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  1. "Hey Jerry, next time you feel that anger inside and want to commit a personal foul, remember that's it's really not your fault your parents got divorced. It's not your fault Jerry." *Jerry proceeds to cry*
  2. It is both true that the offense needs upgrading and that Allen is a prime reason we don't score. Allen did meltdown last night in the second half, did fail to finish drives with TDs in the first half, and is to blame for us not putting points up.
  3. Hell no it doesn't lol it blew a 16-0 lead to a bad Houston team. The bills were average this year. Nothing more.
  4. 8-8 team (quality wise) that stayed heatly and had an easy schedule and blew a huge lead against a crap opponent in the playoffs. Lol ... Go to the airport?
  5. Bring in new qb to pressure Josh, send message to entire team
  6. Panthers fans I know were pretty vocal about him being a fat ass that sucked at the time so they already knew what we found out ... but the rest of the league was not 100% knowledgeable about the sucking part yet. Daboll has done a great job. The Bills offensive players suck he gets the most out of them.
  7. Playoff Caliber is solid. I like it. Championship Caliber is a bit much, to be honest. Playoff Caliber team should be achievable almost every year. Championships are not, obviously.
  8. Pretty bad mistake by the WR to end the game
  9. OSU can cry about the refs all night long but it's a 5 point game with the entire 4th quarter left and their defense is playing good...offense needs to make a play. Clemson's offense has made plays....
  10. Greatest of all time snowball fight
  11. You shouldn't be spearing in the chest with the top of your helmet either so ... no?
  12. Remember when Rex Ryan was our HC? Jesus ****in' christ wtf was going on in Buffalo back then lol
  13. More than letting them hang at this point they are giving it away. IMO Clemson going to win this by 10 or more points. The OSU RB quit. EDIT: OSU RB ran out of the tunnel right as I posted that. lol
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