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  1. The Red King

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Think the Saints would give us something for him now? I kid, I kid! 😁
  2. Tone isn't conveyed over the internet, so if you're trying to use sarcasm or such you need to add extra effort to make the tone known, if you're not being literal. A snarky comment at the end, going over-the-top with the sarcasm as such. I took the OP as serious initially, though after hearing it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, and re-reading it, I can see it. Tone, or loss thereof, has lead to many internet misunderstandings.
  3. A thrilling showdown of rookie first round QBs each trying to show they...wait...neither one is playing? The starters are who? Oh...this is just gonna be a barn-burner...
  4. The Red King

    And more piling on.....

    It was a rebuild year anyway, now we have two injured QBs and have to start the guy nobody in their right mind would start under any other circumstance now. Traded away a starting o-lineman, had another unexpectedly retire due to health, and a third go outright bat-poop crazy. Yeah, I think there are reasons the offense is this bad, and not all of it could be predicted by the front office.
  5. The Red King

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    I think the title is wrong. I think if were titled "Everyone that thought anyone would be better then Tyrod, we told you". I don't think anyone would argue then. Not everyone that wanted Tyrod gone thought he was the worst option at QB. Just...not good enough either.
  6. The Red King

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    Wait...we're talking about Tyrod "9 point vs. JAX" Taylor, right? How many did he put up on CAR? Yeah, let's assume he puts 20 up on Chicago this year with less offensive talent.
  7. The Red King

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    Also, to be clear, just because some of us wanted TT gone, and loved the trade, does not mean we wanted to go into the year with Peterman as starter, Allen as backup, and no other QB on the roster.
  8. The Red King

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    The Browns gave us a nice pick and took Tyrod's salary off our hands. He then promptly started 2.5 games for them. I...still think we fleeced them. Did the Bills mishandle the QB situation? Horribly. But getting rid of TT was not a mistake. If the guy was lighting it up in Cleveland instead of holding a clip board, I'd be more open to OP's argument.
  9. The Red King

    Terrell Owens Tweets to the Bills

    Is it bad that I want this as much as I do? XD
  10. Allen has two wins, against 2017 playoff teams. Rosen has two wins...against the 49ers. Allen had a comeback drive, for all the marbles, against the Titans. Rosen had a comeback drive against the 49ers. Think OP's trolling us all. I can't think they'd make this post in seriousness. If so, 🤣.
  11. Anyone else's skin crawl reading these weasel words?
  12. The Red King

    Mccoy and Ivory could both be out Monday?

    Lead the charge? Kenny Davis starting RB confirmed! 😉
  13. The Red King

    I was very wrong about Tyrod & have to own it.

    Hate to break it to you, but if you think Tyrod was single-handedly responsible for them making the playoffs, you're delusional. The Bills made it in spite of Tyrod, not because of. I offer the JAX playoff game as evidence. Also, Tyrod was out the Indy game and played the JAX game, so the Bills' record with him was 8-8. Baseline, just like him.
  14. The Red King

    I was very wrong about Tyrod & have to own it.

    The offense sucked with Tyrod. The offense sucked with Peterman. The offensive sucked with Allen. The offense sucked with Anderson. Maybe, just maybe, QB isn't the only/biggest concern with the offense. Tyrod is Tyrod. He got benched in Cleveland for playing just like he did in Buffalo. Nobody here that wanted Tyrod gone is eating crow. The mistake wasn't getting rid of Tyrod, it was in not bringing in a FA to start and mentor Allen. That's where the fault lies, at least at the QB position.
  15. The Red King

    2nd half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    I still think Allen will work out in time. That being said, this train wreck is on the staff for not bringing in a quality vet QB to start while Allen learned and provide mentoring. Going with Peterman and Allen to start was a complete disaster. I can't yell at Anderson. Given how little time he had to acclimate, and his age...I knew he could have a game like this. Never should have been in this position.