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  1. It’s an ethnoreligious group. It’s not a pure belief system. For example, I’m Jewish by birth but don’t believe in organized religion of any kind. But I’m still Jewish and would certainly be considered part of the dangerous cabal by Farrakhan and his loon followers, something I was born into without choice.
  2. Did I trigger you? I gave him a “pass” because he’s mental.
  3. It doesn’t matter what side of the issue you’re on - it’s about the approach. I don’t like yours.
  4. Save yourself the “bite” - I’m not engaging with you on this topic or any topic, sports or otherwise, ever. Sorry.
  5. I don’t disagree, but the context matters. The “current climate” you’re referring to seems to be at some sort of societal “tipping point” with respect to racism against Blacks. This has been building for quite some time, it’s structural in nature, it’s been stoked by POTUS, and it represents a severe power imbalance that is systemic. It’s very different from some idiot parroting Crazy Farrakhan. As a Jew, I don’t feel threatened by what DJax said - he basically called me a purple alien. He’s a moron and possibly mentally ill. I’ve always been troubled by the fringe element of anti-semitism that pervades the Black community and I share the frustration some have expressed here that the Left has a real blind spot when it comes to racism and homophobia by minority groups - there is a tendency to either ignore it or chalk it up to structural causes (“it’s not their fault, they’ve been so oppressed”) - that’s hogwash. People are people, and many people are bigots. (Including several posters in this thread hiding behind the “whataboutism”). But let’s be real here: it’s not Black people shooting up synagogues, typically, it’s radicalized white gun nut nationalists and Islamic-inspired terrorists. I worry about them, and I worry about far Left professors who cloak their anti-semitism in “colonial studies” garb. In fact, if you view the political spectrum as a curved circle, anti-semitism is where the Far Right and Far Left meet on the back end - Jim Bob who works at Guns & Ammo in Akron Ohio and Tabitha who owns a lesbian bookstore in Berkeley can’t agree on anything at all, except that Jews are evil. They can both kiss my Ashkenazi behind.
  6. Awesome, can I play the Whatabout Game too? <consults Russian right-wing troll manual> Let’s see? DJ immediately apologized and took back his statement. How come I’m not hearing complaints about the PC Thought Police bullying him into changing his tune? Didn’t you complain about that with Brees and Fromm? I thought it was a free country and we can say whatever we want? How come you complained about it then, but not now? Well, I guess: - You’re a hypocrite - Everything you’ve said on this topic is invalid - You must really not care about free speech - The above is unchangeable and ever-lasting - Your ancestors will laugh at you until the end of time - Your neighbor will soon start tapping your wife This is fun! Yay, culture wars!!
  7. He’s mental. And a raging racist a-hole. But people like you flocking to this thread to say “See! I told you they’re all hypocrites!” are just poisoning the discussion. It’s tiresome and transparent.
  8. This is a very uninformed, negligent take. That said, the Black community has a troubling history of anti-Semitism and homophobia. It’s a fair criticism of the Left that it tends to have a real blind spot for these issues. But it’s a really weak take to suggest that the entire anti-racist movement is somehow delegitimized because one Black dude said something bigoted. Also, as a Jew, while his statements piss me off, I find them so insane that I can’t get too worked up about them. The whole thing sounds mental.
  9. The owner who signs his checks, and the GM who brought him in, are both Jewish. DJ is a straight up moron.
  10. This thread exists why?
  11. It really is. I know people who went to the hospital with COVID and never came out. No pre-existing conditions. Their families are devastated. But some folks think they get to have the "opinion" that masks don't do anything and it's their right not to wear them, that we've waited long enough to crowd into concerts and bars and restaurants and monster truck rallies. Great American Idiocy is on full display right now.
  12. You’re trolling. You know that’s not how opinions work right? You don’t get to have the “opinion” that the Earth is flat. You know this - you just enjoy poking anyone you think is a “liberal” - there’s nothing you enjoy more, I suspect.
  13. It may be time to start rooting for the virus.
  14. Dude you realize the logo is backwards right? 😂😂😂😂😂
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