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  1. He’s a bit country for sure. NYC will be an interesting spot for him. Oliver will bring some much-needed character to the Bills’ D...
  2. I disagree. Haskins will struggle there - offensive line is just meh, Gruden might not last until 2020, front office is full of back-stabbers. Sweat is a dog, I get the sense he lacks professionalism.
  3. But when you factor in the stupidity of last year's draft - taking a running back at 2 in a QB-heavy draft where everyone knew that the 2019 crop of QBs was going to be a huge downgrade - he's a moron. They could have Darnold throwing to OBJ with Josh Jacobs taking handoffs this year. Gettleman is a clown show.
  4. 192 tackles (53 for a loss - 25% of his tackles were for a loss!), 13.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, 11 pass deflections over three seasons - most of that AS A NOSE TACKLE!
  5. If Ya Sin and Metcalf are both there at 40 it's going to be an interesting conversation in the war room. I'm sure McD is eyeing another corner, and it'll be up to Beane to reign in his coach's defensive tendencies.
  6. This. They really struggle to evaluate college WRs. They’ve never really hit on one. Harry is going to be used as a “big slot” WR to help offset the loss of Gronk in their offense. It’s still a major downgrade and a big projection on their part. I lose no sleep over this pick.
  7. You should be tarred and feathered, amateur.
  8. Folks who quote the entire OP for a one sentence response should be tarred and feathered.
  9. Sure - if this franchise is trying to set some sort of record for trading away good LTs.
  10. Keep in mind that 2020 is supposed to be a really bad year for offensive linemen. This is the year to scoop one, especially if you can grab a decent TE in later rounds.
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