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  1. Coach Tuesday

    Anyone else still a lil vexed the Pats stole our unis?

    Also "vexed" doesn't mean what he thinks it means.
  2. The obsession these days with what media folks say...
  3. Coach Tuesday

    6 Week NFL dark period begins

    The Doldrums...
  4. Too bad "Harness the Comraderie!" doesn't roll off the tongue as well as "Trust the Process!"...
  5. Coach Tuesday

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    Yes, and it’s not easy to write - period. Three quarters of the posters on this forum can’t write a complete, grammatically correct sentence, let alone string a page of sentences together into a coherent point. The “anyone can be a sportswriter” takes KILL me. Half of the daily thread titles here sound like they were written by a third grader or a maybe a cat sitting on a keyboard. Quality writing is soon to become an extinct art. Or maybe a dead letter...
  6. Coach Tuesday

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    This is where we are in the Post-Truth Era. The internet has democratized knowledge and, at the same time, made it very difficult for print media to turn a profit. Writers are no longer sources of information like they used to be, and mainstream media as an institution has been under attack by lunatics on the fringes who think they know as much (if not more) than experts, intellectuals and reporters because, well, they read stuff online, and also by the supreme lunatic who sits at 1600 Penn. Knowledge itself is under siege - there are no pure "facts" anymore. Mix all that together with the anonymous Internet tough guys on a sports team message board, and you get a thread like this.
  7. Coach Tuesday

    LeSean McCoy seems to buy into Daboll's offensive scheme

    Including eball...
  8. Way to use those interpretation skills...
  9. Coach Tuesday

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    You left out the most important factor - he's the only WR who has played for Daboll...
  10. Coach Tuesday

    Self Pardoning

    Why are you asking the six nutjobs on what remains of this board?
  11. Coach Tuesday

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    There is a special corner of hell reserved for internet trolls.
  12. Coach Tuesday

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

  13. Something that features the tight end...
  14. Man if he isn't one of the all time biggest POAs in sports history. He's been trolling the HOF for years to politic his way in, and now that he's finally inducted he's bailing on the ceremony? Such an unlikeable dude.