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  1. Wait, wait, wait. Hear me out... This guy I know heard it from a guy that works at OBD. This guy heard from the guy that restocks the urinal cakes. He heard it from the lady that refills the nacho cheese dispensers that heard it from the guy that paints the yard markers. That guy heard it from someone outside the stadium eating chicken wings who heard it from the guy that sold him the chicken wings, so you know this is legit. ...Hopkins and Ertz. It's happening.
  2. Did I misinterpret the tone of your post? Crap, sorry about that. Curse you internet. 😔
  3. So, basically, you couldn't refute my last post in any way. I know, how dare I use things like examples and facts to make my point. Well, this has been entertaining, but check and mate my friend. To be fair I think we've derailed this post long enough as is, so it's time for me to move on now that we're done here.
  4. I reiterate. According to what you've said I and others literally cannot say "Tom Brady won seven Super Bowls". Anyone that says that is completely wrong? That statement is incorrect?
  5. This is objectively wrong. Teams are different. Putting the same guy on another team would yield different results. In some cases they may be similar, others more extreme. Some better, some worse. For example, would Mahomes on the Colts yield the same results as with KC?
  6. Now you're just being silly. So you can't say Payton Manning won Super Bowls for both the Colts and Broncos? Or that Brady won Super Bowls for New England and Tampa? After all, according to you only a TEAM wins games, not players.
  7. Lemmie change the phrasing. Had it not been for a last-second special teams debacle, he would have won a playoff game. Can't dispute that. We good now?
  8. Point still stands. Had the ST covered the kickoff, which there is no excuse at all for ever not, he would have won a playoff game. Look, I think he was terrible. I'm not defending his overall performance at all. Just pointing out he should have won that game. And while his stats were terrible, he did lead the Bills on the last FG drive to take the lead. Again, guy was an absolute dud. Just giving credit where due.
  9. Right, and we all say Josh won us that game and the D lost it. That's my point. For all of Rob's failings, and there were many, he at least had that playoff game won before the ST blew it.
  10. Music City Miracle vs. Tenn. Had we simply covered the kickoff we would have won. And IIRC, Rob wasn't on the coverage team.
  11. To be fair, Rob led the Bills to a road playoff victory. Sadly the Bills' Special Teams detoured them into a ditch at the last moment.
  12. He thought Davis would clean up his drop rate and therefore be a perfectly good #2, so it's understandable. He was, sadly, wrong.
  13. I think running is fine, gives the defense something else to worry about. But the rest, the hurdling, the bulldozing for an extra yard or two...yeah, that boy needs to learn how to slide.
  14. No. He has key drops at the worst time. I don't care if someone has a 99% catch rate and 90 yrd avg per catch if they keep dropping the ones we desperately need and never fights for contested balls.
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