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  1. Holding the ball long is not necessarily a bad thing - he's not taking a record number of sacks, and he's letting the downfield routes materialize - we just have to see what happens when defenses start taking away his comfort zones. The Patriots game will be a good window.
  2. I don't see how either of you could be "right" at this point - it's just too early to tell, you really can't evaluate most rookie QBs until defenses start making adjustments against them and until they've had a full NFL offseason - yesterday the Jets took away the play action and the result was a mixed bag, not great but not nearly as bad as it could've been. I loved Allen's short game yesterday, he's hitting the 12 yard curls with precision and there was a sprint out pass they called, where he ran to his left and fired a bullet at the sticks, that blew me away. He is still adding elements to his game. But we just don't yet know what we have, and we really won't have a good sense of it until October of 2019.
  3. Coach Tuesday

    Offensive Line Struggles

    That's how I see it - Teller needs an offseason in the weight room working on his lower body and he still needs to refine his technique as well - that play is mostly well-blocked but Teller starts pinwheeling around instead of driving his man back and Murphy runs right instead of left...
  4. Coach Tuesday

    Tre White is the Best Player On the Bills Now

    He was really bad today. Robbie Anderson ate him alive.
  5. Other than the coaching, my biggest concern today was how poorly the young “core” played. Zay, Dawkins and Tre - last year’s draft class - each had really bad games today. If those guys can’t develop it will really set this team back.
  6. The coaching is highly concerning - I don’t understand how anyone could see that differently.
  7. Coach Tuesday

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    No seriously McDermott is a moron
  8. Coach Tuesday

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Some serious scrub coaches on the Bills’ sidelines.
  9. Coach Tuesday

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Lawson is having his best game as a Bill.
  10. Lee is soft but fast - they will miss him in their coverages and will be more susceptible to play action. Would love to see Josh hit on some big plays.
  11. It would be like the last time an inept organization hired away our coordinator (Pettine).
  12. Coach Tuesday

    The NFL has killed the Golden Goose - ITSELF!

    Describe said "street thugs"
  13. Coach Tuesday

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    I am pretty sure I didn't predict that the Bills would go 2-14 as a result of cutting Jonathan Williams. I drink sometimes, so maybe you can show it to me. And at least we finally approached a semi-football take out of you after what, 10 years here? As for the OP, it's far too early to predict something like that. But this is America, where certain people need a very specific type of lie told to them daily in order to survive.
  14. Coach Tuesday

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    And my "Zay take" was that he was the worst starter in the NFL - which, at the time, he objectively was.
  15. Coach Tuesday

    OK. I'll Say It-Allen will be best Bills QB ever

    Is it? Did I do that? Do you understand how apostrophes work? But did I do that? Do you have evidence of said "friend"? I don't even understand what you mean, honestly. But if you're saying that I predicted that the unnecessary dismantling of the Bills' WR group and offense generally would lead to a poor record, well, let's hope the OP is as prescient as I was.