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  1. YES. I too am fed up with the Skins yadayadayada which reminds me of the same piling on of JP, EJ, TT, and NP. They have had the same QB turnstile here. I must admit that I've gotten some comfort in knowing Skins have had a bad situation too. I still haven't forgiven them for that SB loss. Please, please, I hope the Bills have the right guy now. I really am thankful for TBD too and enjoy everyone's insights. I look forward to discussions based on a positive direction. The best is yet to come!! Go Bills!!
  2. If Josh plays like Favre, I would say 10 wins. If he plays like Cutler, maybe 6. I'd really like to see Josh step up in the pocket, survey the field and hit some receivers in stride 70% of the time. Is that asking too much?? As Josh goes, so goes the Bills. That's the reality in the NFL. Go Bills!!!!!
  3. I was definitely looking for the skill set comp. I'm worried that Josh could be that guy … strong arm, no accuracy, risky, picks, all of which translates into the Bills being totally annoying. I see that Cutler and Favre had similar skill sets, but Brett was a winner. I'm sure that others will not agree that they had similar skill sets. Brett threw a lot of crazy picks, but he's in HOF. Leadership wise, I see Josh comp to Brett, and skill set too. There's s fine line between being a Cutler or Brett when comparing skill sets. You have to agree that Cutler had a bazooka. My primary premise was that would most be okay if Josh ends up the next Cutler in terms of production. Of course, we would be happier if he was the next Brett, but what's the chance of that happening? What I've seen so far, it looks like he'll be closer to Cutler. Could we live with that? Go Bills!!
  4. Josh is looking a lot like Jay Cutler but our guy appears to have more leadership skills. I was always amazed that Jay could zip it all over the field with nothing to show for it. During his 2nd season, I'd like to see Josh look more like Brett Favre than Jay. Can he do it??
  5. Must admit I was all in for Gregg, Mularky, Dick, Chan, St Doug, Rex (loved that blue pickup), Rob, Drew, JP, Trent, Fitz, EJ, and even NP. Definitely now a billiever in McD and Josh. I'm over due. Law of averages say we got our guys. Go Bills!!
  6. I live in Fredericksburg (South Stafford) and work near Quantico. I've never been to Buffalo Mo's even though I pass by it all the time whenever I'm on 610. I'll have to give them a shot. Usually, I'll make wings at home and get the sauces from Wegman's, then watch the Bills games from home since I have Direct TV.


    Were you in the military? I was in the Marines and was stationed at Quantico in the late 90's. I met my wife while I was at Quantico and we settled in the area.


    We were last in GA about three years ago. We drove to Atlanta, went to the aquarium, ate at The Varsity, then drove to Pensacola, Fl afterwards. I've been to Savannah a couple of times (nice place).

    1. Ga boy

      Ga boy

      Hey Jerry Jabber:  No military for me.  My Dad did 15 years in Marines.  I retired as school administrator in Ga, and have been here with Stafford schools since 2005.  Augusta is my home town.  My Mom is there, and we have a son in ATL and one in Savannah.  We'll be back in GA in 2 years.  Buffalo Moes is a fun place.   I see a few Bills fans now and then there.  Been going there for 15 years.  I'm the guy with old style royal blue Bills cap.  I usually show up there after church by 2nd quarter.  Go Bills!!


  7. I follow my Bills since 2005 in Stafford VA at Buffalo Moe's. Great wings but no weck. I do respect the fact that blue cheese reigns, and there are no ranchers. The name is misleading since the crowd is mostly Skins and Stiller fans. I'm a GA boy, but married a Bflo gal and graduated from SUNY. Our 2 boys became Bills fans too when we lived there in the late 80s My youngest son in ATL has told me about the Bills fans there.
  8. Good stuff. I'd like to see the boat going 20 mph on a slant over the middle, or a come backer, curl, or in the corner of the end zone.
  9. I can't decide if OL or JA is the bigger question mark. I think the over/under on 10 wins is 12 and 8. We can't assume that the OL automatically clicks. It usually takes a couple of years for one to play as a unit. If we see Shady running more north/south, instead of east/west, in early games, then we could be in for a fun ride. Go Bills!!!
  10. Yes. It would be a shame if the beautiful fall days are not part of a Bills game. The cold is only a big issue 2-3 games a year. In Buffalo, snow is an issue 5 months so most people are used to the outside winter activities (skiing, skating, snowboarding, sledding, etc). I vote no roof, and fix up the OP site. Inside football just isn't the same. Even a roof that opens a small opening is artificial. The Toronto dome gets it right, but that one is unrealistic for football. Go Bills!!
  11. Yes, you make some great points here. Marino wins us 3 SBs. Many of the guys rated higher than Jimbo would have won us a couple. In the SBs, the opponent defenses and o-lines pushed us around. We might have been out-QBed, but we were definitely out-coached. Any of the opponent coaches would have won with our players. Coaching matters!! Go Bills!!!
  12. Can't buy into the legend thang. I saw him run down by a legend: Deion Sanders. Sitting in the endzone in Atlanta. Beebe is racing down left sideline with nobody within 10 yards. Then all of sudden, Sanders appears from the right on an angle, and tackles him on the 5. It must be geometry cause it looked like a sure touchdown. It was geometry or Deion was just faster??? I'd love to see that video. Does anyone have their 40 times??
  13. Respectfully, you missed by point. Pats have GOAT now, and still they drafted a QB. We have a question mark, and didn't.
  14. Bravo on seeing things without rose tinted glasses. I want Josh to be the answer, but the flaws can't be ignored. I don't understand why we didn't draft an accurate QB in rounds 4-7. Guess what: Pats did. Remember, this is same group who thought Peterman could.
  15. Also, all those whiffs and misses ...
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