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  1. Oh, *hell* no. Divisional games are very important. One (home or away) should not be played overseas. That and congrats, the Bills and Dolphins would then both be screwed for Week 2. A divisional game overseas is a terrible idea. A Week 1 game overseas is a terrible idea. And here we have both. Money grubbing punks running the league with zero regard for the integrity of the game.
  2. Ugh. I'm kinda at a loss for words, and that rarely happens. With the poor officiating and suspected bias, coupled with this, it's just like it's more spectacle then sport at this point. I'm losing interest. I haven't been watching as many games (just checking updates), and not really regretting that.
  3. That's actually setup by an algorithm. We play the AFC West every three years, alternating home/away. In 2026 KC is coming here. In 2029, we're going there. That's already set in stone. Every season we play against the two teams that finished in the same spot we did, in the AFC divisions we don't play, and home/away alternate every two years. That's why we got JAX and CIN this season. We got hit with the perfect storm. In 2020 we played the AFC West and hosted KC. For the 2021 and 2022 seasons both Buffalo and KC finished in first place the prior season and so played each other again. This, unfortunately, lined up with the "at the AFC West's stadium" two-year cycle. And then, since we hosted KC in 2020, they got us this season. That's how we ended up going there three straight years. This time if we finish in the same place as KC they'll have to come up here next season. Ironically, this may be the first season we don't finish in the same spot.
  4. I think part of it for me is that while officiating has been bad for awhile, this season seems quite a bit worse then last season. And I don't neccisarily think it's a case of this team or that team overall, but how the league wants things to play out week to week based on trends, ratings and gambling lines. I'm not saying I know something for certain. Just saying things don't look right this season, all around.
  5. Again, let me be clear... I am not just talking about the Bills/Eagles games, or just the Bills. I am referring to bad officiating all over, all season. The Bills were even on the receiving end vs. the Giants this season. That was a blatent penalty in the end zone, and other teams have been screwed over by the refs as well. The horse-collar turned into intentional grounding favored the Bills? 🤔
  6. Why keep McD? Honest question. Ask yourself this, and be honest. Can you see McD winning the SB next year? Do you honestly think he can do it, if given another chance? I don't. I have zero faith in him doing that, and that is the goal. Yes, a new coach may not be any better, may even be worse, but if they give us an actul chance to win it all, I will roll the dice.
  7. That's the problem. The NFL finally realized there's nothing we can do, which is why the bad officiating is so obvious this season, all around.
  8. That's a good point. The closer the game, the longer people watch. Close games are more compelling then blowouts, better entertainment.
  9. (Please don't merge this with the thread complaining about the Bills/Eagles officiating. This is different, with wider scope, and not limited to the Bills.) There have always been suspicions that the NFL is fixed, but this year seems almost blatent. There have been a ton, a ton of badly officiated games this season, and not just involving the Bills. The NFL is in bed with Vegas and the gambling apps, that much is fact. So, my question is, what do you believe? I don't believe the league is outright scripted. But I do believe they have preferences, and are not afraid to unleash the officials to get the outcomes they want, based on trends. I hate to be that guy. I hate to think about conspiracy theories. But the officiating all around the league has been laughably bad/questionable the whole season.
  10. We know what we're getting out of McD. A guy that can't get it done at the end of close games. He is good at what he did, making bad teams relevant again. If I were a struggling team I'd take him as my HC in a heartbeat. He took a dumpster fire of a pro football franchise that missed the last seventeen playoffs, cleaned up the culture and got them winning. I recognize and respect all of that. He is not, IMHO, a terrible coach. But he seems prone to choking away close games with some very questionable decisions. And while that is a coach that can get you a good number of wins, it is not a coach that can win it all, b/c to do so you need to win 3-4 postseason games in a row. At least one is going to be close, and he is going to collapse at the end. In a way, 13 seconds keeps happening to us, even today, just not in quite drastic a fashion.
  11. The NFL is using officiating to nudge games in the direction they want. It's been like that for years (for example, the Tampa game against Brady). The difference is, the NFL realized/decided not to even bother trying to cover it up this season. They're being outright blunt and obvious, and daring there to be consequences. What are we going to do? Not watch? You might lose a few people here or there, but not in enough numbers to matter. It's not just one bad game, or one team getting screwed, it's all over. We were on the receiving end of it with our win over the Giants despite an obvious penalty in the end-zone. The league isn't anti-Bills. We're just not part of their script this season. It's nothing personal, just business.
  12. But this amuses me. I almost fell for it too, I'll admit. So, I wanted to put a warning up. And yet people still kept blowing right past it and replying in anger. Now, I could see if this was a timeless thread, like "Fire McD", but it's not. It's about a specific quote and action from two years ago. There is literally zero reason to revive this thread, but here we are. To answer your question, people stop necroposting here, I'll stop posting fun warnings and laughing at them. 😁
  13. I'm...at a loss. I'm actually laughing so hard I'm crying. Is everyone so blinded with anger that they're not checking the original's posting date, or the several necropost warning posts already made? People aren't even reading the thread, just rage-replying to the two year old OP. 🤣
  14. You're a lil late. The request was made two years ago. Check the posting date. 🤣
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