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  1. Lost respect for him two years back when he literally said the Bills' season was over before it started...and then the Bills went on to end the drought. 🤣
  2. Issues? This guy has subscriptions...anthologies, even! He's one incident from an afterschool special. 🤪
  3. ...and this is why I'm done with this thread. People skim, rather then read, then blindly fire off a reply. Reread what I said, the part you bolded, and the sentence following. Your entire reply is based off misreading mine. But you were just chomping at the bit, so fired up, that you had to reply without paying attention and end up looking the fool. Here, let me help... "I'm not saying they can't possibly be as good as..." To which you reply "Why not?" ...sooo...you want me to say they can't possibly be as good as the Pats and Chargers then? The rest of your post suggests otherwise. Next time, actually take time to fully read a reply, rather then skimming, assuming, and firing off a knee-jerk reply that makes you look foolish.
  4. My point is, it's not that it isn't possible, on paper it is. My point is, such claims are premature. This is an organization that went 1-31 before going 7-9-1. There were a lot of people saying they were a playoff team leading into last season. How well did those predictions play out? Talks of them being a playoff team this season are reasonable. But on par with the Pats and Chargers? Sorry, going to need to see a few games first.
  5. I guess time will tell. But if they're not every bit as good as the Pats and Chargers this season, I reserve the right to laugh my ass off at anyone on this post who's already declaring they are without a single down played. Remember, not just improved, but on par with the Pats and Chargers.
  6. Alright, since some are still missing the point, lemmie try again... I am not saying the Browns can't be a better team. I'm not saying they can't possibly end up as good as the Pats or Chargers. Not saying that at all. My problem is, they went 7-8-1 last season, a losing record. They made some changes that make them look good on paper alone. Yet, despite all that, people are already willing to put them on par with the Pats and Chargers before a single snap is played. That's where I take issue. The potential is there, yes, but maybe wait and see how all the parts actually work together for a game or two before crowning them best of the AFC.
  7. And what respect do the Raiders deserve? Yet they're being discussed as a potential wild card in the very article posted here.
  8. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/215441-okay-i-now-understand-why-the-bills-passed-on-dk/
  9. "It remains to be seen if he's the real deal or another..." ...immediately follows by declaring him a bust. 🤣
  10. Some of the homerism is based on personalities, regardless of respective teams. Allen is a goofy, grinning, hard-working corn-fed boy that jumps defenders for extra yards. Hard not to root for the guy and overlook things. Rosen, on the other hand, was a smug little B word right out of the gate on draft day and it's easy to want him to crash and burn, accentuating his mistakes.
  11. To be clear, this post was more made in jest, given Fitz's history. Odds are, Rosen rides the pine a year and learns from Fitz. Still, the 'phins are in tank mode. Maybe they throw Rosen in at starter, let him get his lumps, and boost their draft position. Time will tell, really.
  12. Taking predictions here. We all know the pattern. Fitz, always a bridesmaid, nev...er...always a bride... 😁
  13. ...so many people missing the point of this post entirely. 🤨
  14. Forget the ranking. The point is, the embedded video actually spoke kindly of the Bills.
  15. I was curious to check out the premature power rankings, figuring Buffalo wouldn't get any love. I was right... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26418488/2019-nfl-power-rankings-post-free-agency-status-reports-all-32-teams Buffalo slotted in at 24. No shock, really. But what surprised me was the embedded video clip. It asks the question, which team has improved the most. Browns and Raiders get mentioned first, again no surprise. But after those two (40 seconds in), I was shocked to hear Buffalo named and given a bit of support. I mean we see it, but it's nice to at least hear someone unbiased say it.
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