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  1. I don't see it as playing not to lose - the key is converting redzone opportunities into touchdowns. I just don't want to score too quickly.
  2. Except that a short passing attack, if it moves the sticks slowly, keeps Mahomes off the field. Not the worst strategy for Sunday.
  3. You shouldn't take it - it was a horrible pick in terms of resource allocation and player selection. No need to draft a guard that high and he's not even a good one - he came into his second season out of shape and unprepared, and looked like the worst starter in the NFL before leaving with an injury. Plus DK Metcalf was the pick there.
  4. That’s the key question. Was just watching the Football Outsiders conference championship video preview and they basically said, you either trust the data and pick Buffalo, or believe that this season doesn’t matter and the Chiefs can just flip a switch to turn into the 2018-19 version of themselves, which analytics has never seen happen. The non-analytics media seems to believe this to be the case. The smart money seems to be on Buffalo covering if not winning outright. Also I’m nervous.
  5. It underscores what we’ve been saying - the next hard part starts now (first hard part was getting a QB). Once Allen gets paid, they have to become more efficient at drafting and pro personnel. They’ve been good there - but they’ll need to be better than good if they want to stack rings. It’s so hard - the Saints have drafted so well and they won only once with Brees. You’ve got to really hit it out of the park in rounding out the roster when your QB is on a max deal.
  6. Good read here: https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/22/gameplan-buffalo-bills-built-conference-championship-rosters ”And that brings us back to our jumping-off point here—which was that the Bills actually have fewerhome-grown players than the other conference finalists. That’ll change, Beane assures, because it has to. Buffalo’s going to try to sign Allen long-term this offseason, and he’s not the only young star on that roster with big money on the horizon. In time, it’ll mean shifting the Bills’ model—only two of the team’s 14 biggest cap numbers for 2020 belon
  7. Cody Ford getting hurt has been addition by subtraction - he was the worst starter on the team and possibly the league before his injury. He is close to busting out of the NFL if he doesn’t recommit to getting in shape and getting focused.
  8. 59 pages in this thread so far, but I bet if you subtracted all of the “Guess what some talking head just said - agenda!” posts, it would drop to about 4 pages. For the life of me I cannot figure out why we’ve become so media-obsessed as a society. Who cares what somebody said?
  9. Serious question, if that happened, would I have anything left to live for?
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