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  1. Not thrilled about the Intl games. If the rest of the world wants to watch American football then create your own damn league(s) and then we can play each other in some sort of World Playoffs with a World Bowl. Until then, no thanks.
  2. I still want to know who said to Von Miller when he approached the mic something like "are you gonna wear those sunglasses" and then Von Miller took them off, but commented that "they're comfortable", clearly annoyed at the person who said that. Buffalo sure ain't LA, is it Von? Ridiculous - let Von Miller be - if he wants to wear sunglasses during the press conf, then so ***** what!
  3. Six years into his career now and it's no longer cute when "Sugar-High Josh Allen" makes an appearance. You take what the defense gives you and if it's not there you throw it away, punt and live to see another set of downs. Instead, he continues to force throws and seems overwhelmed in the moment - losing focus on the snap, etc. That was a very winnable game he essentially gave away. This is the first time in his career I've had the thought that maybe he's not the answer at QB. Despite his talent, if he doesn't develop some emotional maturity and stop trying to put everything on his own shoulders he's not going to improve his game. At this stage in his career, getting better means playing smarter. Not giving up on him, but very disappointing to see this type of decision making in year six.
  4. I doubt this injury even happens on grass (assuming all other elements of this play remain the same). So tired of turf-related injuries.
  5. It's just one game. No, the narrative does not change, win or lose. It's a long season. Better to win, of course, to keep pace with Dolphins and push Jets back early, but it's still just one game and is not a narrative-changer either way.
  6. I'm optimistic every single season, this one no different. It's always a marathon and not a sprint, so gonna try to not get too up when things go well or too down when they don't. It's time to host more home playoff games, though. It will take an AFC championship victory to help get past losing a home playoff game in the snow. Go Bills!
  7. Yes, my opinions have evolved. Conclusion - thank goodness I'm not in charge of any important decisions regarding the Bills. 😄 I thought Marv Levy was going to be a great GM -- oops. I've learned to temper my opinions and leave room for errors in judgement.
  8. You may be correct. Here's a good article ... https://www.wsj.com/articles/nfl-draft-2023-anthony-richardson-af65301a?mod=djemalertNEWS
  9. https://babylonbee.com/news/aaron-rodgers-retires-from-professional-football-to-play-with-the-jets/
  10. I didn't vote, but I would have if there was a 4th choice that read "He exceeded my expectations for three of past four seasons, but fell short of my expectations this past season"
  11. In the spirit of "I'm not my brother's keeper", why is this post even relevant? Is this supposed to be some kind of ding on Patrick Mahomes? If the misdeeds of every NFL player's family members were dragged into posts that are supposed to be about football the list would be endless.
  12. Agree. I have no problem generally trying to rush with only 4, but blitzes can be very effective scattered in here and there. Not saying I want to see the team blitz all the time. Just saying let's mix things up a bit at times and situations.
  13. I chose 'Int for a TD' because anytime the defense scores it is a huge momentum shift in a game. Of course, the same can be said for 'Sack of a QB scoop and score', but I still find a pick-six the most satisfying type of TD.
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