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  1. You've got to love that highlight. We watch plays from Motor last year and you see him hesitate and you see him look slow. Then you watch this side by side and it is almost jarring. It is a flash that gives you hope, but this is one play in preseason against a defense that was fielding lots of guys that wouldn't have made the team and blew a gap assignment in a big way. This is his third year so maybe he has learned how to read blocks better and has learned his blitz protections. IF that is true and IF he has multiple more flashes like this in preseason again, then I think we
  2. Come on. It is an off season thread. Haven't we already established that you have to go into these things with the lowest expectations possible?
  3. They haven't updated Retro Bowl to the 17 game season yet.
  4. And a 16-0 season each time....just like Retro Bowl.
  5. Jauronimo is dead on here. I'll add that Maybin had no base and seemed to have not enough power down low. What he did with his frame for the draft was a bit deceiving. Another reason Rousseau could never be Maybin is that Maybin was drafted 11th (?).....and because we passed over Orakpo to get him. Even if Rousseau is a bust, and I do not think he will be, those two reasons mean he could never be as big a bust as Maybin. BTW, normally I don't like to play Captain Hindsight on draft picks, but Orakpo was the obvious, blinking, neon light choice that everyone could see
  6. "What your favorite NFL team says about you." Where I was born.... (in my case, within 5 miles of Rich Stadium - well, it wasn't there when I was born, I got there first, but it was on its way)
  7. Dude, have you seen your avatar and forum name? 😄 I've spent my whole life seeking revenge...
  8. When I first read this I thought it was your suffering as you succumbed to the virus. Like you were being funny about how you were going to live your life and then then tacked that on on the end. That's ridiculous, he wouldn't type that out, he would just say it.... ...perhaps he was dictating. Too much Monty Python...
  9. Not to be pedantic about it, but it is actually just the opposite. Doing a push up is forcing you to extend your arms. It would be easier if the band was stretching and expanding on the up stroke. If that were the case, when he straightens his arms that would mean he is not lifting his entire weight because some of his extension would be made easier by pushing the band down. It is a center of mass thing. It is a similar principle to how kicking makes it easier to do pull ups.
  10. Yeah, I was only kidding. That was an animal house reference.
  11. I've been on double secret probation for quite awhile so I have to be doubly careful. I'm blaming that for my low post count. It's the only explanation. Not that we don't have our share, but I thumbed your post just for this. Beating the pats twice is maybe the most satisfying thing that happened last year (to be clear, by far the most important thing from last year is that we found out we have a franchise QB).
  12. Blue on Blue, that was a great. It was a relaxing but interesting, Saturday morning off-season listen when there is not a lot of other content. Thank you for posting it. A couple of things that stuck out to me: (nothing below is an exact quote - typing from memory) Him talking about elite WRs - several times, when talking about the pass game he specifically called Steph and Beas elite WRs. He also talked a lot about how what made them elite was separation. He never mentioned Brown. I like Brown, but in an unintended, reading between the lines way, I think he revealed that at
  13. I ate a thumbtack while reading through the list. I'd call it even.
  14. I played tackle at the youth level. I also played intramurals and for my frat. Later I played flag as an adult. Oddly, I learned more about the game playing flag - different route concepts, plays, and even defensive concepts I see on the screen all the time. Maybe that is a bit of a statement on the direction the NFL has taken. But, no, I don't think playing experience is at all necessary to understand the game.
  15. I agree with that sentiment. We are good enough to have "a ticket to the dance" on likely a yearly basis. That is all we need. By that, I don't mean ticket to make the playoffs, but ticket to be an actual contender. Once we get to the dance, you never know what can happen. The way the offense sputtered does not worry me. The defensive game plan in the last game does a little, but this staff has shown the ability to improve.
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