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  1. My take is 3-1 with another loss to Bill. He can beat McD with the Boston College team. Until proven otherwise, the GOAT coach gets my vote.
  2. I'd be thrilled with either Herbert or Allen. Been impressed that Herbert to cool customer.
  3. I agree that the laser throw to Yeldon was elite status, but I’m not ready to cast my elite vote for JA yet. Is it just me or did he have that deer in the headlights look again against Titans like he had in Houston game?? I hope I don’t see this against KC. I’ve watched the rookie Herbert and he never looks rattled. It seems that the great ones have that special something.
  4. And we better get TDs early and often.
  5. We beat Raiders. They beat Chiefs, therefore, we will beat Chiefs. Game over. Actually, not so simple. The guys who know more than me indicate that Mahomes was under duress. We know we can’t do that. But maybe we can. Are we able to follow Raiders blueprint? Beats me. I believe we need to dink and dunk long drives with play action. The best defense against the MVP is to win time of possession. This was Raiders blueprint and must be ours. Go Bills still!!
  6. OL gave JA time too. Go Bills still!!
  7. Similar to those 90s teams, I’m afraid that teams with the beef can bulldoze us and eat up clock. We had pass rush then. Tenny didn’t bulldoze us, but probably could’ve beat us that way too. Tanny was our focus, but they were smarter. Our offense needs to play big each week for us to win division. Go Bills!!
  8. Playing desperate means no punts on 4th and 2 from the 40 ... keep the train rolling.
  9. With the rotation scheme, Murph will get 7 sacks at least. I would take the over. Glad he’s with us. We’re better with him.
  10. Totally logical. With no PS games, we got squat to go on. Cmon man, nobody on this planet knows, but opinions are free.
  11. At the golf range, I knock down the pin from 135 yards. On the course, I hit the bunker???
  12. In trying to connect the dots, if his faith is real (and from what I know, it is), I would think his conversations were faith-based and he asked for forgiveness. I don’t think he is looking for a free pass. I’m sure his text being exposed made him self evaluate the consistency of his beliefs. No wonder that so many are self censoring when a guy talks about his faith, he gets hammered. Yes, we wouldn’t be talking about this with your suggested response.
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