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  1. I always wondered why successful challenges cost something. You get two challenges, and a third if those two were successful. But even if you got all three right, that's all you get. Get the first wrong and the second is your last, even if it's successful. I know people worry about slowing down the game, but if the refs screwed up a ruling shouldn't it be overturned without it somehow counting against the challenging team? I mean, if the refs blow four big plays in a Bills' game, shouldn't they all be overturned? Just wondering if it wouldn't be better to say a coach can continue to issue challenges until they fail two, or something like that. 🤔
  2. Red shirt, white pants might actually look good. White helmet, red everything else looks like a mirror universe version of our '90s road unis which had red helmets and white everything else. 😣
  3. It's amazing, it seems like such a little thing, but it's such a wonderful gesture.
  4. Was actually going to post that. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-gameday-prime/0ap3000001065643/Prime-Why-the-Bills-are-the-Pats-biggest-competition-in-the-AFC I think the sticking point for some is, it's the Bills and they just can't be good because they haven't been for decades. There is understandable doubt, given recent history, and that nobody outside of Bills Mafia thought they'd be any good this season.
  5. If we beat Miami (that game scares me a lil...screams trap) then to go 10-6 all the Bills have to do is win half their remaining games. With a soft schedule. That is staggering to think. The Pats are still a powerhouse, all credit to them, but they are beatable. While I can't say the Bills are the best in the league, I think I can say that there isn't a team out there they can't beat...NE included. Makes for an exciting season.
  6. Still seems like it was illegal, but only just barely. No excuse for the Bills' ST not to cover that.
  7. Curious. ESPN and NFL.com both have us at 10. 🤔
  8. I noticed this. Very little attention. Even at 4-1, having only lost to the Pats by 6...the Bills just aren't seen as a sexy team, so little attention is paid to them.
  9. Well, actually might be right about the game not being close... 🤔
  10. The media? Remember all the 'best in the AFC' talk before the season?
  11. Gase will get a pass with Darnold out. As for that forum thread, I love how Jets fans are already annointing Darnold as a savior, and writing off Allen. Might not be pretty, but Allen knows how to win close games. Why NE didn't want to risk that, so they tried to decapitate him.
  12. Ironically, if you check the Titans' boards, they're complaining about the refs as much as we did. 🤔
  13. Sad and funny watching them turn on each other in that thread. My favorite was the guy saying the Bills were a 6-8 win team. XD
  14. Yes, but the question wasn't is this the best place for this season's bye. It is, compared to every other bye week the Bills have had, is this the best placed one?
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