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  1. Coach Tuesday

    Amazon To Pay No Federal Taxes in 2019

    How about you answer the question Ryan? I know it’s not a Tyrod thread but still...
  2. Coach Tuesday

    Amazon To Pay No Federal Taxes in 2019

    They also had like a decade plus of unprofitability (despite huge revenue), so they may have engaged in a strategy designed to carry the losses forward? Curious to hear what you find.
  3. http://fortune.com/2019/02/14/amazon-doesnt-pay-federal-taxes-2019/ I know many of you would rather focus with bloodthirsty zeal on hoards of so-called rapists coming over the border to find white women, but I thought I'd post an actual, real problem that the demagogues don't want us to focus on. What do we think about it? Amazon's tax strategies most surely are fully legal - and is that a problem? I'm surprised (I guess, actually I'm not surprised) that the "drain the swamp" crowd isn't more focused on this kind of issue. I'm not sure where I fall on it - I cannot stand progressive politics that chase businesses out of communities that need them (see, e.g.., Amazon in Long Island City and Buffalo from 1980-2015), but it also seems galling that tax laws (and loopholes) allow the biggest earners (corporate and individual) to shirk the obligations the rest of us face. Thoughts?
  4. Coach Tuesday

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    So by extension you'd view the Quentin Nelson pick as a mistake by the Colts?
  5. He has his work cut out for him - the pro personnel acquisitions under the Beane regime have been mediocre-to-terrible. They've done much better in college scouting. The next good offensive FA they sign will be the first.
  6. Coach Tuesday

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    Huh? By your logic, a player who chooses to sign with a team in FA has less loyalty to that team than a player who is traded to that team against his will???
  7. Coach Tuesday

    Josh Allen and Sam Darnold hanging out at Rough N’ Rowdy

    Where is this strip club located?
  8. Whatever. The Browns are actually trying to WIN GAMES. Beane should focus on adding football players who can help the team win games. I stand by my view that Beane will be out of a job come January 2020.
  9. Coach Tuesday

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    Problem seems to be mental.
  10. Coach Tuesday

    Albert Breer breaks down SB after film review

    Yeah it's Benoit not Breer - Benoit is pretty good at breaking down film. Breer is plugged into the league for news, etc. Brandt offers excellent salary cap and front office-related content due to his time in the Packers organization. MMQB is a great site.
  11. Coach Tuesday

    Florida State dismisses QB Deondre Francois

    Social media is a curse.
  12. So the Chargers were forced to settle for Derwin James, who as a rookie was probably the best safety in football....
  13. Coach Tuesday

    2nd mock draft with trades and QB moves

    You keep doing this - why?