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  1. Throw in physicality too, which can't be a real word.
  2. If any man can, Peterman can. He could be next Fran Tarkenton. Back then, if any man can, Fran can. Chucky Cheese can create the right process for NP to sling a roll of dimes that McProcess couldn't. Just watch. (note: tongue in cheek and a hardy hard hard).
  3. How bout Pats winning division? Would you bet against that? or just against sexy picks? Just wondering who you would bet to win that division if not the Brown Dawgs?
  4. Dawgs have the talent to beat all of them. I think they'll be 6-2, then finish 11-5 since they'll beat everyone in their division twice. BTW, I think Bills will be 10-6 and get a wild card. In 2020, Browns-Bills in AFC champ game. Go Bills!!!
  5. Makes me wish that Brady would've been drafted by Bills. He would've retired 10 years ago ...
  6. Bills will have to swap with Giants to get Oliver, and they'd better do it. (Oliver + our secondary = picks) = JA TD's!!! Go Bills!!!
  7. My guess is that we move up to #6 to get Oliver, and Giants get Metcalf at #9. We throw in a 3rd.
  8. Absolutely agree. The #1 priority has to be the trenches. The Pats always protect the GOAT. Build the wall to protect our guy. If we get the wide bodies next week then draft the WRs that poster suggests. I don't like the TE at #9 though. The Ol Miss dude would be the difference maker for the next 5 years.
  9. What's the over and under on 95 degrees and muggy.
  10. This dude has wisdom beyond his years. Hope he's a Bill on day 1.
  11. Suppose JA turns out as EJ redux? Just watch, McBeane is a smart guy and will draft a QB. BTW, Pats will too.
  12. Am I the only skeptic on the planet?? Full disclosure: I thought EJ was the answer (I know that all of you geniuses knew he was a bust as soon as his name was called), but he got the big injury and then never got the accuracy and the mechanics to the pro level. Sounds eerily like the new dude. Yes, I get that the eyes tell us that JA is different; however, we seem to have all our eggs in one basket AGAIN!! What would be wrong with drafting a QB in round 4 or after?? I wouldn't be surprised if the following are on McBeane's radar: Minshew (Wash St), Thorson (NW), and McSorley (PennSt). I would be really impressed if they draft a QB. We should keep drafting em until we know we've got the guy. Go Bills!!!
  13. These picks through round 4 would be awesome. I think this is only mock I've seen with a QB pick. Most would see this as a wasted pick, but I would say it would be smart in Round 4 or later. We always admire other teams that draft QBs even though they have franchise QBs, but now we think we have a franchise QB, but we really don't know. Allen's mechanics are sometimes EJ like, and he is an injury waiting to happen, again EJ like. I wouldn't be surprised if the following are on Bean's radar: Minshew (Wash St), Thorson (NW), and McSorley (PennSt). If Murray is still there in round 3, we must get that dude. Again, I think it would be smart to draft a QB.
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