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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31906170/buffalo-bills-wr-cole-beasley-says-nfl-vaccine-gripe-differing-standards-wants-players-proper-information ...he really sounds like he thinks he's a martyr/crusader over all this. I'm actually starting to worry if he's going to be focused on football at this rate. >.<
  2. Let's not become Patriots fans, guys. Let me explain. The Bills were once the powerhouse of the AFC East, and the lowly Pats were the trash. Always in the basement. I felt bad for their fans. Then Brady stepped up just as the Bills were fading. Then came the arrogant Pats fans, talking not only like they were great, but that they were always great, forgetting they were just in our position. Now it's our turn. The Jets have taken our place. Let's stay classy. 😉
  3. We always complain about being underrated. They got us pegged right IMHO. Pass rush remains a concern and KC shredded us. TB12 is a god when he's not pressured. Third seems right. And yet, even with the Bills pegged right, we seem to find things to complain about. Can we not just be happy, or failing that, content?
  4. ...which will get this locked. Hard or not if you don't stick to just discussing his behavior, the mods will shut this down. Just like people are asking Beasley to respect NFL rules and work inside them, I'm asking you to do the same for TBD rules.
  5. To be clear... This has nothing to do with Beasley's stance on vaccination. It has to do with him stirring up trouble on Twitter. The NFL is an employer. They and the Player's Association agreed on protocols for vaccinated and non-vaccinated players. Beasley doesn't want to follow non-vaxxed protocol and is complaining loudly on social media. That is what people have an issue with. Don't discuss vax vs. no vax. That's not the point and will get this locked. This is not about his choice to stay unvaxxed. It's about his very public behavior railing agai
  6. May be early, but could be fun to try and predict. Thoughts? Me, I'll predict 13-4. Unlike past years, I'm not predicting each game, just more going abstract. I'm being cautious/conservative with KC, Tampa and the Titans. While I think they can beat any of them, Buffalo struggled with elite QBs. Mahomes ripped them, I think Brady can too. As for Tenn, they ate Buffalo's lunch last year. Going to be careful and pick them going 1-2 there. I can see Buffalo going 6-0 in the division again, but that's a tough feat. The East will be tougher, and division g
  7. "Voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese: the word is Bills are close to finalizing deal with Zach Ertz."
  8. Close to a deal, huh? For days now? I guess it's like the arrow paradox. That to reach a target, an arrow must first travel half the distance between. In doing so it never reaches the target because it always has to first close half the gap. Are we now looking at the Ertz Trade Paradox? 🤔
  9. Not true. Aside from the rotating AFC division, we also play the two teams in the other AFC divisions that finished in the same place we did. It's why we're playing Pitt and KC again this season.
  10. Honestly, I noticed this and it was the biggest negative I had about the schedule but c'mon...you gotta admit the schedule-makers were kind to us overall. I mean, long rest before NE? Bye week right after the Titans/Chiefs meat grinder? Though...kinda odd how the Chiefs and Titans are out of division games yet we get them back to back again, in the same order as last year. It's like we're being setup to repeat and redeem that two week stretch from last season.
  11. San Fran.: One online friend is a fan of theirs, as is one person I used to support (I work at a day hab). And I thought Jimmy G got a raw deal in NE. Denver: One online friend, and I really wanted Peyton to nab a ring there. Indy: As above, I'm a Peyton fan, and I kinda feel a draw to cheer for the estranged former AFC East team. That, and I'm pulling for Frank. Really wanted them to make the playoffs last year, but hated that they had to meet us there game one. Raiders: Had two former co-workers that are fans, loved the unis as far back as a kid. And I
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