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  1. Like your thinking. We could get our edge at 10.
  2. It would be top 5 if Jets were a true rival. I will always enjoy beating Pats more. I really losing respect for Spags.
  3. Marv is HOF. He was the right coach for those 4 teams. He ran into 4 teams that had OLs that were the best in NFL at that time. Rock beats scissors. Plus Bruce should’ve stripped that ball in end zone.
  4. Agree. JJ is BPA. He would add to culture and talent. Our desire and commitment on D is what you want but what we need now is push and pressure. JJ would press Mahomes into mistakes. I’d like our chances in next years title game. Go Bills!!
  5. They better get OL or edge at 30 if at all possible. Your CB sounds good if absolutely only option since he’s fast and a thumper.
  6. Gunner: Would you take Nixon or Phillips over the CB if they were there? Just askin. I hope they are!!
  7. Not scared 😲 Bend but don’t break Weo
  8. Thanks Gunner. I really want to protect our best player and open some holes too. Belichek always took care of TB first. Go Bills!!
  9. Gunner: would you go OL at 30?? Would you go Darrisaw if there? What would be best realistic pick there? No hurry. I’ll keep watching.
  10. Can't pass on Darrisaw or Trey Smith at 30. Please be there.
  11. Stay with Moss and get a mauler OL at 30. Someone who can protect the best player on the team.
  12. I'd like the board to give OL line draft options at 30. I don't think Henry would get many 100 yard games behind this line, so why would we think one of these guys would be a difference maker. As I've suggested elsewhere, Brady won because his OLs were usually the strongest units on his teams. Let's do the same for Josh. Go Bills!!
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