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  1. Really not that impressive of a picture. Not saying he isn't jacked, just saying this is nothing to post about. The guy is an NFL LB. ...now that D.K. Metcalf picture...that was a wow
  2. I'm a young guy with no kids/family holding me down, I have roots in California, and I have lots of money ... and I'm going to choose to live in Buffalo in the winter?
  3. Agreed. Obviously I didn't make the video (NFL channel video) but some things seems weird...like the Pas having harder schedule than Jets and Dolphins? Should be fairly similar schedule but the Jets and Dolphins have the Pats twice and the Pats have...the Jets and Dolphins twice...granted lots of variation in some of the other match-ups and I'm not sitting here with spreadsheets...
  4. Strength of Schedule for 2020 season From easiest to hardest 1. Ravens 2. Steelers 3. Cowboys 4. Browns 5. Redskins 6. Bengals 7. Giants 8. Eagles 9. Saints 10. Chargers 11. Jaguars 12. Raiders 13. Titans 14. Panthers 15. Chiefs 16.Buccaneers 17. Colts 18. Packers 19. Bears 20. Seahawks 21. Broncos 22. Vikings 23. Rams 24. Cardinals 25. Texans 26. Lions 27. Falcons 28. Bills 29. 49ers 30. Dolphins 31. Jets 32. Patriots Obviously SOS at this point is going to look a lot different than SOS at the end of the season. But the Bills and AFCE projected to get a bit a karma next season.
  5. Why do we want a TE? I feel like we have 3 guys that can play already
  6. It should for most teams including the bills
  7. Honestly, this reply kind of hits the nail on the head of what I think seems to be the general sentiment but is actually just wrong (in my opinion, or course). It very much can still end up being an insurmountable challenge for any team that ends up in need. You can still end up going years and year in a row without even average play if you aren't careful. Lock in average? Most teams would be better of to take the bird in hand and go ahead and lock in average. We've got Josh and that's great. If there is a chance to get Josh and somebody we would have been happy to have in the 10 years prior to Josh--we should do it. Get greedy. If we have to spend and get a little fat salary-wise at QB that is perfectly fine and a great problem to have.
  8. Just a few select mentions to frame the issue: -Brees -Brady -Rivers -Winston -Tannehill -Dak -Bridgewater -Stafford (lots of noise that he is trade market) Now, of course, not every one of those guys is going to end up being truly available (it's still early some may resign quickly or even retire). Also, I'm not claiming all of those guys are fantastic pick ups (not all of them are, obviously). But I think the trend is clear. You've got a certain class/age of guys getting toward the end and some big hits with some young guys (Mahomes, Lamar Jackson) as well as some other young guys teams are optimistic about. My take? The league may be going a bit too far at the point where a Brady, Rivers, and Stafford are all potentially attainable. It's still really hard to find QBs. As Bills fans, we know damn sure the hell of being in QB wilderness, how much it cripples the team, and how long and hard it can be to get out (potentially decades). In terms of young blood coming in and working out--still rare. Really just Mahomes at this point is confirmed (at least until Lamar puts together a follow-up season). The grass is not always greener and some of these teams may end up finding out the hard way that even average QB play isn't a given and you should lock that in if you can. Anyway, mostly a general observation but as this whole thing plays out given our amount of a cash I would have no problem adding someone to challenge Josh and at worst end up a great back up. Seems like an insane year for QBs and we have a pretty good roster. An injury or bad streak for Josh and I would love to have the option to not lose the season by plugging one of these guys in and seeing what they can do. Again, not necessarily saying everyone I listed is worth signing--the main point is that just because we like Josh doesn't mean we should ignore the fact that somehow the value of "at least average" QB play seems to be currently undervalued in terms of availability. We've gone a long time with below average. We should shop and considering buying another QB this off-season.
  9. Honestly, the days of 20 year franchise QBs may be ending. If either can play well through the second contract that will be a good career.
  10. Offense is garbage If it can somehow become average we'll be ok
  11. "Hey Jerry, next time you feel that anger inside and want to commit a personal foul, remember that's it's really not your fault your parents got divorced. It's not your fault Jerry." *Jerry proceeds to cry*
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