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  1. If you look again closely, you'll notice I already said this in much less dramatic terms.
  2. I had the same thought at first lol. Tbf though, if there's anyone I blame above all others, it's the ultra-wealthy elites. While they have always had influence on the president, this influence is not absolute. Each president is influenced to varying degrees. And I definitely see Trump as more of a tool for the ultra-wealthy elites than Biden is.
  3. I'm reading a lot of bizarre and/or inaccurate statements. Debt can absolutely be cancelled, discharged, forgiven, etc. without the world ending. The IRS wouldn't consider cancellation-of-debt (COD) as a form of gross income if cancelling debt wasn't real. Sometimes loans are defaulted on and can never be repaid. Lenders are intimately aware of this and are very good at calculating risk for every transaction, which is why we have things like credit scores. Small loans between my friends and I have been forgiven at various times, so I assure you that it's a real thing. I assume the reason for saying loan forgiveness doesn't exist is to point out that this isn't just waving a magic wand with zero costs. It increases the future deficit by reducing receipts that were otherwise expected. But remember, the IRS will count this as gross income, so the very people who receive it will automatically be paying a portion of it back in their income taxes. I also question if folks realize that these recipients aren't jobless mooches if they have been paying their loans back for 10+ years. Plus, it'll be good for the whole economy when those people have $500-1000 more every month to spend or invest. That relief might finally allow someone to be able to afford their first mortgage. I mean, it's gotta be better if that money is staying in the private sector instead of going to da gubment, right? And of course it's for political points. It's an election year, and Biden's a politician. Like... duh? Have you been to Earth before or is this your first visit? It's so obvious that it isn't even worth stating.
  4. The way I've always thought of it: -the X receiver excels in the vertical dimension (hitches, go routes, fades) -the Y receiver excels in the horizontal dimension (drags, crosses, ins and outs) -the Z receiver excels in both dimensions (aka "the true #1")
  5. I basically remember him as a do-it-all #1 receiver. I only got into the nitty-gritty of football towards the end of his career, so I don't really remember the finer details of his game, but what were his biggest weaknesses? (other than his QBs lol)
  6. I've been taken down from behind before without being hip-drop tackled. And no... it was not a cop. It was a cornerback lol. I swear!
  7. One of my biggest crushes in college was a girl named Ryan. Although tbf, she was kind of a dick... so maybe you're on to something 😅
  8. He's either forgetting that there are numerous exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA), or blatantly lying about it. Both Title 32 and Title 10 provide for those exceptions in addition to state active duty being excluded. He's also forgetting (or lying about) the mayor of DC or Capitol police as being required to request the assistance. In DC, it's the POTUS that has this local authority. There are 3 avenues for NG activation: 1. state governors (or, in the case of DC, the POTUS) can activate them locally during a declared state of emergency; 2. state governors (or, in the case of DC, the POTUS) can request the NG to be funded/supported federally under Title 32, pending POTUS/SECDEF approval and gubernatorial consent; 3. NG units can be federalized under Title 10 in cases of war or national emergencies declared by either Congress, POTUS, or SECDEF. NG units do not have domestic law enforcement powers under Title 10 unless the Insurrection Act is invoked, and presidential discretion is quite broad on this point. Use of Militia and Armed Forces to Enforce Federal Authority. Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, assemblages, or rebellion make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any state or territory, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any state. This is a statutory exception to the PCA. Interference with State and Federal law. The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a state, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy. Air and Army National Guard. Air and Army National Guard can specifically be called into Federal service in case of invasion, rebellion, or inability to execute Federal law with active forces. So, Trump could have used the first avenue unilaterally for the DC NG, then used Title 32 unilaterally to give them unlimited federal funding/support by approving his own request. Or he could have used Title 10 by unilaterally declaring a national emergency, invoking the Insurrection Act, and using as many NG units from other states as he wished. This idea that the other lesser officials noted in the tweet effectively blocked deployment of the NG is patently false.
  9. That's not entirely true. The POTUS may mobilize the NG for domestic law enforcement purposes under Title 10 via powers granted in the Insurrection Act. For example, this was done during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. In addition, the DC NG is a special exception to this. The POTUS or the Commanding General has the discretion to deploy them locally; the POTUS is the DC equivalent of the governor of a state. The mayor of DC does not possess this authority, and hence does not have the ability to prevent the activation of the DC NG simply by foregoing a formal request. Also, the DC NG was estimated to only have 2,500 troops in its ranks on September 30, 2020.
  10. Which National Guard units would have been deployed to the Capitol? EDIT: Nm, it would've been the DC National Guard, which is under direct control of the POTUS.
  11. I remember reading a YouTube comment on some song from the 60s where a younger person lamented that they were born too late. Someone else had the perfect response that always stuck with me. "One can never be born too late. When you are born, it is your time; so make the best of it."
  12. I'm pretty sure people are just having a good laugh with you and not being serious.
  13. Oh my bad dude. Here I am preaching to the choir and we are already on the same page more than we are not. I didn't read this until just now (tbh when I first saw it, it looked like a copy/paste from a bot? Or at least that's the excuse I'm rolling with lol). Specifically in response to your corporate vs fortune 500 comparison, I initially included a bit about applying a progressive tax bracket to corporate taxes since a flat corporate tax rate hurts the smaller corporations' competitiveness disproportionately more than it does larger ones but dropped it for brevity. Busting up the big trusts and conglomerates becomes easier when there's a tax incentive for staying below the mega-threshold that can start to have negative effects on economies. The middle class absolutely does not need to be carrying any more of the burden than they already do. A thriving middle class is the hallmark for economic growth, and that can be achieved by both relieving pressure on the current middle class AND raising up others into the middle class.
  14. In a consumption-driven economy, the economy does best when the greatest number of consumers have enough money to consume. A household of 4 that earns $1mil/year does not consume at a proportionally equivalent rate as a household of 4 that earns $100k/year. They do not eat 10x as many meals, or own 10x as many cars, or drive 10x as many miles, or utilize 10x as much electricity, or own 10x as many houses. The excess wealth from this difference in consumption is often invested, but we have seen more and more lately that the elites use that money to invest in themselves and maintaining their own positions. Corporations use more and more of their profits for stock buybacks to increase share prices and less in new training, technology, and innovation. Alternatively, the government can tax some of that excess wealth and use it to invest in things that help the greatest number of individual persons, including things that the private sector would be reluctant to invest in due to a combination of low returns, high risk, and lack of current demand. Infrastructure and government services (especially in rural areas) are probably the classic examples of that. The notion that unregulated markets are inherently infallible and always suffer when government gets involved is absurd. Those regulations came into existence because of the damage that unregulated markets wrought on economies. And likewise with regards to progressive income tax brackets, the reason why they are so important is the time value of money. Simply put, any money in excess of that required for basic consumption makes acquiring more money exponentially easier per unit of labor. Money already has a natural tendency to accumulate in fewer and fewer hands over time, which is why the redistribution of income from progressive taxation is not only fair, it is essential to economic stability.
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