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  1. Every time I watch this play I am amazed that Tre and Taron don't clip each other's heels when they cross. At full speed that would almost always wipe you out. They get ridiculously close.
  2. If I am honest, I need to add something to this list: 1a) What in the world are doing taking it out of the end zone!
  3. I'll settle for three picks. Forget the Gordie Howe hat trick. I want a hat trick, hat trick. And if they were all returned for TDs....
  4. They have two good corners and our running game is hurting and hasn't been that good all year anyway. If I am the Bills, I think I start off by playing 4 and 5 wide like crazy. Diggs and Beasley will beat their top two CBs some, but Brown, Davis, and Mckenzie/Knox will chew up their next three. If they want to play zone, they are not going to be able to blitz. They have to drop 7 against that many threats. If they blitz, they play into our hands because we want them in man. We would have a whole host of one on one match ups and Allen has proven that he will find the open guy.
  5. I stumbled upon this article by accident. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2021/1/12/22226135/did-the-buffalo-bills-choose-wisely-with-kicker-tyler-bass I think most of us agree that Tyler Bass passes the eye test and his progress from early in the season is evident. Still, I always appreciate it when someone puts in some effort on analysis. The numbers on "Survivor" Rookies are an interesting comparison and not something that is readily available. No paywall on this article so others besides Hap can enjoy it too. ☺️
  6. I would have never bought a subscription to the Athletic because I am a cranky old man who does not pay for websites. Fortunately, my son, in his wisdom, gave me a subscription as a gift. I love Xs and Os, but this is a good example of long form journalism delving into someone's life and presenting him as a real person. It is perfect midweek reading. We are done talking about the last game and just beginning to talk about the next game. Heath Farwell, the most important Bills coach flying under the radar It is behind a paywall so here are a few excerpts: (this quot
  7. I was shocked by how emotional I became watching that. Thanks for sharing.
  8. That is the thing. Teams have tried to push us around during this stretch. San Fran stuck out to me with how hard they were hitting and coming after us. Even the Patriots came out swinging last night, but we didn't fold.
  9. I lurk from the main page with the articles on it and just click on forum threads as they pop up there on the right. I also don't normally lurk during games. I was just kind of overcome by what I was seeing and at half time I walked over to my grandpa box and posted. :-) I know you said jk, but the policy actually is a good one. It makes sense to me. If the urge comes upon me in future games, I will hold out until after the game I promise. Thanks for not deleting the thread!
  10. Let's add to the list: - The Patriot fan, struggling with holding on to a glimmer of hope at half time watches the Bills come out the first drive of the third quarter and jam it down their throat! - The Patriots play us tough the first meeting of the season and maybe could have won, but get their doors blown off in the second meeting so that you wonder how it was ever that close in the first game. - Up by 22 in the 3rd quarter, the Bills throw deep. - Up by 22 in the 3rd quarter, the Bills play a bunch of empty backfield with no hint of running the ball. - The P
  11. I'm mostly a lurker, but...as a long suffering fan, I can't help but be stunned by the role reversal I am watching...and it is only half time. Just a few of the things that jump out at me: - The Patriots are playing for pride. - The Bills are playing for seeding. - The Patriots have a QB problem while the Bills have a franchise QB. - The Patriots, feeling overmanned, come out swinging. They are playing with heart. (How many times have we said something like that about a Bills team.) - They even throw a trick play early. It works, but it doesn't...because the
  12. I have not watched in over a year, but I remember Colin talking in the year after the Allen draft and he talked about Josh and Lamar as being project QBs. He said that Josh had the highest ceiling. He also said that Baker was the most pro-ready QB, but did not have as high a ceiling as others in the draft. He also said that Darnold was the best prospect in the draft. It doesn't sound to far off. I don't remember him trashing Josh at all, but maybe I am wrong. Honestly, I will not even be down on him for his Darnold take because you could take the love child of Aaron
  13. Witchcraft? Darkside force powers? He's been in my head since SB XXV. We would have beat that team 9 times out of 10.
  14. eball, mega props on publicly calling your shot. Going into the 1988 season, I did not see the Bills being so dominant. I hoped they would be a playoff team. They were improving, but they hadn't made the playoffs and I didn't see them jumping up as much as they did. The fact is that some team seems to make that dramatic jump each year. The Bills are an improving team, with a developing QB, a great defense, now a #1 WR, no more Frank Gore, .....there is real evidence that it could be us this year. It is not just wishful thinking. My heart agrees with you and says 12
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