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  1. Oh, and to clairify, I don't mean on average. I mean completely happy with every play. Are you completely happy with his current level of play?
  2. He is not the sole cause, but his 4th down drop was a critical, game-killing drop. Let me ask bluntly. Are you completely happy with Davis' performance this year right now? Completely being the key word.
  3. So, causing 33% of the Bills' losses is no big deal? Goes right up there with a full 10% drop rate, I suppose. Again, I'm not calling for the guy's head. I'm just saying there is certainly justification for the flak he's receiving.
  4. Dropped critical 4th down pass from Josh in the Jets game, which resulted in 1 of the Bills' 3 losses this season? As I said, when he's good, he's amazing. When he's bad, it costs the team bad.
  5. People pointing out that his skills have declined and that every other team in the NFL feels the same is "strong feelings"? I like the guy. I liked what he did here. But, as I pointed out above, everyone's skills decline over time. I mean that's obvious. That's why Cole is playing so well for...wait...who is he playing for right now? 🤔
  6. Take off the nostalgia goggles. Players drop off over time. The Beasley we'd have this season isn't the same as last season or the one before. If he was, some team would have snapped him up and stuck with him. Sadly, like any other player, in any other sport, his ability dropped off with age. It's why we don't re-sign Bruce Smith right now to bolster our D-line. Blame Father Time.
  7. Yes, because Beasley showed how much he had left in his tank before Tampa cut him. 🙄
  8. None of which has anything to do with what I said. To be clear, I don't disagree with what you just posted. The only thing directed at you was in regards to a failed correlation you attempted to make between patient/doctor and fan/coach. A correlation I picked apart by bringing up Peterman. Surely you can admit that much at this point. I have not objected to, or even responded to, anything else you've posted. As far as the broader topic as to whether the flak against this coaching staff is warranted, unlike the aforementioned correlation, this is completely subjective. I have my opinions on the matter, as do you, and we're both allowed to have them. I hope that clears things up. My only issue here was strictly with that specific assertion, nothing more.
  9. I'm more supportive of Gabe then a number of people on this thread. My point is merely this. The OP suggests the flak he's getting is over-exaggerated and unwarranted. I disagree, and used his drop percentage as one argument against that assertion. When he's good, he's amazing. But when he's bad it hurts this team badly. He has potential, but until he stops making those key mistakes people are going to be justified in critiquing him.
  10. Hardly. Let's look at your argument. You assert that since patients are not doctors, they have no right to weigh in on surgical strategy. The implications are, in a similar manner, fans cannot weigh in on coaching decisions. Am I mistaken? To counter that I asked... At which point your argument collapses completely. So, you start throwing in other conditions such as win record. You backpedaled hard from your original assertion that since patients should not weigh in on surgery, fans should not weigh in on coaching decisions. In other words, I completely shredded your original point. Check and Mate.
  11. And he is what in total drops? And how bad did those drops hurt us? Lack of consistency.
  12. Yes, he can make good plays, great plays, amazing plays. When he's good, he's very, very good. The problem is, when he's bad, he's terrible. His big plays are offset by his horrific mistakes. 10% drop rate will kill you (as it has the Bills in a couple losses this year). I mean, he even bobbled an onside kick that could have been a disaster had a teammate not knocked it out of bounds. Consistency. Let me say it again... Consistency. This is the problem. This is why he's getting a "bad rap". Plain and simple. Works for a WR3, but too unreliable for a WR2.
  13. To reiterate... You seem afraid to answer this. I think it's because you'll prove my point. So go ahead, answer it if you've got the guts to. Personally, I see you ignoring it or ducking it again.
  14. I don't have to be a carpenter to recognize a shoddily built treehouse. Likewise, people do not need to be NFL coaches to be able to criticize NFL coaches and players. By your logic, since nobody here is a quarterback, not one fan here had the right to level a single complaint against Nathan Peterman after that Chargers game.
  15. He makes a good #3 WR. As a #2 he is too hot and cold. The great plays he makes are great, the bad plays are costly. Where I don't like him is on the hands team. As I noted above, Davis has a 10% drop rate! That is not a guy you want on your hands team. I would think that would be even more obvious given the fact that he muffed that onside kick, and it would have been Detroit ball had not one of his teammates bailed him out and punched the ball out of bounds. His handling of that onside kick actually vindicates my view. A guy that drops one in ten passes dropped an onside kick. It's pattern recognition. Davis has strengths, but sure hands is not one of them. As I noted before, I am not one of the people clamoring for anyone to be fired. Have not said that, here or anywhere else on the board. I do, however, believe there are valid criticisms that can be leveled against the coaching staff. Deciding to put a guy with a 10% drop rate on the hands-team was a mistake by McD that nearly cost us. I disagree with the people calling to fire this staff, but I also disagree with people here that are acting like McD is one of the greatest coaches in the NFL.
  16. Just checked. Gabe has been targeted 60 times this season, and has 6 drops, so that is a 10% drop rate. Yeah, that's the kind of guy you want on the hands team, right? 🙄
  17. A ball? I'm not saying Davis shouldn't be on the field because he dropped A ball. He has dropped a lot, several in key situations (re: end of Jets and Vikings games). Josh slipped at the end of the Titans game last year. Doesn't mean he shouldn't sneak, because it was an isolated incident. Davis having greased hands is not an isolated incident. It's happened too many times, many in key situations. A guy that does not have good hands should not be on the hands team. Should a guy that repeatedly fumbles be given the ball on 4th and 1? Because it sounds like you'd approve of that, too.
  18. You really answer like a politician, don't you. Asked you a yes or no question. You give a three-sentence answer, where neither the word "yes" or the word "no" appear even once. The fact that you ducked my question twice is an answer in and of itself. You know I'm right, otherwise you would have actually answered the question.
  19. Davis had the ball hit him. He didn't catch it. The ball was free. So...that did happen. It was a (coaching) mistake to put him out there. You also ducked the question. Let me make it easier. Do you think McD made a mistake putting a guy that regularly drops the ball out on his hands-team. Yes or no. You even get the benefit of hindsight on this one.
  20. We are 2-2 our last four games. In those games our point differential is just +4. Josh has thrown an alarming number of red-zone ints. At the moment the wheels are coming off the bus. It falls on the coaching staff to right the ship. If we were 8-3 while looking good with an odd loss here or there people wouldn't be as worried. This is now the fourth straight game they have not looked right. Case in point, look how Pitt. started two years ago (11-0 I think?). Then the team fell into a slump at the end of the season and got crushed by the Browns for a one-and-done in the playoffs.
  21. Gotcha, thank you. Wouldn't have been as bad, but still a bad choice by McD.
  22. I thought they could if it hit a member of the recieving team first. Regardless, putting Davis on the hands team was a clear mistake. I'm not saying the coaching staff is terrible and should be fired. Just saying there are some points of real concern at this point.
  23. You are completely, 100% fine with the decision to put Davis on the hands team when it almost cost us the game?
  24. Another specific? McD putting Davis, a reciever with an alarming number of drops, on our "hands team". Almost cost us the game. Were it not for the heroics of a teammate punching the ball OOB at the last moment, Detroit would not only have recovered, they would have scored a TD as he had nothing but daylight ahead of him. I'm not going doom and gloom, but this coaching staff should be raising concerns right now.
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