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  1. Steelers game is going to be very tough as will the Ravens. Browns also probably a tough game for us. Lots of tough games to come we will do well to win half of remaining games but we should be able to win half and that would put us in the playoffs.
  2. That shot of the crowd was nuts, half the stadium is Steelers fans
  3. If we could get AJ Green, Von Miller, and Trent Williams we could possibly make the superbowl. Of course, Allen would probably still piss the season away with god awful QBing but at least we would have a shot to overcome even his shittiness.
  4. It's 2019 I have no issue with Dabboll throwing on first down. Josh needs to stop throwing to the other team. I find it refreshing that Dabboll's attitude is that we're going to run modern offense no matter what...about time.
  5. Greatest since '85 bears? Lmfao. Let the season play out.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and say yes...I would trade for Foles if he was healthy and we were going to the playoffs. For sure. People can talk ***** all they want but that would be a great move for us. IDK what you want Dabboll to do it isn't his fault Josh makes bad throws and fumbles. The plans seem balanced, we take risks, guys do get open, we run enough and it works enough ... it's all there man Dabboll is doing a decent job.
  7. The Pats defense as the greatest defense is just utter and complete garbage. Stop with it. They've played total garbage offenses...including us. Our defense is better.
  8. As hard as I am now on Josh this is very true...Josh is in no way sucking as obviously and clearly permanently as EJ did. EJ obviously would never be able to play. Josh just clearly can't play right now...unclear as to the future (although trending poorly).
  9. The stats are what they are...I think everyone would agree that despite the stats Allen does show more promise with the explosive plays and willingness to go for it and having won us a few games with clutch performance. So that's miles above EJ ... on the same token the stats don't mean nothing and they certainly tell truth on the INTs which are terrible.
  10. I would put a yes by Dak, Dan Jones, Jimmy G, Goff and Minshew
  11. QB A: 248 - 451, 2,977 yards, 6.6 yard per attempt, 13 tds, 18 interceptions, 13 fumbles, 8-7 recordQB B: 256 - 437, 2,810 yards, 6.4 yards per attempt, 16 TDs, 12 interceptions, 7 fumbles, 6-8 recordQB A is Josh Allen to date (through game 4 of season 2). QB B is EJ Manuel through game 4 of his second season. Reminder, EJ Manuel was benched 4 games into his second season.
  12. It's not a matter of losing faith just a matter of the performance has not been good enough. Not that he can't grow and learn but he should be better at this point. His performance is worse than EJ was through week 4 of season 2 and EJ was benched.
  13. Agreed. I think the team is better with Matt right now for this reason--not to say that Matt is great. He certainly has less upside than Josh ... but we're a pretty good football team at the moment and we kind of just need to take care of the football and make a few nice plays. Matt can do that. I think we'll be fine and have a good chance to beat the Titans.
  14. LOL not trolling. I get it and take it with a grain of salt but it's not all bad and nice to know what they write about guys.
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