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  1. I disagree strongly. People have posted well-detailed reasons that have nothing to do with what you've suggested, such as declining stats and an inability to stop stirring the pot on Twitter. I happen to disagree with his position on that topic and yet was nothing but complimentary toward him earlier this thread. This matter cannot be boiled down to his views on one issue vs. how others feel about that issue. Even simply re-reading this thread will prove otherwise.
  2. This is why culture is more then just a buzzword. Cleveland has done a great job at assembling talented rosters, but things seem to fall apart at the seams every year. This offseason has, and continues to be, a major distraction for them.
  3. I mean at this point does it matter? He's gone. He's not coming back and was as diplomatic as possible in saying so. There's no need to keep hammering on the guy. I thank him for his time here and wish him the best going forward unless that somehow gets in our way.
  4. OMG people. Read the comments and stop complaining about the stripes. Allen just took a decal set meant for the white helmet and slapped it on a red helmet instead. That's why there are no white stripes. He mocked up a red helmet. Nothing more, nothing less. This isn't a prototype or sneak peek. It was something he kitbashed together.
  5. I think Josh might be forcing the issue. By pulling this stunt the cat's out of the bag. It's also a very sneaky way for the Bills to gauge interest in the red helmets. As already noted, the red jersey is simply the "no touchy the QB" practice jersey. And the stripes are the ones normally placed on the white helmet, one reason I think Allen slapped together.
  6. My dad used to tell me it was because at the time all the AFC East teams had white helmets and Ferguson complained he couldn't find his receivers. They changed to red to make it easier for him.
  7. Too low, but lack of evidence is a problem. We can't go on gut feeling and what we "know", no matter how much we want to. This ruling makes me sick, and despite what I just said, I think it should have been minimum 8-10 games.
  8. Damn! This was our season, but Mac is now vastly improved. And that one Dolphin player said Tua's better now. Window's closed boys. Pack it up. We're done.
  9. Did you see Josh year one? When some fans were already looking to run him out of town? Some guys *would* do well anywhere. Josh was raw, real raw. Do you think he would have developed and succeeded in, say, Cleveland?
  10. "If you want me to use my actual hands you need to at least buy me dinner first."
  11. New OC, new personell. Honestly, I'd like to see him play, but only the opening drive each game.
  12. Oh, I doubt it too. Reread my reply. I said I might be worried if not for the fact that it was a vengeance game. ^.^
  13. Bills laid an egg hard against Pitt last year, and will be there for a pennant drop they know could have been theirs. No, I expect them to come out on a rampage. I'd more fear a Week 2 drop off after that but the schedule gods left us a vengeance game in that spot.
  14. Let's be honest, much like Brady and NE, Allen most likely would have flamed out hard had he not landed in Buffalo. He needed the right team to groom him and bring him along. I can't see him succeeding if, say, the Browns or Jets nabbed him.
  15. He was consistent, passable or mundane depending on how you were looking. He wasn't great, he wasn't terrible. He wouldn't be the one to lose you games, but he wouldn't personally win them either. He would give you 7-9 wins, no more, no less. Some people applauded him for one side of it, some hated him for the other. The JAX playoff game showcased his limits, and made it clear he wasn't the future. That being said, I still think he's almost a model backup QB, where that consistency is valued in someone you're hoping will help you keep your head above water until your starter returns.
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