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  1. Hahaha why are you still posting? You just got schooled. He and his family must have exploited... well, themselves—pretty damn viciously to have created such a monster!
  2. When hit with facts, turn to your sound bites. You’re such a well trained little doggy.
  3. I have no idea why no one is still talking about these 10 acts of unpatriotic incompetence from the previous administration: Stay focused! Don’t let “them” drive the narrative!
  4. In some sense we did know better than we have shown (especially the US) but politics has gotten on the way. It’s amazing to me that some are more concerned with the election than taking care of their fellow Americans—especially considering how taking care of Americans is one of the best ways to win an election. If McD goes down though I have confidence in Frazier.
  5. Wouldn’t below average mean just below the middle of the barrel?
  6. Sometimes it’s the same thing.
  7. There is nothing protecting the protesters other than a common sense that many Americans seem to lack when it comes to wearing masks. In addition, outdoor transmission isn’t as bad as indoor transmission. Seeing hundreds or thousands at these large political rallies (that the Democrats are not holding, btw) or these giant gatherings at places of recreation where no one is wearing a mask concerns me a heck of a lot more. But yes, it’s undeniable that having large groups of protesters in the streets is less safe than having them all quarantine themselves at home. At the same time, the protests are organic and it’s impossible to expect them all to go home and wait out the coronavirus before picking up their protests again. Let me put it this way: if a pandemic had occurred during the 60’s, would protesters of that time put the Civil Rights Movement on hold? Bona fide organizations on the other hand... like, you know, political parties and the federal government... have that ability to organize themselves to fit the situation at hand.
  8. You can’t post breitbart and ever expect to be taken seriously by anyone who doesn’t drink the red Kool Aid.
  9. Does the NC in your name refer to North Carolina?
  10. Way to post from such a reputable source. The slant on that website is incredibly obvious (and the writing isn't even good). Just post from something like the Seattle Times if you want to make a point about the rioters: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/seattle-police-found-explosives-in-van-at-protests-over-weekend/
  11. No you're right, that wasn't a very appropriate word to use. Again, I admitted that oversight was necessary. But I still think the Republicans went too far into the political realm and it cost them clout. JMO.
  12. Ah welcome back DR. First post I've seen of yours since your departure. Have a good morning/afternoon.
  13. That's really pushing it. If "they" were trying to accomplish that level of manipulation there'd be a LOT more "deaths" from COVID. Yes there were some shenanigans going on worthy of proper congressional oversight. But I believe that what ensued was beyond that and into the realm of political theater. The Republicans didn't need to push the bill that far.
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