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  1. If our guy can play QB like Stafford, we have a chance to win a Super Bowl. Heck, Stafford can still win a Super Bowl, however, it depends. Ask Marino.
  2. He's got Jerry Rice speed. I'll take it.
  3. My take is that Zay will have better soil to grow into a solid #2 in Oakland. Here the offense was a revolving door at most every position, and he received poor coaching, and the offensive strategy was random. While defenses didn't necessarily game plan to shut him down, he was considered as our #1. He got most of the attention. He was never able to pick up any momentum here. Here, the OL, QB, and even RBs have been in transition. Carr is a better QB right now than our guy. I think he is, and will be, a better player than he was here. Good luck Zay. Go Bills!!
  4. I agree Titans were better team, but that doesn't mean they deserved to win. If that's the case, Bills should have beaten Giants in our first SB. I think if we'd played them 10 times, we'd won 9.
  5. Hey TBD colleagues: I don't often post, so I found this amusing. I see why yall do it especially those who are good at it. Since it has been easy to be annoyed by the evil empire, I had this opportunity to be on the "inside". Nice folks but not my folks. I know I'm still a true Bills fan even though my opinion of them is altered. The table is about to turn, and I'll definitely return to my table there when it does. Go Bills!!
  6. So last Sunday, I go to DC with my wife for an cultural fest. Hang out with her til 12:45. Go to nearest sports bar which turns out to be adopted by Pats fans. Outnumbered 200-1 (later when we score TD, I find 2 of my kind). People were nice enough. No buffalo wings there, just something called buffalo chicken flat bread. Tasty, had to eat with fork. I must admit I was a little annoyed with the adulation of Brady-Belichek. Dynamic duo shirts. Yuck. GOAT shirts. Yuck. I was thinking of leaving if Pats go up 20-3. I'm glad I stayed. That crowd became real nervous in 2nd half. They were dumb struck. I savored it. But my take-away was that they were fans just like me. Pretty good folks. A week later, I'm wondering if I'm a true Bills fan?? Go Bills!!
  7. I don't remember that kind of gesture with Peterman. These days at QB you have to have smarts and a rocket launcher. Pman didn't seem to have both. Hope JA does.
  8. Nice script for a feel good movie …
  9. I think Tom Terrific is the GOAT at throwing balls in the dirt. When will Josh pick up this skill??
  10. Maybe you're right. I'm feelin 20-17 Bills today.
  11. Bills and 12th man too much for TB and BB. 17-7 Bills
  12. Can you show us blue and red buffalo on a Bills' blue helmet? We've tried red and while helmets, but not Bills' blue with a mean red and white center stripe and white face guard.
  13. As a Bill's fan in NVA, I'm starting to hear that Jay is toast. Good coach but dealt a bad hand, especially with QB going on rehab and meddling owner. Hard luck for Jay, but it's happened before in NFL.
  14. Earlier in the week I was thinking we had 60% chance, but now down to 40% after realizing that if NE was playing the teams we beat they would be 3 TD favorites, and yes, they were squeakers for us!! However, 40% is higher than in years past. We will win with 100 yds rushing, and 100 yds dink and dunk to Cole and TJ, and 2 Brady INTs. Go Bills.
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