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  1. Waited to see what Shady tweeted until I saw the movie and wow ... great tweet Shady. What a moron.
  2. With the Oline situation we probably will play well in the second half of the first 2 games. Experienced guys blocking nobodies and our fancy new RB feasting.
  3. I guess in the end what we're all trying to say is this guy is short.
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew better comparison than these two IMO
  5. Yup. Want to like the pick b/c he has some great qualities but he's too early and we have a ton of RBs. Bad pick bottom line. Team management at RB has been a disaster under Bean's first few years, worst position by far.
  6. Not a 3rd down back look to me at all. Looks like a little bowling bowl with strong base that is quick w/ jump cuts and getting down field. If I'm optimistic him and TJ (who will do our 3rd down bits) are decent combo year after next for us.
  7. I think we were good at RB until Shady spoiled Bean on Endgame. Now he's done.
  8. Huge run on WRs recently, hard to imagine us taking one at this point.
  9. At this point it is getting weird. GMs REALLY don't like this guy.
  10. IDK much about him but he's an OT and he's big and nasty.
  11. Universal praise. We got lucky he dropped. He fills a big need. He's going way lower than he probably should. It's backed by performance over several years and not just combine or physical measurements. It seems to be a personality fit. It's fantastic.
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