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  1. Why get the QB with a cannon arm a speed receiver to throw it to?
  2. Worthy was on the board and we traded down? Get the torches and pitchforks, peeps...
  3. Has anyone said that? Most outright state "I would have preferred Blackmon..."
  4. IIRC Houston can't use the Oilers/Oil well, as the Titans still own the rights to the Oilers. Isn't that why it was such as slap in the face when the Titans wore the Oilers throwbacks against the Texans last season?
  5. Oklahoma isn't cold? We get more snow, but lake-effect keeps it warmer. Midwest gets real cold. Take it from someone that grew up in Nebraska!
  6. Still need a deep threat, or opposing teams will just pinch in and cover short to mid. Gotta stretch that D.
  7. Love this move. Now draft a speed demon WR to stretch the field and with Allen's cannon arm he can suddenly threaten anywhere on the field. Would be very tough to defend.
  8. And how was our defense in the Divisional Round? I seem to recall losing starters in all three levels of defense, and attrition from there. Not to mention I think three players (punter included) getting injured in the Wild Card the week before. In 2022 we lost Von Miller, who was playing fantastic, Tre and Milano. Knox, I think? Oh, and of course, we had a player outright die on the field. Allen, while playing all games, did not look the same at all after injuring his elbow in the Green Bay game. This isn't a thread I made to lament injuries though. It was simply an honest question of, is the organization doing anything to try and cut back on these injuries, and is there even anything that could be done? That's all.
  9. Just curious if those in the know, know if Buffalo is changing anything about their conditioning program. Yes, every team has injuries, but Buffalo was absolutely crippled by them, both in number and the quality of player taken down. And it's been two seasons in a row now. To be clear, I'm asking seriously. I'm no doc, or that knowledgable about the specifics of the different injuries or how teams handle this kind of stuff. I know it's been bad luck, and I honestly don't know if there is anything we could change/improve to try and help cut down on them. I think this team can go all the way, and would hate to see a third straight season sniped by yet another epidemic of injuries. I hope we're not playing overseas this year. And I'm not thrilled we're at Detroit again. Hope their turf doesn't claim more victims. >.>
  10. Wasn't Oliver being double-teamed b/c whatever the rest of the line was, wasn't doing jack? Real hard to get to the QB when the O can just focus on one guy.
  11. I gotta think this has to be tied to him holding for Bass.
  12. Why do some people keep handwaving his injury? Dude was playing solid football until the Detroit turf reached up and bit him. His pressure sealed a win against KC two years ago. I say this because some people talk like he never did anything for us and his production just fell off a cliff due to age. Now, his age+injury is a concern. He may well be done. But with all this extra time he might just come back strong. No way to know. That's why I really like this contract. I think I'm okay giving him each chunk of money at its respective tier, and more then happy to give him all that money if he gets all those sacks and gets us to the Super Bowl.
  13. Miller pressured Mahomes into throwing a pic that sealed a Bills' win over KC two years ago. That's just one example. People seem to forget Von actually looked good until he got injured. Can he bounce back this year? We'll see. But stop saying he never did anything for the Bills. Wanna blame something? Blame that garbage turf in Detroit.
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