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  1. In trying to connect the dots, if his faith is real (and from what I know, it is), I would think his conversations were faith-based and he asked for forgiveness. I don’t think he is looking for a free pass. I’m sure his text being exposed made him self evaluate the consistency of his beliefs. No wonder that so many are self censoring when a guy talks about his faith, he gets hammered. Yes, we wouldn’t be talking about this with your suggested response.
  2. Red Rough Riders Red Arrows Red Maulers (eg- Mall ers)
  3. Bills should throw in a 5th to make it happen😳
  4. Yea, we get a golden ticket to the AFC championship! Go Bills!!
  5. I would think they would be tested daily. By August there should be quick test. If guy is positive he is quarantined until he is tested negative. It seems that Korean baseball is working. I think NFL will make it work with mask protection and testing process. Go Bills!
  6. To beat KC, we have to match them point for point, and continue to build a mean and fast defense to get after their QB. That’s the formula. Go Bills!
  7. It’s widely considered that a level playing field is level.
  8. Man, in retrospect, it’s obvious Pats have had better players for years. Edwards v Brady no contest. Wolford is all world. Who we got? No bueno. Go Bills!!
  9. I’d like to see if Tinker Bell can still carry the rock.
  10. Even though some would say that our elite players didn’t show up for the Super games due to party priorities, Jim was ringleader who created a togetherness needed for winning. This was as important as his skills. Without Jim, no 4 straight more because of his leadership than his arm. He’a gotta be on mount. If you go based on eliteness, here are my four in rank order: OJ Bruce Kelly Thurmond
  11. Ground Jets Squish Fish Roll Rams Rip Raiders Tumble the Titans Conquer Chiefs Crash Jets Punish Pats Humiliate Hawks Flush Cards Jolt Bolts Bind Niners Smelt Steelers Batter Broncs Punch Pats Drown Phins Cage Ravens Chop Chiefs Thump Boys Downtown parade
  12. We MUST avoid key injuries. Just wanted to add to obvious list. Go Bills!!
  13. If he is any thing like Brady, why didn’t the football genius in NE take him??
  14. Maddox was tough. I see similarities with Staubach and Brees. Remember every NFL QB is one hit away, and Josh gets hit more than most. I believe Fromm could step in and keep us on the playoff quest 🏈. Could we say same for Barkley?? Go Bills!!
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