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  1. ...so many people missing the point of this post entirely. ๐Ÿคจ
  2. Forget the ranking. The point is, the embedded video actually spoke kindly of the Bills.
  3. I was curious to check out the premature power rankings, figuring Buffalo wouldn't get any love. I was right... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26418488/2019-nfl-power-rankings-post-free-agency-status-reports-all-32-teams Buffalo slotted in at 24. No shock, really. But what surprised me was the embedded video clip. It asks the question, which team has improved the most. Browns and Raiders get mentioned first, again no surprise. But after those two (40 seconds in), I was shocked to hear Buffalo named and given a bit of support. I mean we see it, but it's nice to at least hear someone unbiased say it.
  4. "Lot", "Many"...I heard three teams are interested in him. Three incredibly desperate teams. That is not "lot" or "many".
  5. Many? Which 'many'? Who out there still thinks he has high end potential after last season?
  6. ...he certainly did last season. I remember Clay tripping over the goal line vs. Miami.
  7. I watched Rosen play last season. Define "BLUE CHIP"...
  8. Short form: OP thinks Allen is the wrong Josh and we should blow a second rounder on Rosen, [sarcasm]who so obviously outplayed Allen last year to warrant this[/sarcasm].
  9. Liar. Antonio said any hat but Buffalo's. He could have urinated on a Bills' hat, mind you, but a recent recording made it clear that was off the table.
  10. As I said before, this looks like a diva throwing a tantrum because someone (Buffalo) didn't bow to his demands. Why would he be this fixated on Buffalo otherwise? Buffalo had the audacity to not give the legend in his own mind everything he wanted. If I was a FA and said to my agent, "You know, not Buffalo." then got Vegas, I'd be happy. I didn't want to go to Buffalo, I didn't go there. That would be the end of it. I wouldn't be like "You know who sucks? Buffalo.", "Buffalo is my least favorite city in New York.", "Did I mention Vegas = Yay!, Buffalo = Boo!", "I could have gone to Buffalo, but didn't want to.", "You know a city I don't like? Buffalo.", "Buffalo is a city full of doo-doo heads!", "Man, I'm glad I didn't go to Buffalo." ...etc. For someone that supposedly wanted nothing to do with Buffalo, he certainly can't stop talking about it, can he? That's the behavior of someone who is seriously butt-hurt, not someone who simply didn't want to come here from the start.
  11. He acts like he just landed with the Pats, not the Raiders. That aside...I wanna read into it. Why is AB suddenly so hostile to Buffalo? I'm wondering if he isn't a jilted lover. I get the feeling maybe Beane didn't want to give him the $$$ money he wanted and walked away leaving AB bitter and lashing out on social media. Think about it, if it all went down the way AB's claiming, why continue to attack Buffalo? This seems personal.
  12. "Numbers don't lie." Hey, let's have a competition. I'll throw twenty passes to NFL recievers. Brady can throw those same twenty to one-year olds. Bet my numbers will be better, and since numbers don't lie that will prove I'm a more accurate QB then Brady, right? ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Josh Allen had far more touchdowns, rushing yards and passing yards in his rookie year then Mahomes did.
  14. Mike Rodak, this guy, right? With this preseason article? http://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/28518/bills-set-up-tyrod-taylor-to-fail-blow-up-2017-season-with-shocking-trades , with the headline "Bills set up Tyrod Taylor to fail, blowing up 2017 season with shocking trades" and opens with this wonderfully ironic line "BUFFALO -- Turn out the lights on the Buffalo Bills' 2017 season, because it is over before it started."? This kind of deep, insightful take? The season the Bills broke a seventeen year playoff drought was over before it started? ๐Ÿคจ As stated by multiple posters prior, Rodak is disliked because all of his Bills' coverage is negative. Even in the Bills' brightest moments, he finds any spot of tarnish, real of imagined to throw shade at the team. Compare this to his coverage of the Patriots, where everything is positive, even if it's negative. If his reporting style was consistant with both teams, most people would be fine. Yes, there would be a lot more positive pieces about the Pats for obvious reasons, but it's fair and well-deserved. But actually take a look and you will see day in and day out, article to article that according to Rodak New England can do nothing at all wrong, and Buffalo can't do anything, nothing at all right. And that...is why he's disliked among many here.
  15. I think the idea here is more we actually look like we have a plan. Whether it works or not, whether players pan out or not, Beane has a plan and is actually attempting to build a team properly, filling holes in FA and the draft. On paper this team looks notably stronger then last season. Offseason moves seem to be made with the goal of putting more games in the win column as opposed to the past where flashy moves were more designed to put fans in the stands. I, for one, welcome this change.
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