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  1. Have always liked Rhodes and wanted them to sign him when he left Minny. But he looked washed in Indy, hopefully he’s in shape and can run.
  2. I don’t think they should’ve blitzed but rushing 3 was a mistake.
  3. This. They’ve spent what, a quarter billion dollars on their defensive line and they take them off the field for the most important third down of the game? McD and Frazier hiding under their blankets during key moments in the game, it’s tough to see it keep happening.
  4. Lol - I usually like your one-liners but you're off your game this week. I don't care whether you call it a "drop" or a "breakup", those are semantics you can play with in the dark by yourself. He needs to make that catch, period.
  5. No, you’re wrong. Davis has had issues with contested plays his entire career. For all of his size and strength he has always had difficulty fighting at the catch point. Always. That was 100% a catch he could and should have made.
  6. The NFL isn’t gonna do jack squat, it will take a player dropping dead on the field for them to even talk about addressing it and even then… sorry but that’s just reality. The league is NEVER proactive when it comes to player safety (or anything else) - the National Football League might be the most reactive organization in the entire world.
  7. The Bills should disable the heat pipes leading to the visitors’ locker room and showers when we host them in December. Because, you know, homefield advantage.
  8. It’s called rage quitting. I used do it in Madden when the computer opponent threw the “no effing way” algorithm at me. Everything he tried today blew up. Everything. He was not his best as a playcaller (and he has to get the plays in much faster going forward) but between the heat, injuries, lack of speed, lack of blocking, terrible officiating and McKenzie’s dinosaur brain, it must’ve felt like “no effing way” for Dorsey today.
  9. I am not sure - as @BADOLBILZ and others have pointed out, losing 8 close games in a row is not random. It’s a mentality. McD may lack that killer instinct or just have a poor overall feel for game flow - he takes his foot off the gas at the craziest moments. Not just 13 seconds, this has happened repeatedly. Case in point today, the Bills force a punt at a key moment early in the game and then rather than go for the jugular, they call timeout before the punt, then call two Moss runs for zero yards and get a play in late resulting in a fumble. You KNOW the decision to run up the middle twice was all McD - he probably thought he’d “reward” his defense for getting the stop by buying them some rest with clock-eating nonsense. We saw that crap with Frank Gore in 2017. That was the time to press and instead we gifted the Dolphins a score. McDermott is a fantastic program builder but that may just be his ceiling. It’s the same in business, there are CEOs who specialize in turning around failing companies and they’re almost always parachuted out once the business has stabilized, and replaced with a visionary who can get the company to the next level. If the Bills fall short in ‘22 and ‘23 (meaning anything less than a Lombardi) then it is time to cut bait. Squandering Josh Allen’s prime years would be a war crime.
  10. Injuries aside the guard play has been awful this season and Spencer Brown is playing himself out of a job - and he’s the only Beane draft pick in the starting five. Inexcusable. Also insanely dumb are the rostering decisions - activating all the RBs and only five WRs on a day where one of your receivers is coming in injured and the game plan apparently calls for passing the ball SIXTY TIMES. Beane and McD, I know we all love them but they are a couple of gym teachers.
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