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  1. It's his speed/acceleration/etc. type stats that are boosting his overall rating.
  2. This was predicted years ago. It was just a matter of time. When front 7's get smaller but offensive lines stay the same size, this is what you get.
  3. Do you know how long McD and Beane are under contract for? Did they get 5 year plans?
  4. I like it. The style is a bit heavy, but I have enough of a love of history to dig it. I prefer more modern, clean, and sleek designs and style.
  5. He might be able to squeak out a deal closer to 40 million over 4 years with +25 guaranteed. The only issue is that (imo) it is risky to tie up significant amounts of guaranteed $$ in a RB because they get hit so often. I have no idea if RBs are the most statistically prone to injury (kinda feels like DBs are at the top and OL at the bottom), but they definitely take the most pounding.
  6. Good. Sex offenders are disgusting, and pedophiles top the list. Justice should be served regardless of how big or small one's bank account is. His sentence last time was a joke for that very reason.
  7. I always thought sophomore slumps only applied to certain positions, and QB wasn't traditionally one of them.
  8. I happen to be a chemical engineer so it's ironic you chose to use chemistry. But that's part of the problem: too many would rather be entertained than educated. A highly entertained but poorly educated populace stinks of the mob in Rome. Also, science is literally the reason why we have the free time to partake in things like sports and other forms of entertainment...
  9. You've convinced me. Science is bad.
  10. A part of me is glad he got denied. I hope they were French too.
  11. That's part of what I love about the NFL. For all the pass-happy schemes and attention that QBs get, at the end of the day if you cannot run the ball and defend the run in the NFL, you are toast. Running up the middle and gaining good yardage is one of the harder things to do, but if you can do it then that threat is something the opposing defense HAS to account for on every play. Likewise, it's also one of the easier plays to defend, and if your defense can't at least put up a fight in the middle of the trenches then that will filter down to the rest of your defense.
  12. Assuming neither had been waived, it seems they would both be able to renegotiate after the 2019 season since 2018 was their first of 2 years. But since both have been waived, it doesn't matter anyway. Good to know. Having a plethora of talent that your organization scouted and acquired is a good problem for Beane to have.
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