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  1. Best way to dislodge a hand is with a swift kick in the balls. Always does the trick. Just knocks it right outta those helmets.
  2. As I said in the other thread, DeCastro was definitely a fat kid growing up because that's classic fat kid stuff right there.
  3. It wasn't a late hit. Garrett never got flagged for one and never would have. First person to do something wrong and escalate was Rudolph. I'm not excusing Garrett's use of the helmet at all. He deserves to be out the rest of the year at minimum. But that doesn't excuse Rudolph at all imo.
  4. I have a feeling anything else will be fine related and that this press release was specifically for the players worthy of a suspension in the league's eyes. I was referring to a suspension not a fine, but maybe more suspensions are forthcoming. I think Rudolph deserves a 1 gamer.
  5. I hope Garrett can walk the straight and narrow and prove he belongs in the league at his reinstatement hearings. I'm a little surprised Rudolph got nothing. He was being an ass the whole time. For example if that was Josh getting sacked, that fight at the end never breaks out imo.
  6. Not gonna read through 20 pages, but my initial reaction after watching in slow motion was that Rudolph got salty that Garrett tried to take him down at the end of the game and so he tried going after Garrett's helmet. Garrett didn't like that and proceeded to dominate Rudolph in response. But Garrett took it too far when he used the helmet as a weapon on a helmetless person's head. O-linemen were just doing what they were supposed to but imo DeCastro did the smart thing by just laying on Garrett until he cools off (he must have been a fat kid all his life because that's a bread and butter move for fat kids). Pouncey also took it too far with the kicks and punches, but not to the extent that Garrett did. It sucks because I can see based on the chain of events why Garrett got so heated, and I know how he felt in that moment, but he still went too far. And clearly everyone involved on the field had some serious adrenaline pumping. It was hilarious to see Rudolph so upset, because in a 1 on 1 Garrett would kill him with his bare hands. Feisty little guy.
  7. Dunno if this was said yet, but a rule of thumb when being blitzed is "pass towards the blitz, run away from the blitz". Two extra rushers came from Allen's right, one extra came from Allen's left. According to that rule of thumb in this situation, throwing to the right is usually better (since more potential coverage defenders have left that area to blitz the QB). Could be that Allen went with that rule of thumb, but that rule of thumb doesn't account for completely blown coverages on the other side of the field aka Beasley being open.
  8. I almost think Poyer might have had a better chance than White did if White wasn’t there.
  9. Levi getting back at Landry for earlier lol
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