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  1. Tyrod was not the reason the Bills made the playoffs, and his terrible performance in that playoff game was a microcosm of the Bills' season. If the Bills' offense would have mustered more the a wet fart, they would have won that game. I cannot fathom how anyone that actually watched that game could think the Bills should have kept him as a starter. His tenure in Cleveland then confirmed it wasn't the Bills' fault. Tyrod makes precious few mistakes, and that helped the Bills. At the same time, he made precious few big plays. That ain't gonna get you a ring. That is actually all you want out of a backup QB. Someone that can step in when your starter goes down. Someone who can at least play consistantly and give you a chance. Tyrod is an ideal backup, but time and now multiple teams have proven he's not a starter. That...not race...is why Tyrod is no longer a starting QB in the NFL.
  2. Whoa, easy there Tex. I've said absolutely nothing about Kap himself there, good or ill. You're a bit quick to pounce. My comment solely regarded the NFL and how they might give Kap preferential treatment, so as not to appear biased against him. A valid concern, given a lot of people currently feel the NFL is exactly that right now.
  3. My fear is this. If Kap signs, the NFL is going to do it's best to not seem like they are discriminating against him. As a result, he's gonna get the same BS calls Brady does.
  4. Ironically, I really like the Jets' alternates, black with green trim. That aside... My daughter looked at them and replied "What are they gonna do for color rush?". Those unis are horrible. Looks like a generic football uni made in Photoshop in 30 mins. All three flavors are bad.
  5. Actually, many of the Jets fan on that thread are giving Bills decent credit. Several think we can beat or sweep them. While the quoted reply was a lil silly, the thread itself really isn't that bad.
  6. Every fan is a homer on their own message board. If Jets fans wanna talk trash here, you arc an eyebrow and lower the boom. On their own board? More power to them. Seeing Bills fans here getting bothered by hype on the Jets' board...and Jets fans getting bothered by stuff here is kinda silly.
  7. Agreed. Dalton would be an upgrade at backup QB.
  8. They have a great record in their color rush unis, like 10-1 or something, so they made it their main and whipped up a matching road uni. I don't think they're terrible overall, but the shoulder-stripes certainly are. If TB12 has left, this was a good time for a newer revision. The silver helmet still looks off, there needed to be more silver in the uni to tie it together. I would have melded old and new. Add more red to the dark blue, and bring back the old helmets. Or something like that. Ah well, just helps cement Buffalo's unis as the class of the AFC East.
  9. The man was, as noted earlier, classy while he was here, and while I am in no way saying he'd be a solution, the Bills have struggled mightely with the red zone.
  10. Back to the OP... https://nypost.com/2020/04/12/cowboys-dak-prescott-party-cops-found-no-coronavirus-violation/amp/
  11. The main problem is, people can be asymptomatic and still transmit it. We tend to be of the mindset that if we're feeling fine, there is no risk. That's why some people mistakenly believe large gatherings are perfectly fine so long as nobody appears sick. Stories like the OP infuriate me for just that reason. There is no reason to be that reckless. If even one person there had it, even without symptoms, it could now be passed on to any number of others in attendence. Hope a party was worth potentially spreading this further. Idiots. Real science is...it has been proven that you can have the virus and pass it to others, even if you show no symptoms. That clear it up?
  12. If we could have defended those 2pt conversions...
  13. It was very much doom and gloom. The Bills were a mockery. There was talk of the worst team in the league, or even all-time. There was real concern for 0-16. The Bills went to Minny the following week as record-underdogs. What the Bills then did to the Vikes...well...changed the narrative. As some have said, I can respect knowing you're at a point where you've lost a step and simply can't compete. I would have had no qualms with him retiring after the game and saying as much at his presser. It was the whole "Screw you guys, I'm going home!" act he pulled at halftime that rubbed everyone the wrong way. It was a slap in the face to the Bills and fans, and made the organization a laughing-stock.
  14. Loved this read. Articulate, big heart and hungry. I liked the mention of him and Allen being competetors. When the game's on the line, the Bills down but within a score, we have hope because that's when Allen shines. But we still fell short the biggest games. If Diggs fights with the same passion, there may well be a revisit of the Cardiac Kids of the '90s.
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