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  1. "I can still kick any of your asses with both hands behind my back. Try me."
  2. It's one or the other, unless you think they are equivalent. I'm not sure why you are so afraid of answering a pretty direct question.
  3. I meant like... the degree to which individuals can make economic choices within a society or country, under their laws, etc. The parameters that define economic freedom are pointless if there are no players making choices within those parameters, like people and businesses. It's kind of built into the definition (as I thought I understood it, anyway). Here's a definition written by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank: Economic freedom is the fundamental right of every human to control his or her own labor and property. In an economically free socie
  4. Just a reminder, but you literally used the term "economic freedom" in a sentence in the post you are quoting: That's your own, original thought with your own word choice. In order to make such a statement, one must have a working definition of economic freedom. So either you have a definition of economic freedom and you are just being difficult, or you don't have a definition and are making uninformed claims.
  5. One of my favorite discussions to have about football is the evolution of the game at the NFL level over the last 2 decades. There are enough variables in play that it's difficult to narrow it down to one reason above all others.
  6. Haha, very clever! Let me finish what I'm doing with Over 29 before I let you go ahead and do the same with me
  7. And so again I ask you not for the recent trends, but for the overall position of each country with respect to economic freedom: which country has more economic freedom, at this moment in time? China or the US?
  8. In which country do citizens have more economic freedom with less state intervention? China or the US?
  9. If China is winning, it certainly isn't because their government sits back and lets private enterprise do its thing... 🤔
  10. Which party is about combating wealth inequality and taxing the uber rich again? And which party loves tax cuts for billionaires?
  11. I'm not so sure about the House, but retaking the Senate looks difficult in 2022 at this point. Afaik, there are 5 Republican incumbents who are not running for re-election, and two more on the fence (Grassley and Johnson). All Democrats but one are running (Leahy). Until I looked at it more closely I kind of assumed the Senate was a longshot to hold, but it's actually looking like the opposite. The Pennsylvania and North Carolina seats are probably the most likely seats to change in the entire race, if anything is going to change at all.
  12. Same here. Thanks for the heads up House. I think the kid can do some good things this year.
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