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  1. If you give Cleveland a kicker, you have to give Pittsburgh one too. At which point the Steelers win in OT because Tyrod threw a pick trying to get into field game range at the end of regulation, and Pitt's kicker had the earlier OT attempt. Well, I tend not to comment on Tyrod. He'd gone. Buuuuuut, when someone puts up a post like the OP...they're just asking for it.
  2. Lo and behold what Tyrod has accomplished this season...an 0-1-1 record. Because when the game's on the line, he still can't get it done, any more then he could in Buffalo. The guy that can't win a game that's close late...still can't win a game that's close late. Repent!
  3. Actually, that's the perfect quote. UNTIL we have hard evidence he did it, I'm not going to condemn the man.
  4. The Red King

    We do not have the receivers

    Translation: I have been calling Allen a bust. Don't you dare give him quality reveivers capable of proving me wrong!
  5. The Red King

    [Edited Title] Patrick Mahomes Looks Great

    *Gives OP a goat for opening yet another Mahomes thread with others active*
  6. The Red King

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    I mentioned that several times last week, actually. Because lying about medical issues to get out of contracts is A-OK.
  7. The Red King

    [Vague Title] Sincerely, thank you......

    Sincerely ...I do not think it means, what you think it means... 🤔
  8. The Red King

    Did Vontae Davis retire at halftime? Yes, yes he did!

    He retires, then he shouldn't count against our cap. And Buffalo better not do anything crazy like cutting him...thereby letting him keep the money and find another team. Did that with Cogs, and with this being equally strange, could set a dangerous precident.
  9. The Red King

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    Sooo...you don't think the quality of players around each QB matters? C'mon, I really wanna hear you say it. Go on, make a fool out of yourself. 😂
  10. The Red King

    McD took over defensive play calling in 2nd half

    Well, that explains it. The D actually looked competant out there. Please McD, for Allen's sake, keep control of the D.
  11. The Red King

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    Check the Gameday threads. 😉
  12. The Red King

    Josh is rough around the edges but man kid has potential

    He was a project. And he wasn't given enough time to bake in the oven. I liked what I saw. Still areas that need work, but that's why he's got another 14+ games to develop. He was never meant to light up the league this year. This year is to set him up to do so next season. I don't get the negativity. Rook has a horrid line, terrible receivers, and still looks promising in his first start. I honestly think his biggest critics here are bashing him because they're upset we didn't get Mahomes or Darnold instead.
  13. The Red King

    Week 2 Game Day thread Bills vs. Chargers Second Half

    Mahomes is in a race car, Darnold is in a Ferrari, Allen is in a Chevy Aveo. Race the three, then say Allen is a bad racer and a terrible pick to drive. Got it. You cannot judge the three QBs in a vacuum. You need to look at the team around them. So, the rookie QB in his first start with a seive for an o-line and receivers that lathered their gloves with butter *didn't* throw for 300 yards and 4 TDs? Well, guy's obviously a bust. Just look at how well the QBs who have a real team around them played. >.<
  14. The Red King

    Post your reaction if McDermott names Peterman week 2 starter

    ...after the coach pulls out the...
  15. The Red King

    Bills sign Nate Orchard

    Yes, because they also have Tyrod. But TT's another topic altogether. Suffice to say the Browns' D did everything it was asked to, and more...but even six takeaways wasn't enough because Taylor simply couldn't seal the deal. Again, Cleveland has one of the league's best defenses and I'll take a defensive castoff. Unfortunately for them, they also have Tyrod, and so only managed a tie. Hell, the D put them in field goal range in OT with an interception.