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  1. Firebaugh Fireballer Finishes Funny Fishes Freeing Foolish Fears
  2. Dude, what is not to love about this guy? There are sport stars that you like because they are good and play for your team. Then there are those that you like for that reason, but also would love to just hang out with. When the Bills were on the rise during the Kelly era, we got negative stories about bickering. With the Bills on the rise in the Allen era, during a time when the media has become much more negative, we get stories about how cool these guys are. Not complaining, just happy and feeling fortunate. I'm actually beginning to believe that these guys are really cool dudes who happen to be great at football. Seriously, I half expect to get a story about how someone on the team risked their lives to save a basket full of puppies and then cracked a self-deprecating joke when asked about it.
  3. Wait...that does seem like a big Belicheat sized loophole. - The reason why you want a player on your 53, even if injured, is so that you can place them on IR and they still will be able to come back from IR during the season. Players put on IR before the cut down to 53 can't come back and are "lost for the year". - This leads to the private deals with someone like Andre Roberts who gets cut but, because he is a vested veteran doesn't go on waivers. Then, the Bills put someone else on the 53, place that player on IR (now that player can come back because he was placed on IR after making the 53), and resign Andre. - It sounds like this COVID exemption list could be turned into a streamlined version of the above loophole. They go on the covid list, you get your 53, now it is safe to IR the players that are hurt and the others come off the COVID list. I am NOT saying we SHOULD do that. I'm saying that I get what the OP is asking.
  4. Two things on why we should not trade Trubisky. 1. If he does well and signs a big contract elsewhere, we get a compensatory pick. That can be as high as the end of the third round. This is based upon the size of the contract. Considering the money that QBs get, the compensatory pick should be high. We will also be up against the cap and won't be signing many players from other teams to offset that. Of course, if someone comes with a first round pick, I would consider it, but that is not going to happen. 2. Don't go down the road of, "we can't win the SB with Trubisky anyway." That is not what he is about. His presence on the team is about home field advantage. If he has to fill in for Allen for a three game stretch, he could be the difference in home field in the playoffs if he picks up a few wins.
  5. Keep Beas. His ability to get open from the slot is truly amazing. He has never been the guy that takes the top off a defense. As we have seen in video this summer his feet are extraordinarily quick. His skill set will age well even after he loses a step. It is the difference between speed and quickness. He might not have or keep a top end speed, but as long as he is quick in and out of the cuts, with his route running technique, he will be a force. He should age well. Besides, I am a big fan of 4 wide - let's play 2 slot receivers (Beas and Mckenzie) on more plays going forward.
  6. I think it is ridiculous that he is not higher....and I don't think that is homer bias. - Not only did he set the sack record. - He did it while playing in a 3-4. - And while playing in a defense that often rushed three and rarely rushed more than 4 (I don't count it as a blitz unless the rush includes more than 4). Blitzing lessens double teams, collapses the pocket, and increases sack numbers for everyone because of clean up sacks. - And was dominant against the run. Sack numbers are supposedly the gold standard for DEs in this league, yet many with high sacks are not complete players. Leading in sack numbers while defending the run, in a non-pass rush friendly offense, maintaining containment, sniffing out screens....How is he not in the top 2-3 defensive players?
  7. Argh! I missed it! I was planning on being Yolo's 60,000th reaction and he is already at 60,003. 😀
  8. Peyton Manning had the same philosophy and it makes a lot of sense. If your play selection allows you to get a first down in one or two downs, it gives you a margin for error. You can have a drop (I'm looking at you Dawson), or a blown pass block (Ford....), and it doesn't kill the drive. The pre-McBeane Bills - their play selection was predicated on needing all three downs. That meant that one mistake often led to a punt. What is a good offensive third down percentage? 40%? 50%? It doesn't take a genius to see that planning on going to third down all the time, when you need 4-5 first downs to score on a normal drive, is going to lead to a lot of stalled drives. The Bills offensive philosophy right now doesn't count on them being perfect and I like that. Actually, I love that.
  9. This is actually a VERY good sign for the team (and not surprising). I am someone who loves designer games, however they are only really enjoyable with the right people. There are games that I love, but would never play with certain family members. The fact that parts of the team play together regularly means that they really do get along and like each other. Catan is merely an okay game. Absolutely ground breaking for its day. It opened the way for even better games - Everdell, Wingspan, Isle of Cats, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Terraforming Mars, Clank, Caverna, Bunny Kingdom, 7 Wonders....I could go on. And, no, I am not making up those game names. 😀
  10. You've got to love that highlight. We watch plays from Motor last year and you see him hesitate and you see him look slow. Then you watch this side by side and it is almost jarring. It is a flash that gives you hope, but this is one play in preseason against a defense that was fielding lots of guys that wouldn't have made the team and blew a gap assignment in a big way. This is his third year so maybe he has learned how to read blocks better and has learned his blitz protections. IF that is true and IF he has multiple more flashes like this in preseason again, then I think we would all be super excited about him. Right now I am more excited about Breida. He seems like a younger version of Wade who also grew up with all those important football fundamentals his whole life and has already made an NFL team.
  11. Come on. It is an off season thread. Haven't we already established that you have to go into these things with the lowest expectations possible?
  12. They haven't updated Retro Bowl to the 17 game season yet.
  13. And a 16-0 season each time....just like Retro Bowl.
  14. Jauronimo is dead on here. I'll add that Maybin had no base and seemed to have not enough power down low. What he did with his frame for the draft was a bit deceiving. Another reason Rousseau could never be Maybin is that Maybin was drafted 11th (?).....and because we passed over Orakpo to get him. Even if Rousseau is a bust, and I do not think he will be, those two reasons mean he could never be as big a bust as Maybin. BTW, normally I don't like to play Captain Hindsight on draft picks, but Orakpo was the obvious, blinking, neon light choice that everyone could see would be a good NFL player....well, apparently not everyone.
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