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  1. What about Ashtyn Davis if he falls to the late 2nd or 3rd?
  2. It has been widely reported that the Diggs deal came together over several hours, after his Tweet. So it’s possible Sanders’ story is exactly what happened.
  3. If we had a better backup QB who could actually win games if Allen got hurt, I'd say absolutely we'd be a lock with our roster. We're a lock as long as Allen stays healthy as it stands now.
  4. Glad they’re finally addressing the dearth of Williams.
  5. And again, I'm not arguing politics, I'm pointing out that the article you linked to for this point does not support it. It quotes ONE expert who is NOT an economist and who does NOT say that a total lockdown is not advisable, just that you need to balance competing interests and be careful.
  6. Here is what the ONE GUY in Pittsburgh actually said in the article you linked: This is a very hard decision to make. As the economic shutdown becomes broader, there is a real risk of doing more damage by threatening peoples’ livelihoods as well as their well-being than the virus will do. There is a point where more harm can be done than good. Voluntary social distancing is one thing and advisable, but government force is quite another.
  7. The disregard for truth is “political” now?
  8. That’s typical for them - they’re in the “facts don’t matter” camp of society.
  9. Per PFT, the Falcons now have 11 first-round picks listed as starters on offense - that’s amazing.
  10. Breer’s article states that Hopkins is insisting on more money being added to his existing deal (NOT an extension), and that he doesn’t practice during the week. Based on all of that (which Gaine certainly would be privy to), I can understand why the Texans’ compensation wasn’t higher and why the Bills didn’t pounce.
  11. I don’t see Mike Brown wanting to pay three first round picks coming up for second contracts all at once.
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