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  1. Peter King didn’t write the article and doesn’t even write for that website anymore. But yet HE’S the moron...
  2. I almost wish they hadn't been allocated him, because I cannot take 20 posts per day mistakenly characterizing his roster options.
  3. No need to wait for the actual games to start - I'm thinking we can figure out now, in this thread, if these guys are going to be good.
  4. He’ll be ready for week one and is having a monster preseason.
  5. He looks out of shape to me. It’s a concern.
  6. The last guys at those position groups have to play special teams to make the squad.
  7. I am 42 years old and I still love it when someone takes me out for ice cream.
  8. It’s so hard to see a guy like that sticking around in today’s nfl. He is so mentally far away from being able to play, it would take years of coaching and investment to get him to where he’d be able to possibly be a third string QB. And in the meantime you waste scout team reps and lose the opportunity to develop other skill position players on the PS. What’s the point? I get that there are some UB homers on this board who want to see him succeed but you’ve got to face reality. He has no purpose on this roster. He’d be far better off going to a developmental league for a few years.
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