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  1. Need to see him stack together 4 solid quarters, preferably against a good team. Also want to see him process blitzes more quickly. There were plays yesterday where he seemed to identify the hot read correctly, but then he refused to throw it there, and instead patted the ball or ran around in a panic until he was sacked. Didn't like that. But overall, hard not to still have a "Buy" rating on the guy. When he's on, he's elite.
  2. McDaniels tried to "attack his weakness directly" and Edmunds responded with his best game as a pro. Yesterday was a big setback. He seems to have these games where he's tentative to the hole and when he gets there, he tries to make arm tackles. It's concerning, but the NE game demonstrated that he hasn't yet hit his ceiling. He needs more consistency, that's obvious.
  3. Looks like the route combination was designed to attack the slot corner, who had to choose between Duke and Beaz. Allen should've thrown it to Duke, who was closer to being open on the out route.
  4. Gee guess who pressured and caused that last fumble?
  5. Honestly that may have been one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. How did Hyde keep his balance???
  6. Does Gesecki recover the onside for them?
  7. What the hell is wrong with Jerry Hughes
  8. Edmunds getting dragged by Geiseki like a sled.
  9. You know who I did NOT miss today? Zay Jones.
  10. How about a 60 yard Gore TD run that allows the Bills to cover???
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