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  1. Not for second round picks - it's pretty universal, you're getting a top-60 player on a cost-controlled 4-year contract. If you hit on those picks - which you really should - you've got a solid starter at a below-market deal for four years. And the reason I say you really should hit is that the first round is often where teams bet on significant upside, pushing high floor/lower ceiling players to Round 2. It's a real goldmine in terms of value. Beane has shopped exclusively for "need" in Round 2, however, fixating on specific players at specific positions. Regardless, it's ridiculous that none of his 2nd round picks (3 years' worth) are contributing to the roster right now - that's almost unheard of around the league.
  2. me too and I’m one of the so-called “haterz” - I was very happy with his run defense.
  3. I do not have that frustration with the game. Many others, but not that one.
  4. He has thrown three straight second round draft picks straight into the garbage. Those are valuable cost-controlled assets that should be contributing. Other than that, he’s done an above-average job on his non-Allen picks and the Allen pick was such a grand slam they should put up a statue of Beane outside the stadium, my two cents.
  5. Absolutely right. Precision was lacking last night.
  6. Wouldnt go that far. Groot lost his contain on the two big running plays but beyond that they held up well, issue was mainly the strategy on third downs.
  7. Very disappointed in Frazier. If you’re clever enough to scheme to beat Mahomes, you should be able to stop the Michigan State offense on third downs. First and second downs were fine, but never adjusted to what the Titans were doing on third and long which was to move Brown inside and behind a stack for a free release inside. Never brought pressure. Just let Tannehill sit back and find Brown over the middle over and over again with zero adjustment. Totally inexcusable and frankly arrogant.
  8. The biggest “issue” is that Beane traded away an All Pro interior lineman and has thrown three straight second round picks in the garbage. The Bills are a great team, but they’d be an elite team with at least one more impact player at guard, CB, WR or pass rusher. Those second round picks have real value and Beane squanders them for no good reason.
  9. The strength of the Titans D and the only part of it that is healthy is the interior line. We hadn’t run successfully inside all game. So what do they call on 4th and game…? Ridiculous. Also the rookies were bad tonight which happens. Groot lost contain on BOTH of Henry’s long runs, and Brown got manhandled repeatedly. Basham and AJ (not a rookie I know) were healthy scratches. The youth didn’t come through tonight.
  10. The 8 yard gain was there all day for the taking. Tom Brady has made his living on that stuff, but their corners were out and Allen has a lot of trouble staying patient. This game should’ve been a blowout if they’d just been more focused and methodical on offense. Sugar High Josh and Daboll.
  11. Dawkins gets paid a lot of money for mediocre football.
  12. Two games they’ve struggled this year have been against physical teams. Not a great sign for January.
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