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  1. I was high on Shenault but if he doesn’t block on running plays forget it, I’m out. That’s really just a deal breaker for me.
  2. I would posit that you also have to be able to do at least one thing really well, as your go-to and your fallback. The Bills' offense didn't have that kind of bedrock strength.
  3. ...he asked the witness, holding pictures of Nate Peterman and Kelvin Benjamin he was about to mark as exhibits for his cross-examination.
  4. IMO the biggest issue with the Bills' line is that they're being asked to do too much in Daboll's "multiple" attack. They're talented. Tennessee's line is talented, too, but they're in a much more simplified scheme. That said, regardless of scheme, there is no excuse for letting a jailbreak happen against a 3-man rush late in the game in Houston - that was some combination of fatigue and confusion.
  5. My biggest playcalling issue - purely anecdotally, I may be 100% wrong - is that he seems to lose his feel for the game between the 40s. He's great a scheming them out of it when they're pinned deep, and his redzone play calling for the most part is good. But midfield is where things seemed to stall out last year, to my untrained eye. They'd work hard to cross midfield and then he'd inexplicably call some stupid end-around or two straight power runs with Gore and the drive would end.
  6. It also could be as simple as, you have a smart QB with all of the athletic tools he'd ever need - you try to harness them all. Contrast that to what Arthur Smith is doing with a more limited passer - sometimes keeping it simple is the best approach and sometimes coaches get too enticed by athletic ability. Put another way, sometimes I think it's better for everyone, including the coaches, if you're boxed in by an athlete's known ceiling because it forces you to conform your system to it...
  7. I don't think that's at all how it works. These guys talk to each other all the time and a coach is rarely going to have on his list someone who he hasn't spoken to (directly, or indirectly via an agent or mutual contact) before putting them on their prospect list. Too much is at stake for a coach to do that without any kind of assurances or checks.
  8. Yup. These requests typically don't come out of the ether. Another scenario is that he encouraged Judge to make the request because he was genuinely wondering whether/how much he's valued at OBD...
  9. Historically bad QB class seems really premature to me - I wouldn’t write off Baker or Darnold yet and Allen and Jackson are already playoff QBs...
  10. As was his dad articulate and intelligent. But there is/was an undercurrent of bizarre behavior. Brown Jr. showed up wildly unprepared for the Combine - the biggest job interview of his life - and was widely panned for having one of the worst performances of all-time. He benched pressed 14 times among many other bad testing outcomes, and offered bizarre explanations for it (for example he blamed his bench press weakness on his “breathing routine”). Good player but something is off.
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