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  1. Agree on Robert Woods. Don't know if he would have returned, but always thought he was one you shouldn't let get away without seriously fighting to keep. Maybe not a 1, but a perfect 2. He was a very good all around receiver.
  2. I hope they do activate Duke this week if Barkley starts for Allen while in protocol. He has been practicing with Barkley on the squad and in preseason a lot this year hasn't he? Never be a better time to give Duke a shot to prove it or lose it. Can't be much worse than Zay has ever been.
  3. Allen's Physical & Mental Tools Josh Allen has all the physical tools to be a Franchise QB. But he does not seem to be developing the mental tools required to be a Franchise QB. He is not learning from his mistakes, learning to have patience, and the displaying the mental maturity required to play winning football consistently. Watching Brady safely throwing the ball away today multiple times highlighted what it takes mentally to be a real Franchise QB. Is Allen just not capable mentally? Is he unwilling to learn? Is he not being properly coached to develop the mentality? He has incredible physical skills and talent greater than most other NFL QBs. That is without question. But he does not seem to be developing the discipline and maturity required to go with those physical talents. He is NOT a rookie anymore. How much longer should we accept excuses and pretend that he is developing the required mental maturity and discipline needed to go with those skills? Will better coaching and tougher love help? Being able to pull your team out of a deep hole that you yourself dug at the end of every game may be exciting to watch, but it does not win you championships. We are wasting a D that is playing Lights Out game after game.
  4. Wayyy too early in the season to judge either QB. Give it time. The thing that impressed me most about Allen in his progression this year was his throwing the ball away safely under pressure in the 2nd game. That was one of his worst traits last year, knowing when, and when not to, force the ball, or taking off running too soon. Hope to see more out of that in Allen to see his progression.
  5. I still see nothing in the trade for Clowney that benefits him if he goes to Miami. It will be strictly a one year rental. Why would he go there when the team has no chance of winning for a few years, as the team is in tear down mode. If he can agree to a trade that benefits his team, and him he gets 16 million, why not hold out to make it happen. Why not force the team to trade him to a team he wants to play on, and may have the opportunity to sign a future rich new contract with next year. Playing on a gutted tear down team opens himself up to a much greater chance of injury, and no chance of post season or winning. Hard to enjoy playing or to be motivated in Miami. And it will not help Miami to be a winner. He has no trade value to them as he is a one year rental on a team that is in teardown mode.
  6. I blame the coaching for the unacceptable amount and the types of penalties. The holding on ST with a fair catch called was unacceptable. Coaches are responsible for fielding a disciplined team. This was a sloppy, unprepared and undisciplined group. Especially on ST and Offense. I am not talking about the 2s and 3s, you might expect that from them. It is the #1s I'm talking about.
  7. Special teams, looked more like tryouts for the Special Olympics. And none of them qualified. (Except for "Money") And get a real NFL punter.
  8. I think posters here are confusing a draft grade on a particular draft selection with a grade on how well a player performs compared to their peers. It is not just a player's performance compared to their peers. It is look back at how others who were also available at the slot he was drafted at, and a comparison of how well they also performed at their position. It also is affected by what the expectations of the team and the fans were when he was drafted. And how well he met them. It also depends on how high the player was drafted. And any other draft capital expended by his team to draft him when they did. He is a solid player at his position. He is about average when just taking his actual performance on the field. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a solid, average player in the NFL. The NFL is the best of the best. It is expectations and comparisons that he has no control over or don't reflect directly on him that affect the draft grade. It is more of a hindsight judgment and grade on the management of the team that drafted him, not on his own performance or ability.
  9. I agree. He is a decent guy who tries hard. He is just not NFL material, but maybe he can find a niche in a lower league. He seems to excel against lesser players in preseason. He deserves a little glory for his efforts.
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