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  1. Before the draft, people were talking up Rosen. If he ended up lighting it up, we could discuss potential mistakes. Someone many draft experts thought was better was passed over. However, precious few people tagged Lamar as a star prospect. We took Allen over a qb many considered worse. Since McBeane did not have a crystal ball, no, this could not be called a mistake in any sense. That being said, I'm still happier with Allen.
  2. I can see the point, but you gotta realize in this day and age saying something like that isn't gonna end well.
  3. Marrone did good things with a bad franchise. Ralph's death allowed him to trigger the contingency clause in his contract to leave while stilo getting paid. He thought his success story with the Bad News Bills would make him a hot commodity, and he'd get a better head coaching gig. He rolled the dice, and it blew up in his face.
  4. Rt is "Right time"? I think? Maybe? ...my head hurts... 🤔
  5. They beat NE and San Fran. I have no issue with the opening spread. I think the Bills can challenge them, but totally see why Vegas went with the number it did.
  6. Um...I clicked the link and...actually a lot of respect for Allen. I see nothing to get upset over. Yes, they're homers, we're no better...but remember the best look they've had of Allen was when we played them, and the ultra-safe Allen they saw was indeed unremarkable, and not the Allen we're seeing now.
  7. Everyone loves a good dumpster fire, so of course Dallas is in the spotlight. Also remember the Bills have been the face of medioric futility for decades. It's going to take more time and effort to change people's minds outside of our fan base. Yesterday went a long way to getting there, but to many it's still the Buffalo Bills.
  8. Division leaders are automatically slotted 1-4. Buffalo, as top wild card, would be 5th.
  9. The Ravens game helps if we were able to somehow claw back into the divisional race. One tiebreaker is the combined record of all wins. Beating Baltimore would be huge, as the Pats lost to them. In addition, if we somehow won the AFCE, that win against the Ravens would provide a head-to-head tiebreaker for seeding. Crazy as it sounds, if anyone else beats the Pats, and the Bills run the table, they would be the #1 seed in the AFC. Thought it was the other way around. For AFC foes, you want them to have worse conference records. It's how the Chargers missed the playoffs two years ago.
  10. All white. Helmet, mask, all of it. I want this on Thurs.
  11. Why not white pants? I hate when the jersey and pants atlre the same color, and the helmet is something else. Had the same issue with the '90s road unis, which are an invert of this.
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