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  1. Meanwhile, in Oakland

    HE IS NOW!
  2. IMO it's because offensive linemen can't practice during the offseason because of ridiculous collective bargaining rules. Pass pro sucks now, and QBs are too valuable of assets to risk severe injury in a seven-step drop offense.
  3. You know how in Walking Dead they captured a zombie and tied it to a chair to study how it’s mind works? Thats what I want to do with the next poster to start a Mason Rudolph thread.
  4. Stop with the lottery ticket nonsense.
  5. Nick Foles Could Be in Your Future

    Oh my god John... You’re spot on. Perhaps they should’ve waited to trade Glenn. They’ve boxed themselves in. If McBeane doesnt come out of this draft with a franchise QB they won’t make it to another chance IMO.
  6. I think we should trade down. Imagine 4 second round picks!

    Trade up for a horer!
  7. I think we should trade down. Imagine 4 second round picks!

    If those picks all “hit” you’ve got a lot of guys to pay in a few years.
  8. Giants if they stay at 2 but pass on a QB will take Minkah or Nelson. Broncos if they can’t get to 2 for Allen will trade up to 4 for Mayfield. We’d then trade with Cleveland at 5 to take Rosen. But beware the Chargers.
  9. Saquon Barkley is not going #1 overall

    Grumpy Old Man
  10. Bills Stay with 12th pick

    If they stay at 12 and take a position player we might as well just tune back in next March.
  11. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    The Jets in no way overpaid. They spent a bunch of lottery ticket picks to get the franchise QB they need AND block their division rival from getting the franchise QB it needed... Beane has one chance to fix this. One.
  12. Is Rudolph their guy?

    Second round talent