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  1. My first winter in Buffalo years ago was brutal. I worked construction - nothing like frozen mud and fingers. My first summer back in Ga was brutal - sweat and exhaustion just walking around. The best life would be summers in Buffalo and winters in Miami. Go Bills 🏈🦬
  2. Hmmm … didn’t we make the playoffs before he got here
  3. If you don’t win, we don’t get a dime!!
  4. Browns win time of possession but we win 27-21. Go Bills!!
  5. Just like always it’s about making the playoffs and then we’ll be the team nobody wants to play, because of JA17. Our injury situation can only get better by then. We can beat anybody as long as Josh is healthy. We’re lucky to have him so let’s enjoy the ride. Go Bills 🦬
  6. Hear me now and believe me Sunday at kickoff: JA17 starts and we’re up by 24 at halftime, and Case does his game mgt thing 2nd half. Go Bills 🦬
  7. In Ga, I’ve only had to go to sports bar twice. Lovin it!! Go Bills!
  8. He’s about to bust one to the house and everyone see a vapor trail 💨
  9. The Kelly and Bruce Bills ramped up energy in Bills nation. Larry Felser and BN provided primary news about that team. Those were great times and teams. Looking back it’s hard to believe we didn’t win multiple SBs with those big time players. If you compared each position, I think many would say the 90’s teams were better. However, the difference may be coaching. The “process” approach seems to have everyone on board which seems to put an emphasis on we not me. That was an issue with the 90s teams. This current team may get over the hump. Hope so. It’s great to see the Bills being relevant again. Go Bills 🦬
  10. Yes Steelers we’re terrible before the terrible towels showed up, but Didnt they turn it around because of extra picks for moving to AFC 🤔
  11. Virg: Any random thoughts in no particular order @ James Cook #28? Like is he the real deal?? Like can he “Rock me like a wagon wheel” as in nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills 🦬😲
  12. I hear they got some crazy little women there 🎶
  13. Do we get the female robot voice: In 23 yards you will reach you destination.
  14. Do they ever talk about the weather for Vikings games?? I loved those games with Purple People Eaters and Joe Kapp .
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