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  1. The Red King

    1993 Bills - only team to beat last 3 SB champs?

    Biggest comeback in NFL history. Super Bowl champ is an honor shared with every other SB champion. Only one team pulled off a 33-point comeback. Or are you going to try and throw shade on that, too?
  2. This is why we need a monster pass rusher. I think our secondary can make plays, but when opposing QBs can set up lawn chairs, sip iced tea and read a book until someone comes open...it ain't gonna matter who's in coverage.
  3. He had receivers that dropped an inordinate amount of catches, never fought for the ball, and tripped over the goal line coming out of the endzone at Wyoming as well? 🤔
  4. Bruce, hands down. Our defense is actually pretty damn good, but the most glaring weakness is a lack of pass rush. Add Bruce (in his prime) to that defense and it could be legendary. Force the QB to get the ball out quick, and into the hands of our secondary, the thought gives me shivers.
  5. The Red King

    Andre Reed Criticizes Personnel Decisions

    So, the plan is to not give the developing, top ten pick QB all of the first team reps throughout training camp and preseason so he can form bonds and timing patterns with all the new offensive weapons we're hopefully bringing in? Instead we're going to waste starting reps and potentially a draft pick on another QB? Do you honestly think any other QB on the roster, or any other QB we would draft in a reasonable round could dethrone Allen as the starter? If they don't, all you've done is take away development from him. ...of course this is the point where you insist even a seventh round QB could take the starting job from Allen, and I roll my eyes and rightfully discard everything you've said.
  6. The Red King

    NFL fines Jordan Mills more than Kiko and Quinn

    Remember, the NFL is all about player safety. I'm sure after this result that Kiko will realize it's not worth taking a similar run at QBs going forward. ...honestly, someone is going to take this chump out, and the NFL's gonna act shocked and come down hard on the person who does it, in a typically hypocritical move to deflect blame from themselves.
  7. The Red King

    Von Miller’s mom wants a trade, blames Elway

    At least call and kick the tires. The Bills haven't had a dominant pass rush since...how long has Brady been around, again?
  8. The Red King

    2019 NFL Draft: Bills officially picking 9th

    C.J. Spiller. He was bpa at the time, but the Bills had a number of needs and running back wasn't one of them.
  9. The Red King

    Looks like Shady will be a Bill in 2019

    Coach-speak. Means nothing. He's not going to throw him under the bus. Remember all the kind words for Peterman...
  10. The Red King

    Where would we be if we still had Cogs and Wood?

    Bimgo. Had he declined, I would have supported him. Nobody held a gun to his head or took his loved ones hostage. He said yes, signed, then went berserk.
  11. The Red King

    Where would we be if we still had Cogs and Wood?

    Cogs could have said no. He said yes. Then he went outright berserk, and some people think that's 100% on the Bills. Accordng to their logic teams should never, ever ask a star to take a pay cut because if they accept, then go berserk, it's the team's fault. New England really took a chance asking Brady to take a cut because *bam* he could have snapped and it would have been the team's fault! They really rolled the dice! 😒
  12. The Red King

    Missed opportunities (Buf @ NE)

    Why did you highlight half of my sentence while not highlighting the start of the sentence that said 'I am not saying...'. It's like me going 'I'm not saying beef is bad...' and you replying, highlighting 'beef is bad' and jumping on it. Though, that, and your reply, make it clear you still don't understand what I am saying, and I've run out of ways to say it, so I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree.
  13. The Red King

    Missed opportunities (Buf @ NE)

    If you don't think an early 80-yard bomb would have changed momentum, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. That aside I stressed multiple times that I am not saying those plays were the only or main reason we lost. We still had three takeaways, and a number of defensive stands. The defense jeckell and hyded all game. Had Buffalo hit those opportunities, I do think the game would have been competative. We didn't, not a one. But all this talk of watching the game, I did. Every single painful play, start to end.
  14. The Red King

    Missed opportunities (Buf @ NE)

    Talking specifics when your team is dominated is kinda what this board does. Otherwise there would be just one new thread after the game titled "We got dominated". You seem to think I'm excusing the Bills, or saying they only lost because of the plays mentioned. I claimed nothing of the sort, and specifically said otherwise. That aside, the plays mentioned in the OP were certainly back-breakers, and changed the momentum of the game. Honestly, we get dominated, and you think people should only be able to create posts stating exactly that, while being forbidden from discussing certain aspects of the game? Would make TBD a very boring place.
  15. The Red King

    Missed opportunities (Buf @ NE)

    Who was making excuses? Did you even read my post? I even specifically said "I'm not saying we would have won...". I...think you missed the point of the thread entirely.