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  1. Will Grier doing his best Nathan Peterman impersonation. That was about as bad a pick as you can possible throw.
  2. It is sad but it makes me feel happy.
  3. Matt Barkley today would have basically been better than any starter we've had in 15 years.
  4. Josh Allen climbed a mountain and he turned around
  5. Ole Riverboat pullin' a river card on us
  6. Defense looks a little on the back foot today
  7. We're going to win the super bowl!
  8. Josh led a very solid, very "under control" methodical drive. Sucks we settled for 3 but it was a nice opening drive for the Bills and Josh. Every throw was catchable. The entire thing was pass. He had some time. Guys were open. Nice.
  9. Robert Foster is the only WR we have that makes true star plays. Not saying he's a star, but he sometimes acts like he is.
  10. Also, energy and attitude on defense seems very good. Those guys are pretty jazzed up.
  11. Pitts seems like a pretty good player.
  12. Just turning it on, how did Josh and rooks do that played earlier?
  13. Makes sense. You aren't out running NFL defenses for a living. May pop a big play every now and then with super speed, especially if you are already in a top offense (like KC last year), but the majority of these guys are pounding away and missed tackles moves the chains.
  14. If a 500 page playbook from almost 30 years ago isn't a TLDR then IDK what is.
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