too many choices on the menu. Personally I would rather scroll through 3 pages of post titles to search for and decide on the worth of reading the post than be forced to scroll through 20 pages of chatter in combined thread to do the same. TBD does not have Google like search capability. Its search engine is minimal. It requires the poster to list subjects and search word “tags” manually. Understandably most don't bother adding tags because it is a pain. So saying use search for finding topics in long threads is not a viable option. Functionally it is quite useless. It is literally circa 1970's search technology. But I don't expect it to have a decent search engine. I appreciate the fact you do this as a charity service, not a for profit enterprise. The cost and time needed to provide such things are understandably prohibitive. I understand your desire to make it easier on the volunteer mods on game day, But too many short specific threads are not a problem, but a benefit to me. Having a few tortuously long threads that force you to scroll through a million different topics to find one specific topic is not any advantage to me. So if you create them, please do it because you want to make the job easier for the volunteer mods, you are not doing it for me.
  2. Gotta agree with this, unless Allen is injured. If this team is less than 8-8 and Allen is not injured, either he was a bad pick, or they really are an incompetent coach/GM tandem.Their whole "process" is that they do not count on any one "superstar" other than the QB. It is a total team effort. If they are less than 8-8 and Allen is not injured, they really messed up, since it means a LOT of players are under-performing, not just one, and that means either bad coaching or poor player selection. No cap excuses this year. No excuses that you were saddled with someone else's bad contracts, or bad choices. It is all on McBeane to win or fail.
  3. I don't care what he does outside the stadium as long as he can play the game. He is hired to play football, period. Not to be a boy scout or a choir boy in his free time. He has to answer to different authorities outside the stadium and the game. Whatever he does, if he does it and it and it does not affect his performance or availability on game day it is none of my business. I don't confuse the two. He is hired to play football on the field. I don't care if he has to do community service or even spend weekends in jail if he can still make to all the games and perform well there. His personal life is his own personal problem.
  4. I don't care about chips or attitude. All I care is can they properly do their assigned tasks in the game, get separation, catch the ball, and extend the play.
  5. About a better fan experience... bull.... Just be honest for once. It is "All About The Benjamins" for the Pegulas pure and simple!
  6. The Bills started out strong with their first pick, but only a real fool could have passed up having Oliver fall into your lap. I accept the trade up for Cody, I think he will be a decent player. Still McBeane gave away a similar quality player last year in Glenn, so I'm not sure we moved forward as a team from a year ago with the pick. Cody has about the same ceiling as Glenn did, only Cody is not a premium position LT like Glenn was, he is a possible average RT, or maybe a very good RG. After that we overpaid for two players. Neither was a difference maker, neither with a high ceiling. Both may be good role players, but neither was a prize or a major piece of the future. The cost in extra choices was too much. Now we are drained of useful draft capital for the rest of the draft. We started out with a bang, and ended up with a whimper. I am not devastated by the draft, but disappointed by the results considering the potential it held going into day 2. I still question the ability of McBeane to properly evaluate and draft offensive talent. Time will tell.
  7. Just remember: "Drinking the Kool-Aid" is an expression commonly used in the United States that refers to a person who believes in a possibly doomed or dangerous idea because of perceived potential high rewards... The phrase derives from the November 1978 Jonestown deaths in Guyana in which over 900 members of the Peoples Temple died by drinking a powdered drink mix laced with cyanide.” 😁
  8. What? Your lack of logic astounds me. In 2018 the league basic cap space was 177 million. Beane chose to waste 68 million of that in dead cap. Handicapping the team in 2018 in a wild gamble that giving it up, along with any hope of success that year would give him a bounty of cap space the next year. Wasting almost 40 % of your cap space paying players that are playing against you while not having enough cap space that year to put together a competitive team is good use of cap space in 2018? I call it reckless gamble. It all will depend on his other huge gamble on Allen. If Allen quickly becomes a successful franchise QB, Beane will be judged a successful gambler. If not, he will be judged a reckless loser.
  9. And a smart guy would not simply toss out Beane's whole first year and give him a mulligan for no logical reason. If I owned a business an employee who wasted a whole year and required a 12 month mulligan would not still be employed by me.
  10. Desperate fans wishing so long for salvation after spending decades of being a fan of one of the worst run teams in the league tend to overreact when declaring a savior. It is too early to tell how good a GM Beane will turn out to be. How many times over the years have fans here raved about winning the off season only to have the team stink it up in the real season? So far Beane is responsible for one horrible season record. A rookie QB that may, or may not turn out to be a winner. Let's wait till the real season is over and see what our win loss record is, and if, or how far, we went in the playoffs before we judge his performance. Winning the off season is not the goal in the NFL. Neither premature adulation or premature ***** are a good thing.
  11. If this is the case why not build outside the perimeter walls? Put the restrooms and the food/drink areas at or above ground level surrounding the stadium perimeter walls.You don't need field sight lines from the bathrooms. Concession workers and space do not require game site lines. And outside the perimeter walls you don't have to worry about any added structures affecting existing field site lines. If you absolutely need to be able to eat and watch the game in a concession area, that is what video screens are for. Or create a special concession seating area within the perimeter walls with site lines and remove some regular seating. Just charge enough for the privilege of using this premium concession area to increase owner profits over what they would get from the old seating. Problem fixed without having to spend over a billion on an unneeded new taxpayer funded stadium.
  12. We have discussed this at length here at TBD for many years. The fact is that there is no historic or future design plan that would ever justify itself economically as a revenue generator in WNY. There has never been a Football stadium built anywhere in the USA in modern history that has ever returned the taxpayers their investment in revenue or economic development returns. The economics will never work for the taxpayers no matter what design you use. Trickle down economic benefits have always been and will be a purely political fantasy.
  13. I remember someone here giving us the real reason the Pegula's want a new stadium. It is not about the stadium suitability, the suitability of the stadium for the players or the game of football, the fans, or a better fan experience. It is all about profit. It is much, much harder psychologically to convince fans to pay a lot more to attend a game at a renovated stadium than it is to with a brand new one in a different location. If it is renovated one, it is easier for the fan to compare it to what they had in the old stadium. The new stadium in a new location makes it easier to distract and confuse the fan about what is honestly a fair and reasonable cost to them to attend the game. If our government stopped paying welfare to billionaires so they could make more money, there would be no conversation. We would get the best stadium for the best bang for the buck. A business would make the decision based on logic, not just say it really does not matter what the cost is. As the owner I get all the benefits, and someone else pays the costs. It is a win, win for the billionaires.
  14. How does it make sense to roll over money to next year if we are in fact in a projected great cap situation next year? It is not like you are getting interest on cap roll overs. Spend it now and make this season count. Otherwise a foolish waste of resources needed to win.
  15. I question your player board if you have Metcalf as BPA at 9. With his injury history and lack of agility showing at the combine, he is not even BPA on my WR board. No WR this year would be my board at 9. Now a mid to late round 1st would be a different story, and it wouldn't be Metcalf at WR.
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