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  1. Do you know who the new OL coach is?
  2. I'm leaning towards Oliver, then J. Williams (I think Quinnen has no chance to make it to 9), then Hock. I love complete TEs, but it still feels weird grabbing a TE at 9. It will be interesting to see how the QB-hungry teams affect the first 8 picks and/or Beane's own pick at 9.
  3. I think it's easy to know when to use which of the two. One is a noun, the other is a verb.
  4. Maybe it's intentional because the NFL thinks that division games late in the season might add more suspense since there's a greater chance that more will be on the line (i.e. a division title).
  5. That's a great way to put it and definitely how I see it.
  6. What does an "exclusive rights" free agent mean?
  7. Hey @Virgil I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do this. It's a pleasant dose of entertainment during the most boring part of the NFL year. I enjoyed reading the last one, and I especially liked it when GMs gave a good amount of justification for their picks. I hope to see similar justifications for any trades that might take place.
  8. I had Santora's in mind when he mentioned Amherst.
  9. So many uncalled illegal blocks in the back in that clip lol.
  10. @Limeaid Sounds like your teacher was a dumb ass. What you described is classic SAT strategy (at least as far as I knew of when I took it).
  11. Biscuit should change his name to strawman.
  12. The information available in the brain is a key component of decision making, but okay.
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