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  1. Too early to ask the question. If they reach/win the Super Bowl in the next few years all is forgiven. If last year ends up being the closest this group gets, for whatever reason, folks who are claiming now to be “over it” will re-think their forgiveness.
  2. The pick came from the grassy knoll…
  3. Allen is worth every penny the Pegulas are paying him.
  4. Yep he’s a power/hustle guy. Shaq has made a decent enough career of it and probably would’ve been better off as a late second rounder who had to prove himself. Ironically Boogie now has Shaq to learn from. No reason he can’t carve out a role. OTOH, we heard the same May hype about Epanesa in 2021…
  5. Some guy Said something I had half a thought about it
  6. Honestly sounds like a slightly more physical version of Tre. Same strengths and weaknesses. Tre still tends to arm-tackle ball carriers.
  7. But he’s definitely second in command now with Schoen gone, interesting for the Pro Personnel Director to be running point on a lot of the draft day stuff.
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