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  1. Ga boy

    The Clear Path in This Draft.

    Absolutely agree. The #1 priority has to be the trenches. The Pats always protect the GOAT. Build the wall to protect our guy. If we get the wide bodies next week then draft the WRs that poster suggests. I don't like the TE at #9 though. The Ol Miss dude would be the difference maker for the next 5 years.
  2. What's the over and under on 95 degrees and muggy.
  3. Ga boy

    Process Guys At the Draft

    This dude has wisdom beyond his years. Hope he's a Bill on day 1.
  4. FInally, privacy walls in the urinals.
  5. Suppose JA turns out as EJ redux? Just watch, McBeane is a smart guy and will draft a QB. BTW, Pats will too.
  6. Am I the only skeptic on the planet?? Full disclosure: I thought EJ was the answer (I know that all of you geniuses knew he was a bust as soon as his name was called), but he got the big injury and then never got the accuracy and the mechanics to the pro level. Sounds eerily like the new dude. Yes, I get that the eyes tell us that JA is different; however, we seem to have all our eggs in one basket AGAIN!! What would be wrong with drafting a QB in round 4 or after?? I wouldn't be surprised if the following are on McBeane's radar: Minshew (Wash St), Thorson (NW), and McSorley (PennSt). I would be really impressed if they draft a QB. We should keep drafting em until we know we've got the guy. Go Bills!!!
  7. Ga boy

    Post your mock draft here

    These picks through round 4 would be awesome. I think this is only mock I've seen with a QB pick. Most would see this as a wasted pick, but I would say it would be smart in Round 4 or later. We always admire other teams that draft QBs even though they have franchise QBs, but now we think we have a franchise QB, but we really don't know. Allen's mechanics are sometimes EJ like, and he is an injury waiting to happen, again EJ like. I wouldn't be surprised if the following are on Bean's radar: Minshew (Wash St), Thorson (NW), and McSorley (PennSt). If Murray is still there in round 3, we must get that dude. Again, I think it would be smart to draft a QB.
  8. Ga boy

    Should look familiar to Bills fans

    I remember the 3rd quarter was like going to the dentist. We had 8 pro bowlers to their 6. Comparing the 26 man roster, we had probably 20 better players. Too much partying led to fatigue of our tacklers in 3rd quarter. I bet Bill's defense was tucked in and snoring when the clock struck 12 on Sat night; whereas, Marv's approach was that he would not try to control grown men. Also, of all the SBs, we must admit that Bill was the smartest man on the field that night. History validates since then. One final note. While many conclude that we were better team, comparing strength of schedule, ours was far easier, and Giants played tougher teams tougher. They definitely played tougher than night. Ask Andre Reed. Maybe they were really just 1 point better at the end. Instead of excuses, I tip my hat to the tougher team and smarter coach.
  9. Ga boy

    Sean Payton the legend

    Coming attractions: Coaches will get a challenge of no call in the last 2 minutes when the new season starts. They should put it in right now.
  10. Ga boy

    Jim Kelly wants to sit down with Josh Allen...

    Jimbo is HOF. I think he would know more about QB than 90% of the entire NFL coaching world. If I was JA, I would show up with a notepad.
  11. Ga boy

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    Yea, the Brady's will not be able to pay the mortgage unless mum goes to work.
  12. Ga boy

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    I wonder how many guys who were in the draft room in 2017 are still around? Any second tier executives, scouts, etc?? If so, I bet some are walking around thinking "I told you so" about Mahomes. I would be. I get that there was a reluctance to roll the dice on a franchise QB with the changes coming. However, I'm sure that anyone (still present or exited) who was a Mahomes man is feeling vindicated these days ...
  13. Ga boy

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    As OP, I wasn't expecting 100% agreement, but was hoping for a clear consensus. I think this thread must stay open until we get there. C'mon, let's process, evaluate, and get to essentials. This lack of consensus resulted in the 17 year drought. Let's not go down that road again, plez.
  14. I'm not that impressed with most of the playoff teams I watched the past 2 weeks. The games were mostly hard to watch. Pats, Rams, Chiefs, and Saints are the best this year; however, Pats and Saints will be falling off soon once the QBs exit. We're not that far from being competitive with the other 27 teams. I see us getting there with 4 key players: 2 OL, 1 WR, and a pass rusher. Also, the playoffs validate once again that QB is key, and we've got ours now. I look forward to being regular participants in the January games into the 20s. Go Bills!!
  15. Ga boy

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    I remember seeing Peters at his first training camp at St. John's. I said who's that guy at TE. He looks like a giant. I agree with those who say mgt and/or ownership missed on this one.