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  1. Too bad Gilliam couldn't sustain block just a split-second longer so McKenzie could have added (edit) another TD 2-pt conversion Sunday against the Browns. Gilliam looked well-positioned to take that guy out, but the defender just pushed past it and made a nice tackle on McKenzie at the pylon.
  2. Geez, no lead seems safe, lately. Nevertheless, congrats on the W, Buffalo!!
  3. A little less of "the sky is falling" from John Murphy would be nice.
  4. I believe Josh is going to rebound and in a big way. Yes, he's been in some kind of a funk past few weeks, but maybe it's also time for Dorsey to change-up his play selection & game-planning ... I don't know, but I'm not giving up on Allen by a long shot. He has a pattern of improving after setbacks. The guy has the expectations of the sports world on his shoulders, as well he should, but I think he'll bounce back and become more consistent. Side note: Von, when you get a free moment, maybe you can stop over with the Sabres and explain the "don't blink" concept to them - I think maybe they need to hear it - thank you!
  5. If my memory is any good, seems like some of the most miserable weather games in past decades were 3 point losses to the likes of the Browns & Bengals - 6-to-3 or 16-13 type scores. Would like to see a strong Bills victory this weekend, but just get the W at least.
  6. Edit with game moved to Detroit: Bills 16 47 Browns 13 20
  7. Yes, if McDermott was to ever voluntarily step down, but no, otherwise. McDermott's been a very good HC. He's not perfect, but seems to learn from past mistakes. He's only missed playoffs one season and the 17-yr playoff drought is not that distant of a memory yet to forget about.
  8. Not sure if it was Diggs or another player, but I recall a guy actually removing mouth piece when approaching line scrimmage instead of not just using it at all - odd.
  9. Here is a good article from sportingnews comparing the two Cooks ... https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/james-cook-dalvin-cook-brother-georgia-2022-nfl-draft/asi60q1djluw3pmgal0tae9h Interesting that both backs averaged 6.5 yds per carry throughout their college careers.
  10. I found Snyder's remarks on Wilson - may not be everything he said, but this was captured ... “We are deeply saddened by the passing of the great Ralph Wilson. All of us have lost a NFL legend whose passion for his team was inspiring. We will always be thankful for Ralph’s contributions to the development of the AFL and NFL.” Daniel Snyder, Redskins owner This and more reactions to Wilson's passing here: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/03/25/league-reacts-to-the-passing-of-ralph-wilson/
  11. Credit due to Packer #90 Jarran Reed! He could have absolutely destroyed Allen on the TD to Diggs (and maybe even have gotten away with it given inconsistencies with roughing the passer calls, of late), but looks to have pulled up ...
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