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  1. So basically the Texans decided they’d rather have no GM at all than continue to employ Gaine.
  2. Just curious, do you happen to be an Anti-Vaxxer?
  3. Correct. Ford has had a slow start (or suffers from slow starts off the snap) so far this spring. Lots of time to turn it around but it wouldn’t shock me if he doesn’t begin the season as a starter.
  4. Williams was also what, a #4 receiver in that offense, while Zay was effectively a #1 or 2?
  5. Your parents let you bail because of the rain? That's great.
  6. Maybe the most frustrating Bill since... Biletnikof winner Josh Reed? Totally agree with your take. Zay seems mentally weak to me. He attacks hotel lobbies but not the football. Something is wrong with the guy and I look forward to the day he isn't being counted on to produce. He probably is, too. He seems like the type who will become far more successful once he isn't being featured.
  7. He couldn’t pull the trigger in time to make sure they got Dillard and they got leapfrogged. But still...
  8. Agreed. If they are on the losing end of epic blowouts like 2018 and Allen doesn't show improvement, McD is in real trouble.
  9. Um, what? I wasn't using it as humor. The poster proposed an arm wrestling match... Also you should chill. The world isn't going to calibrate itself to your sensitivity level.
  10. Such different players. Bruce played the game like Von Miller, with speed and quicks, but at 290 lbs. He had a ballerina's bend. There will never be another like him. That said, Reggie was probably more fearsome. A quick LT (like Richmond Webb) could sometimes neutralize Bruce. White just lined up and dominated whomever was in front of him, with pure power. He was a beast.
  11. You don't think the Bills were emotionally ready for the first Super Bowl? They DOMINATED that game. They were tired by the time Mark Ingram needed to be tackled. But they were ready to play and win that game.
  12. What about the fact that, as a direct result of that trade, they spent picks and money on Kelvin Benjamin and Corey Coleman (who got like $4 from Terry P. for about 2 weeks of preseason work)?
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